95K-30000 - 96H-53999

95K-30000 - 96H-53999
Duplo USA part numbers 95K-30000 - 96H-53999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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PH P.W.B. Unit
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Name Plate for Fuse (From 220V to 120V)
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Power Supply Device
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All Sizes of 95K-30000 - 96H-53999

Part No. Description Image Price  
95K-30420 Bracket N/A $24.38
95K-41201 Bracket N/A $61.67
95K-50131 Power Supply Bracket N/A $36.10
95K-83111 Motor 120v (New) N/A $449.51
95K-91652 Exit Guide Unit-C N/A $93.42
95L-30100 S Jogger N/A $59.44
95L-52111 Cover Top N/A $311.03
95L-80463 I/F Unit N/A $510.99
95T-14190 Pulley N/A $185.36
95T-22690 Spring T N/A $26.33
95T-47460 Pillar N/A $57.27
95T-61160 Jump Board (L) N/A $66.57
95T-X5505 Cover L Set N/A $1,239.14
95K-30430 Hinge Shaft N/A $15.73
95K-41210 Jogger N/A $52.00
95K-50150 Panel Plate N/A $85.70
95K-83210 Motor AC 220V N/A $385.65
95K-X1100 Feeder Shaft Assembly N/A $99.20
95L-31070 Guide Pin N/A $24.38
95L-52140 Hinge N/A $49.23
95L-82012 Cable Assembly N/A $275.05
95T-16030 Spring C N/A $22.01
95T-26170 Top Cover N/A $182.44
95T-47470 Gear Unit N/A $347.38
95T-61220 Rubber Ring N/A $149.82
95Y-24080 Separator N/A $11.21
95K-31012 Flap Change N/A $64.03
95K-41252 Bracket L N/A $21.40
95K-50160 Acrylic Plate N/A $20.79
95K-90060 Feed Plate Label N/A $27.74
95K-X3200 Attachment for DC-6 N/A $809.14
95L-31111 Stopper N/A $44.79
95L-52170 Pillar/DC-S4 N/A $29.23
95L-82150 Wiring Harness N/A $25.00
95T-16260 Cam Boss N/A $89.96
95T-40090 Electricity Remover Brush N/A $12.15
95T-47480 Gear N/A $337.91
95T-63110 Clutch Spring N/A $24.76
95Y-24110 Paper Separator Holder N/A $13.16
95K-31070 Pillar N/A $26.46
95K-41261 Bracket R N/A $21.40
95K-50180 Left Bracket N/A $19.37
95K-90140 Panel Plate N/A $77.15
95L-10110 Cover ST Unit/=10111 N/A $94.42
95L-31131 Lever N/A $33.21
95L-52220 M Angle N/A $32.18
95L-84010 Counter N/A $82.35
95T-16610 Wire Unit N/A $27.68
95T-40231 Spiral Spring N/A $53.06
95T-47500 Guide R. N/A $159.81
95T-64080 Electricity Remove Brush N/A $27.78
95Z-14010 Feed Plate Setting Bracket N/A $52.00
95K-31101 Tension Spring N/A $27.74
95K-41280 Straight Guide N/A $25.45
95K-50190 Right Bracket N/A $19.37
95K-90152 Name Plate for Fuse (From 220V to 120V) N/A $16.74
95L-10151 Switch Angle N/A $24.38
95L-31140 Spring N/A $25.45
95L-52261 Angle N/A $45.93
95L-84021 Stapler Unit/=84024 N/A $898.98
95T-16650 Spring T N/A $16.34
95T-41020 Pulley Unit N/A $87.87
95T-48010 Pillar Unit N/A $1,065.07
95T-83010 Power Supply Device N/A $610.35
