9F2-30000 - 9F4-55999

9F2-30000 - 9F4-55999
Duplo USA part numbers 9F2-30000 - 9F4-55999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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DC Gear Motor
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All Sizes of 9F2-30000 - 9F4-55999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9F2-30260 (F2-30260) Knob N/A $16.07
9F2-40320 (F2-40320) Upper S Shaft N/A $76.28
9F2-50130 (F2-50130) Rubber Magnet N/A $48.91
9F2-50571 (F2-50571) Jam Lever N/A $20.05
9F2-60030 (F2-60030) Label Control Panel B N/A $106.79
9F2-71031 (F2-71031) Belt (1060mm)/V-767 N/A $117.26
9F2-71880 (F2-71880) Collar N/A $10.60
9F2-72641 (F2-72641) Center Plate N/A $82.62
9F2-74420 (F2-74420) Plate Unit L N/A $45.77
9F2-75571 (F2-75572) Cable for V-760 N/A $177.15
9F2-82120 (F2-82120) Bundled Cable Unit A N/A $46.93
9F2-S0025 (F2-S0025) Feeding Guide R Assy N/A $50.23
9F4-20180 (F4-20180) Roller N/A $34.11
9F4-30111 (F4-30111) Frame Assembly (L) N/A $63.79
9F4-30340 (F4-30340) Shaft N/A $64.68
9F4-40193 (F4-40193) Shaft N/A $51.31
9F4-40441 (F4-40441) Cover Left Unit N/A $154.74
9F4-55360 (F4-55360) Spring C N/A $13.77
9F2-30310 (F2-30310) Lever Assembly L N/A $41.39
9F2-40350 (F2-40350) Motor Pulley Unit V-760 N/A $139.35
9F2-50181 (F2-50181) Rubber magnet N/A $36.34
9F2-50600 (F2-50600) Electrostatic Eliminating N/A $51.31
9F2-60050 (F2-60050) Label Control Panel C N/A $106.79
9F2-71050 (F2-71050) Belt for V-740 (1110mm)/V-740,760 N/A $154.74
9F2-71891 (F2-71891) Plate N/A $28.88
9F2-73050 (F2-73050) Shaft N/A $61.03
9F2-74440 (F2-74440) Spring N/A $86.12
9F2-75700 (F2-75700) Joint Cable N/A $55.40
9F2-82130 (F2-82130) Bundled Cable Unit B N/A $75.47
9F2-V3020 Main Pcb Unit B N/A $1,325.62
9F4-20211 (F4-20211) Spring C. N/A $9.25
9F4-30150 (F4-30150) Bush N/A $26.66
9F4-30360 (F4-30360) Support N/A $25.11
9F4-40200 (F4-40200) Mogol N/A $71.75
9F4-40480 (F4-40480) Angle N/A $19.85
9F4-55430 (F4-55430) Plate Unit N/A $46.31
9F2-30320 (F2-30320) Lever Assembly R N/A $41.39
9F2-40421 (F2-40421) Exhaust Paper Roll Unit N/A $85.56
9F2-50190 (F2-50190) Rear Plate N/A $69.39
9F2-50611 (F2-50611) Cover L (F2-S0028) N/A $270.74
9F2-60060 (F2-60060) Label Control Panel D N/A $106.79
9F2-71060 (F2-71060) Belt (1130mm)/V-707 N/A $160.57
9F2-71911 (F2-71911) Guide Plate N/A $24.37
9F2-73080 (F2-73080) Main Body V-707 Stacker N/A $241.73
9F2-74500 (F2-74500) Base Unit N/A $358.82
9F2-80110 (F2-80110) Power Switch N/A $50.34
9F2-82141 (F2-82141) Bundled Cable Unit C N/A $19.85
