98G-40000 - 98R-61999

98G-40000 - 98R-61999
Duplo USA part numbers 98G-40000 - 98R-61999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 98G-40000 - 98R-61999

Part No. Description Image Price  
98G-41490 Guide N/A $6.21
98G-80760 Clutch N/A $97.12
98G-81610 DC Bundled Wire Unit-8 N/A $15.32
98J-10080 Guide N/A $54.43
98J-30100 S Jogger N/A $73.51
98J-40250 Manual Feeding Guide Upper N/A $86.36
98J-80124 Stapler Head N/A $678.70
98R-10050 Belt N/A $77.79
98R-13220 Tiered Collar N/A $27.22
98R-16571 Cam A N/A $61.67
98R-23091 (98R-23092) Clincher Collar/(New) N/A $10.13
98R-23341 New Clinch Bar N/A $133.87
98R-23830 Connection Plate N/A $30.65
98R-33310 Guide N/A $42.15
98R-36110 Knob Unit N/A $63.02
98R-40250 Stopper Shaft N/A $61.74
98R-60203 Folding Plate Under-1st improvement N/A $245.66
98R-61160 Stay A N/A $88.16
98G-41511 Press Roller N/A $133.87
98G-80771 Electromagnetic Clutch N/A $100.41
98G-81621 DC Bundled Wire Unit-9 N/A $78.00
98J-11200 Setting Screw/=11202 N/A $63.30
98J-30110 S Jogger 2 N/A $55.73
98J-40340 Bracket N/A $168.78
98J-8201 Cable Connector Harness Unit 1 N/A $279.94
98R-10120 PI Bracket for DBM-100 N/A $26.51
98R-13310 Roller DBM-100 N/A $68.31
98R-20010 Sensor Bracket N/A $52.61
98R-23130 Collar N/A $11.27
98R-23360 Collar N/A $34.26
98R-30040 Knife N/A $51.84
98R-33320 Pull Plate N/A $43.56
98R-36140 Stopper A N/A $68.50
98R-40311 Paper Receiving Tray A N/A $182.82
98R-60213 Reinforcing Plate N/A $192.65
98R-61170 Stay B N/A $81.65
98G-41530 Roller N/A $130.57
98G-80780 Spring Clutch N/A $97.12
98G-81631 DC Bundled Wire Unit-10 N/A $111.00
98J-20250 Flat Belt N/A $82.59
98J-30150 Stay N/A $50.04
98J-40510 Bracket Unit N/A $65.64
98J-82100 Cable Unit 1 N/A $253.76
98R-10130 PI Bracket N/A $32.18
98R-13371 Sensor Plate N/A $40.03
98R-20020 Guard Angle N/A $10.19
98R-23140 Slippage Plate N/A $59.51
98R-23402 Cam N/A $32.18
98R-30060 Knife Plate N/A $81.65
98R-33460 Spring T N/A $27.46
98R-36150 Stopper Base A N/A $53.91
98R-40321 Paper Receiving Tray B N/A $257.93
98R-60220 Folding Plate Under-2nd improvement N/A $254.26
98G-43201 Sensor Bracket N/A $84.51
98G-80850 DC Solenoid N/A $82.16
98G-81640 DC Bundled Wire Unit-11 N/A $17.35
98J-21050 Guide N/A $74.06
98J-31030 Stopper Bracket Unit N/A $97.88
98J-40570 Shaft N/A $31.52
98J-85020 DC Solenoid N/A $72.94
98R-10310 Shaft N/A $67.38
98R-16011 Jog Set Plate L N/A $51.46
98R-20030 Plate/=11C-20140 N/A $21.33
98R-23161 Clincher Guide B N/A $186.11

DISCONTINUED Clincher, Tool This item is not in stock

N/A $84.83
