9D1-S0000 - 9E1-S0099

9D1-S0000 - 9E1-S0099
Duplo USA part numbers MMMMMM listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 9D1-S0000 - 9E1-S0099

Part No. Description Image Price  
9D3-11370 (D3-11370) Bearing 6000 ZZ N/A $30.51
9D3-51071 (D3-51071) Lib Unit N/A $195.26
9D3-55810 (D3-55810) Plate Unit L N/A $76.28
9D3-80281 (D3-80281) VR Unit N/A $62.29
9D5-80110 (D5-80110) Motor Driver NF-003 N/A $1,151.04
9DA-226 (DA226) Handle/DC-645 N/A $73.40
9DL-9015D (9015D) Wire Grip/Deluxe 26D N/A $57.96
9D3-12110 (D3-12110) Bearing 6901ZZ N/A $57.67
9D3-51110 (D3-51110) Acrylic Cover N/A $137.30
9D3-55820 (D3-55820) Plate Unit R N/A $76.28
9D3-80291 (D3-80291) MS Unit N/A $63.79
9D5-81103 (D5-81103) Main P.W.B N/A $1,632.30
9DA-231 (DA-231) Caster N/A $129.20
9DL-9038M (9038M) Swivel Magnetic 1/2, Deluxe 26D N/A $242.73
9D3-12571 (D3-12571) Plate N/A $22.82
9D3-51191 (D3-51191) Cover Unit (Left) N/A $261.60
9D3-55870 (D3-55870) Roller Receiving L N/A $26.70
9D3-97290 (D3-97290) Guide N/A $54.96
9D5-82091 (D5-82091) Wire Unit N/A $107.70
9DA-232 (DA232) Level Adjuster/DC-645 N/A $67.82
9DL-9048 (9048) Wire Cutter/Deluxe 26D N/A $34.92
9D3-12750 (D3-12750) Screw for V415 N/A $36.63
9D3-51202 (D3-51202) Cover Unit (Right) N/A $272.32
9D3-55880 (D3-55880) Plate N/A $26.70
9D5-10220 (D5-10220) Spring T for S-500 (Coupling Cutter) N/A $9.25
9D5-82111 (D5-82111) Wire Unit N/A $113.62
9DA-265 (DA265) Mini Ball Plunger/DC-615 N/A $87.36
9DL-9049 (9049) Wire Cutter Op Slide N/A $87.45
9D3-21141 (D3-21141) Leading Screw N/A $240.27
9D3-51240 (D3-51240) Operation Panel N/A $89.28
9D3-55890 (D3-55890) MS Plate N/A $7.70
9D5-20031 (D5-20031) Pin Tractor N/A $282.62
9D5-82152 (D5-82152) DS Unit N/A $418.50
9DA-290 (DA290) Caster (BWP60/with stopper)/DC-F1 N/A $78.80
9DL-9083A (9083A) Clincher Point - Thick, Round/Deluxe 26D N/A $49.13
9D3-21240 (D3-21240) Switch Unit N/A $82.40
9D3-52230 (D3-52230) Caster T E 50-RM N/A $24.72
9D3-55911 (D3-55911) Spring T N/A $12.83
9D5-40030 (D5-40030) Stepping Motor N/A $512.73
9DA-002 (DA002) Plastic Catch N/A $10.60
9DA-291 (DA291) Caster (BWP60)/DC-F1 N/A $70.13
9DL-9086JA (9086JA) Clincher Plate (Thick)/Deluxe 26D N/A $174.10
9D3-21530 (D3-21530) Lever Unit R N/A $34.11
9D3-52240 (D3-52240) Caster T E 50-RM (S-1) N/A $33.64
9D3-55940 (D3-55940) Collar N/A $19.85
9D5-40221 (D5-40221) Gear Motor N/A $397.66
9DA-004 (DA004) Roller Catch N/A $18.43
9DA-306 (DA306) Caster/DC-745 N/A $117.59
9DL-9088 (9088) Clincher Plate Binding Bolt/Deluxe 26D N/A $15.66
9D1-S0001 (D1-S0001) Roller Assembly A-Gray NCR N/A $253.02
9D3-21540 (D3-21540) Lever Unit L N/A $34.11
9D3-54162 (D3-54162) Supporting Plate (Right) N/A $48.06
9D3-60100 (D3-60100) Nameplate (S-5210) N/A $201.39