9F4-10020 (F4-10020) Upper Roller Assembly A N/A $349.20
9F4-20220 (F4-20220) Shaft N/A $15.32
9F4-30162 (F4-30162) Guide (R) N/A $27.20
9F4-35010 (CNT-02) Center Slitter for V-350/=CNT-02 N/A $779.63
9F4-40241 (F4-40241) Arm N/A $9.72
9F4-40630 (F4-40630) Pulley Unit N/A $68.55
9F4-55450 (F4-55450) Lumirror N/A $29.16
9F2-31030 (F2-31030) Boss N/A $32.09
9F2-40450 (F2-40450) Round Belt V-700s/=9AL-010 N/A $69.54
9F2-50220 (F2-50220) Dumper N/A $78.92
9F2-50621 (F2-50621) Cover R (F2-S0027) N/A $270.74
9F2-60100 (F2-60100) Label N/A $36.34
9F2-71074 (F2-71074) Base Unit N/A $261.60
9F2-72150 (F2-72150) Rubber Band Assy N/A $82.89
9F2-73200 (F2-73200) Receiving Plate Assembly N/A $91.53
9F2-74600 (F2-74600) Arm Unit N/A $67.91
9F2-80150 (F2-80150 (UA003)) Switching Power Supply/=9UA-003 N/A $831.94
9F2-82151 (F2-82152) Bundled Cable Unit D N/A $80.16
9F4-10030 (F4-10030) Upper Roller Assembly B N/A $332.57
9F4-20250 (F4-20250) Belt N/A $53.10
9F4-30172 (F4-30172) Guide (L) N/A $27.20
9F4-35030 (F4-35030) Upper Blade Assembly N/A $212.33
9F4-40260 (F4-40260) Spring To N/A $24.15
9F4-40700 (F4-40700) Turn Roller Assembly N/A $61.32
9F4-55500 (F4-55500) Shaft Unit N/A $55.28
9F2-31050 (F2-31050) Bearing Assembly N/A $45.77
9F2-40490 (F2-40490) Roller N/A $25.47
9F2-50230 (F2-50230) Support N/A $70.92
9F2-50760 (F2-50760) Garbage Box N/A $322.37
9F2-60120 (F2-60120) Label Model 6 N/A $38.14
9F2-71114 (F2-71114) Press Upper Bar Unit N/A $146.99
9F2-72210 (F2-72210) Vertical Plate N/A $62.29
9F2-73210 (F2-73210) Receiving Plate Assembly (R) N/A $109.86
9F2-74610 (F2-74610) Arm Unit L N/A $67.91
9F2-80191 (F2-80191) Rotary Solenoid N/A $882.78
9F2-82161 (F2-82161) Bundled Cable Unit E N/A $26.70
9F4-10040 (F4-10040) Lower Roller Assembly A N/A $433.85
9F4-20270 (F4-20270) Press Guide N/A $9.25
9F4-30181 (F4-30181) Spring T N/A $9.25
9F4-35070 (F4-35070) Upper Blade Frame Assembly N/A $34.11
9F4-40280 (F4-40280) Stopper N/A $11.27
9F4-40761 (F4-40761) Assorting Plate N/A $77.87
9F4-55540 (F4-55540) Bracket Unit N/A $51.60
9F2-31100 (F2-31100) Blade Boss N/A $54.96
9F2-40500 (F2-40500) Z Bearing N/A $14.31
9F2-50271 (F2-50271) Upper Lid N/A $104.71
9F2-51020 (F2-51020) Control Plate Assembly N/A $103.73
9F2-60160 (F2-60160) Data Plate N/A $22.82
9F2-71150 (F2-71150) Knob N/A $34.87
9F2-72260 (F2-72260) Gear N/A $70.81
9F2-73220 (F2-73220) Receiving Plate Assembly (L) N/A $109.86
9F2-74660 (F2-74660) Roller/V-707 N/A $65.34
9F2-80200 (F2-80200) DC Motor V-170 N/A $731.78
9F2-90090 (F2-90090) Sensor Plate N/A $60.47
9F4-10050 (F4-10050) Lower Roller Assembly B N/A $376.64
