96H-83000 - 96Y-99999

96H-83000 - 96Y-99999
Duplo USA part numbers 96H-83000 - 96Y-99999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Rubber Ring Unit
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Rubber Ring Unit
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Paper Separator Base Unit
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All Sizes of 96H-83000 - 96Y-99999

Part No. Description Image Price  
96J-20040 Flat Belt N/A $113.99
96J-91070 Back Cover Unit N/A $784.09
96V-11030 Motor Pulley N/A $74.06
96V-12130 Gear (16T) N/A $61.03
96V-20350 Collar N/A $25.14
96V-20670 Auxiliary Paper Feed Plate Unit N/A $111.86
96V-22100 (96V-22101) Rubber Ring Unit N/A $69.13
96V-30131 Gear C N/A $31.46
96V-30600 Lever/=30602 N/A $16.67
96V-40060 Static Eliminate N/A $14.85
96V-42021 Reject Guide Unit, Top N/A $76.30
96V-80051 Battery P.W.B Unit N/A $99.20
96V-81461 Dc Motor N/A $255.85
96V-89121 Key Top E N/A $11.41
96V-90390 Bracket N/A $25.79
96V-92530 Guide Plate Unit/DF-505 N/A $56.58
96V-93790 Auxiliary Paper Feed Unit/DF-520N N/A $149.18
96V-X0080 Folding Plate 2 Assy/DF-505N N/A $1,074.25
96J-20050 Flat Belt N/A $131.22
96V-10030 Center Press Roll N/A $222.64
96V-11100 (96V-11101) Clutch Unit N/A $301.83
96V-12170 Shaft N/A $37.80
96V-20360 Collar N/A $17.96
96V-20700 Collar N/A $9.11
96V-22150 Paper Feed Gate (Lower) N/A $90.42
96V-30141 Slit Plate N/A $20.39
96V-32061 Guide Plate 2/=32062 N/A $86.10
96V-40100 Insulating Sheet N/A $6.75
96V-42081 Guide Plate Unit 1 N/A $65.45
96V-80200 Panel PWB Unit/=80201 N/A $410.85
96V-81601 SPC PWB Unit N/A $338.57
96V-89550 Switch Button for NB-90,DF-520 N/A $32.60
96V-90401 Cover Plate N/A $50.50
96V-92611 Collar N/A $32.22
96V-93810 Cover-R/DF-520N N/A $201.10
96V-X3210 No.2 Folding Plate Assembly (inch) N/A $1,217.63
96J-20060 Shaft N/A $165.86
96V-10040 Pulley N/A $81.70
96V-11110 Pulley Unit N/A $133.87
96V-20050 Separator Plate N/A $9.52
96V-20400 Slant Adjust Screw N/A $47.16
96V-21020 Lever/new:Old (Use 96V-21022) N/A $10.26
96V-22190 Push Plate Unit N/A $45.81
96V-30160 Collar N/A $21.40
96V-32092 Side Spacer 2 N/A $26.46
96V-40110 Insulating Sheet N/A $6.75
96V-45301 Disk N/A $12.29
96V-80260 PS P.W.B. Unit/=80263 N/A $117.94
96V-81660 (96V-81661) Main Unit for DF-520N N/A $731.34
96V-90060 Shaft N/A $25.14
96V-90410 Collar N/A $14.18
96V-92760 Top Cover 2 Unit (USA) N/A $252.32
96V-93830 Cover-R/DF-505N N/A $218.51
96V-X8010 (96V-X8011) Sensor Unit N/A $140.94