98R-30161 Bracket N/A $21.40
98R-33470 Collar N/A $21.40
98R-36190 Spring T N/A $21.40
98R-40341 Shaft A N/A $26.99
98R-60250 Front Cover N/A $419.89
98G-44481 Lock, Lever N/A $114.29
98G-80910 Sensor N/A $68.50
98G-81650 DC Bundled Wire Unit-12 N/A $17.35
98J-21130 Slide Plate Unit N/A $60.59
98J-31100 Stopper Stay N/A $48.72
98J-40590 Plate Spring N/A $34.26
98J-85030 DC Motor N/A $81.92
98R-10551 Ball Bracket N/A $74.10
98R-16021 Jog Set Plate R N/A $51.46
98R-20060 Stopper Plate N/A $29.07
98R-23171 Collar N/A $12.42
98R-23511 Block N/A $140.40
98R-30200 Lever N/A $24.57
98R-33480 Pin N/A $34.26
98R-36200 Stopper A-2nd improvement N/A $71.51
98R-40350 Shaft B (200mm) N/A $47.14
98R-60260 Rear Cover N/A $417.06
98G-44620 Upper Cover, Front N/A $528.47
98G-80920 Sensor N/A $68.50
98G-81660 DC Bundled Wire Unit-13 N/A $14.31
98J-21260 Chassis Upper Unit N/A $64.53
98J-31110 Plate Stopper N/A $76.82
98J-52030 Cover L N/A $227.72
98J-85040 Actuator Photo Sensor N/A $73.44
98R-10560 Ball Stopper N/A $37.71
98R-16032 Jog Plate L Unit N/A $246.89
98R-20070 Upper Holder N/A $48.48
98R-23180 Guide Plate N/A $26.46
98R-23520 Guide N/A $52.53
98R-30310 Knife Cam N/A $254.64
98R-33560 20N Sprocket Unit N/A $88.18
98R-36210 Stopper Base A-2nd improvement N/A $84.51
98R-40361 Shaft C N/A $49.86
98R-60501 Cover, Top N/A $288.54
98G-40370 Roller N/A $77.15
98G-44650 Upper Cover,Rear N/A $477.06
98G-81510 AC Cable Unit N/A $37.80
98G-81670 VR Unit N/A $149.36
98J-21280 Chassis Lower N/A $37.10
98J-31131 Lever N/A $32.54
98J-52070 Cover R Unit N/A $181.60
98J-85050 DC Solenoid N/A $80.23
98R-11460 Bracket/DBM120SxS N/A $140.05
98R-16062 Jog Plate L Unit N/A $204.47
98R-20081 Pin N/A $20.39
98R-23190 Slippage Plate (Metal) N/A $107.76
98R-23530 Spring/=23531 N/A $45.12
98R-30320 Cam Holder N/A $186.11
98R-33570 Pillar N/A $33.68
98R-36250 Lever N/A $27.61
98R-40370 Block A N/A $47.14
98R-60510 Sash N/A $150.17
98G-40750 Paper Separator N/A $84.51
98G-80011 Main P.W.B. Unit N/A $776.98
98G-81520 AC Cable Unit N/A $32.67
98G-85011 Main Unit N/A $776.98
98J-21330 Shaft N/A $43.19
98J-31140 Washer N/A $15.73
98J-52081 Cover RU Unit N/A $108.57
98J-90080 Manual Feeding Name Plate N/A $22.55
98R-11470 Cover/DBM120SxS N/A $88.88
98R-16092 Jog Plate R Unit N/A $246.89


N/A $41.63
98R-23200 Collar N/A $10.26
98R-23541 Side Stapling Stopper N/A $43.56
98R-30370 Bracket, Motor N/A $97.93
98R-33600 Reinforcement Plate N/A $61.18
98R-36270 Hook N/A $5.06
98R-40380 Block B N/A $50.18
98R-60620 Rim N/A $107.76
98G-40770 Separator Block N/A $27.22
