9E2-000 - 9F2-23999

9E2-000 - 9F2-23999
Duplo USA part numbers 9E2-000 - 9F2-23999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Notching Station Tag
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Notching Blade/DB-250
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All Sizes of 9E2-000 - 9F2-23999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9EC-5018B (EC5018B) Clamp Plate Adjustment B/DB-280 N/A $91.12
9EC-8405 (EC8405) Wiring Hose/DB-280 N/A $74.00
9F2-10620 (F2-10620) Shaft N/A $61.40
9F2-20360 (F2-20360) Center Plate for V-740 N/A $19.95
9F2-23080 (F2-23080) Plate N/A $6.90
9EC-6001I17 (EC6001-17) Vacuum Cleaner Cover/DB-280 N/A $68.30
9EC-8415 (EC8415) Brush/DB-280 N/A $40.95
9F2-10631 (F2-10631) L-Angle N/A $34.93
9F2-21020 (F2-21020) Shaft Assembly N/A $176.63
9F2-23091 (F2-23091) Sprocket V-760 N/A $44.77
9EC-6012 (EC6012) Temp Switch Bracket/DB-280 N/A $50.44
9EC-DB280GTASSY (DB280 GLUE TANKS ASSY) Complete Glue Tank Assembly/DB-280 N/A $2,028.28
9F2-10641 (F2-10641) R-Angle N/A $34.93
9F2-21080 (F2-21080) Draw Roller/Leading Roller N/A $59.98
9F2-23121 (F2-23121) Chain Guide N/A $14.65
9EC-6020 (EC6020) Rail Bottom Cover/DB-280 N/A $521.36
9EE-003 (EE003) Plastic Screws (Sensor Clamp)/DB250 N/A $1.35
9F2-10690 (F2-10690) Plate N/A $14.70
9F2-21160 (F2-21160) Spring T N/A $18.20
9F2-23180 (F2-23180) Lid Assembly N/A $44.39
9EA-002 (EA002) O Ring/ V130 (P35-1A) N/A $16.90
9EC-6209 (EC6209) Glue Draining Tray N/A $62.87
9EF-001 (EF001) Plastic Nuts (Sensor Clamp)/DB250 N/A $0.80
9F2-11113 (F2-11113) Plate Unit N/A $89.52
9F2-21170 (F2-21170) Feeding Roller Assembly N/A $92.78
9F2-23230 (F2-23230) Guide Plate R N/A $49.75
9EA-003 (EA003) O Ring/V-570, V-580 N/A $3.35
9EC-7101IA (EC7101-A) Main Motor (M1) 4RK25GN-AM (110v) N/A $651.89
9EZ-003 (EZ003) Set of Mounting Accesories. N/A $1.75
9F2-11191 (F2-11191) IR Angle/V760/740 N/A $9.85
9F2-22041 (F2-22041) Plate N/A $143.04
9F2-23240 (F2-23240) Guide Plate L N/A $49.75
9EA-007 (EA007) O Ring/DP-63P N/A $3.75
9EC-7102IA (EC7102-A) Nipping Station Motor (M2) w/Break N/A $760.53
9F2-10071 (F2-10071) Plastic Gear N/A $22.65
9F2-11250 (F2-11250) Sponge N/A $3.60
9F2-22060 (F2-22060) Shaft N/A $45.68
9F2-23270 (F2-23270) Center Plate N/A $18.17
9EA-008 (EA008) O Ring (P-50) N/A $9.05
9EC-7103 (EC7103) Motor 51K90A-AW-E3/DB-280 N/A $876.47
9F2-10200 (F2-10200) Gear for F2-S0004 N/A $30.03
9F2-20020 (F2-20020) Lower Guide L N/A $49.75
9F2-22090 (F2-22090) Spring C N/A $18.95
