999-B30 - 99A-40399

999-B30 - 99A-40399
Duplo USA part numbers 999-B30 - 99A-40399 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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15T Gear DC-8 Micro
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Paper Receiving Tray DC-8 Micro
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Sensor Kit #2 (Stopper Sec.)/DBM-120 (#P1280)
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All Sizes of 999-B30 - 99A-40399

Part No. Description Image Price  
99A-11120 Rubber Ring Boss w/One Way Bearing N/A $57.92
99A-20070 52T Gear Unit 2 DC-8 Micro N/A $57.23
99A-35031 Stapler Base N/A $15.73
99A-11161 Boss/DC-8M N/A $14.58
99A-20131 15T Gear DC-8 Micro N/A $27.46
99A-35120 Rubber Plate/DBM-500 N/A $2.16
99A-11171 Motor Pulley DC-8 Micro N/A $19.37
99A-20141 Gear N/A $31.47
99A-35131 Guide Lumirror DC-8 Micro N/A $9.05
99A-11200 Gear Pulley DC-8 Micro N/A $16.34
99A-20150 46T Gear DC-8 Micro N/A $14.65
99A-35160 Static Eliminator DC-8 Micro N/A $19.04
99A-11230 Shaft 2 N/A $64.19
99A-20160 Discharge Roller N/A $64.64
99A-35170 Static Eliminator DC-8 Micro N/A $22.55
99A-12040 Paper Separator Pad (New)/DC-Micro8 N/A $13.50
99A-30041 Cover DC-8 Micro N/A $183.14
99A-35180 Actuator DC-8 Micro N/A $12.35
99A-12061 Separator Bracket N/A $5.60
99A-30050 Collar N/A $15.73
99A-35190 Plate Unit N/A $29.86
99A-12070 Spring C N/A $2.16
99A-30060 Rubber Roller N/A $44.00
99A-35230 Rubber Roller N/A $48.72
99A-10020 Paper Feed Guide Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $63.30
99A-12080 Plate N/A $7.97
99A-30080 Spring C N/A $2.16
99A-35290 Lumirror DC-8 Micro N/A $7.22
99A-10070 Bush DC-8M N/A $4.52
99A-13080 Roller Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $31.66
99A-30090 Spring C N/A $2.16
99A-35350 Lumirror DC-8 Micro N/A $9.11
99A-10100 Strap F DC-8 Micro N/A $81.65


N/A $47.97
99A-30100 Roller N/A $20.18
99A-40101 Paper Receiving Tray DC-8 Micro N/A $64.64
99A-10111 Strap R DC-8 Micro N/A $89.80
99A-14050 Ball Holder DC-8 Micro N/A $5.60
99A-30120 (99A-30122) Hook DC-8 Micro N/A $20.32
99A-40181 Pulley DC-8 Micro N/A $29.23
99A-10141 Spring T DC-8M N/A $7.83
99A-14070 Worm Gear N/A $64.64
99A-30130 Post N/A $26.93
99A-40200 Roller DC-8 Micro N/A $6.75
99A-11010 Feed Shaft Unit-1 N/A $54.51
99A-14130 Wire Pulley N/A $48.48
99A-30142 Switch Bracket N/A $11.21
99A-40240 (99A-40241) Pulley Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $45.08
99A-11061 Feeder Shaft Unit-2 N/A $42.48
99A-20030 Rubber Roller/DC-8Micro N/A $72.85