Power Supply Block

N/A $654.98
96J-20190 Rubber Pulley N/A $132.87
96V-10120 Handle N/A $76.76
96V-11120 Pulley N/A $119.72
96V-20060 Backward Stopper N/A $23.69
96V-20410 Washer N/A $13.30
96V-21022 Lever N/A $11.21
96V-22210 Static Eliminator Brush N/A $30.05
96V-30190 Guide Block Unit N/A $78.03
96V-32113 Screw Shaft 2 Unit N/A $237.01
96V-40160 Collar N/A $4.52
96V-50220 Power Supply Base N/A $67.38
96V-80302 (96V-80307) Power Supply Unit/=80300/=80304 N/A $350.74
96V-82012 Flat Cable Unit N/A $146.34
96V-90071 Lever Unit N/A $49.67
96V-90620 Pull Nameplate, DF-520,DBM-100 N/A $25.14
96V-92800 Top Cover 1 Unit (USA) N/A $287.90
96V-93840 Cover-L/DF-505N,520N N/A $179.55
96V-X9007 Lever Unit N/A $71.82
96H-83020 Motor N/A $297.14
96J-21210 Roller Unit N/A $107.73
96V-10130 Shaft Bearing N/A $45.55
96V-11130 Bushing N/A $28.42
96V-20130 (96V-20131) Paper Guide Unit R/=20131 N/A $61.11
96V-20420 Compression Spring N/A $14.31
96V-21033 Spring T/start s/n 50501996 N/A $29.86
96V-23031 Reinforcement Plate N/A $73.44
96V-30200 Guide Block N/A $76.52
96V-32122 Screw Shaft 2 N/A $173.04
96V-40170 Collar N/A $4.05
96V-50231 Cover N/A $113.51
96V-80313 Power Supply 220V N/A $381.78
96V-82050 Bundle Wire N/A $110.46
96V-90100 (96V-90101) Catcher/=96V-90101 N/A $5.54
96V-90630 Adjuster Nameplate N/A $25.14
96V-92980 Paper Folding Plate 1/DF-520N N/A $225.34
96V-93960 Label (Direction)/D-505N N/A $26.93
96V-X9291 Panel Cover Unit w/Flapper DF-520N N/A $250.97
96H-83030 Actuator Sensor R N/A $63.87
96J-21300 Spring C N/A $30.44
96V-10140 Bearing N/A $55.28
96V-11140 Gear Unit N/A $110.19
96V-20150 Side Plate N/A $4.46
96V-20430 Angle N/A $18.36
96V-21070 Lever N/A $11.21
96V-23071 Paper Separator Base Unit N/A $32.54
96V-30210 Bearing N/A $13.50
96V-32240 Spring C N/A $11.27
96V-40222 ST Shaft N/A $62.49
96V-50240 SW Bracket N/A $22.55
96V-80322 Main PCB Unit for DF-510 N/A $378.12
96V-82071 Bundled Wire Unit N/A $113.56

Guide Plate Unit

N/A $36.15
96V-90850 Cover R N/A $175.47
96V-93140 Top Cover Unit.DF-520N N/A $207.39
96V-93970 Scale Label N/A $38.52
96V-X9410 No.2 Folding Plate Assy/DF-520N N/A $2,386.75
96H-83040 Actuator Sensor L N/A $72.83
96J-22140 Spring T N/A $25.72
96V-10192 First Press Roller N/A $228.93
96V-11150 Gear N/A $96.04
96V-20160 (96V-20162) Paper Guide Unit L/=20161 N/A $61.11
96V-20460 Collar N/A $17.96
96V-21152 Lever Unit N/A $44.63
96V-23100 Channel N/A $13.50
96V-30230 Angle, Interrupter N/A $15.73
96V-32291 Flap Adjust Plate N/A $68.80
96V-40361 Gear N/A $74.52
96V-50260 Slider N/A $43.19
96V-80550 Solenoid N/A $61.60
96V-82204 Bundled Wire Unit N/A $198.40
96V-90140 Knob N/A $39.27
96V-91122 Pillar N/A $17.96
96V-93201 Switching Shaft Unit (N) N/A $276.51
96V-94150 Folding Plate 2 N/A $167.89
96Y-12180 Lever N/A $13.50
96H-85031 PWB Unit for MBR-500 N/A $258.34
96J-36430 Ink Roller N/A $154.63
96V-10240 Switching Angle R N/A $26.39
96V-11170 Pillar N/A $37.71
96V-20193 Set Screw/(New)/Plastic Tab N/A $46.45
96V-20491 Plate N/A $26.60
96V-21182 Shaft N/A $24.38
96V-23110 Shaft N/A $23.56
96V-30242 Compression Spring N/A $11.27
96V-32430 Bundled Wire Bridge 2 N/A $24.06
96V-40420 Switch Plate N/A $19.10
96V-50282 Pillar N/A $19.04
96V-80561 Counter Unit DF-505 N/A $187.19
96V-82221 Bundled Wire Unit N/A $39.27
96V-90161 Slant Adjust Label N/A $22.55
96V-92400 Cover R DF-505 N/A $182.82
96V-93310 Paper Receiving Plate Unit/DF-520N N/A $199.75
96V-94190 Lower Cover 1 Unit (N) N/A $265.90
96Y-13370 Knob Screw/DF-505 N/A $17.35
96H-85040 PWB N/A $161.38
96J-50040 Pulley for 50HZ Motor N/A $337.08
96V-10251 Switch Angle L/=10250 N/A $26.39

