15C-14000 - 7ZZ-99999

15C-14000 - 7ZZ-99999
Duplo USA part numbers 15C-14000 - 7ZZ-99999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 15C-14000 - 7ZZ-99999

Part No. Description Image Price  
7A0-40948 (A04.09.48) Finger, Synthetic N/A $23.56
7A0-41867 (A04.18.67) O-Ring N/A $83.16
7A1-20332 (A12.03.32) Fuse 2A-250V N/A $25.92
7A1-21549 (A12.15.49) Fuse 5A N/A $9.65
7A3-34350 (A33.43.50) Upper Plate N/A $94.88
7A7-35429 (A73.54.29) Sprocket 15T Assembly N/A $86.66
7A8-21645 (A82.16.45) Motor Assembly N/A $977.85
7C1-0PID0003 (C10PID0003) Gauge, Separation Plate Bin C/=C10PID0001 N/A $315.23
7C1-1PIA0479 (C11PIA0479) Finger Insertion (Short) N/A $14.58
7C1-1PIC0108 (C11PIC0108) RH Fascia N/A $26.51
7C1-1PID0052 (C11PID0052) Roller Doc, Entry Fixed N/A $250.99
7C1-4PIC0002 (C14PIC0002) Clutch N/A $143.64
7C2-1PIA0137 (21PIA0137) Roller, Folder N/A $165.08
7C2-1PIC0026 (C21PIC0026) Roller, Inserter N/A $155.66
7C2-8PID0002 (C28PID0002) Detector 2 sub-assembly, bin C N/A $130.17
7RO-N31141 (RON.31141) Washer, D=3 N/A $1.42
7A0-40966 (A04.09.66) Nylon Bearing (diameter 6 mm/0.2"") N/A $16.67
7A0-41939 (A04.19.39) Finger RH N/A $237.76
7A1-20812 (A12.08.12) Paper Detector Unit for FO-2A N/A $204.42
7A1-21559 (A12.15.59) Clutch (clockwise) N/A $370.78
7A3-35603 (A33.56.03) Envelope Support N/A $104.22
7A7-36045 (A73.60.45) Separation Roller N/A $75.94
7A8-21669 (A82.16.69) Pulse Disc Sensor N/A $166.73
7C1-1BFA1105 (C11BFA1105) Detector Bin C Closing N/A $78.12
7C1-1PIA0480 (C11PIA0480) Finger Insertion (Long) N/A $14.58
7C1-1PIC0109 (C11PIC0109) LH Fascia N/A $30.48
7C1-1PID0055 (C11PID0055) Spring, Doc. Stop LH Entry N/A $24.66
7C2-1PIA0001 (C21PIA0001) Roller, Movable Stop N/A $84.21
7C2-1PIA0138 (21PIA0138) Roller, Folder N/A $162.19
7C2-1PIC0050 (C21PIC0050) Deflector Bin B Equipped N/A $198.48
7C2-8PID0006 (C28PID0006) Detector N/A $267.25
7RO-N32020 (RON.32020) Washer, D=2 N/A $2.16
7A0-41300 (A04.13.00) Bearing (POM) 10 mm/0.4"" N/A $12.42
7A0-41940 (A04.19.40) Finger LH N/A $237.76
7A1-21112 (A12.11.12) Fuse 3A N/A $61.32
7A1-21560 (A12.15.60) Clutch (counter clockwise) N/A $743.20
7A4-30142 (A43.01.42) Spacer N/A $23.49
7A7-41645 (A74.16.45) Conical Gear 16T N/A $263.66
7A8-31779 (A83.17.79) Rubber Roller Kit N/A $373.63
7C1-1PIA0027 (C11PIA0027) Pulley N/A $12.69
7C1-1PIA0485 (C11PIA0485) Brush Deflector N/A $99.14
7C1-1PIC0116 (C11PIC0116) Guard, Rear Detector N/A $69.90
7C1-1PID0066 (C11PID0066) Roller, Fold Motor (C11PID0154) N/A $255.45