99A-30150 Spring N/A $6.75
99A-40250 Auxiliary Feed Guide Unit N/A $57.96
99A-11110 Spring C N/A $3.38
99A-20060 (99A-20061) 52T Gear Unit 1 DC-8 Micro N/A $57.23
99A-30260 Gear Cam DC-8 Micro N/A $13.50
99A-40300 Stopper Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $50.26
999-B319 (B319) Screw MSK 3X12B N/A $2.36
999-B340 (B340) Screw SBT 4X6Z N/A $2.36
999-B368 (B368) Screw CFR 5X25B N/A $2.36
999-B43 (B43) Screw FR 5X6B for DF-520 N/A $2.36
999-B523 (B523) Screw SS 3X12B N/A $2.36
999-B90 (B90) Screw MS 3X12F N/A $2.36
999-FR8X8Z (92015A139) Set Screw M8x8, 1.25mm/UV Coater N/A $2.43
999-H70 (H70) Screw HSKW 4X8B N/A $2.36
999-MSK3X12 (D4-MS-K3X12) Screw N/A $2.36
999-N26 (N26) Nut M12Z N/A $2.36
999-P2 (P2) Pin SRP 3X14S N/A $2.36
999-P51 (P51) Pin SRP 5X30S N/A $2.36
999-R6 (R6) E-Ring SR G20S N/A $2.36
999-W22 (W22) Washer PWB M4 N/A $2.36
999-W5 (W5) Washer W M3Z N/A $2.36
999-B320 (B320) Screw MSK 4X6B N/A $2.36
999-B342 (B342) Screw MSK 4X25B N/A $2.36
999-B370 (B370) Screw MSKW 4X6B N/A $2.36
999-B440 (B440) Screw TBS 4X8Z N/A $2.36
999-B525 (B525) Screw SS 4X10B N/A $2.36
999-BW20 (BW20) Wing Nut N/A $2.36
999-H1 (H1) Screw HS 5X12Z N/A $2.36
999-H75 (H75) Screw HSKW 4X10B N/A $2.36
999-MSK3X28 (999-MSK3x28) Screw N/A $2.36
999-N27 (N27) Nut FN M3Z N/A $2.36
999-P20 (P20) Pin SRP 3X22 N/A $2.36
999-P52 (P52) Pin SRP 6X32S N/A $2.36
999-S10 (S10) Snap Ring N/A $2.36
999-W23 (W23) Washer 16X12X.03mm N/A $2.16
999-W6 (W6) Washer W M4Z N/A $2.36
999-B321 (B321) Screw MS 4X8B N/A $2.36
999-B344 (B344) Screw MSK 4X30B N/A $2.36
999-B372 (B372) Screw MSKW 4X8B N/A $2.36
999-B460 (B460) Screw TBS 4X10B N/A $2.36
999-B526 (B526) Screw SS 3X18B N/A $2.36
999-CFR5X30 (CFR5X30) Screw N/A $2.36
999-H16 (H16) Screw HS 5X8Z N/A $2.36
999-H77 (H77) Screw HSKW 6X16B N/A $2.36
999-MSK3X6 (MSK-3X6) Screw N/A $2.36
999-N3 (N3) Nut M5Z N/A $2.36
999-P22 (P22) Pin SRP 3X30 for DBM-200 N/A $2.36
999-P53 (P53) Pin SRP 6X45S N/A $2.36
999-SBKW3X6 (SBKW3X6) Screw 3X6 N/A $2.36
999-W26 (W26) Washer SW M10Z N/A $2.36
999-W60 (W60) Washer SW M3F N/A $2.36
999-B322 (B322) Screw MSK 4X8B N/A $2.36
999-B345 (B345) Screw MSKW 4X10B N/A $2.36
999-B373 (B373) Screw MSKW 3X8B N/A $2.36
999-B47 (B47) Screw MS 2X4F N/A $2.36
999-B527 (B527) Screw SS 3X16 N/A $2.36
999-CFR5X40 (CFR 5X40) Hex Allen Screw (CFR 5X40) N/A $2.36
999-H18 (H18) Screw HS 5X15Z N/A $2.36
999-H79 (H79) Screw HSKW 5X14B N/A $2.36
999-MSK4X8 (MSK4X8) Screw N/A $2.36
999-N30 (N30) Bolt M16 N/A $4.46
999-P24 (P24) Pin SRP 3.5x18 N/A $2.36
999-P54 (P54) Pin SRP 5X28S N/A $2.36