9D5-40230 (D5-40230) Gear Motor N/A $523.27
9DA-005 (DA005) Bushing (Drg.#2 #11) N/A $7.70
9DA-307 (DA307) Caster/DC-745 N/A $159.35
9DL-9093A (9093A) Clincher Slide (Thick)/Deluxe 26D N/A $59.86
9D1-S0002 (D1-S0002) Roller Assembly B-Gray NCR N/A $264.18
9D3-31000 (D3-31000) 9/16"" Slitter(R) for 5230 N/A $1,387.71
9D3-54172 (D3-54172) Supporting Plate (Left) N/A $48.06
9D3-60110 (D3-60110) Nameplate (S-5230) N/A $201.39
9D5-40260 (D5-40260) Cutter Unit N/A $1,446.58
9DA-006 (DA006) Slide Rail N/A $57.71
9DA-309 (DA309) Damper N/A $100.06
9DL-9915 (9915) Grip Spring/Deluxe 26D N/A $10.80
9D1-S0003 (D1-S0003) Roller Assembly C-Gray NCR N/A $253.02
9D3-31110 (D3-31110) Slitter Upper Blade N/A $294.52
9D3-54310 (D3-54310) Paper Receiving Stopper Unit N/A $51.22
9D3-80060 (D3-80060) Silicon Stack N/A $71.66
9D5-40270 (D5-40270) Timing Pulley/DC-535,545 N/A $103.25
9DA-017 (DA-017) Adjuster N/A $60.70
9DB-250GLUETANK (TANK) Glue Tank Complete Assembly for DB-250 N/A $743.24
9DL-G50710 (G50710) Clincher Plate Nut/Deluxe 26D N/A $29.35
9D1-S0004 (D1-S0004) Roller Assembly D-Gray NCR N/A $249.91
9D3-31210 (D3-31210) Slitter Lower Blade N/A $253.89
9D3-55010 (D3-55010) Sprocket Unit N/A $82.38
9D3-80070 (D3-80070) Electrostatic Capacitor N/A $91.53
9D5-41032 (D5-41032) Exhaust Roll N/A $89.80
9DA-018 (DA018) Caster(E-65RH) N/A $48.06
9DD-032 (DD032) Belleville Spring/EX-2000 N/A $24.77
9D3-11011 (D3-11011) Roller/=S0001 N/A $384.43
9D3-31330 (D3-31330) Bearing (6902zz) N/A $59.59
9D3-55051 (D3-55051) Pinion Unit N/A $65.42
9D3-80080 (D3-80080) Terminal Plate Assembly N/A $83.11
9D5-51220 (D5-51220) Antistatic Brush/ DC-535 N/A $54.27
9DA-019 (DA019) Caster N/A $50.38
9DL-2601DDPHD2512 (2601DDPHD251/2) Deluxe 26/26D Stitcher Head/DBM-350 N/A $1,736.44
9D3-11040 (D3-11040) Lid N/A $13.77
9D3-32000 (D3-32000) 9/16"" Slitter(L) for 5230 N/A $1,387.71
9D3-55070 (D3-55070) Gear N/A $49.41
9D3-80090 (D3-80090) Transistor N/A $71.66
9D5-52070 (D5-52070) Stop Plate/DC-535 N/A $16.34
9DA-063 (DA063) Damper N/A $176.93
9DL-2627A (2627A) Driving Slide Assembly (26D) N/A $320.33
9D3-11060 (D3-11060) Bearing 6201ZZ N/A $28.03
9D3-33270 (D3-33270) Shaft(C/S) Discountinue per 07/31/1998 N/A $91.53
9D3-55110 (D3-55110) Chain/=AK005 N/A $30.51
9D3-80200 (D3-80200) Switch Unit N/A $219.70
9D5-52120 (D5-52120) Z Collar N/A $10.60
9DA-135 (DA135) Caster/DC-535 N/A $44.89
9DL-9002 (9002) Bonnet Clamp Block/Deluxe 26D N/A $98.50
9D3-11091 (D3-11091) Roller Assembly 2/=S0002 N/A $400.46
9D3-41160 (D3-41160) Chain N/A $35.25
9D3-55160 (D3-55160) Magnet Catch N/A $22.82
9D3-80210 (D3-80210) JAM SW Unit N/A $42.67
9D5-74210 (D5-74210) Supporting Plate N/A $13.77
9DA-137 (DA137) Forceps (Twizzer)/DC-535, 545 N/A $34.49