7C2-1PIA0005 (C21PIA0005) Lever LH N/A $50.02
7C2-1PIA0143 (C21PIA0143) Lower Roller/Short Spindle N/A $81.86
7C2-1PIC0067 (C21PIC0067) Coated Pre-Sep Spring Plate N/A $120.07
7C2-8PID0007 (C28PID0007) PCA Double Detector Assembly N/A $263.56
7RO-N32023 (RON.32023) Washer, D=3 N/A $1.42
7A0-41301 (A04.13.01) Bearing (POM) 12 mm N/A $21.94
7A0-41965 (A04.19.65) Guide Plate N/A $81.92
7A1-21120 (A12.11.20) Clutch (counter clockwise) N/A $358.60
7A1-21606 (A12.16.06) Main Board TR7, Serial Board N/A $2,033.17
7A4-34104 (A43.41.04) Carrier Bush N/A $33.32
7A7-60464 (A76.04.64) Transportation Roller N/A $83.50
7A8-35842 (A83.58.42) Unit Thickness Detector N/A $977.79
7C1-1PIA0064 (C11PIA0064) Lever, RH Moistener N/A $13.37
7C1-1PIA0530 (C11PIA0530) Collator, LH Rear N/A $21.40
7C1-1PIC0127 (C11PIC0127) Cam RH N/A $39.84
7C1-1PID0071 (C11PID0071) Gear Z45 M1 N/A $30.51
7C2-1PIA0008 (C21PIA0008) Lever RH N/A $48.72
7C2-1PIA0144 (C21PIA0144) Type 2 Auto Roller N/A $123.04
7C2-1PIC0072 (C21PIC0072) Guide N/A $130.92
7C4-124831Y (4124831Y) Insert Kit Upgrade N/A $257.70
7T1-8881 (T18881) Stop Plate Gauge N/A $29.63
7A0-41374 (A04.13.74) 25T Pulley N/A $202.74
7A0-42208 (A04.22.08) Brush Holder N/A $827.37
7A1-21220 (A12.12.20) Fuse 4A-125V N/A $17.01
7A1-21619 (A12.16.19) Locomotive Wiring Harness N/A $259.81
7A4-34151 (A43.41.51) Sprocket 14T N/A $121.23
7A7-60508 (A76.05.08) Feed Roller N/A $170.56
7A8-35887 (A83.58.87) Clutch Assembly/ Drive Axle N/A $600.32
7C1-1PIA0065 (C11PIA0065) Lever, LH moistener N/A $13.37
7C1-1PIA0531 (C11PIA0531) Collator, RH Rear N/A $18.90
7C1-1PIC0128 (C11PIC0128) Cam LH N/A $36.38
7C1-1PID0109 (C11PID0109) Gear Intermediate N/A $24.15
7C2-1PIA0017 (C21PIA0017) Roller, Entrance N/A $105.79
7C2-1PIA0152 (C21PIA0152) Folding Roler N/A $211.06
7C2-1PIC0074 (C21PIC0074) Deflector Bin A Equipped N/A $194.81
7C4-8PIB0001 (C48PIB0001) Large Envelope PCB N/A $139.94
7T1-8908 (T-18908) Molykote Plastislip Grease, 2.2 oz N/A $43.28
7A0-41379 (A04.13.79) Finger N/A $39.03
7A0-42354 (A04.23.54) Rubber Roller N/A $591.17
7A1-21241 (A12.12.41) Clutch CW N/A $372.36
7A1-21638 (A12.16.38) Main Board Unit F0-2A N/A $630.76
7A4-35816 (A43.58.16) Axle N/A $47.49
7A7-60645 (A76.06.45) Transportation Roller N/A $156.87
7A8-36981 (A83.69.81) Adjustment Tools N/A $210.06
7C1-1PIA0066 (C11PIA0066) Bar, Moistener N/A $26.84
7C1-1PIC0004 (C11PIC0004) Tensioner, double Feeder/=4121964M N/A $133.00
7C1-1PIC0154 (C11PIC0154) Membrane N/A $61.59
7C1-1PID0139 (C11PID0139) Roller Spindle N/A $174.99
