9C7-34000 - 9D1-80199

9C7-34000 - 9D1-80199
Duplo USA part numbers 9C7-34000 - 9D1-80199 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Belt, Slitting Transport/BCC-228
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Spring L/CC-228
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Photo Microsensor (KI1234-AALF)/DC615
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Asm, PWB, Interface/BCC-228
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All Sizes of 9C7-34000 - 9D1-80199

Part No. Description Image Price  
9C7-34130 (C7-34130) Plastic Gear Assy/CHP01&02 N/A $58.95
9C9-22631 (C9-22631) Lever /V-415 N/A $19.70
9CA-172 (CA172) Screw, Set N/A $10.20
9CA-9050A (CA9050A) Wire Cutter Operating Slide N/A $17.45
9CA-9163C (CA9163C) Swivel Operating Lever Cam N/A $119.96
9CA-AA9013W (CAAA9013W) Bender Bar Assy, Complete/M2000 N/A $1,195.44
9CC-00B0000134 (00B-000-0134) Collar, F-2280/CC-228 N/A $33.57
9CC-00M0000401 (00M-000-0401) Motor, SQ, 2,8V, 1.7A/BCC-228 N/A $344.47
9CC-00T0001405 (00T-000-1405) Transformer, 115/230V/BCC-228 N/A $232.75
9CC-8811160000 (881-116-0000) Pin, Lower Eject Roller/CC-228 N/A $15.85
9CC-8815060000 (881-506-0000) Asm, Cutting Knife Driving Motor N/A $414.31
9CE-IFB01 (CABLE) 9Pin Dim Male RJ12 Cable N/A $36.27
9D1-10042 (D1-10042) Roller Assembly D N/A $174.02
9D1-10321 (D1-10321) Collar N/A $4.00
9D1-20181 (D1-20181) Shaft N/A $19.85
9D1-30160 (D1-30160) Guide L N/A $10.20
9D1-40030 (D1-40030) Reinforcing Plate (Front) N/A $67.28
9D1-50060 (D1-50060) Magnet (for 9D1-50040) N/A $31.08
9D1-80190 (D1-80190) Terminal N/A $17.65
9C7-35080 (C7-35080) Rotation Blade Assy R (Old) N/A $258.81
9C9-22651 (C9-22651) Spring T N/A $23.85
9CA-173 (CA173) Cap (Black) N/A $7.15
9CA-9051A (CA9051A) Wire Cutting Friction Spring N/A $6.60
9CA-9640SP (CA9640SP) Grease Filled Syringes N/A $36.69
9CB-371K (CB371K) Lockwasher N/A $12.70
9CC-00B0000512 (00B-000-0512) Belt, 0.08P, 102MXL/BCC-228 N/A $37.24
9CC-00M0000403 (00M-000-0403) Motor, SQ, 2.58V, 3A/BCC-228 N/A $344.47
9CC-8811000000 (881-100-0000) Cover, Rear/BCC-228 N/A $144.70
9CC-881116000A (881-116-000A) Ramp, Feed, CC-228 N/A $195.49
9CC-8817040000 (881-704-0000) Knife, Upper/BCC-228 N/A $465.50
9CE-IMBFC (CABLE) DB9F to 6 Pin Connector Cable N/A $53.21
9D1-10090 (D1-10090) Gear N/A $20.02
9D1-10331 (D1-10331) Burst Fin N/A $39.24
9D1-20191 (D1-20191) Sprocket 20 N/A $38.01
9D1-30170 (D1-30170) Guide R N/A $10.20
9D1-40040 (D1-40040) Reinforcing Plate (Rear) N/A $51.10
9D1-50070 (D1-50070) Magnet N/A $50.16
9C7-41370 (C7-41370) STS Belt N/A $36.39
9C9-23712 (C9-23712) Separator Frame N/A $21.91
9CA-9009 (CA9009) Driver end 24 thru 30 rd Wire N/A $72.44
9CA-9058 (CA9058) Swivel Operating Cam Stud Screw N/A $10.60
9CA-A2132H (CAA2132H) Face Plate Subassembly N/A $155.14
9CB-BB3000G6 (CBBB3000G6) Wire Brake Assembly N/A $135.16