9F2-23300 (F2-23300) Nut R N/A $33.90
9EB-001 (EB001) Oil Seal N/A $30.31
9EC-7103IA (EC7103-A) Nipping Motor (M4) 51K90A-AF (110v) N/A $416.48
9F2-10250 (F2-10250) Lever Unit (L) N/A $38.52
9F2-20030 (F2-20030) Lower Guide R N/A $49.75
9F2-22160 (F2-22160) Upper Guide N/A $9.05
9F2-23310 (F2-23310) Nut L N/A $33.90
9EC-1023 (EC1023) Nipping Plate/DB-280 N/A $111.58
9EC-7104 (EC7104) Clamp M6 Motor/DB-280 N/A $537.79
9F2-10260 (F2-10260) Lever Unit (R) N/A $38.52
9F2-20040 (F2-20040) Upper Guide L N/A $23.75
9F2-22200 (F2-22201) Safety Cover N/A $149.16
9F2-23540 (F2-23540) Lead Screw N/A $169.04
9EC-1033 (EC1033) Tape Mode Block w/Screws, DB-280 N/A $44.34
9EC-7104G (EC7104-G) Gear Box/DB-280 N/A $258.95
9F2-10370 (F2-10370) Shaft N/A $21.39
9F2-20050 (F2-20050) Upper Guide R N/A $23.75
9F2-22211 (F2-22211) Stay N/A $59.38
9EC-1034 (EC1034) Ruler Adjust Base/DB-280 (HP) N/A $29.93
9EC-7104IA (EC7104-A) Clamp M6 Motor (3RK15GN-A)/DB-280 N/A $307.84
9F2-10380 (F2-10380) Spring T N/A $10.80
9F2-20060 (F2-20060) Center Guide N/A $15.85
9F2-22221 (F2-22221) Supporting Plate N/A $38.22
9EC-5006 (EC5006) Clamp Left Worm + Seat + Bearing N/A $136.58
9EC-7306 (EC7306-1) Digital Thermostat/DB-280 N/A $248.52
9F2-10461 (F2-10461) Shaft N/A $30.35
9F2-20260 (F2-20260) Feeding Guide L N/A $19.20
9F2-22230 (F2-22230) Z Collar N/A $6.85
9EC-5007 (EC5007) Clamp Right Worm + Seat + Bearing N/A $136.58
9EC-7317 (EC7317) Glue Tank Temp Safety Sensor/DB-280 Only! N/A $35.79
9F2-10500 (F2-10500) Eccentric Shaft/K9-10500 N/A $32.13
9F2-20270 (F2-20270) Feeding Guide R N/A $50.13
9F2-22240 (F2-22240) Shaft N/A $13.65
9EC-5013 (EC5013) Casing Unit Assy/DB-280 N/A $159.30
9EC-7319 (EC7319) Digital Thermostat SSR Relay/DB-280 N/A $71.70
9F2-10510 (F2-10510) Rubber Bearing N/A $36.87
9F2-20292 (F2-20292) Z Collar N/A $5.70
9F2-22270 (F2-22270) IL Angle N/A $7.85
9EC-5018A (EC5018A) Clamp Plate Adjustment A/DB-280 N/A $102.46
9EC-8301 (EC8301) Control Panel Tag/DB-280 N/A $54.08
9F2-10591 (F2-10591) Burst Roll A N/A $74.58
9F2-20300 (F2-20300) Plate N/A $6.95
9F2-23020 (F2-23021) Housing Assembly N/A $194.38
9E2-001 (E2001) Glue Tank Body DB-250 N/A $241.17
9E2-003 (E2003) Glue Wheel Shaft DB-250 N/A $54.90
9E2-004 (E2004) Glue Scraper Shaft DB-250 N/A $57.20
9E2-005 (E2005) Glue Drum Bearing Shaft DB-250 N/A $47.88
9E2-006 (E2006) Glue Tank Shaft Unit DB-250 N/A $40.68
9E2-007 (E2007) Glue Draining Plug for DB-250 Only N/A $47.58
9E2-008 (E2008) Glue Adjustment Guide N/A $17.30
