12H-21000 - 14Z-99999

12H-21000 - 14Z-99999
Duplo USA part numbers 12H-21000 - 14Z-99999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Separator Base Unit/DF-505,520,915,920
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Photo Interrupter/DFC-120
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OP PWB Unit/DF-915
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All Sizes of 12H-21000 - 14Z-99999

Part No. Description Image Price  
12H-26310 Spacer N/A $16.81
12H-30570 Collar/DF-915,920 N/A $12.42
12H-40330 Belt/DF-915,920 N/A $70.71
12H-50460 Guide/DF-915,920 N/A $33.79
12H-55100 (12H-55101) Key Top (START) N/A $13.50
12H-82121 Harness 11 N/A $37.71
12H-90240 Knob/DF-915,920 N/A $70.71
12H-X5010 Paper Ejection Section/DF-920 N/A $200.21
12T-20270 Arm N/A $85.85
12T-30050 Guide Plate 1 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $274.55
12T-42820 Mounting Angle F/DF-1000 N/A $70.35
12T-90381 Control Panel Sheet/DF-1000 N/A $210.09
12H-26320 Slide Bar N/A $17.96
12H-30580 Spring N/A $3.38
12H-40390 Pulley Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $36.15
12H-50500 Collar/DF-915,920 N/A $5.60
12H-55120 (12H-55121) Key Top (STOP) N/A $13.50
12H-82214 Wire Harness/DF-915 N/A $251.83
12H-90321 (12H-90324) Top Cover Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $269.85
12H-X5020 Paper Ejection Section/DF-915 N/A $154.44
12T-20370 Rack M2-23/DF-1000 N/A $76.32
12T-34180 Coupling F, Fold plate N/A $81.92
12T-42830 Mounting Angle B/DF-1000 N/A $70.35
12T-90550 Tape (New)/DF-1000 N/A $22.41
12H-30031 Fold Plate 1/DF-915,920 N/A $190.78
12H-30630 Timing Pulley/DF-915, 920 N/A $28.31
12H-40500 Delivery Auxiliary Guide/DF-915,920 N/A $19.10
12H-50720 Inlet Bracket N/A $15.73
12H-55150 Key Top A N/A $7.83
12H-82217 Wire Harness (New)/DF-915, use on 057-10054 N/A $251.83
12H-90332 Top Cover/DF-915, 920 N/A $183.14
12J-35690 Bracket Unit N/A $95.61
12T-20820 Holding Guide Unit/DF-1000 N/A $80.23
12T-34200 Coupling B, Fold plate N/A $87.99
12T-50480 Lock Pillar/DF-1000 N/A $36.15
12T-X0010 Fold Plate Complete Assy/DF-1000 N/A $3,533.57
12H-30061 Guide Plate 1/DF-915,920 N/A $133.76
12H-30670 Timing Pulley/DF-915, 920 N/A $19.10
12H-40550 Static Eliminator/DF-915,920 N/A $62.96
12H-50730 Connector Plate/DF-920/915 N/A $13.43
12H-55170 Key Top (B) N/A $7.83
12H-82511 Harness/DF920 N/A $247.02
12H-90520 Control Panel Unit/DF-915 N/A $446.19
12J-48A (12J-48) 14x20 Inch Long Paper Kit (2nd)/DBM-500 N/A $1,637.21
12T-24030 Pin Bracket/DF-1000 N/A $55.20
12T-40230 Sensor Bracket/DF-1000 N/A $71.82
12T-50491 Sub Frame F/DF-1000 N/A $106.84
12W-50720 Shaft Unit/DBM-300T N/A $333.84
12H-30090 Spacer 1 N/A $16.88
12H-30750 Sensor Bracket H N/A $22.41
12H-41100 Spur Gear/DF-915,920 N/A $90.40
12H-53030 Main Cover F/DF-920 N/A $304.03