7C2-1PIA0024 (C21PIA0024) Roller N/A $113.32
7C2-1PIA0154 (C21PIA0154) Plate Upper Deflector N/A $390.00
7C2-1PIC0081 (C21PIC0081) Separator Pad Equipped N/A $113.29
7C4-8PIB0008 (C48PIB0008) Manual Envelope Feed Control N/A $201.02
7T1-8917 (T18917) Battery Connection 9 V N/A $40.16
7A0-20988 (A02.09.88) Catch Tray for IN3 N/A $728.24
7A0-41380 (A04.13.80) Bearing (POM) 6 mm/0.2"" N/A $24.50
7A0-42369 (A04.23.69C) Software/E-prom for IN-3 PCB N/A $461.94
7A1-21295 (A12.12.95) Fuse 15A/32V N/A $7.83
7A1-21639 (A12.16.39) Main Board TR-1B N/A $801.27
7A4-35887 (A43.58.87) Drive Axle N/A $64.19
7A7-60650 (A76.06.50) Transportation Roller N/A $101.52
7A8-40824 (A84.08.24) Finger Stop Plate N/A $80.57
7C1-1PIA0189 (C11PIA0189) Lever, Locking N/A $22.68
7C1-1PIC0008 (C11PIC0008) Rack N/A $23.42
7C1-1PIC0156 (C11PIC0156) Env, LH Deflector N/A $50.34
7C1-1PID0146 (C11PID0146) Gear, Motor N/A $21.40
7C2-1PIA0027 (C21PIA0027) Holder, Brush N/A $55.49
7C2-1PIA0155 (C21PIA0155) Deflector Envelope Entry N/A $412.80
7C2-1PIC0082 (C21PIC0082) Support N/A $80.99
7C4-8PIB0009 (C48PIB0009) Logic PCB Assembly N/A $1,762.01
7T1-8929 (T18929) Extension, Keyboard Cable N/A $81.61
7A0-31292 (A03.12.92) Slipping Clutch N/A $217.30
7A0-41381 (A04.13.81) Bearing (POM) 8 mm/0.3"" N/A $23.77
7A0-42382 (A04.23.82) Fold Improvement Kit N/A $140.99
7A1-21442 (A12.14.42) Main Board IN3 N/A $2,413.37
7A2-150210 (A215.02.10) Motor Brake Complete N/A $442.69
7A7-20005 (A72.00.05) Brush N/A $81.27
7A7-60722 (A76.07.22) Feed Roller Assembly N/A $268.26
7A8-41637 (A84.16.37) Counter Roller N/A $506.20
7C1-1PIA0212 (C11PIA0212) Spring Detector N/A $46.49
7C1-1PIC0018 (C11PIC0018) Spindle, Inserting Document N/A $99.39
7C1-1PIC0178 (C11PIC0178) Deflector Sealing N/A $75.26
7C1-1PID0151 (C11PID0151) Spring, Press N/A $46.29
7C2-1PIA0035 (C21PIA0035) Roller, Insertion N/A $258.81
7C2-1PIA0156 (C21PIA0156) Roller N/A $99.74
7C2-1PIC0083 (C21PIC0083) LH Margin N/A $70.31
7C4-8PIC0002 (C4-8PIC0002) Board, Feeder S1C/MD-430 N/A $669.91
7VI-S30978 (CVIS.30978) Screw D=3.3X8 N/A $2.16
7A0-33540 (A03.35.40) Spring N/A $38.08
7A0-41580 (7A041580) Conveyor Belt N/A $259.66
7A0-42452 (A04.24.52) LED w/Holding (A82.11.70) N/A $78.52
7A1-21443 (A12.14.43) Display PCB/MD-IN3 N/A $2,175.92
7A2-20854 (A22.08.54) Microswitch N/A $83.38
7A7-31917 (A73.19.17) Top Plate N/A $129.41
7A8-10169 (A81.01.69) Hand Knob Assy N/A $97.17
7A8-41763 (A84.17.63) Control Key/Buttons N/A $132.44
7C1-1PIA0223 (C11PIA0223) Spring, Container N/A $9.52