9CC-00B0000524 (00B-000-0524) Belt, 0.08P, 132MXL=8814020000/BCC-228 N/A $37.24
9CC-00M0000404 (00M-000-0404) Motor, RD, 2.28V, 3A/BCC-228 N/A $414.31
9CC-8811020001 (881-102-0001) Key Pad, UC-130/BCC-228 N/A $138.32
9CC-8811170000 (881-117-0000) Case, L/BCC-228 N/A $232.75
9CC-8817050000 (881-705-0000) Knife, Lower/BCC-228 N/A $558.60
9CE-RJ12 (CABLE) RJ12 to RJ12 Cable, 10 Feet N/A $23.55
9D1-10121 (D1-10121) Sprocket N/A $46.59
9D1-10350 (D1-10350) Thumb Screw N/A $22.60
9D1-20201 (D1-20201) Shaft N/A $18.52
9D1-30191 (D1-30191) Cover Assembly (Left) N/A $30.63
9D1-40060 (D1-40060) Rubber Cap N/A $3.75
9D1-50080 (D1-50080) Paper Holder N/A $191.35
9C7-42342 (C7-42342) Stopper/V-760 N/A $34.90
9C9-81080 (C9-81080) Vacuum Feed Solenoid DC-535 N/A $52.20
9CA-9014 (CA9014) Latch N/A $51.85
9CA-9065A (CA9065A) Wire Straightener Roll N/A $22.20
9CA-A9012A (CAA9012A) Driver Bar Assembly 1/2 CR N/A $146.68
9CB-BB3000L (CBBB3000L) Survival Kit N/A $454.93
9CC-00B0001101 (00B-000-1101) Brush, Anti-Static/CC-228, 330 N/A $51.85
9CC-00P0008101 (00P-000-8101) Pulley/clutch, 51G/FC-12 N/A $133.02
9CC-8811020003 (881-102-0003) Label, Cutting Setting/CC-228 N/A $29.82
9CC-8811180000 (881-118-0000) Case, R/BCC-228 N/A $232.75
9CC-8817080000 (881-708-0000) Block Cutting/CC-228 N/A $47.44
9CE-X8033 (CEX-8033) Interface Cable, DC-10 to TR-1B Kit N/A $80.68
9D1-10131 (D1-10131) Sprocket 12 N/A $32.52
9D1-20010 (D1-20010) Guide (Left) N/A $18.85
9D1-20240 (D1-20240) Sprocket 15 N/A $27.90
9D1-30201 (D1-30201) Cover Assembly (Right) N/A $27.97
9D1-40080 (D1-40080) Inner Bottom N/A $63.74
9D1-51000 (D1-51000) Paper Receiving Tray N/A $85.92
9C7-51390 (C7-51390) Knob Screw/V-707 N/A $19.85
9C9-81180 (C9-81180) Micro Switch N/A $34.69
9CA-9015 (CA9015) Grip for ACME, Old Style N/A $41.46
9CA-9066A (CA9066A) Wire Straightener Eccentric N/A $57.58
9CA-A9013B (CAA9013B) Bender Bar Sub Assembly (Magnatek/Interlake) N/A $343.98
9CC-00A0000022 (00A-000-0022) Actuator, Waste Bin/BCC-228 N/A $6.75
9CC-00C0000031 (00C-000-0031) Cable, 14 pin, Panel Interface/BCC-228 N/A $53.20
9CC-00R0000301 (00R-000-0301) Rectifier/BCC-228 N/A $122.36
9CC-8811030000 (881-103-0000) Extension Tray/CC-258 N/A $56.55
9CC-881118000A (881-118-000A) Feed Shaft, CC-228 N/A $63.82
9CC-8817140000 (881-714-0000) ASM, Spring, middle, knife Holding N/A $55.85
9CT-2606 (CT2606) Locating Clamp Stitcher Head N/A $49.78
9D1-10160 (D1-10160) Bracket N/A $16.90
9D1-20020 (D1-20020) Guide (right) N/A $18.85
9D1-20291 (D1-20291) Feed Plate/ W/Hole N/A $34.06
9D1-30241 (D1-30241) Spring C N/A $8.55
9D1-40121 (D1-40121) Upper Cover N/A $33.50
9D1-51040 (D1-51040) Rail N/A $24.40
9C7-52643 (C7-52643) Gear V-707 N/A $48.46
9CA-009 (CA009) Paper Passing Sensor for MS-4000 N/A $302.98
9CA-9015ID (CA9015D) Grip for Magnatech Stitcher Head N/A $64.37
9CA-9075 (CA9075) Wire Guide Bracket Screw/Magnatek N/A $45.72