9DL-9003A (9003A) Bonnet Clamp Handle Assembly/Deluxe 26D N/A $75.67
9D3-11290 (D3-11290) Bearing 628 ZZ/=AA020 N/A $24.53
9D3-41170 (D3-41170) Belt N/A $32.09
9D3-55550 (D3-55550) Bolt N/A $13.77
9D3-80220 (D3-80220) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $18.29
9D5-74220 (D5-74220) Boss for V415 N/A $17.21
9DA-201 (DA201) Damper/DC-F1 N/A $57.35
9DL-9012M (9012M) Driver Bar/Deluxe 26D N/A $237.76
9E1-009 (E1009) Nipping Slide Block DB-250 N/A $70.00
9E1-15201 (E1-15201) Plate Spring N/A $32.67
9E1-21580 (E1-21580) Spring N/A $28.50
9E1-35641 (E1-35641) Shaft N/A $25.70
9E1-45563 (E1-45563) Guide Plate N/A $46.53
9E1-46860 (E1-46860) Nut DP-3150 N/A $31.66
9E1-49860 (E1-49860) Magnet N/A $43.09
9E1-74351 (E1-74351) Key Top N/A $12.29
9E1-79881 (E1-79881) Scale Label N/A $32.67
9E1-82450 (E1-82450) Inlet N/A $24.03
9E1-S0037 (E1-S0037) Guide A Unit N/A $83.27
9E1-010 (E1010) Nipping Station Timing Shaft DB-250 N/A $33.17
9E1-15214 (E1-15214) Clamp Plate Assembly N/A $158.65
9E1-21621 (E1-21621) Gear N/A $79.52
9E1-35661 (E1-35661) Shaft Unit N/A $43.09
9E1-45570 (E1-45570) Angle N/A $25.70
9E1-48322 (E1-48322) Roller for DP-3080/85/90 N/A $122.04
9E1-51561 (E1-51561) Filter Angle N/A $51.37
9E1-74362 (E1-74362) Key Top V-570,DP N/A $8.24
9E1-81020 (E1-81020) Motor N/A $608.46
9E1-82560 (E1-82560) Lamp N/A $96.66
9E1-011 (E1011) Hinge Seat DB-250 N/A $36.48
9E1-15245 (E1-15245) Lever Unit DP-3085 N/A $77.15
9E1-21631 (E1-21631) Bracket N/A $42.86
9E1-35680 (E1-35680) Roller N/A $12.29
9E1-45610 (E1-45610) Angle N/A $25.70
9E1-48340 (E1-48340) Belt N/A $96.85
9E1-53100 (E1-53100) Lever N/A $47.12
9E1-74371 (E1-74371) Key Top V-570,DP N/A $9.11
9E1-81070 (E1-81070) Power Cord DP-3070 N/A $71.75
9E1-85120 (E1-85120) AD Board DP-3050 N/A $822.18
9E1-012 (E1012) Hinge Shaft DB-250 N/A $36.48
9E1-15292 (E1-15292) Bearing Plate for DP-3080/85/90 N/A $16.34
9E1-21731 (E1-21731) Spring T N/A $29.77
9E1-35720 (E1-35720) Lock Pawl Unit N/A $53.91
9E1-45631 (E1-45631) Spring C N/A $28.62
9E1-48530 (E1-48530) Holder N/A $65.64
9E1-53210 (E1-53210) Pulley Unit N/A $25.95
9E1-74381 (E1-74381) Key Top N/A $9.11
9E1-81130 (E1-81130) Power Supply DP-3065/220V N/A $1,378.26
9E1-85280 (E1-85280) Liquid Crystal Panel DP-3085 N/A $301.32
9E1-013 (E1013) Nipping Slide Block Guide DB-250 N/A $72.70
9E1-15300 (E1-15300) Bearing Plate for DP-3080/85/90 N/A $16.34
9E1-23660 (E1-23660) Paper Separator N/A $37.61
9E1-35772 (E1-35772) Bracket N/A $60.06
9E1-45641A (E1-45641A) Spring C N/A $28.63
9E1-48715 (E1-48715) Guide Rail N/A $104.46
9E1-53520 (E1-53520) Cylinder Unit N/A $114.29
9E1-75340 (E1-75340) Pinion N/A $14.45
9E1-82050 (E1-82050) Motor N/A $247.29
9E1-86611 (E1-86611) Wiring N/A $79.58