9E2-010I1 (E2010-1) Glue Meter Shaft (New) N/A $35.94
9E3-10031 (E3-10031) Roll Unit S-675V (Table Top Decolator) N/A $61.54
9E3-10090 (E3-10090) Pressure Unit N/A $32.41
9E3-10261 (E3-10261) Spring C N/A $17.30
9E3-11080 (E3-11080) Gear Motor N/A $214.38
9E3-11110 (E3-11110) Timing Belt N/A $46.64
9E3-11212 (E3-11212) Cover (Right) N/A $51.98
9E3-11260 (E3-11260) Paper Receiving Rack N/A $36.40
9E3-11381 (E3-11381) Stand Panel N/A $28.28
9E3-003 (E3003) Notching Drum DB-250 N/A $72.18
9E3-60052 (E3-60052) Serial Label (MBM) N/A $17.65
9E3-004 (E3004) Notching Roller/Modif.E3004S N/A $18.62
9E3-60190 (E3-60190) Model Label (MBM) N/A $37.23
9E3-004S (E3004S) Notching Roller/Use= 9E3-004 N/A $24.20
9E3-80050 (E3-80050) Switch N/A $41.64
9E3-005 (E3005) Notching Position Spacer DB-250 N/A $20.51
9E3-80131 (E3-80131) Transformer N/A $62.35
9E3-006 (E3006) Notching Position Arm Screw DB-250 N/A $47.85
9E3-80160 (E3-80160) Fuse Holder N/A $17.30
9E3-007 (E3007) Notching Station Body DB-250 N/A $118.08
9E3-80170 (E3-80170) Fuse N/A $5.70
9E3-008 (E3008) Notching Roller Shaft N/A $29.16
9E3-80271 (E3-80271) Electric Wire Unit N/A $34.68
9E3-009 (E3009) Notching Position Arm with Copper loop X2 N/A $91.12
9E3-81011 (E3-81011) Printed Circuit Unit N/A $106.30
9E4-001 (E4001) Driving Shaft Srew DB-250 N/A $17.71
9E4-002 (E4002) Driving Shaft Slide Seat DB-250 N/A $43.08
9E4-003 (E4003) Driving Shaft DB-250 N/A $155.74
9E4-004 (E4004) Sprocket Shaft 1 DB-250 N/A $196.84
9E4-005 (E4005) Compartment Pillar DB-250 N/A $54.89
9E4-006 (E4006) Chain Adjustment DB-250 N/A $56.63
9E5-41300 (E5-41300) Collar N/A $3.20
9E5-51340 (E5-51340) Brush/EX-2000 N/A $23.31
9E5-001 (E5001) Clamp Worn Base DB-250 N/A $171.32
9E5-002 (E5002) Clamp Transmission Shaft DB-250 N/A $113.84
9E5-003 (E5003) Clamp Drum Seat DB-250 N/A $57.85
9E5-004 (E5004) Clamp Driving Connector DB-250 N/A $61.49
9E5-005 (E5005) Clamp Right Worm N/A $113.84
9E5-008 (E5008) Clamp Worm Support DB-250 N/A $43.08
9E5-009 (E5009) Clamp Left-Right Worm Assy/DB-250/280 N/A $215.13
9E5-010 (E5010) Clamp Worm Seat DB-250 N/A $52.55
9E5-011 (E5011) Clamp Worm Support DB-250 N/A $27.93
9E5-21270 (E5-21270) Paper Separator Unit (Thin Paper) N/A $22.60
9E6-016 (E6016) PCB CPU Cover DB-250 N/A $62.28
9E6-201 (E6201) Glue Tank Top Cover DB-250 N/A $95.76
9E6-502 (E6502) Clamp Station Cover N/A $65.25
9E6-017 (E6017) Cover Sheet Holder DB-250 N/A $79.80
9E6-202 (E6202) Glue Scraper Plate DB-250 N/A $64.92
9E6-512 (E6512) Clamp Station Body DB-250 N/A $231.89