95Z-30170 Belt N/A $168.26
95K-40070 Flange N/A $17.21
95K-41300 Rubber Magnet N/A $11.27
95K-80031 Main PWB Unit/DC-6 Only! N/A $859.07
95K-90490 Triangle Name Plate N/A $8.24
95L-10250 Cover STU Unit N/A $85.48
95L-32220 Wire with Spring N/A $45.23
95L-53030 Paper Receiving Tray N/A $140.45
95L-84031 Solenoid N/A $75.40
95T-16670 Wire Unit N/A $27.68
95T-41030 Pulley N/A $53.99
95T-48110 Case N/A $240.41
95T-83050 Geared Motor N/A $194.08
95Z-30400 Feeder Cover N/A $229.39
95K-40090 Exit Shaft N/A $73.51
95K-41320 Guide Unit C N/A $61.03
95K-80060 PH P.W.B. Unit N/A $84.67
95K-90500 Indication Label, English Version N/A $16.34
95L-11100 Slide Rail N/A $137.48
95L-32240 Wire with Spring N/A $51.08
95L-53080 Washer N/A $11.14
95L-84041 Solenoid N/A $79.18
95T-17070 Spring C N/A $17.69
95T-41250 Rubber Pulley N/A $134.03
95T-48370 Pulley N/A $523.31
95T-83100 Encoder Electric Motor N/A $1,499.78
95Z-50070 Upper Cover N/A $89.94
95K-40130 Compression Spring N/A $13.84
95K-41360 Guide Unit N/A $51.08
95K-80080 (95K-80083)


N/A $105.62
95K-90600 Spacer N/A $57.63
95L-11520 Gear N/A $29.20
95L-40031 Guide R N/A $108.84
95L-54030 Angle N/A $59.45
95L-84051 Solenoid N/A $76.91
95T-17180 Spiral Spring N/A $20.45
95T-41280 Flat Belt N/A $148.66
95T-48400 Pulley N/A $396.20
95T-83150 Servo Driver N/A $1,926.19
95Z-50090 Upper Cover (R) N/A $131.68
95K-30030 Shaft Unit N/A $34.49
95K-41034 Paper Receiving Tray N/A $199.18
95K-42120 (97J-42120) Link N/A $11.21
95K-82130 Bundled Wire 5 N/A $59.37
95K-90630 Extension Plate N/A $91.99
95L-20250 Belt N/A $103.09
95L-40122 Bracket N/A $195.53
95L-54100 Guide Plate Unit N/A $130.92
95L-84100 Switch Unit N/A $90.03
95T-17320 Cam Boss N/A $97.04
95T-41340 Tension Pulley N/A $46.21
95T-53081 Electricity Remover Brush N/A $23.96
95T-84011 P.W.B. Unit/=84014=84016 N/A $1,269.51
95Z-50150 Panel Plate N/A $85.70
95K-30080 (95K-30081) Roller Assembly N/A $41.26
95K-41080 Exit Guide N/A $118.40
95K-42170 Slide Rail N/A $79.38
95K-82170 Bundled Wire 9 N/A $25.45
95K-90660 Extended Tray N/A $102.03
95L-21050 Guide/DC-MiniS N/A $10.26
95L-40210 Compression Spring N/A $16.34
95L-80011 MC P.W.B.Unit/=80014=80015=80016 N/A $447.93
95L-84200 Switch Unit N/A $82.96
95T-18011 Paper Disk N/A $293.29
95T-42090 Pulley Unit NB-200 N/A $131.52
95T-53362 Control Panel Unit N/A $287.59
95T-85100 P.W.B. Unit N/A $81.50
95Z-80031 Main PWB Unit for DC-8 Only N/A $859.07
95K-30130 Compression Spring N/A $18.90
95K-41100 Rubber Magnet N/A $18.36
95K-50060 Cover (L) N/A $188.65
95K-82210 Power Cable Unit N/A $75.94
95K-90700 Cover, Motor DC-6 N/A $88.16
95L-21071 Jogger Unit N/A $60.51
95L-40250 Bracket N/A $47.75