12H-80040 (12H-80045) OP PWB Unit/DF-915 N/A $540.85
12H-82521 Harness (P2145)/DF915 N/A $250.61
12H-90540 Top Control Label/DF-915 N/A $70.71
12K-83051 Bundled Wire Unit 9 N/A $42.43
12T-24040 Pin/DF-1000 N/A $29.16
12T-40320 Static Eliminator/DF-1000 N/A $68.45
12T-50501 Sub Frame B/DF-1000 N/A $110.86
12W-53040 Plate Unit/DBM-300T N/A $40.07
12H-21290 Tray Up-Down Lever/DF-915 N/A $28.31
12H-30150 Screw Shaft 1 Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $225.37
12H-31030 Top Cover Unit 1/DF-920 N/A $259.44
12H-41260 Shaft/DF-915,920 N/A $80.23


N/A $248.85
12H-80090 MC Unit (New)/DF-920 N/A $741.16
12H-82530 Harness 10 (P2145) N/A $59.93
12H-90590 Under Cover 1/DF-915 N/A $71.82
12T-10500 Plate Spring 1 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $58.56
12T-24210 Roller Unit/DF-1000 N/A $83.07
12T-40350 Paper Guide 1/DF-1000 N/A $59.89
12T-53030 Main Cover F/DF-1000 N/A $1,005.10
12W-80200 Fan/DBM-500 N/A $143.64
12H-21370 Lock Lever/DF-915,920 N/A $13.50
12H-30220 Shaft Support/DF-915,920 N/A $19.10
12H-31040 Top Cover 1/DF-915 N/A $171.96
12H-42031 Paper Rec'g Plate Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $153.95
12H-53220 Collar/DF-915,920 N/A $24.71
12H-81010 DC Motor/DF-915,920 N/A $460.71
12H-83200 Electromagnetic Clutch N/A $257.26
12H-91860 Brake Plate (Blue) for 12H-35 N/A $29.16
12T-10540 Plate Spring 2 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $72.21
12T-24270 Adjusting Plate/DF-1000 N/A $29.16
12T-40410 Paper Guide 2/DF-1000 N/A $68.50
12T-53080 Main Cover B/DF-1000 N/A $477.60
12Y-41230 Shaft Support/DBM-350 N/A $26.87
12H-22120 Spur Gear/DF-915,920 N/A $85.85
12H-30270 Guide Block Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $84.83
12H-31100 Under Cover 1 Unit/DF-920 N/A $252.94
12H-42050 Slide Plate N/A $15.73
12H-53230 Collar/DF-915,920 N/A $28.31
12H-81110 DC Motor Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $73.44
12H-86025 Main Unit (12H-86203)/DF-915 N/A $727.80
12H-91990 Brake Plate-U (Clear) for 12H-35 N/A $30.62
12T-10580 Plate Spring 3 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $59.89
12T-24282 Sw Bracket/DF-1000 N/A $72.40
12T-42010 Pillar N/A $38.52
12T-53561 Cover Unit/DSF-1000 N/A $311.07
12H-22170 Rack Gear/DF-915,920 N/A $21.33
12H-30330 Angle/DF-915,920 N/A $9.99
12H-31200 Adjuster Lever N/A $13.57
12H-42100 Paper Stopper/DF-915,920 N/A $45.55
12H-53300 Cushion/DF-915,920 N/A $28.31
12H-81680 Delivery Clutch Unit (12H-83300)/DF-915,920 N/A $251.83
12H-86050 OP PWB Unit/DF-920 N/A $611.16
12H-92131 Center Press Roller/DF-915,920 N/A $484.29
12T-10630 Plate Spring 4 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $69.59
12T-24291 Center Pin/DF-1000 N/A $66.04
12T-42021 Stacking Plate Unit/DF-1000 N/A $474.08
12T-80013 (12T-80018) Main PCB Unit (12T-80016)/DF-1000 N/A $1,008.25