9F4-20301 (F4-20301) Roller Unit N/A $69.73
9F4-30191 (F4-30191) Cover Assembly (R) N/A $34.87
9F4-35140 (F4-35140) Support N/A $14.78
9F4-40290 (F4-40290) Angle N/A $7.70
9F4-50270 Caster N/A $62.71
9F4-55550 (F4-55550) Bracket N/A $33.01
9F2-31130 (F2-31130) Shaft N/A $22.82
9F2-40520 (F2-40520) Shaft N/A $30.96
9F2-50300 (F2-50300) Damper N/A $24.53
9F2-51170 (F2-51170) Cap N/A $11.48
9F2-60190 (F2-60190) Sign Plate N/A $88.43
9F2-71202 (F2-71202) Arm N/A $32.09
9F2-72280 (F2-72280) Stacker Accessory Plate N/A $49.95
9F2-73250 (F2-73250) Stopper/V-707 N/A $68.11
9F2-74670 (F2-74670) Knob Screw N/A $28.50
9F2-80210 (F2-80210) DC Gear Motor N/A $207.44
9F2-90100 (F2-90100) Photo Sensor Unit N/A $886.37
9F4-10080 (F4-10080) Gear /same as F4-10081 N/A $29.63
9F4-20311 (F4-20311) Spring C N/A $10.60
9F4-30201 (F4-30201) Cover Assembly (L) N/A $28.88
9F4-35250 (F4-35250) Lower Blade Assembly N/A $176.93
9F4-40300 (F4-40300) Switch Lever N/A $4.19
9F4-53110 (F4-53110) Fit Plate N/A $18.29
9F4-55590 (F4-55590) Shaft N/A $30.58
9F2-31170 (F2-31170) Collar N/A $10.60
9F2-40542 (F2-40542) Counter Pulley Complete Assembly N/A $124.98
9F2-50331 (F2-50331) Electrostatic Eliminating Upper N/A $49.14
9F2-51180 (F2-51180) Knob N/A $26.84
9F2-60320 (F2-60320) Scale Label (R) N/A $30.33
9F2-71210 (F2-71210) Shaft N/A $19.85
9F2-72310 (F2-72310) Rubber Roll Unit N/A $50.80
9F2-73330 (F2-73330) Knob Screw/V-707 N/A $39.27
9F2-74682 (F2-74682) Connecting Plate V-707 N/A $40.59
9F2-80230 (F2-80230) DC Motor N/A $1,218.55
9F2-91020 (F2-91020) Electrostatic Eliminating Assembly N/A $480.56
9F4-10160 (F4-10160) Bracket N/A $27.78
9F4-20330 (F4-20330) Free Roller N/A $50.46
9F4-30230 (F4-30230) Eccentric Nut N/A $25.58
9F4-40052 (F4-40052) Frame N/A $149.50
9F4-40310 (F4-40310) Switch Angle N/A $5.40
9F4-53120 (F4-53120) Slide Plate N/A $27.20
9F4-55640 (F4-55640) Pulley Unit N/A $60.44
9F2-31260 (F2-31260) Shaft N/A $18.29
9F2-40600 (F2-40600) Pulley N/A $48.91
9F2-50390 (F2-50390) Center Guide N/A $83.62
9F2-52011 (F2-52011) Stacker Assy Plate UN N/A $48.28
9F2-60331 (F2-60331) Scale Label (L) N/A $30.33
9F2-71234 (F2-71234) Shaft N/A $59.45
9F2-72420 (F2-72420) Guide Left N/A $82.89
9F2-73430 (F2-73430) Pipe Unit/V-707 N/A $502.05
9F2-74730 (F2-74730) Scale Label V-707 N/A $50.23
9F2-80250 (F2-80250) Bush/=9XA-001 N/A $3.65
9F2-91040 (F2-91040) Trans N/A $1,121.30
9F4-10261 (F4-10261) Exit Guide N/A $7.70
9F4-20340 (F4-20340) Shaft N/A $15.32
9F4-30240 (F4-30240) Spring C N/A $9.25
9F4-40110 (F4-40110) Lumirror N/A $33.01