7C1-1PIC0019 (C11PIC0019) Lever N/A $52.57
7C1-1PIC0203 (C11PIC0203) Gauge 0.4 mm N/A $23.69
7C1-1PID0156 (C11PID0156) Roller (C21PID0020) N/A $247.48
7C2-1PIA0041 (C21PIA0041) Reservoir N/A $70.07
7C2-1PIA0157 (C21PIA0157) Roller, Wide Envelope N/A $168.13
7C2-1PIC0084 (C21PIC0084) RH Margin N/A $70.31
7C4-8PIC0004 (C48PIC0004) PCB, Double Detector Assy N/A $166.78
7VI-S35303 (VIS.35303) Nut H, M3 N/A $1.42
7A0-40141 (A04.01.41) Washer N/A $0.88
7A0-41612 (A04.16.12) Conveyor Belt N/A $134.00
7A0-42453 (A04.24.53) Sensor w/Holding (A82.11.71) N/A $75.71
7A1-21444 (A12.14.44) Unit Power/Motor BD/=7A1-21670 N/A $1,061.33
7A2-35563 (A23.55.63) Bracket RH Guide N/A $77.67
7A7-31922 (A73.19.22) Bottom Plate N/A $124.47
7A8-21471 (A82.14.71) Eprom IN3 N/A $294.42
7A8-41778 (A84.17.78) Water Bottle IN3 N/A $394.47
7C1-1PIA0237 (C!1PIA0237) Cam Lever N/A $9.86
7C1-1PIC0020 (C11PIC0020) Cable, Bearing Documnet N/A $58.60
7C1-1PIC0204 (C11PIC0204) Gauge 0.3 mm N/A $14.04
7C1-2PIA0006 (C12PIA0006) Belt Inserter N/A $57.02
7C2-1PIA0053 (C21PIA0053) Pulley N/A $79.56
7C2-1PIA0158 (C21PIA0158) Roller, Triple Envelope Hopper N/A $132.73
7C2-1PID0001 (C21PID0001) Spindle Lower Long Assembly N/A $146.99
7C7-1PIA0414 (C71PIA0414 (4000419C)) Feeder MD410/=4000419C N/A $2,231.48
7VI-S35787 (VIS.35787) Screw, TCBL D=2x6 N/A $2.16
7A0-40264 (A04.02.64) O-Ring N/A $19.64
7A0-41621 (A04.16.21) Belt N/A $82.81
7A0-42456 (A04.24.56) Motor/TR-7A (Replaces A12.14.29) N/A $583.59
7A1-21461 (A12.14.61) Clutch (counter clockwise) N/A $279.27
7A2-40309 (A24.03.09) Moistening Cloth N/A $44.71
7A7-31969 (A73.19.69) Lower Plate N/A $227.85
7A8-21492 (A82.14.92) Eprom IN3 N/A $294.42
7A8-60655 (A86.06.55) Transportation Roller N/A $530.97
7C1-1PIA0258 (C11PIA0258) Spring N/A $11.41
7C1-1PIC0025 (C11PIC0025) R.H. Cover N/A $69.84
7C1-1PIC0220 (C11PIC0220) Tangue/=11PIA0356 N/A $29.50
7C1-2PIA0015 (C12PIA0015) Sleeve Noise Reduction N/A $24.57
7C2-1PIA0081 (C21PIA0081) Roller, Envelope Hopper N/A $47.21
7C2-1PIA0159 (C21PIA0159) Guide, Left N/A $69.43
7C2-1PID0018 (C21PID0018) Roller, Folding/Loading (C11PID0155) N/A $270.72
7C7-5PIC0102 (C75PIC0102) Feed Unit N/A $3,880.36
7A0-40297 (A04.02.97) Switch Cam N/A $58.73
7A0-41631 (A04.16.31) Timing Belt N/A $130.57
7A0-42646 (A04.26.46) Transportation Roller Assembly N/A $211.25
7A1-21463 (A12.14.63) Clutch (clockwise) N/A $253.89
7A2-40838 (A24.08.38) Gear 19T, FO N/A $67.61
7A7-32576 (A73.25.76) Transportation Roller 42.5 mm N/A $82.11