95L-80090 Pap. P.W.B. Unit N/A $130.11
95L-90030 Cover (L) N/A $94.64
95T-18050 Rubber Ring N/A $132.30
95T-42240 Shaft N/A $71.21
95T-60080 Collar N/A $29.03
95T-85300 P.W.B. Unit N/A $1,258.46
95Z-82141 Bundled Wire 6 N/A $45.68
95K-30140 Compression Spring N/A $23.56
95K-41130 Jogger N/A $85.41
95K-50070 Upper Cover N/A $53.66
95K-83020 Motor N/A $250.78
95K-91140 Shaft N/A $49.23
95L-21190 Spring C N/A $19.37
95L-40260 Stopper N/A $29.92
95L-80140 Led P.W.B. Unit N/A $70.47
95L-90230 SP Label N/A $15.73
95T-18060 Sponge Roll N/A $46.66
95T-42290 Flat Belt N/A $176.47
95T-60180 Ink Roller N/A $154.63
95T-85500 P.W.B. Unit N/A $85.48
95Z-82170 Bundled Wire 9 N/A $25.45
95K-30170 Belt N/A $130.92
95K-41140 Plate N/A $19.37
95K-50081 Cover (R) N/A $280.35
95K-83030 Electromagnetic Clutch N/A $129.06
95K-91150 Auxiliary Feed Plate N/A $89.88
95L-21260 Lever N/A $36.29
95L-50050 Guide N/A $82.86
95L-80210 Photo Sensor N/A $56.09
95L-X1005 Complete Stapler Head N/A $1,145.62
95T-18100 Rubber Ring N/A $132.30
95T-42620 Roller N/A $40.16
95T-60340 Stamp Unit N/A $192.56
95T-87013 P.W.B. Unit N/A $2,935.37
95Z-82181 Bundle Wire 10 N/A $73.51
95K-30260 Angle 2 DC-6/8 N/A $24.57
95K-41151 Rail N/A $70.92
95K-50090 Upper Cover (R) N/A $64.45
95K-83040 DC-Solenoid N/A $73.51
95K-91281 Sort Guide N/A $60.63
95L-30030 Guide L N/A $92.61
95L-50360 Guide N/A $76.45
95L-80220 Photo Sensor N/A $100.06
95T-10100 Feeder Board N/A $233.58
95T-22411 Gear Unit/=95T-22431 N/A $454.50
95T-42660 Wire Unit N/A $38.93
95T-60390 Sponge Unit N/A $86.89
95T-90010 Nameplate N/A $107.95
95Z-85512 Main Unit/DC-8.D N/A $1,008.65
95K-30291 Angle N/A $24.44
95K-41171 Jogger (R) N/A $46.90
95K-50110 Upper Plate N/A $135.68
95K-83055 (95K-83055 (95K-80470)) Switching Power Supply/=95K-80470 N/A $454.05
95K-91381 Slide Guide Plate N/A $45.55
95L-30051 Guide Plate N/A $34.26
95L-50370 Cover N/A $71.58
95L-80230 TF Sensor N/A $62.86
95T-12151 Flat Belt N/A $163.35
95T-22540 Idler Unit N/A $71.69
95T-42741 Roller N/A $62.13
95T-61050 Platten Roller N/A $255.83
95T-90330 Direction N/A $62.21
95K-30400 Feeder Cover N/A $162.43
95K-41191 Bracket N/A $68.42
95K-50122 Cover R N/A $89.52
95K-83060 Magnet Switch N/A $50.34
95K-91520 Label N/A $42.86
95L-30070 Bracket N/A $38.61
95L-52070 Cover for DC-8ST N/A $81.19
95L-80240 Led P.W.B. Unit N/A $71.98
95T-14100 Sponge Roller N/A $45.48
95T-22620 Pillar N/A $58.24
95T-47211 Pillar N/A $67.20
95T-61150 Jump Board (R) N/A $66.57
95T-X0200 Accessory for NB-200 N/A $921.59
96G-32580 Pillar/DBM-200 N/A $41.45
96H-12050 Compression Spring N/A $19.85
96H-21350 Rubber Roller N/A $81.49
96H-24450 Plate Spring N/A $26.33
96H-53250 Upper Stopper Unit N/A $82.93