Clutch Spring

N/A $49.44
96V-20210 Bracket N/A $25.92
96V-20522 Hinge Lot Unit N/A $100.82
96V-21190 Tension Spring N/A $26.93
96V-23121 Shaft N/A $31.46
96V-30250 Half Nut for DF-520 Only!! N/A $25.79
96V-32462 Top Cover 2 Unit/=32465=32467 N/A $234.82
96V-40450 Pinon Gear N/A $32.54
96V-50310 Link N/A $18.77
96V-80591 LED/DF-505N N/A $55.85
96V-82232 Bundled Wire Unit N/A $210.33
96V-90180 Cover Open Nameplate N/A $48.48
96V-92410 Spring/DF-505 N/A $24.71
96V-93340 Shaft N/A $24.71
96V-94480 Plastic Guard/Bumper, DF-505N/520N N/A $12.35
96Y-20040 Motor Pulley/DFC-S N/A $20.18
96H-85051 PWB N/A $220.16
96J-50650 Pillar Unit N/A $494.78
96V-10280 Collar N/A $51.84
96V-11260 Gear N/A $25.79
96V-20220 Collar N/A $24.03
96V-20580 Bracket N/A $25.79
96V-21200 Tension Spring N/A $22.95
96V-23131 Guide Plate N/A $15.73
96V-30280 Plate,Stopper N/A $74.03
96V-32521 Door Cover 2 Unit N/A $192.65
96V-40501 Shaft N/A $85.87
96V-50320 Guard N/A $5.94
96V-81010 DC Motor N/A $148.12
96V-82285 (96V-82250) Bundled Wire Unit/=96V-82250 N/A $30.38
96V-90251 Connector Indication Nameplate. N/A $17.96
96V-92440 Reject Guide Unit, Bottom/=96V-42180 N/A $83.86
96V-93470 Panel Unit Assy/DF-520N N/A $941.09
96V-94580 ST Pulley Unit (N) N/A $164.30
96Y-21090 S2M Pulley 21T/DFC-S N/A $10.13
96H-85070 PWB N/A $142.37
96J-61040 Cover N/A $84.51
96V-10331 Second Press Roll Unit N/A $279.65
96V-11270 Shaft N/A $40.07
96V-20261 Rack N/A $24.81
96V-20590 Shaft N/A $24.38
96V-21240 Tension Spring N/A $20.18
96V-23141 Spring N/A $14.31
96V-30310 Motor Angle Unit/DF-520 N/A $39.27
96V-35123 Screw Shaft 1/DF-505,510 N/A $176.28
96V-40510 Roller N/A $33.79
96V-51020 Rubber Plate N/A $2.16
96V-81070 Main Unit DF-505 N/A $324.04
96V-85050 (96V-85052) Power Supply DF-505 N/A $255.85
96V-90281 1st Folding Scale N/A $69.13
96V-92460 Mylar N/A $6.21
96V-93480 Control Panel Unit for DF-520N N/A $252.72
96V-94751 Pillar (New) N/A $53.87
96Y-80070 (96Y-80072) PR PWB Unit DC-S4 N/A $68.46
96H-90030 Label N/A $29.16
96J-84024 Main PCB N/A $2,259.44
96V-10382 Press Lever N/A $21.40
96V-11350 Plunger Unit N/A $76.88
96V-20271 Shaft N/A $45.32
96V-20600 Roller N/A $12.35
96V-21260 Lever N/A $17.35
96V-23210 Brush Shaft N/A $29.07
96V-30360 Gear B N/A $22.48
96V-35160 (96V-35162) Knob Unit/=941-30152 N/A $42.81
96V-40540 Lever R N/A $21.33
96V-51030 Top Cover N/A $175.88
96V-81100 Photo Interrupter N/A $58.56
96V-85100 Motor Unit DF-505 N/A $517.70
96V-90291 2nd Folding Scale/=90292 N/A $62.82
96V-92470 Stacker Gear Unit N/A $80.80
96V-93611 Control Panel Unit DF-505N N/A $276.51
96V-95020 Folding Plate 1 N/A $215.06
96Y-80090 (96Y-80092) PT P.W.B. Unit/DBM-120T N/A $36.15
96H-90060 Feed Pressure Name Plate N/A $31.09