9E1-014 (E1014) Nipping Inner Slide Block DB-250 N/A $32.94
9E1-15342 (E1-15342) Spring N/A $16.34
9E1-23780 (E1-23780) Collar N/A $20.39
9E1-35801 (E1-35801) Knob for DP-3085 N/A $40.03
9E1-45673 (E1-45673) Holder A N/A $28.92
9E1-48853 (E1-48853) Timing Pulley/Use new 9J3-F2140 N/A $117.53
9E1-53580 (E1-53580) Bracket N/A $27.74
9E1-75351 (E1-75351) Spring N/A $24.57
9E1-82060 (E1-82060) Motor N/A $364.32
9E1-86740 (E1-86740) Top/Bottom Cam Switch N/A $86.66
9E1-015 (E1015) Fixed End for Nipping Sld Blck Guide N/A $36.48
9E1-15411 (E1-15411) Outer Frame L N/A $73.51
9E1-26481 (E1-26481) Spring T N/A $28.49
9E1-35890 (E1-35890) Motor Pulley DP-3050,V-570 N/A $29.82
9E1-45681 (E1-45681) Plate Spring N/A $32.04
9E1-48881 (E1-48881) Timing Belt N/A $51.69
9E1-53670 (E1-53670) Piston Assembly DP-3090/3080/3085 N/A $87.37
9E1-75430 (E1-75430) Separator Plate/DP-3060/3090 N/A $8.24
9E1-82080 (E1-82080) Motor N/A $289.24
9E1-88451 (E1-88451) Sensor Board N/A $84.78
9E1-016 (E1016) Bearing Shaft DB-250 N/A $31.47
9E1-15420 (E1-15420) Arm N/A $33.55
9E1-27170 (E1-27170) Worm Gear N/A $106.49
9E1-41231 (E1-41231) Gear/=C9-41231 N/A $24.38
9E1-45721 (E1-45721) Collar N/A $24.57
9E1-49411 (E1-49411) Paper Receiving Tray N/A $221.99
9E1-61031 (E1-61031) Scan Feed Roller N/A $113.48
9E1-75612 (E1-75612) Separator Unit N/A $27.84
9E1-82080I02 (E1-82080-02) Elevator Motor DC-535 N/A $247.08
9E1-88501 (E1-88501) Light Receiving P.C.B. Unit N/A $86.51
9E1-017 (E1017) Nipping Station Swing Arm DB-250 N/A $46.05
9E1-15450 (E1-15450) Bar N/A $68.82
9E1-27180 (E1-27180) Worm Wheel N/A $140.40
9E1-45021 (E1-45021) Timing Pulley N/A $135.49
9E1-46060 (E1-46060) Shaft N/A $31.52
9E1-49561 (E1-49561) Rail R N/A $34.78
9E1-61071 (E1-61071) Feed Roller N/A $84.78
9E1-75681 (E1-75681) Feed Ring Assembly N/A $176.18
9E1-82130 (E1-82130) Cross Flow Fan N/A $360.64
9E1-A0020 (E1-A0020) Gear Unit N/A $45.32
9E1-018 (E1018) Bearing Shaft DB-250 N/A $25.14
9E1-16280 (E1-16280) Cam N/A $19.24
9E1-35181 (E1-35181) Guide Plate N/A $15.46
9E1-45031 (E1-45031) Timing Pulley/DP-43E/S N/A $135.49
9E1-46090 (E1-46090) Shaft N/A $25.00
9E1-49571 (E1-49571) Rail L N/A $34.78
9E1-61270 (E1-61270) Feed Roller N/A $75.40
9E1-79070 (E1-79070) Label Feed Scale N/A $48.06
9E1-82150 (E1-82150) Clutch for DP-3085 N/A $206.50
9E1-A0060 (E1-A0060) Holder Unit N/A $95.90
9E1-001 (E1001) Nipping Station Base DB-250 N/A $118.53
9E1-027 (E1027) Cover Positions Adjustment N/A $27.69
9E1-16321 (E1-16321) Sensor Plate Unit N/A $73.40
9E1-35201 (E1-35201) Reinforced Stay N/A $35.59
9E1-45080 (E1-45080) Pulley N/A $181.60
9E1-46100 (E1-46100) Spring T N/A $28.62
9E1-49580 (E1-49580) Stopper/new 9J3-J1130 N/A $10.13