999-SBKWF4X8 (SBKWF 4X8) Covers Screw for System 5000 N/A $2.36
999-W3 (W3) Washer SW M5Z N/A $2.36
999-W7 (W7) Washer W M5Z N/A $2.36
999-B323 (B323) Screw MSK 4X10B/=B22 N/A $2.36
999-B348 (B348) Screw MSK 5X6B N/A $2.36
999-B38 (B38) Screw SS 3X6F N/A $2.36
999-B480 (B480) Screw SBT 3X8 N/A $2.36
999-B59 (B59) Screw MS 3X25 N/A $2.16
999-CNT17 (CNT-17) Center Slitter L Unit/DC-545 N/A $850.50
999-H2 (H2) Screw HS 5X45 N/A $2.36
999-H80 (H80) Screw HS 3X10B N/A $2.36
999-MSKW6X10 (MSKW 6x10) Screw N/A $2.36
999-N31 (N31) Nut FN M3B N/A $2.36
999-P26 (P26) Pin SRP 4X10S N/A $2.36
999-P55 (P55) Pin SRP 5X22S N/A $2.36
999-SBT4X8 (SBT 4x8) Screw N/A $2.36
999-W32 (W32) Washer SW M3B N/A $2.36
999-W8X13X03 (Shims 8x13x.03mm) Shims for P9-N1131 (8x13x0.3mm) N/A $2.16
999-B324 (B324) Screw MSK 3X6B N/A $2.36
999-B350 (B350) Screw MSK 5X10B N/A $2.36
999-B388 (B388) Screw MSK 3X28B N/A $2.36
999-B491 (B491) Screw SBT 4X8B= 999-B332 N/A $2.16
999-B60 (B60) Screw MS 3X30Z N/A $2.36
999-CNT18 (CNT-18) Center Slitter R Unit/DC-545 N/A $850.50
999-H3 (H3) Screw HS 6X12Z N/A $2.36
999-H81 (H81) Screw HS16X100 N/A $22.41
999-N1 (N1) Nut N M3Z N/A $2.36
999-N32 (N32) Nut FN M4B N/A $2.36
999-P27 (P27) Pin SRP 4X12 N/A $2.36
999-PN8 (PN8) Push Nut N/A $2.36
999-W1 (W1) Washer SW M3Z N/A $2.36
999-W33 (W33) Washer SW M4B N/A $2.36
999-WB10 (BW10) Wing Screws N/A $2.36
999-B325 (B325) Screw MSK 3X8B N/A $2.36
999-B352 (B352) Screw MSK 5X12B N/A $2.36
999-B389 (B389) Screw MSK 2X10 N/A $2.36
999-B501 (B501) Screw SBKW 4X8 N/A $2.36
999-B64 (B64) Screw MS 4X12Z N/A $2.36
999-CNV03 (80C-10909) Conveyor Assembly V-580/=CNV-03 N/A $1,637.21
999-H33 (H33) Screw HS 6X25 N/A $2.36
999-H85 (H85) Screw HSK 4X12B N/A $2.36
999-N100 (N100) Retaining Clip PN M3B N/A $2.36
999-N4 (N4) Nut N M6Z N/A $2.36
999-P3 (P3) Pin SRP 3X18S N/A $2.36
999-R1 (R1) E-Ring SR E40B N/A $2.36
999-W12 (W12) Washer SW M8Z N/A $2.36
999-W39 (W39) Washer (8W 13x8x0.5mm) N/A $2.36
999-WCSTW8 (98430A161) Washer CSTW-8/DBM-120 N/A $2.43
999-B326 (B326) Screw MSK 3X6Z N/A $2.36
999-B353 (B353) Screw MSKW 5X10B N/A $2.36
999-B39 (B39) Screw SS 3X8F N/A $2.36
999-B503 (B503) Screw SBK 4X10 N/A $2.36
999-B66 (B66) Screw MS 4X16Z N/A $2.36
999-DB280HOTWIRE (HOTWIRE KIT) Hot Wire Kit for DB-280 N/A $34.26
999-H4 (H4) Screw HS 6X16Z N/A $2.36
999-HS16X180Z (HS 16x180Z) Screw for DBM250/400 N/A $2.36
999-N15 (N15) Nut M10Z N/A $2.36
999-N5 (N5) Nut N M2Z N/A $2.36
999-P30 (P30) Pin SRP 5X32S N/A $2.36
999-R10 (R10) Retaining Rings E Type/E32=999-E32 N/A $2.36