96J-85200 P.W.B. Unit N/A $233.20
96V-10391 Cover N/A $14.31
96V-11400 Tension Spring N/A $20.66
96V-20280 Sensor Plate N/A $14.31
96V-20610 Lever N/A $29.86
96V-21280 Control Plate N/A $32.54
96V-23231 Spring N/A $15.73
96V-30400 Sensor Angle N/A $23.56
96V-35191 Guide Block Unit, DF-505/N N/A $70.92
96V-40550 Lever L N/A $21.33
96V-51070 Z Collar N/A $19.10
96V-81110 Photo Interrupter N/A $59.25
96V-89060 Acrylic Plate N/A $29.92
96V-90341 Cover Plate N/A $81.77
96V-92480 Stacker Shaft N/A $62.49
96V-93640 Upper Cover 1 Unit (N) N/A $243.90
96V-95150 Control Name Plate/DF-505 N/A $85.87
96Y-80262 (96Y-80263) Motor DC-8 Micro N/A $84.17
96H-90070 Paper Sizescale Name Plate,MBR-500 N/A $53.26
96J-85300 P.W.B. Unit N/A $114.86
96V-10401 Pillar N/A $31.66
96V-12041 Stacker Gear Unit N/A $83.27
96V-20291 Collar N/A $11.27
96V-20630 Shaft N/A $17.96
96V-21301 Lever Unit N/A $42.15
96V-30061 Guide Plate 1/=30063 N/A $161.78
96V-30462 (96V-30465) Top Cover 1 Unit (UK) N/A $267.00
96V-35200 Guide Block N/A $78.00
96V-41020 Paper Receiving Plate Unit N/A $131.63
96V-51080 Collar N/A $17.96
96V-81160 DC Bundled Wire Unit/DF-505 N/A $84.39
96V-89091 Key Top B N/A $6.08
96V-90360 Paper Feed Plate N/A $106.38
96V-92490 Roller N/A $14.58
96V-93692 Top Cover 1/DF-505N N/A $217.70
96V-96100 Power Supply Base N/A $48.53
96H-90300 Front Cover MBR-500 N/A $407.89
96J-86200 P.W.B. Unit N/A $166.02
96V-10500 Idler Roll N/A $178.66
96V-12050 Gear N/A $25.99
96V-20300 Tube N/A $15.32
96V-20640 Switch Plate N/A $10.13
96V-22030 (96V-22031) Feed Shaft/=22031 N/A $133.76
96V-30090 Side Space N/A $22.28
96V-30521 Bottom Cover 1 Unit N/A $265.69
96V-35252 Half Nut for DF-505 & DF-510 Only!! N/A $36.15
96V-41040 Slide Plate N/A $12.29
96V-51141 Shaft N/A $24.34
96V-81200 Slide VR Unit N/A $89.32
96V-89101 Key Top C N/A $6.21
96V-90371 Actuator N/A $17.96
96V-92510 Paper Feed Gate Unit (Upper) N/A $64.04
96V-93731 Upper Cover 2 Unit (N) N/A $274.55
96V-96160 Cover Top 1 / DF-505 N/A $192.65
96J-10351 Separator Base Unit NB-90 N/A $48.32
96J-86301 P.W.B Unit N/A $137.65
96V-10520 Spring C N/A $13.50
96V-12101 Stacker Pulley Unit N/A $127.36
96V-20310 Plate Unit N/A $33.79
96V-20650 Rubber Pipe N/A $23.56
96V-22070 (96V-22071) Rubber Ring Unit N/A $67.91
96V-30113 Screw Shaft 1 Unit N/A $232.52
96V-30531 Bottom Cover 1 N/A $200.39
96V-37123 Screw Shaft 2/DF-505,510 N/A $174.26
96V-41050 Stopper Plate N/A $51.84
96V-51220 Cover L N/A $193.02
96V-81240 Brake Unit N/A $69.13
96V-89111 Key Top D N/A $6.82
96V-90380 Bracket N/A $25.79
96V-92520 Sheet N/A $15.32
96V-93761 Upper Cover 2/DF-505N N/A $228.93
96V-X0070 No.1 Fold Plate Assy/DF-505N N/A $1,181.84
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