9CA-A9013U (CAA9013U) Bender Bar Sub Assembly/M2000 N/A $319.95
9CC-00A0000161 (00A-000-0161) Asm, Driver Box, L298/BCC-228 N/A $1,975.07
9CC-00C0000051 (00C-000-0051) Cable, 16 pin, 47cm, LCD Interface/BCC-228 N/A $59.85
9CC-00R0001052 (00R-000-1052) Roller, Feed/=9CC-8811060000/BCC-228 N/A $45.68
9CC-8811070000 (881-107-0000) Cover, Top/BCC-228 N/A $113.84
9CC-881119000A (881-119-000A) Core, Feed Roller, CC-228 N/A $63.82
9CC-8817150000 (881-715-0000) Spring L/CC-228 N/A $29.82
9CT-2607 (CT2607) Face Plate Locate Block Stitcher Head N/A $53.43
9D1-10170 (D1-10170) Washer N/A $5.70
9D1-20030 (D1-20030) Shaft N/A $17.78
9D1-20301 (D1-20301) Roll N/A $48.81
9D1-30250 (D1-30250) Washer N/A $5.70
9D1-40151 (D1-40151) Outlet Plate N/A $22.93
9D1-51050 (D1-51050) Sponge N/A $1.40
9C7-52763 (C7-52763) Plexiglass Cover N/A $306.11
9CA-012 (CA012) Paper Level Sensor DC-535 N/A $128.44
9CA-9019B (CA9019B) Grip Spring N/A $17.75
9CA-9076 (CA9076) Wire Guide Spring Bracket Adj Screw/Magnatek N/A $23.00
9CA-A9014E (CAA9014E) Latch Assembly N/A $57.75
9CC-00A0000188 (00A-000-0188) Asm, Interlock Switch/BCC-228 N/A $47.88
9CC-00C0000071 (00C-000-0071) Cable, 34 pin, 37cm, Logic Interface/BCC-228 N/A $59.85
9CC-00S0001405 (00S-000-1405) Screw, Pivot, M4 N/A $1.80
9CC-8811071000 (881-107-1000) Hinge, Top Cover/CC-228 N/A $15.95
9CC-881211000A (881-211-000A) Tray, Feed, CC-228 N/A $117.06
9CC-8817160000 (881-716-0000) Spring R/CC-228 N/A $29.82
9CT-2608 (CT2608) Face PLate Locating Screw N/A $31.89
9D1-10210 (D1-10210) Bolt N/A $0.50
9D1-20040 (D1-20040) Shaft N/A $18.97
9D1-20310 (D1-20310) Roll Unit N/A $33.90
9D1-30300 (D1-30300) Shaft N/A $19.60
9D1-40180 (D1-40180) Cover N/A $63.72
9D1-60230 (D1-60230) Label for (MBM) N/A $55.35
9C7-61120 (C7-61120) Label Top and Bottom Scale N/A $22.12
9CA-033 (CA033) Photo Sensor (Set) N/A $97.92
9CA-9022 (CA9022) Grip Release Slide 1/2"" Crown N/A $52.66
9CA-9083A (CA9083A) Clincher Point/thick N/A $33.81
9CA-A9026 (CAA9026) Supporter Assembly 1/2 CR N/A $101.66
9CC-00A0000207 (00A-000-0207) Sensor, Paper, Black/BCC-228 N/A $106.40
9CC-00C0000083 (00C-000-0083) Cable, 34 pin, 55cm, Driver Interface/BCC-228 N/A $63.84
9CC-00S0001408 (00S-000-1408) Screw, Set, M4x8 N/A $1.60
9CC-8811072000 (881-107-2000) Trigger, Top Cover/CC-228 N/A $15.95
9CC-881212000A (881-212-000A) Index, Center Alignment, CC-228 N/A $21.30
9CC-8817170000 (881-717-0000) Washer, Middle, Guide Spring Fastening, CC-228 N/A $18.66
9CT-413A (CT413A) Grip Spring Housing N/A $65.50
9D1-10231 (D1-10231) Angle N/A $21.60
9D1-20050 (D1-20050) Paper Feed Port N/A $29.72
9D1-20341 (D1-20341) Shaft N/A $7.75
9D1-30310 (D1-30310) Gear N/A $8.15
9D1-40190 (D1-40190) Shaft N/A $27.09
9D1-60240 (D1-60240) Label for S-5130 for (MBM) N/A $55.35
9C7-82131 (C7-82131) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $70.60