96G-41230 Shaft/DBM-250 N/A $31.43
96H-12060 Plate NB-510/520 N/A $24.57
96H-21390 Belt N/A $130.41
96H-31590 Gear N/A $25.66
96F-81930 (96F-81932) PHD Sensor Unit N/A $76.25
96G-50370 Spring T N/A $19.37
96H-12090 Separator Shaft N/A $71.73
96H-21510 Roller Shaft/NB-520 N/A $114.32
96H-31640 Gear Pulley Unit N/A $241.85
96G-10260 Holder N/A $14.58
96G-60040 Timing Pulley/Esper N/A $24.71
96H-12110 Separator Holder N/A $39.93
96H-21550 Roller Shaft/NB-520 N/A $106.54
96H-40340 Ink Roller Shaft N/A $48.67
96G-10270 Slide Plate N/A $6.48
96G-60270 Bracket N/A $32.89
96H-12140 Collar N/A $82.59
96H-22240 Spring T N/A $30.65
96H-41180 Round Gear Pulley N/A $84.86
96G-10281 Plate Spring N/A $11.21
96G-85330 (96G-85332) Magnetic Proximity Switch P N/A $62.96
96H-12220 Disk Plate Unit N/A $73.25
96H-22270 Belt N/A $117.07
96H-41210 Pulley N/A $85.40
96G-12240 Spring T to Connect DC-445 N/A $11.21
96H-10180 Set Screw N/A $48.95
96H-12270 Angle N/A $33.41
96H-22390 Roller N/A $53.26
96H-52070 Switch Button N/A $23.56
96G-12331 Plate / DF-915 N/A $14.58
96H-11090 Lever, NB-510/20 N/A $26.60
96H-12280 Plate Spring N/A $27.22
96H-22480 Pillar N/A $25.29
96H-52240 Door L N/A $333.30
96G-12380 Spring C N/A $8.98
96H-11200 Lever Unit, NB-510/20 N/A $60.06
96H-20050 Angle N/A $26.33
96H-22550 Lever N/A $59.59
96H-52320 Top Cover for MBR-500 N/A $227.31
96G-20160 Key N/A $18.50
96H-11230 Pillar N/A $42.77
96H-20100 Rubber Roller N/A $87.06
96H-22560 Spring T N/A $30.65
96H-52330 Reinforcing Plate N/A $83.30
96G-20220 Pillar N/A $32.04
96H-11240 Spring T MBR-500 N/A $24.37
96H-20120 Spring C N/A $30.65
96H-23042 Finger Unit/NB-520 N/A $269.73
96H-52340 Angle N/A $13.97
96G-20432 Vertical Conveyance Lever Unit N/A $27.22
96H-11341 Lever Unit N/A $83.30
96H-20310 Scanner Box N/A $125.63
96H-23160 Tension Spring N/A $27.22
96H-52400 Side Cover N/A $153.14
96G-22163 Spacer N/A $22.55
96H-11410 Lever N/A $31.09
96H-20410 Spacer N/A $28.89
96H-24050 Regect Rubber Roller N/A $76.91
96H-52490 Cover N/A $591.53
96G-22270 Key N/A $13.30
96H-11420 Spring T. NB-520 N/A $27.78
96H-20440 Shaft N/A $113.54
96H-24090 Sensor Plate N/A $18.83
96H-53050 Lower Stopper Unit N/A $85.64
96G-22280 Cover N/A $5.60
96H-11430 Spring T N/A $25.29
96H-20450 Roller N/A $72.17
96H-24200 Spring C N/A $23.56
96H-53140 Lower Side Guide N/A $41.82
96G-22350 Horizontal Conveyance Roller N/A $11.27
96H-12040 Bracket N/A $92.18
96H-20470 Spring T N/A $42.71
96H-24270 Spacer N/A $22.21
96H-53170 Shaft N/A $111.48
962-31230 Z Collar N/A $15.05
966-20060 Spring C, NB-200 N/A $12.76
966-21081 Guide Plate N/A $10.60
966-14040 Square Metal NBseries, N/A $28.82
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