9E6-002 (E6002) Front Guide DB-250 N/A $72.54
9E6-018 (E6018) Control Panel Hanger DB-250 N/A $33.53
9E6-203 (E6203) Glue Heater Cover DB-250 N/A $55.20
9E6-513A (E6513A) Clamp Adjustment DB-250 N/A $66.40
9E6-003 (E6003) Rear Guide DB-250 N/A $87.06
9E6-019 (E6019) Front Guide/DB-250 N/A $87.06
9E6-209 (E6209) Glue Draining Tray N/A $62.87
9E6-513B (E6513B) Clamp Adjustment DB-250 N/A $66.40
9E6-004 (E6004) PCB Box Bracket DB-250 N/A $60.39
9E6-020 (E6020) Rear Guide N/A $104.48
9E6-30030 (E6-30030) Timing Pulley for V-570 N/A $27.72
9E6-514A (E6514A) Clamp Cover DB-250 N/A $66.42
9E6-005 (E6005) Control Panel Bracket DB-250 N/A $61.49
9E6-023 (E6023) Front Guide Cover/DB-250 N/A $61.88
9E6-30080 (E6-30080) Pulley for V-570 N/A $30.35
9E6-514B (E6514B) Clamp Cover DB-250 N/A $60.39
9E6-006A (E6006A) Front Cover DB-250/Old p/n=E6021 N/A $51.20
9E6-024 (E6024) Notching Bottom Cover N/A $63.38
9E6-302A (E6302A) Notching Cover DB-250 N/A $71.14
9E6-515A (E6515A) Clamp DB-250 N/A $73.96
9E6-007 (E6007) Rear Cover DB-250 N/A $53.83
9E6-025 (E6025) Control Panel Cover (TEXTURED) N/A $208.22
9E6-302B (E6302B) Notching Cover DB-250 N/A $71.14
9E6-515B (E6515B) Clamp DB-250 N/A $73.96
9E6-008 (E6008) Control Panel Cover DB-250 (SMOOTH) N/A $115.44
9E6-102 (E6102) Cover Center Mark DB-250 N/A $29.82
9E6-303 (E6303) Notching Position Connector DB-250 N/A $57.85
9E6-516A (E6516A) Clamp Beam Block Plate DB-250 N/A $38.15
9E6-009 (E6009) Front Guide Cover DB-250 N/A $44.55
9E6-103 (E6103) Cover Ruler Seat DB-250 N/A $22.02
9E6-304A (E6304A) Notching Cover DB-250 (Textured) N/A $73.96
9E6-516B (E6516B) Clamp Beam Block Plate DB-250 N/A $38.15
9E6-010 (E6010) Rear Guide Cover DB-250 N/A $45.72
9E6-104 (E6104) Nipping Sensor Seat DB-250 N/A $50.49
9E6-304B (E6304B) Notching Cover DB-250 (Textured) N/A $73.96
9E6-517 (E6517) Clamp Wire Hose Blocking Plate/DB-250 N/A $52.55
9E6-011 (E6011) PCB Box Base DB-250 N/A $79.28
9E6-105 (E6105) Nipping Table Front Cover DB-250 N/A $55.20
9E6-4 (E-64) E-Ring/E-64 N/A $1.60
9E6-518 (E6518) Clamp Station Wire DB-250 N/A $44.70
9E6-012 (E6012) Temperature Switch Bracket DB-250 N/A $47.88
9E6-10520 (E6-10520) Brush N/A $34.55
9E6-401 (E6401) Notching Station Cover DB-250 N/A $88.84
9E6-013 (E6013) Glue Tank Base Cover DB-250 N/A $34.69
9E6-106 (E6106) Nipping Spring Bracket 1 DB-250 N/A $23.66
9E6-402 (E6402) Notching Station Bracket DB-250 N/A $34.08
9E6-014 (E6014) Capacitor Base DB-250 N/A $53.83
9E6-107 (E6107) Nipping Spring Bracket 2 DB-250 N/A $26.04