12H-22280 Lever/DF-915,920 N/A $29.16
12H-30340 Nut/DF-915,920 N/A $28.31
12H-31270 Corner Cover N/A $10.13
12H-42110 Slide Guide/DF-915,920 N/A $12.35
12H-53370 Top Cover Unit/DF-920 N/A $167.91
12H-82015 Bundled Wire Unit 1 N/A $283.97
12H-86103 (12H-86104) Main Unit/DF-920 N/A $741.16
12H-92140 (12H-92141) Idler Roller Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $531.02
12T-12160 Spring/DF-1000 N/A $12.35
12T-24321 Adjusting Lever/DF-1000 N/A $59.25
12T-42061 Shaft Unit N/A $87.36
12T-80160 Clutch Unit/DF-1000 N/A $410.85
12H-25030 Paper Feed Shaft/DF-915,920 N/A $87.99
12H-30350 Spring/DF-915,920 N/A $5.60
12H-32030 (12H-32031) Folding Plate 2 N/A $179.55
12H-42120 Slide Plate/DF-915,920 N/A $5.60
12H-53380 Top Cover/DF-915,920 N/A $103.28
12H-82016 (12H-82017) Wire Harness (New)/DF-920, use on 057-10054 N/A $283.97
12H-86204 MC P.W.B. Unit N/A $727.80
12H-92160 (12H-92161) Folding Roller Unit/DF-920 N/A $531.02
12T-14030 Resist Roller/DF-1000 N/A $534.17
12T-24481 Valve Head Unit/DF-1000 N/A $83.07

DISCONTINUED Flat Belt (Siegling)/DF-1000 NOT IN STOCK

N/A $103.30
12T-81010 Fan Motor Unit/DF-1000 N/A $240.38
12H-25211 Ribs/DF-915,920 N/A $10.13
12H-30390 Stopper Unit/Fold Plate 1 N/A $64.83
12H-32061 Guide Plate 2 N/A $103.25
12H-50240 Main Reinforcing Base/DF-915 N/A $149.04
12H-53390 Damper Sheet/DF-920 N/A $40.03
12H-82020 (12H-82022) Wire Harness / DF920 N/A $129.74
12H-90050 Auxiliary Feed Plate Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $130.63
12H-92460 Collar N/A $42.48
12T-14630 Driven Shaft Roller Unit/DF-1000 N/A $420.67
12T-26250 Lever/DF-1000 N/A $83.94
12T-42671 Under Cover 1/DF-1000 N/A $103.25
12T-82032 Wire Unit 3/DF-1000 N/A $187.33
12H-25251 Guide, Paper Feed Inlet N/A $84.21
12H-30400 Stopper, Fold Plate 2 N/A $42.43
12H-32150 Screw Shaft 2 Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $217.67
12H-50350 Catcher Bracket N/A $21.33
12H-53430 (12H-53431) Protection Plate/DF-915,920 N/A $28.31
12H-82030 (12H-82032) Wire Harness N/A $133.79
12H-90070 Side Cover L Unit/DF-920 N/A $153.55
12H-X1000 No.1 Fold Plate Assy/DF-920 N/A $1,562.44
12T-14800 Spring T/DF-1000 N/A $12.42
12T-28140 Roller P08-35/DF-1000 N/A $85.85
12T-42680 Under Cover 2/DF-1000 N/A $210.09
12T-82050 Wire Unit 5/DF-1000 N/A $177.15
12H-25340 Static Eliminator/DF-915,920 N/A $40.07
12H-30460 Slide Pin/DF-915,920 N/A $5.60
12H-33030 Top Cover Unit 2/DF-920 N/A $226.64
12H-50430 Datumn Pin N/A $28.31
12H-53480 Cover, Electrical Parts N/A $89.98
12H-82041 Harness 4 N/A $51.08
12H-90100 (12H-90102) Main Cover F/DF-915 N/A $317.36
12H-X2000 No.2 Fold Plate Assy (12H-92272)/DF-920 N/A $1,228.62
12T-20121 Feed Table, Auxiliary N/A $202.45
12T-28230 Roller G10-31/DF-1000 N/A $183.14
12T-42700 Side Cover F/DF-1000 N/A $118.50