9E1-63031 (E1-63031) Master Receiving Tray N/A $176.28
9E1-79220 (E1-79220) Indication Label N/A $32.67
9E1-82190 (E1-82190) End Mark Sensor N/A $83.59
9E1-A0090 (E1-A0090) Idler Unit N/A $60.06
9E1-003 (E1003) Nipping Station Swing Shaft DB-250 N/A $75.94
9E1-029 (E1029) Nipping Station Swing Shaft N/A $86.45
9E1-21300 (E1-21300) Cushion Plate N/A $6.21
9E1-35250 (E1-35250) Paddle Wheel N/A $57.11
9E1-45132 (E1-45132) Roller N/A $321.49
9E1-46201 (E1-46201) Master Feed Cover N/A $73.02
9E1-49601 (E1-49601) Guide N/A $75.94
9E1-63040 (E1-63040) Holder N/A $20.39
9E1-79241 (E1-79241) Jamming Label/English Version N/A $61.20
9E1-82210 (E1-82210) Sensor N/A $78.34
9E1-A0110 (E1-A0110) Sector Gear Assembly N/A $47.21
9E1-004 (E1004) Lifting Cam DB-250 N/A $88.34
9E1-12200 (E1-12200) Frame Shaft Assembly DP-3060/3070 N/A $308.50
9E1-21322 (E1-21322) Rail N/A $51.46
9E1-35300 (E1-35300) Spring N/A $26.93
9E1-45140 (E1-45140) Roller N/A $47.75
9E1-46303 (E1-46303) Sensor Angle/DP-3080/85/90 N/A $28.62
9E1-49630 (E1-49630) Guide N/A $27.22
9E1-63050 (E1-63050) Holder N/A $20.39
9E1-79250 (E1-79250) Drum Label N/A $16.34
9E1-82260 (E1-82260) Magnet=9YF-001 for V-130 N/A $38.42
9E1-A0180 (E1-A0180) Shaft Unit N/A $140.40
9E1-006 (E1006) Nipping Plate DB-250/=E1023 N/A $131.27
9E1-12740 (E1-12740) Saucer N/A $14.31
9E1-21330 (E1-21330) Holding Plate N/A $31.66
9E1-35370 (E1-35370) Bearing/Collar N/A $7.22
9E1-45272 (E1-45272) Gear N/A $72.43
9E1-46590 (E1-46590) Spring T N/A $20.39
9E1-49660 (E1-49660) Bracket N/A $45.70
9E1-70240 (E1-70240) Glass DP-3090/3080/3085 N/A $175.47
9E1-79260 (E1-79260) Paper Guide Label N/A $20.39
9E1-82290 (E1-82290) Lamp for DP-3050 N/A $81.61
9E1-A0320 (E1-A0320) Panel Assembly N/A $252.15
9E1-007 (E1007) Lifting Bracket DB-250 N/A $23.96
9E1-12790 (E1-12790) Plate N/A $28.63
9E1-21450 (E1-21450) Stopper N/A $27.22
9E1-35461 (E1-35461) Spring N/A $27.74
9E1-45282 (E1-45282) Gear N/A $48.96
9E1-46830 (E1-46830) Angle N/A $47.82
9E1-49670 (E1-49670) Guide Plate N/A $29.77
9E1-70840 (E1-70840) Angle N/A $13.91
9E1-79820 (E1-79820) Scale Label R N/A $26.60
9E1-82320 (E1-82320) Photo Micro Sensor N/A $31.33
9E1-A0390 (E1-A0390) Base Assembly N/A $72.43
9E1-008 (E1008) Bearing Shaft DB-250 N/A $40.12
9E1-13190 (E1-13190) Tetron Hose N/A $26.60
9E1-21531 (E1-21531) Sprocket N/A $44.19
9E1-35550 (E1-35550) Reverse Spring N/A $29.63
9E1-45330 (E1-45330) Shaft N/A $28.62
9E1-46841 (E1-46841) Angle N/A $29.20
9E1-49830 (E1-49830) Guide Plate N/A $17.55
9E1-74330 (E1-74330) Key Top N/A $8.24
9E1-79830 (E1-79830) Scale Label N/A $26.60
9E1-82410 (E1-82410) Thermal Head N/A $1,972.34
9E1-S0009 (E1-S0009) Air Pump N/A $230.20
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