9E6-403 (E6403) Glue Tank Bracket DB-250 N/A $48.29
9E6-015 (E6015) PCB SSR Cover DB-250 N/A $62.28
9E6-108 (E6108) Nipping Table Rear Cover DB-250 N/A $55.20
9E6-404 (E6404) Photo Switch Bracket DB-250 N/A $37.50
9E7-102I110V (E7102/110V) Nipping Station Motor (w/Break) DB-250 N/A $1,061.50
9E7-204IA (E7204-A) TG200D2 Fuse PCB/220V N/A $109.08
9E7-310 (E7310) Safety Switch N/A $53.85
9E7-102I220V (E7102/220V) Nipping Station Motor (E7102-A) N/A $964.99
9E7-205 (E7205) Photo Switch (LS1=LS3=LS4) N/A $29.82
9E7-3101 (E7310-1) Safety Switch Cover N/A $21.40
9E7-102IG (E7102-G) Gear Box N/A $418.01
9E7-205A (E7205A) Limit Photo Switch (LS2) N/A $31.33
9E7-313 (E7313) Emission Suppressor 2 (Control Panel Cable) N/A $5.80
9E7-103I110V (E7103/110V) Notching Motor DB-250 N/A $548.35
9E7-206 (E7206C + E7206D) Clamp Photo Switch (sold as a set) N/A $46.81
9E7-314 (E7314) Emission Suppressor 1 CTRC-2629 N/A $21.95
9E7-103I220V (E7103/220V) Notching Motor DB-250 (E7103-A) N/A $548.35
9E7-207 (E7207) Cover Photo Switch DB-250 N/A $51.20
9E7-315 (E7315) Power Cord Fastener N/A $12.10
9E7-104I110V (E7104/110V) Clamp Motor DB-250 N/A $420.35
9E7-301 (E7301) Switch Power N/A $249.06
9E7-316 (E7316) VR Nipping Pressure Control N/A $34.32
9E7-104I220V (E7104/220V) Clamp Motor DB-250 (E7104-A) N/A $420.35
9E7-302 (E7302) Emergency Switch N/A $37.56
9E7-317 (E7317) Glue Tank Temp Safety Sensor/DB-250 Only! N/A $38.15
9E7-104IG (E7104-G) Gear Box N/A $256.97
9E7-303 (E7303) Main Power Switch N/A $29.82
9E7-401M (E7401M) Clamp Motor Power Connector M,DB-250 N/A $22.58
9E7-201 (E7201) TG-200 CPU (3.63)/DB-250 N/A $587.60
9E7-304 (E7304) Main Power Cord N/A $34.44
9E7-401W (E7401W) Clamp Motor Power Connector F,DB-250 N/A $20.51
9E7-201I1 (E7201-1) TG-200 CPU (3.66)/DB-280 N/A $598.83
9E7-304IA (E7304-A) Power Cord Unit/220V N/A $34.44
9E7-402M (E7402M) Main Motor Power Connector/Male DB-250 N/A $22.33
9E7-201I2 (E7201-2) TG-200 CPU A Board w/LS5 (V-3.69C)/DB-280 N/A $587.60
9E7-305 (E7305) Glue Tank Heater DB-250 110V/700W N/A $156.96
9E7-402W (E7402W) Main Motor Power Connector/Female DB-250 N/A $22.33
9E7-202 (E7202) TG-200 Panel N/A $191.22
9E7-305I220V (E7305-220V) Glue Tank Heater 220V/800W (E7305-A) N/A $156.96
9E7-612 (E7612) Connecting Wire/ N/A $35.52
9E7-203I1 (E7203-1) TG-200 Relay Board (SSR) for DB-250 ONLY! N/A $617.72
9E7-306 (E7306) Temperature Probe(Temp 1)/DB-250/280 N/A $107.38
9E7-101I110V (E7101/110V) Main Motor DB-250 N/A $1,079.02