999-W13 (W13) Washer W M2Z N/A $2.36
999-W4 (W4) Washer/=SW6 N/A $2.36
999-WW6 (WW6) Wave Washer N/A $2.36
999-B327 (B327) Screw MSK 3X16B N/A $2.36
999-B354 (B354) Screw MSKW 5X15B N/A $2.36
999-B397 (B397) Screw MSKW 4X12B N/A $2.36
999-B504 (B504) Screw SB 3X6B N/A $2.36
999-B67 (B67) Screw MS 4X18Z N/A $2.36
999-DB280HOTWIRE4 (Hot Cable Kit) Hot Cable Kit for E7203-A Includes Wires N/A $46.09
999-H5 (H5) Screw HS 6X20Z N/A $2.36
999-HS5X45Z (HS-5X45Z) Nut N/A $2.36
999-N19 (N19) Nut N M4B N/A $2.36
999-N6 (N6) Nut N M2.6Z N/A $2.36
999-P35 (P35) Pin SRP 4X22S N/A $2.36
999-R2 (R2) E-Ring SR E50B N/A $2.36
999-W14 (W14) Washer W M2.6Z N/A $2.36
999-W41 (W41) Washer SW M10Z N/A $2.36
999-B329 (B329) Screw MSK 4X14B N/A $2.36
999-B357 (B357) Screw CFR 6X8 N/A $2.36
999-B398 (B398) Screw MSK 4X18 N/A $2.36
999-B508 (B508) Screw SB 4X6B N/A $2.16
999-B69 (B69) Screw 4X25 N/A $2.36
999-DBM120INSKIT (11C-92) Insert Roller Kit for DBM-120 (11C-92) N/A $1,559.25
999-H51 (H51) Screw HSK 4X12 N/A $2.36
999-HS6X100 (HS 6X100) Hexagonal Bolt (HS 6X100) N/A $2.36
999-N2 (N2) Nut N M4Z N/A $2.36
999-P10 (P10) Pin SRP 2X10S N/A $2.36
999-P37 (P37) Pin SRP 3X28S N/A $2.36
999-R23 (R23) Retaining C-Clips/SR O35S N/A $2.36
999-W15 (W15) Washer W M8Z/Washer for the cam follower N/A $2.36
999-W44 (W44) Lock Washer SW M5B N/A $2.36
999-B330 (B330) Screw SBT 3X6F N/A $2.36
999-B358 (B358) Screw CFR 4X16B N/A $2.36
999-B41 (B41) Screw FR 4X4B N/A $2.36
999-B517 (B517) Screw SS 3X14B N/A $2.36
999-B70 (B70) Screw MS 4X40 N/A $2.36
999-DBM120SENSOR (P1405 Kit) Sensor Kit (Jog Sec.)/DBM-120 (#P1405) N/A $131.98
999-H52 (H52) Screw HSK 4X16 N/A $2.36
999-HSK4X25 (HSK4x25 Screw) Ink Pump Screw (HSK4x25) N/A $2.16
999-N20 (N20) Hex Nut M5B N/A $2.36
999-P11 (P11) Pin SRP 2X12S N/A $2.36
999-P39 (P39) Pin SRP 4X16S N/A $2.36
999-R24 (R24) E-Ring SR E100B N/A $2.36
999-W16 (W16) Washer WW M6 N/A $2.36
999-W45 (W45) Washer SW M6B N/A $2.36
999-B331 (B331) Screw SBT 4X6ZNB N/A $2.36
999-B360 (B360) Screw CFR 4X22B N/A $2.36
999-B412 (B412) Screw MSK 4X22 N/A $2.36
999-B518 (B518) Screw SS 4X12B N/A $2.36
999-B73 (B73) Screw MS 5X10Z N/A $2.36
999-DBM120SENSOR2 (P1280 Kit) Sensor Kit #2 (Stopper Sec.)/DBM-120 (#P1280) N/A $104.60
999-H56 (H56) Screw HSK 5X12 N/A $2.36
999-HSKW6X16 (CB-HS-KW6X16) Screw for DC10000S/=H-77 N/A $2.36
999-N21 (N21) Nut N M6B N/A $2.36
999-P12 (P12) Pin SRP 2X14S N/A $2.36
999-P4 (P4) Pin SRP 3X20S N/A $2.36
999-R27 (R27) E-Ring SR E120B N/A $2.36
999-W17 (W17) Washer WW M8 N/A $2.36
999-W46 (W46) Washer W M3B N/A $2.36