7A8-21622 (A82.16.22) Pulse Disc Sensor Assembly N/A $142.26
7A8-60716 (A86.07.16) Mounting Plate N/A $151.25
7C1-1PIA0310 (C11PIA0310) Roller, Intermediate N/A $20.66
7C1-1PIC0026 (C11PIC0026) L.H. Cover N/A $48.44
7C1-1PIC0237 (C11PIC0237) Spring Pad N/A $10.87
7C1-2PIA0020 (C12PIA0020) Anti Static Brush N/A $67.68
7C2-1PIA0116 (C21PIA0116) Roller, Exit N/A $223.67
7C2-1PIA0161 (C21PIA0161) Guide, RH Margin N/A $77.02
7C2-1PID0045 (C21PID0045) Panel Control N/A $946.73
7CI-R35171 (CIR.35171) Circlip, M3 N/A $2.16
7A0-40306 (A04.03.06) Moistening Cloth N/A $28.03
7A0-41634 (A04.16.34) Transportation Belt (upper) N/A $139.00
7A0-52347 (A05.23.47) Cylinder Pin N/A $6.21
7A1-21472 (A12.14.72) Main Motor N/A $3,440.12
7A2-41068 (A24.10.68) Hand Knob N/A $140.05
7A7-33876 (A73.38.76) Cover N/A $103.57
7A8-21641 (A82.16.41) Pulse Disc Sensor L=450 mm/17.6"" N/A $152.77
7A8-90502 (A89.05.02) Solenoid N/A $341.36
7C1-1PIA0320 (C11PIA0320) Spindle N/A $22.95
7C1-1PIC0030 (C11PIC0030) RH Cam N/A $42.48
7C1-1PIC0247 (C11PIC0247) Spring, Sealing N/A $31.79
7C1-2PIA0021 (C12PIA0021) Copper Tape N/A $9.86
7C2-1PIA0117 (C21PIA0117) Pre-Sealing Lever RH N/A $79.83
7C2-1PIA0162 (C21PIA0162) Guide LH Margin N/A $77.02
7C2-1PIE0002 (C21PIE0002) Deflector Bin B Equiped N/A $227.66
7CI-R35184 (CIR.35184) M8 Clip N/A $0.88
7A0-40848 (A04.08.48) Spacer N/A $6.21
7A0-41635 (A04.16.35) Transportation Belt (lower) N/A $176.34
7A0-52431 (A05.24.31) Lock Washer 5/32"" N/A $13.30
7A1-21491 (A12.14.91) Keyboard LCD Display N/A $1,073.02
7A2-46952 () Gear 35T, TR1 N/A $85.60
7A7-34374 (A73.43.74) LH Guide N/A $139.62
7A8-21642 (A82.16.42) Pulse Disc Sensor L=350 mm/13.7"" N/A $151.55
7C0-1SPO0450 (C01SPO0450) Joining Feeder Key N/A $169.13
7C1-1PIA0394 (C11PIA0394) Spring, Sealing N/A $32.67
7C1-1PIC0031 (C11PIC0031) LH Cam N/A $30.67
7C1-1PIC0248 (C11PIC0248) Spring Hook N/A $41.16
7C1-2PIC0004 (C12PIC0004) Bearing, 3mm Dia Ball N/A $120.45
7C2-1PIA0118 (C21PIA0118) Pre-Sealing Lever LH N/A $79.83
7C2-1PIC0002 (C21PIC0002) Double Feeder Roller N/A $108.78
7C2-3PID0002 (C23PID0002) Cable, Large Envelope/Bin C Closed N/A $318.47
7CI-R35200 (CIR.35200) Circlip, M1.5 N/A $2.16
7A0-40871 (A04.08.71) Spacer N/A $4.19
7A0-41647 (A04.16.47) O-Ring N/A $48.25
7A0-52492 (A05.24.92) Washer 12x4, 2x0,5mm N/A $26.60
7A1-21497 (A12.14.97) Connecting Cord Unit N/A $463.17
7A2-60340 (A26.03.40) Knurled Screw N/A $44.91
7A7-34375 (A73.43.75) RH Guide N/A $142.48
7A8-21643 (A82.16.43) Cam Disk Sensor N/A $178.79