12T-82070 Wire Unit 7/DF-1000 N/A $65.64
12H-25400 Protecion Piece N/A $3.31
12H-30470 Spring C N/A $3.38
12H-33100 Under Cover 2 Unit/DF-920 N/A $177.77
12H-50440 Lock Pin N/A $32.22
12H-54160 Delivery Cover Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $160.22
12H-82082 Wire Harness/DF-915 N/A $19.10
12H-90110 Control Panel Unit/DF-920 N/A $259.44
12H-X3000 No.1 Fold Plate Assy/DF-915 N/A $1,302.02
12T-20240 Arm R N/A $87.99
12T-30020 (12T-30021) Folding Plate 1 Unit/DF-1000 N/A $314.62
12T-42750 Stacker Tray/DF-1000 N/A $310.68
12T-82130 Wire Harness N/A $194.81
12H-26070 Separator Base Unit/DF-505,520,915,920 N/A $41.67
12H-30510 Stopper Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $51.84
12H-33110 Under Cover 2/DF-915,920 N/A $68.50
12H-50450 Guide Pillar/DF-915,920 N/A $27.00
12H-54290 Spring/DF-915,920 N/A $12.35
12H-82112 Harness 10 N/A $44.09
12H-90220 Bracket Unit/DF-915,920 N/A $30.62
12H-X4000 No.2 Fold Plate Assy/DF-915 N/A $1,298.88
12T-20250 Arm L N/A $95.61
12T-30040 Slippery Plate N/A $34.59
12T-42790 Delivery Auxiliary Guide/DF-1000 N/A $87.99
12T-83020 Switch Unit/DF-1000 N/A $156.65
13J-30290 Chassis Upper Unit/DFC-S N/A $110.48
13V-41020 Paper Receiving Tray/DFC-120 N/A $263.16
13Y-10220 Plate//SCC Speed Up Kit N/A $49.48
13Y-34420 Conveyance Roller Unit/DBM-350 N/A $250.59
13Y-90591 Stay/DBM-350 (P1886) N/A $225.34
13Z-90700 Scrap Box N/A $317.40
13J-61250 Plate Unit/DFC-S N/A $95.09
13V-41090 Stopper/DFC-120 N/A $212.79
13Y-10250 Guide (Deluxe Head) N/A $69.43
13Y-34900 Plate/DBM-350 N/A $69.20
13Y-90601 Bar/DBM-350 (P1886) N/A $90.40
13J-83010 Actuator Type Sensor N/A $50.50
13V-41240 Guide/DFC-120 N/A $149.04
13Y-10260 Guide (Hohner Head) N/A $83.94
13Y-34910 Shaft/DBM-350 N/A $63.26
13Y-90620 Shaft/DBM-350 N/A $171.91
13J-86011 Main PCB Unit/DFC-S N/A $738.05
13V-41310 Back Jogger/DFC-120 N/A $87.99
13Y-12030 Sprocket/DBM-350 N/A $236.55
13Y-36250 Spring N/A $33.79
13Z-10020 Lower Blade/DBM-350T N/A $1,008.94
13J-87010 OP PWB Unit/DFC-S N/A $118.50
13V-50492 Diffusion Window N/A $62.96
13Y-13110 Sprocket/DBM-350 N/A $225.34
13Y-38320 Flat Belt N/A $103.25
13Z-11050 Upper Blade/DBM-350T N/A $1,747.12
13S-24060 Set Collar/DSF-2200 N/A $51.84
13V-50630 Sub Panel/DFC-120 N/A $87.99
13Y-18040 Link Unit/DBM-350 N/A $68.45
13Y-44060 Flat Belt/DBM-350 N/A $126.14
13Z-20360 Flat Belt/DBM-350T N/A $156.65
13S-24280 Pillar/DSF-2200 N/A $50.54
13V-82030 Wire Harness 3/DFC-120 N/A $22.41
13Y-20420 Stopper/DBM-350 N/A $71.62
13Y-62031 Cover R to Connect DC-445 N/A $215.14
13Z-30080 Flat Belt/DBM-350T N/A $175.50
13T-83990 Photo Interrupter/DFC-120 N/A $30.62
13V-83010 DC Motor Unit/DFC-120 N/A $244.19
13Y-20470 Shaft Unit/DBM-350 N/A $131.98
13Y-62750 Cover N/A $99.20
13Z-50040 Flat Belt/DBM-350T N/A $574.24