9CA-035 (CA035) Ultrasonic Waves Sensor/DC-645 N/A $188.56
9CA-9023 (CA9023) Grip Retaining Clip N/A $17.75
9CA-9098 (CA9098) Tension Pawl N/A $27.27
9CA-A9038E (CAA9038E) Swivel Assembly 1/2""Cr./M2000 N/A $298.99
9CC-00A0001001 (00A-000-1001) Asm, PWB, Logic/=9CC-881301000/BCC-228 N/A $1,975.07
9CC-00D0000303 (00D-000-0303) Display, LCD/BCC-228 N/A $82.46
9CC-00S0001513 (00S-000-1513) Sensor, Interrupter/BCC-228 N/A $133.00
9CC-8811080000 (881-108-0000) Waste Bin/BCC-228 N/A $299.32
9CC-881213000A (881-213-000A) Screw, Center Allignment Index/CC-228 N/A $1.80
9CC-8817180000 (881-718-0000) Washer, L/R, Guide Spring Fastening, CC-228 N/A $16.05
9CT-9093A (CT9093A) Clincher Slide Thick Point N/A $66.92
9D1-10240 (D1-10240) Stay N/A $35.60
9D1-20070 (D1-20070) Upper Guide N/A $12.25
9D1-20380 (D1-20380) Holder N/A $13.80
9D1-30330 (D1-30330) Gear Assembly N/A $40.35
9D1-40200 (D1-40200) Angle N/A $18.20
9D1-80020 (D1-80020) Motor Unit N/A $221.66
9C7-82141 (C7-82141) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $74.58
9CA-046 (CA046) Photo Microsensor (KI1234-AALF)/DC615 N/A $61.90
9CA-9024 (CA9024) Grip Retaining Clip Screw N/A $13.30
9CA-9103A (CA9103A) Wire Straightener Roll N/A $8.05
9CA-A9038M (CAA9038M) Swivel Assembly 1/2""Cr.Magnetic N/A $255.34
9CC-00A0001121 (00A-000-1121) Asm, PWB, Interface/BCC-228 N/A $186.20
9CC-00F0000003 (00F-000-0003) Fan, DC, 12V/BCC-228 N/A $59.85
9CC-00S0001514 (00S-000-1514) Sensor, Pape/BCC-228 N/A $186.22
9CC-8811090000 (881-109-0000) Catcher/BCC-228 N/A $170.78
9CC-881214000A (881-214-000A) Shaft, Pivot, Feed Tray, CC-228 N/A $46.29
9CC-8818060000 (881-806-0000) Slitting Wheel, Upper/CC-228 N/A $143.64
9CT-T2623 (CTT2623) Driving Slide Assembly N/A $275.68
9D1-10251 (D1-10251) Scale Plate N/A $27.72
9D1-20081 (D1-20081) Width Scale N/A $17.78
9D1-30021 (D1-30021) Upper Blade Assembly N/A $148.66
9D1-30350 (D1-30350) Post N/A $10.20
9D1-40210 (D1-40210) Corrugated Washer N/A $0.50
9D1-80050 (D1-80050) Power Source Cord Unit N/A $34.59
9C7-34011 (C7-34011) Fixed Blade N/A $109.34
9C7-83071 (C7-83071) Power Transformer N/A $261.07
9CA-047 (CA047) Photo Interrupter/=(CA031) N/A $88.58
9CA-9025D (CA9025D) Grip Release, Adjusting Lever N/A $32.20
9CA-9112A (CA9112A) Bender Bar Friction Plug N/A $11.10
9CA-A9046A (CAA9046A) Swivel Operating Spring Assembly N/A $55.48
9CC-00A0001211 (00A-000-1211) Asm, PWB, Power/BCC-228 N/A $558.60
9CC-00F0000212 (00F-000-0212) Rubber Foot/CC-228 N/A $3.95
9CC-00S0001515 (00S-000-1515) Sensor, Mark Reader, White/BCC-228 N/A $133.00
9CC-8811091000 (881-109-1000) Divider/Catch Tray/BCC-228 N/A $23.31
9CC-8812160000 (881-216-0000) Cover, Front/BCC-228 N/A $176.87
9CC-8818070000 (881-807-0000) Slitting Wheel, Center Gutter/CC-228 N/A $143.64
9CT-T9002 (CTT9002) Bonnet Clamp Assembly N/A $90.00
9D1-10261 (D1-10261) Plate (Large) N/A $21.30
9D1-20090 (D1-20090) Spring C N/A $7.75