98G-80110 Panel P.W.B. Unit N/A $859.13
98G-81531 AC Cable Unit N/A $32.67
98G-85101 Panel Unit N/A $460.65
98J-21370 Lever N/A $26.60
98J-31150 Spring T N/A $29.16
98J-52120 Cover, Top/=98J-52110 N/A $244.31
98J-90110 Panel Name Plate N/A $70.17
98R-11490 Lever N/A $24.71
98R-16122 Jog Plate R Unit N/A $204.47
98R-20181 Bracket B N/A $44.00
98R-23210 Set A Position Plate N/A $66.04
98R-23551 Side Stapling Stopper R N/A $84.89
98R-33011 Folding Roller Unit N/A $650.23
98R-33641 Plate N/A $34.97
98R-36380 Spacer N/A $27.61
98R-40470 SW Bracket (Old) N/A $28.63
98R-60640 Panel Cover N/A $70.92
98G-40821 Scale Plate N/A $10.26
98G-80210 P.W.B. Unit Folding Section N/A $422.06
98G-81540 DC Cable Unit N/A $64.23
98G-86010 DC Fan Motor N/A $32.67
98J-21390 Lever N/A $43.19
98J-31180 Sensor Bracket N/A $33.83
98J-52201 Lever Unit N/A $81.80
98J-90130 Guide Position Name Plate N/A $18.50
98R-11500 Link N/A $51.84
98R-16132 Jog Plate R N/A $182.87
98R-20200 Mylar ST N/A $6.75
98R-23251 Bracket N/A $56.94
98R-23561 Side Stapling Stopper L N/A $84.89
98R-33041 First Roller Unit N/A $637.88
98R-33650 Pin N/A $27.12
98R-36401 Switch Cover N/A $45.70
98R-40560 Bracket N/A $47.14
98R-60650 Edging N/A $5.06
98G-41231 Roller,Reverse N/A $124.07
98G-80310 PD Assembly N/A $68.42
98G-81551 DC Bundled Wire Unit N/A $44.98
98G-90240 Caution Label N/A $15.32
98J-21490 Spring T N/A $30.65
98J-31220 Thrust Regulation Plate N/A $37.71
98J-52250 Washer N/A $2.16
98J-90140 Conveyance Ball Name Plate N/A $18.50
98R-11520 Bracket/DBM120SxS N/A $57.23
98R-16220 Plate N/A $25.00
98R-20210 St Cover N/A $62.33
98R-23290 Spring C N/A $22.41
98R-23610 Bar N/A $40.03
98R-33060 Bearing Plate N/A $36.38
98R-33680 Spring T N/A $30.31
98R-40061 Shaft N/A $42.15
98R-43380 Bracket N/A $55.12
98R-60781 Clearance Plate Unit N/A $59.51
98G-41260 Gate Unit Assy.for MD-300 & MD-350/ONLY! N/A $67.86
98G-80410 Led Assembly N/A $90.21
98G-81561 DC Bundled Wire Unit N/A $70.73
98G-90400 Name Plate of Guide Plate N/A $18.50
98J-21540 Bracket Sensor N/A $40.64
98J-32240 Wire/DC-S4 N/A $36.15
98J-53160 Stopper N/A $18.50
98J-90180 Guide Plate DC-S4 N/A $89.72
98R-11530 Bracket/DBM120SxS N/A $72.94
98R-16261 Jogger Set Plate L N/A $80.60
98R-20241 Guide N/A $49.23
98R-23300 (98R-23301) Collar N/A $26.70
98R-23660 Spring T N/A $29.63
98R-33081 11N Sprocket N/A $70.17
98R-33780 Spring T N/A $18.36
98R-40071 Shaft N/A $72.95
98R-43400 12N Sprocket N/A $73.44
98R-60803 Stopper Guide-2nd improvement N/A $189.35
98G-41350 R Guide N/A $35.82
98G-80510 PT P.W.B. Unit N/A $40.03