9F4-40322 (F4-40322) Exit Plate N/A $67.16
9F4-53130 (F4-53130) Collar N/A $7.70
9F2-31310 (F2-31310) Knob Screw N/A $46.70
9F2-40661 (F2-40661) Rubber Roll N/A $83.08
9F2-50470 (F2-50470) Electrostatic Eliminating Brush N/A $1.89
9F2-52131 (F2-52131) Angle R N/A $18.29
9F2-60380 (F2-60380) Warning Label N/A $44.85
9F2-71241 (F2-71241) Arm N/A $32.13
9F2-72430 (F2-72430) Guide Right N/A $82.89
9F2-73560 (F2-73560) Roller Upper Plate/V-707 N/A $67.61
9F2-74750 (F2-74750) Plate Unit R V-707 N/A $45.77
9F2-80280 (F2-80280) Rotary Solenoid N/A $1,233.41
9F2-S0002 (F2-S0002) Roll Assembly 1 N/A $602.84
9F4-10300 (F4-10300) Burst Roller N/A $31.39
9F4-20351 (F4-20351) Holder Unit N/A $33.62
9F4-30262 (F4-30262) Stopper (R) N/A $28.89
9F4-40120 (F4-40120) Nut Plate N/A $12.22
9F4-40330 (F4-40330) Angle N/A $12.22
9F4-53220 (F4-53220) Scale Plate N/A $42.67
9F2-30010 (F2-30010) Boss A Unit N/A $76.18
9F2-31320 (F2-31320) Ring N/A $25.80
9F2-40750 (F2-40750) Shaft N/A $60.84
9F2-50480 (F2-50480) Electrostatic Eliminating Brush N/A $14.78
9F2-52141 (F2-52141) Angle L N/A $18.29
9F2-70022 (F2-70022) Paper Receiving Plate N/A $100.09
9F2-71250 (F2-71250) O Ring/=EA006 N/A $4.52
9F2-72520 (F2-72520) Guide L N/A $68.62
9F2-73670 (F2-73670) Plate N/A $50.33
9F2-74760 (F2-74760) Plate Unit L V-707 N/A $45.77
9F2-80290 (F2-80290) DC Motor N/A $636.36
9F2-S0003 (F2-S0003) Roll Assembly 2 N/A $483.56
9F4-20051 (F4-20051) Guide Right N/A $33.62
9F4-30001L (80C-10914) Whole Slitter Assy (L) V-350/SLT-05 N/A $894.19
9F4-30272 (F4-30272) Stopper (L) N/A $28.89
9F4-40130 (F4-40130) Electrostatic Eliminating Brush N/A $6.08
9F4-40340 (F4-40340) Angle Shaft/ Old Style N/A $43.90
9F4-55030 (F4-55030) Middle Gear N/A $28.55
9F2-30081 (F2-30081) Boss B Unit N/A $86.12
9F2-33360 (F2-33360) Shaft N/A $109.86
9F2-40760 (F2-40760) Roller N/A $49.48
9F2-50491 (F2-50491) Switch Angle N/A $12.22
9F2-52151 (F2-52151) Slide Plate N/A $86.51
9F2-70221 (F2-70221) Paper Receiving Stopper N/A $51.22
9F2-71283 (F2-71283) Shaft N/A $49.77
9F2-72530 (F2-72530) Guide R N/A $68.62
9F2-73680 (F2-73680) Collar N/A $12.22
9F2-75070 (F2-75070) PCB Assembly V-707 N/A $381.15
9F2-81011 (F2-81011 (F2-V3010)) Main P.C.B for V-740/= F2-V3010 N/A $1,356.76
9F2-S0004 (F2-S0004) Roll Assembly 3 N/A $519.28
9F4-20061 (F4-20061) Guide Left N/A $33.62
9F4-30002R (80C-10915) Whole Slitter Assy (R) V-350/SLT-06 N/A $894.19
9F4-30280 (F4-30280) Guide Plate N/A $13.77
9F4-40140 (F4-40140) Electrostatic Eliminating Brush N/A $27.78
9F4-40350 (F4-40350) Jam Lever/ Old Style N/A $17.42