9E7-203IA (E7203-A) TG-200 Relay Board for DB-280 ONLY! N/A $832.97
9E7-307 (E7307) Temperature Switch(Temp 2)/DB-250, DB-280 N/A $29.33
9E7-101I220V (E7101/220V) Main Motor DB-250 (E7101-A) N/A $1,132.97
9E7-203IC (E7203-C) TG-200 Relay Board (220v)! N/A $677.25
9E7-308 (E7308) Ribbon Cable N/A $17.30
9E7-101IG (E7101-G) Gear Box DB-250 N/A $281.16
9E7-204 (E7204) TG-200 Fuse PCB N/A $109.08
9E7-309 (E7309) Ribbon Cable N/A $25.38
9E7-102 (E7102 (5TK20GN-AW2U)) Old Nipping Motor (w/out Break) DB-250 N/A $1,003.92
9E8-105 (E8105) Glue Drum Bearing/SEE= 9G4-004 N/A $86.20
9E8-308 (E8308) Clamps/Labels N/A $5.00
9E8-106 (E8106) Driving Shaft Slide Bearing N/A $79.80
9E8-309 (E8309) Nipping Station/Labels N/A $5.00
9E8-107 (E8107 (608ZZ)) Nipping Stop Bearing DB-250 N/A $22.60
9E8-310 (E8310) Fuse/Labels N/A $5.00
9E8-108 (E8108) Nipping Slide Block Bearing N/A $47.10
9E8-311 (E8311) Clamp Station/Labels N/A $5.00
9E8-201 (E8201) Nipping Plate Spring DB-250 N/A $13.30
9E8-312 (E8312) Electric Hazard/Labels N/A $5.00
9E8-202 (E8202) Rule Seat Spring N/A $18.62
9E8-313 (E8313) Ground Label N/A $4.00
9E8-203 (E8203) Position Connector Spring DB-250 N/A $17.30
9E8-315 (E8315) PE Label N/A $4.00
9E8-204 (E8204) Glue Meter Spring N/A $12.00
9E8-317 (E8317) Labels N/A $4.00
9E8-206 (E8206) Bumper Spring N/A $20.00
9E8-325 (E8325) ETL Label N/A $4.00
9E8-208 (E8208) SP204 Glue Tank Spring/DB-280 N/A $14.25
9E8-401 (E8401) Machine Leg DB-250 N/A $17.30
9E8-209 (E8209) Spring SP203 N/A $18.75
9E8-402 (E8402) Cover Ruler N/A $56.93
9E8-301 (E8301) Control Panel Tag N/A $53.75
9E8-403 (E8403) Notching Blade/DB-250 N/A $87.80
9E8-101 (E8101 (6000ZZ)) 6000ZZ Bearing DB-250 N/A $17.71
9E8-302 (E8302) Glue Tank Tag N/A $4.00
9E8-404 (E8404) Glue Adjustment Knob N/A $13.20
9E8-102 (E8102) Bearing for Nipping Station Shaft N/A $5.30
9E8-303 (E8303) Notching Station Tag N/A $4.00
9E8-405 (E8405) Wiring Hose Assy (Wires+Connectors) N/A $70.22
9E8-103 (E8103) Bearing for Nipping Hinge Shaft N/A $5.30
9E8-304 (E8304) Clamp Table Rule N/A $18.60
9E8-409I1 (E8409-1) Adjustment Knob + Screw/DB-280 (HP) N/A $11.40
9E8-104 (E8104) Glue Drum Bearing N/A $20.00
9E8-305 (E8305) Glue Level Indicator N/A $12.00
9E8-410 (E8410) Casing Unit for Knob/DB-280 N/A $11.45
9E9-001 (E9001) Sprocket Gear 1 N/A $39.12
9E9-002 (E9002) Nipping Gear 1 N/A $79.80
9E9-003 (E9003) Clamp transmission Gear 1 N/A $48.29
9E9-004 (E9004) Nipping Gear 2-M1-30T-D12 N/A $52.70
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