9D1-30051 (D1-30051) Blade Assembly for 1"" Slitter (Up) N/A $127.60
9D1-30360 (D1-30360) Washer N/A $0.65
9D1-40220 (D1-40220) Plain Washer N/A $0.25
9D1-80121 (D1-80121) Electric Wire D N/A $6.85
9C7-34021 (C7-34021) Nut Plate N/A $8.50
9C7-91140 (C7-91140) Paper Feeding Chain N/A $172.30
9CA-048 (CA048) Photo Micro Sensor/DC-645 N/A $46.97
9CA-9029 (CA9029) Supporter Pivot Pin N/A $11.25
9CA-9113A (CA9113A) Bender Bar Friction Spring N/A $10.20
9CA-A9046D (CAA9046D) Swivel Operating Spring Assy/M2000 N/A $57.35
9CC-00A0001501 (00A-000-1501) Asm, PWB, Control Panel/BCC-228 N/A $232.75
9CC-00F0000401 (00F-000-0401) Filter, AC Line/BCC-228 N/A $35.91
9CC-00S0001604 (00S-000-1515) Separator, Feed/=8811061000/BCC-228 N/A $32.59
9CC-8811100000 (881-110-0000) Cover, Safety, Rear/BCC-228 N/A $133.02
9CC-8813020000 (881-302-0000) Cable, Interface, Driver/CC-228 N/A $63.86
9CC-8818080000 (881-808-0000) Slitting Wheel, Side Trim/CC-228 N/A $143.64
9CT-T9003C (CTT9003C) Bonnet Clamp Lever N/A $63.80
9D1-10273 (D1-10273) Plate Small N/A $18.20
9D1-20120 (D1-20120) Large Pulley N/A $35.13
9D1-30060 (D1-30060) Brass Collar N/A $16.90
9D1-30370 (D1-30370) Collar N/A $3.35
9D1-40240 (D1-40240) Bridge N/A $12.75
9D1-80131 (D1-80131) Electric Wire E N/A $4.75
9C7-34070 (C7-34070) Rotation Blade L N/A $189.42
9C7-91172 (C7-91172) Lid N/A $62.18
9CA-059 (CA059) Photo Microsensor (KI1234-AALF)/DC615 N/A $37.94
9CA-9043A (CA9043A) Swivel Holder 1/2 CR N/A $181.72
9CA-9115 (CA9115) Bender Bar Friction Bushing N/A $18.55
9CA-A9074Z (CAA9074Z) Wire Guide Assembly. N/A $136.90
9CC-00A0001611 (00A-000-1611) Asm, PWB, LCD Interface/BCC-228 N/A $209.48
9CC-00F0003006 (00F-000-3006) Fuse, Time Delay, 3.15 A, 250V/BCC-228 N/A $3.35
9CC-00S0001605 (00S-000-1605) Separator, Side Wheels N/A $13.25
9CC-8811110000 (881-111-0000) Thumb Screw, Slitter Release N/A $39.93
9CC-8814030000 (881-403-0000) Spring, Feed Tray Tension/BCC-228 N/A $8.00
9CC-8818120001 (881-812-0001) Deflector Guide/CC-228 N/A $16.05
9CT-TT2604F4 (CTTT2605F4) M2000 Stitcher Head 25RD 1/2 CR PRLIST N/A $1,328.25
9D1-10280 (D1-10280) Rubber Plate N/A $10.20
9D1-20130 (D1-20130) Pulley N/A $42.42
9D1-30061 (D1-30061) Blade Assembly for 1"" Slitter (Lo) N/A $116.52
9D1-31000 (D1-31000) Slitter 9/16"" (R) N/A $393.89
9D1-40301 (D1-40301) Cover N/A $69.10
9D1-80141 (D1-80141) Electric Wire F N/A $8.00
9C7-34080 (C7-34080) Rotation Blade Assy L (Old) N/A $258.81
9C9-22260 (C9-22260) Lever V-415,V-570 N/A $5.95
9CA-064 (CA064) Photo Microsensor (K11400-AALF)/DC-ST2, DC-745 N/A $51.95
9CA-9043H (CA9043H) Swivel Holder 1/2 CR, Tapered End N/A $178.36
9CA-9124 (CA9124) Clip N/A $8.60
9CA-A9538M (CAA9538M) Swivel Assembly 3/8"", Magnatek N/A $292.22
9CC-00B0000109 (00B-000-0109) Collar, L-1280ZZ/CC-228,330 N/A $23.31
9CC-00H0000521 (00H-000-0521) Holder, Rocker Asm, CC-228 N/A $41.55