7C1-0PIB0001 (C10PIB0001) Gage, Solenoid Adj N/A $223.61
7C1-1PIA0435 (C11PIA0435) Spring N/A $33.26
7C1-1PIC0058 (C11PIC0058) Spindle, Doc Stop N/A $22.28
7C1-1PIC0250 (C11PIC0250) Tongue, Introduction (11PIC0195) N/A $29.30
7C1-2PIC0006 (C12PIC0006) Jack N/A $88.13
7C2-1PIA0128 (C21PIA0128) Friction Pad Assembly N/A $126.01
7C2-1PIC0003 (C21PIC0003) ensioner, document Equipped N/A $163.35
7C2-3PID0008 (C23PID0008) Cable, Power Supply S1D N/A $302.90
7FR-O30172 (FRO.30172) Bearing 4mm N/A $9.99
7A0-40934 (A04.09.34) Nylon Bearing (diameter 8 mm/0.3"") N/A $13.97
7A0-41862 (A04.18.62) Conveyor Belt REX N/A $837.80
7A0-60912 (A06.09.12) Self Lubricating Bearing 10 mm/0.4"" N/A $17.15
7A1-21499 (A12.14.99) LCD Display/IN-3 N/A $1,625.36
7A3-33677 (A33.36.77) Ejection Plate, FO-2 N/A $46.09
7A7-34404 (A73.44.04) RH Guide N/A $79.83
7A8-21644 (A82.16.44) Pulse Disc Sensor N/A $151.90
7C1-0PIB0002 (C10PIB0002) Spring, Solenoid Adj N/A $78.52
7C1-1PIA0441 (C11PIA0441) Loading Tonge N/A $47.51
7C1-1PIC0089 (C11PIC0089) Env, RH Deflector N/A $41.07
7C1-1PID0013 (C11PID0013) Lower Roller/Short Spindle Assy N/A $142.26
7C1-3PID0001 (C13PID0001) Power Supply MD430 N/A $2,088.23
7C2-1PIA0135 (C21PIA0135) Double Doc.Detector N/A $562.94
7C2-1PIC0015 (C21PIC0015) Detection Support N/A $45.41
7C2-8PID0001 (C28PID0001) PCB Logic Board/MD430 N/A $2,272.00
7RO-N31081 (RON.31081) Washer, MD=2 N/A $2.16
15C-14150 Rack M200-23/DSF-2200 N/A $72.36
15C-74020 Pillar/DSF-2200 N/A $61.74
15C-21270 Stopper/DSF-2200 N/A $49.13
15C-82150 D Link Cable Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $164.32
15C-21310 Link/DSF-2200 N/A $73.51
15C-90701 Feed Tray Assembly/DSF-2200 N/A $842.09
15C-24360 Shaft Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $642.18
15C-91020 Shaft (Tray A)/DSF-2200 N/A $237.22
15C-24660 Spring T/DSF-2200 N/A $61.97
15C-91030 Shaft (Tray B)/DSF-2200 N/A $270.62
15C-25270 Guide/DSF-2200 N/A $68.49
15C-91040 Cushion/DSF-2200 N/A $32.54
15C-25300 Guide Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $184.09
15C-25400 Stopper/DSF-2200 N/A $79.15
15C-25410 Plate/DSF-2200 N/A $26.80
15C-25450 Plate/DSF-2200 N/A $34.59
15C-32040 Guide Plate/DSF-2200 N/A $427.30
15C-32080 Plate Spring/DSF-2200 N/A $79.83
15C-45110 Spring T/DSF-2200 N/A $42.48
15C-45120 Lever/DSF-2200 N/A $70.47
15C-61061 Top Cover/DSF-2200 N/A $287.12
15C-14070 Paper Feed Tray Base/DSF-2200 N/A $137.40
15C-61210 Connector Cover B/DSF-2200 N/A $55.89
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