999-B30 (B30) Screw SB 3X6F N/A $2.36
999-B332 (B332) Pannel Screw SBT 4X8B = B491 N/A $2.36
999-B361 (B361) Screw CFR 6X30B N/A $2.36
999-B42 (B42) Screw FR 4X6B N/A $2.36
999-B519 (B519) Screw SS 3X8B N/A $2.36
999-B74 (B74) Screw MS 5X12Z N/A $2.36
999-DSF2000SPDUP (99T-80091 + 99T-50172) Speed Up Kit for DSF-2000 N/A $253.14
999-H57 (H57) Screw HSK 5X16Z N/A $2.36
999-M2X3I5 (M2X3.5) Screw N/A $2.16
999-N22 (N22) Nut N M8B N/A $2.36
999-P13 (P13) Pin SRP 2X16S N/A $2.36
999-P42 (P42) Pin SRP 4X40S N/A $2.36
999-R29 (R29) E-Ring SR G15B N/A $2.36
999-W18 (W18) Washer WW M12 N/A $2.36
999-W47 (W47) Washer W M4B N/A $2.36
999-B303 (B303) Screw MSK 5X8Z N/A $2.36
999-B334 (B334) Screw MSK 4X16B/=B101 N/A $2.36
999-B362 (B362) Screw CFR 6X22 N/A $2.36
999-B422 (B422) Screw MS 4X45Z N/A $2.36
999-B520 (B520) Screw SS 4X8B N/A $2.36
999-B75 (B75) Screw MS 5X14Z N/A $2.36
999-E32 (E32) Retaining Rings E Type/= R-10 N/A $2.36
999-H63 (H63) Screw HSK 6X12B N/A $2.16
999-M8 (M8) Plain Washer N/A $1.89
999-N23 (N23) Dome Cap Nut #23 (M3) N/A $2.36
999-P14 (P14) Pin SRP 2X20S N/A $2.36
999-P46 (P46) Pin SRP 4X30S N/A $2.36
999-R3 (R3) E-Clip SR E64B N/A $2.36
999-W19 (W19) Washer WW M22 N/A $2.36
999-W48 (W48) Washer W M5B N/A $2.36
999-B304 (B304) Screw MSK 5X18Z N/A $2.36
999-B335 (B335) Screw MSK 4X12B N/A $2.36
999-B363 (B363) Screw CFR 5X12B N/A $2.36
999-B424 (B424) Screw MS 4X28Z for DC-24T N/A $2.36
999-B521 (B521) Screw SS 3X6B N/A $2.36
999-B79 (B79) Screw MS 2X4F N/A $2.36
999-E50 (E50) Snap Ring/=R-2 N/A $2.36
999-H68 (H68) Screw HSK 6X10B N/A $2.36
999-MS3X12 (D4-MS-3X12) Screw/=999-B208 N/A $2.36
999-N24 (N24) Nut HCN M4B N/A $2.36
999-P17 (P17) Pin SRP 3X10S N/A $2.36
999-P5 (P5) Pin SRP 4X20S N/A $2.36
999-R31 (R31) Clip/Retaining Ring SR G14S N/A $2.36
999-W2 (W2) Washer SW M4Z N/A $2.36
999-W49 (W49) Washer W M6B N/A $2.36
999-B310 (B310) Screw MSKW 4X8F N/A $2.36
999-B338 (B338) Screw MSK 3X4 N/A $2.36
999-B365 (B365) Screw CFR 6X12B N/A $2.36
999-B426 (B426) Screw MS4X50 N/A $2.36
999-B522 (B522) Screw SS 3X10B N/A $2.36
999-B9 (B9) Screw MS 4X10 N/A $2.36
999-E64 (E64-E Ring) E-Ring N/A $2.36
999-H7 (H7) Screw HS 5X16Z N/A $2.36
999-MS3X4 (MS 3X4 (ZnB)) Screw for 9F4-30172 N/A $2.36
999-N25 (N25) Nut N M2B N/A $2.36
999-P18 (P18) Pin SRP 3X12S N/A $2.36
999-P50 (P50) Pin SRP 5X25S N/A $2.36
999-R4 (R4) Clip SR E80B N/A $2.36
999-W20 (W20) Washer BW M4 N/A $2.36
999-W4X20 (Washer 4X20X0.5) Washer for DBM-200/250 (Size 4X20X0.5) N/A $2.36
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