9CC-00S0005921 (00S-000-5921) Standoff, Rear Cover Holding/CC-228 N/A $18.00
9CC-8811130000 (881-113-0000) Roller, Eject, Upper/BCC-228 N/A $25.13
9CC-8814050000 (881-405-0000) Arm, Feed Tray Tension Adjustment/CC-228 N/A $29.82
9CC-8818270000 (881-827-0000) O-Ring/CC-228 N/A $15.85
9D1-10012 (D1-10012) Roller Assembly A N/A $161.86
9D1-10291 (D1-10291) Fin Holder N/A $22.60
9D1-20150 (D1-20150) Machine Belt (450mm)/OLD =AL022 N/A $20.34
9D1-30071 (D1-30071) Lower Blade Assembly f/9/16"" Slitter N/A $131.52
9D1-32000 (D1-32000) Slitter 9/16"" (L)/=D1-S0005 N/A $413.60
9D1-40320 (D1-40320) Guide N/A $11.35
9D1-80151 (D1-80151) Electric Wire G N/A $8.00
9C7-34091 (C7-34091) Rotation Blade R N/A $182.32
9C9-22360 (C9-22360) Link V-415, V-570 N/A $20.00
9CA-072 (CA072) Photo Sensor/DC-745 N/A $44.80
9CA-9048 (CA9048) Wire Cutter N/A $42.39
9CA-9127 (CA9127) Swivel Operating Cam Stud N/A $25.13
9CA-AA2132H (CAAA2132H) New Face Plate Assembly N/A $356.91
9CC-00B0000123 (00B-000-0123) Ball Bearing,6901ZZ/BCC-228 N/A $18.59
9CC-00I0000027 (00I-000-0027) IC, EEPROM, 93C46/BCC-228 N/A $59.85
9CC-00S0006101 (00S-000-6101) Switch, 115/230V Selectable/BCC-228 N/A $27.93
9CC-8811140000 (881-114-0000) Roller, Ejection, Lowe/BCC-228 N/A $25.13
9CC-881405040A (881-405-040A) Bushing, Cutter Driving Crank Asm N/A $21.30
9CE-DB9SEC (CABLE) DB9F to DB9M Serial Extension Cable N/A $57.47
9D1-10022 (D1-10022) Roller Assembly B N/A $193.16
9D1-10301 (D1-10301) Burst Roller N/A $24.50
9D1-20151 (D1-20151) Machine Belt (470mm)/New =AL024 N/A $19.11
9D1-30100 (D1-30100) Frame Assembly (Left) N/A $56.81
9D1-40010 (D1-40010) Frame (Left) N/A $57.40
9D1-40360 (D1-40360) Switch Label N/A $16.90
9D1-80161 (D1-80161) Electric Wire H N/A $4.15
9C7-34120 (C7-34120) Holder N/A $23.75
9C9-22370 (C9-22370) Eccentric Shaft/V-415/570 N/A $11.35
9CA-168 (CA168) Grip Spring N/A $13.75
9CA-9049 (CA9049) Wire Cutter Operating Slide N/A $60.08
9CA-9134 (CA9134) Tension Pawl Spring N/A $11.80
9CA-AA2133B (CAAA2133B) Wire Guide Springs N/A $91.94
9CC-00B0000133 (00B-000-0133) Collar, F-1280/BCC-228 N/A $32.66
9CC-00M0000001 (00M-000-0001) Magnet, Rear cover Holding/CC-228 N/A $9.30
9CC-00S0006112 (00S-000-6112) Switch, Power Entry/BCC-228 N/A $59.85
9CC-8811150000 (881-115-0000) Belt, Slitting Transport/BCC-228 N/A $25.13
9CC-8814060000 (881-406-0000) Shaft, Pivot, Feed Tray/CC-228 N/A $53.18
9CE-IFA00 (CABLE) Barcode Cable (25DSUB Male-9DSUB Female) N/A $126.12
9D1-10032 (D1-10032) Roller Assembly C N/A $161.86
9D1-10311 (D1-10311) Shaft N/A $18.17
9D1-20160 (D1-20160) Hole Plug N/A $3.35
9D1-30110 (D1-30110) Frame Assembly (Right) N/A $52.18
9D1-40021 (D1-40021) Frame (Right) N/A $56.61
9D1-50040 (D1-50040) Paper Receiving Guide/need magnet 50060 N/A $45.13
9D1-80170 (D1-80170) Microswitch /=LA-012 N/A $12.75
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