98G-81571 DC Bundled Wire Unit-4 N/A $61.20
98G-90490 Open Label N/A $9.11
98J-22 Twin Staple Unit N/A $815.06
98J-32260 Wire/DC-S4 N/A $40.07
98J-80012 Main Unit N/A $575.60
98J-90200 P.S. Name Plate N/A $24.57
98R-13081 Back Jogger N/A $84.94
98R-16311 Screw Shaft Upper N/A $88.18
98R-20501 24N Sprocket N/A $97.93
98R-23310 Rod/(OLD Style) N/A $52.61
98R-23672 Lever A N/A $20.18
98R-33130 Spring C N/A $20.18
98R-33840 Encoder Unit N/A $82.11
98R-40151 Motor Plate N/A $84.89
98R-43421 Shaft C N/A $52.69
98R-60830 Spring T N/A $16.34
98G-41410 Enclosing Guide N/A $114.29
98G-80710 DC Motor N/A $409.91
98G-81581 DC Bundled Wire Unit-5 N/A $81.61
98G-90510 Close Label N/A $13.30
98J-30040 Guide N/A $82.16
98J-40120 Entrance Guide Upper N/A $204.88
98J-80050 Panel PWB Unit N/A $237.06
98J-90560 Cover R N/A $164.43
98R-13100 Spring T N/A $21.26
98R-16321 Screw Shaft Under N/A $88.18
98R-20570 Bracket, Motor N/A $64.04
98R-23311 Rod W/Block (NEW Style) N/A $57.87
98R-23682 Lever B1 N/A $27.22
98R-33221 12N Sprocket (W/Out Pre-drilled holes) N/A $72.94
98R-36070 Stopper-2nd improvement N/A $88.16
98R-40201 Stack Board N/A $199.18
98R-43510 Bracket L N/A $67.38
98R-60870 Bundled Wire Fix Angle N/A $25.00
98G-41430 Spring/ MD-300 N/A $8.24
98G-80720 DC Motor N/A $228.93
98G-81591 DC Bundled Wire Unit N/A $65.08
98G-90530 Panel Label/MD-350 N/A $32.89
98J-30070 Bracket N/A $34.26
98J-40210 anual Insert Guide/=98J-91050 N/A $122.85
98J-80070 ST PWB Unit N/A $138.70
98J-91140 Top Cover Unit (98J-52110)/DC-S4 N/A $259.96
98R-13170 Collar N/A $24.29
98R-16410 Spring C N/A $26.46
98R-23061 Pin/(New) N/A $20.72
98R-23322 Cam Follower/Newer Style/Not Same 23321 N/A $27.46
98R-23700 Lever B2 N/A $26.60
98R-33250 Bearing Holder A N/A $97.93
98R-36080 Stopper Base-2nd improvement N/A $77.15
98R-40212 Knob N/A $176.28
98R-43520 Bracket R N/A $61.18
98R-60930 Holding Plate N/A $111.32
98G-41440 Guide N/A $7.22
98G-80750 Clutch N/A $97.12
98G-81601 DC Bundled Wirw Unit-7 N/A $124.93
98G-90550 Panel Label/MD-350 N/A $38.61
98J-30090 GL Bracket N/A $63.10
98J-40230 Guide N/A $41.35
98J-80090 MD PWB Unit N/A $247.83
98J-X4050 Attachment Roller Unit N/A $114.29
98R-13180 Link N/A $27.22
98R-16450 Block N/A $45.93
98R-23071 Spacer/(New) N/A $12.42
98R-23331 Pin N/A $29.82
98R-23780 Shaft N/A $49.95
98R-33260 Bearing Holder B N/A $88.18
98R-36093 Stopper-1st improvement N/A $81.65
98R-40231 Ski N/A $56.94
98R-60093 Bottom Plate N/A $261.17
98R-61150 Stopper Guide N/A $192.65
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