13J-10120 Bracket/DFC-S N/A $67.81
13V-10030 Feed Plate Unti/DFC-120 N/A $166.08
13V-83020 DC Motor Unit/DFC-120 N/A $244.19
13Y-23020 Flat Belt(Siegling Uu20U)/DBM-350 N/A $91.58
13Y-62834 Panel Unit/DBM-350 N/A $1,338.94
13Z-60251 Panel Unit/DBM-350T N/A $938.32
13J-20030 Shaft/DFC-S N/A $251.83
13V-10050 Stopper/DFC-120 N/A $9.05
13V-86011 (13V-86015) Main Circuit (MC) Unit/DFC-120 N/A $560.88
13Y-23091 Guide D Unit/DBM-350 N/A $247.05
13Y-70110 Shaft/DBM-350 N/A $51.84
13Z-66011 Cabinet D/DBM-350T N/A $871.55
13J-20100 Shaft/DFC-S N/A $210.09
13V-10060 Static Eliminator Brush/DFC-120 N/A $15.73
13V-86070 LCD Unit/DFC-120 N/A $160.22
13Y-23100 Roller Unit/DSF-2200, DBM-350 N/A $96.09
13Y-83010 Clutch Unit/DBM-350 N/A $444.22
13Z-79270 Narrow Waste Bin/DBM-350T N/A $277.29
13J-20110 Roller/DFC-S N/A $202.45
13V-10320 Supplemental Feeder Plate/DFC-120 N/A $114.45
13V-86110 LED PWB Unit/DFC-120 N/A $62.96
13Y-23131 Plate to Connect DC-445 N/A $27.69
13Y-86040 Panel Unit /DBM-350T N/A $417.53
13Z-82031 Wire Harness 3/DBM-350T N/A $27.00
13J-20340 Belt Unit/DFC-S N/A $209.63
13V-10771 Switch Unit/DFC-120 N/A $64.64
13V-90461 Panel/DFC-120 N/A $225.34
13Y-23332 Reinforcing Plate to Connect DC-445 N/A $255.85
13Y-86080 Key PWB Unit/DBM-350 N/A $167.89
13Z-82100 I/F Cable/DBM-350T N/A $87.99
13J-20500 Shaft/DFC-S N/A $251.83
13V-11031 Paper Feed Shaft Unit/DFC-120 N/A $87.24
13X-82130 Earth Cable Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $15.73
13Y-30100 Sprocket/DBM-350 N/A $179.55
13Y-86221 MC Unit/DBM-350 N/A $1,041.63
13Z-82110 Si Unit/DBM-350T N/A $122.09
13J-30210 Lever/DFC-S N/A $69.13
13V-11090 Paper Feed Ring/DFC-120 N/A $81.80
13X-86580 (13X86580) Memory PWB Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $67.81
13Y-34030 Flat Belt/DBM-350 N/A $122.09
13Y-90422 Guide Unit R/DBM-350 N/A $251.78
13Z-82120 Remote Switch Unit/DBM-350T N/A $83.94
13J-30250 Spacer N/A $26.93
13V-31030 Switch Guide Unit/DFC-120 N/A $121.20
13Y-10210 Angle//SCC Speed Up Kit N/A $36.15
13Y-34040 Bracket/DBM-350 N/A $118.50
13Y-90560 Shaft/DBM-350 N/A $83.07
13Z-86862 Mc Unit/DBM-350T/=13Z-86013 N/A $681.12
14F-85400 Fan Unit/DBM-350T N/A $114.45
14W-10130 Flat Belt/DSS-350 N/A $160.22
14W-10140 Flat Belt/DSS-350 N/A $141.40
14W-10250 Flat Belt/DSS-350 N/A $103.25
14W-14040 Roller/DSS-350 N/A $10.13
14W-14260 Plate/DSS-350 N/A $210.09
14W-14600 Pusher Unit/DSS-350 N/A $86.21
14W-16120 Flat Belt/DSS-350 N/A $149.01
14W-16130 Flat Belt/DSS-350 N/A $149.01
14W-63011 Unit Panel/DSS-350 N/A $1,115.06
14W-82041 Harness-4/DSS-350 N/A $95.63
14W-83010 Motor/DSS-350 N/A $861.34
14W-83020 Motor/DSF-2200 N/A $821.30
14W-86017 Main Circuit Unit/DSS-350 N/A $1,192.05
139-562 (139562) Timing Pulley Ass'y DF-600S N/A $215.35
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