9F4-55250 (F4-55250) Gear N/A $15.32
9F2-30110 (F2-30110) Screw N/A $23.83
9F2-33370 (F2-33370) Burst Roll B N/A $100.68
9F2-50025 (F2-50025) Frame L N/A $237.60
9F2-50500 (F2-50500) Angle N/A $16.74
9F2-52160 (F2-52160) Rubber Plate N/A $15.32
9F2-70230 (F2-70230) Rubber Magnet N/A $59.93
9F2-71390 (F2-71390) Plate N/A $29.86
9F2-72570 (F2-72570 w/F2-72590) Guide Plate R N/A $81.58
9F2-73690 (F2-73690) Spring N/A $119.39
9F2-75150 (F2-75150) Bundle Cable Unit for V-707 N/A $33.55
9F2-81100 (F2-81100) Control P.W.B. Unit N/A $361.06
9F2-S0011 (F2-S0011) Rotary Solenoid Unit N/A $756.31
9F4-20070 (F4-20070) Receiving Guide N/A $24.37
9F4-30020 (F4-30020) Upper Blade Assembly N/A $187.92
9F4-30291 (F4-30291) Tongue (R) N/A $22.82
9F4-40151 (F4-40151) Angle N/A $33.62
9F4-40361 (F4-40361) Seesaw Plate/ Old Style N/A $15.66
9F4-55300 (F4-55300) Belt N/A $82.38
9F2-30160 (F2-30160) Spring C N/A $22.82
9F2-40020 (F2-40020 (P5-F1010)) Counter Shaft Assembly/=P5-F1010 N/A $217.81
9F2-50036 (F2-50036) Frame R N/A $266.65
9F2-50531 (F2-50531) Jam Shaft N/A $49.77
9F2-52170 (F2-52170) Slide Rail N/A $70.13
9F2-70260 (F2-70260) Plate for V-730 N/A $24.37
9F2-71561 (F2-71561) Shaft N/A $32.09
9F2-72580 (F2-72580 w/F2-72590) Guide Plate L N/A $81.58
9F2-73700 (F2-73700) Pin/V-707 N/A $31.32
9F2-75170 (F2-75170) Bundled Cable for V-760 N/A $95.72
9F2-81201 (F2-81201) DC Unit N/A $79.61
9F2-S0015 (F2-S0015) Stacker Assembly for V-740 N/A $3,020.60
9F4-20090 (F4-20090) Spring C N/A $10.60
9F4-30071 (F4-30071) Lower Blade Assembly (Right) N/A $259.82
9F4-30301 (F4-30301) Tongue (L) N/A $22.82
9F4-40170 (F4-40170) Safety Cover N/A $134.24
9F4-40371 (F4-40371) Spring T/ Old Style N/A $17.42
9F4-55320 (F4-55320) Spacer N/A $25.80
9F2-30223 (F2-30223) Slitter Housing (L) N/A $277.64
9F2-40110 (F2-40110) Eccentric Shaft N/A $26.70
9F2-50100 (F2-50100) Front Plate N/A $71.75
9F2-50550 (F2-50550) Jam Angle N/A $10.60
9F2-52200 (F2-52200) Caster N/A $51.64
9F2-70400 (F2-70400) Paper Receiving Plate 22"" LONG FORM N/A $386.84
9F2-71630 (F2-71630) Lid N/A $85.12
9F2-72590 (F2-72590) Rubber Magnet N/A $82.62
9F2-74110 (F2-74110) Shaft N/A $55.08
9F2-75431 (F2-75431) Micro Switch Unit N/A $81.07
9F2-81301 (F2-81301) Photo Detector Unit/=81302 N/A $68.78
9F2-S0021 (F2-S0021) Lead Screw Assy N/A $290.37
9F4-20120 (F4-20120) Roller Assembly N/A $247.66
9F4-30081 (F4-30081) Lower Blade Assembly (Left) N/A $259.82
9F4-30310 (F4-30310) Gear N/A $17.35
9F4-40172 (F4-40172) Safety Cover (New Style) N/A $134.24
9F4-40381 (F4-40381) MS Plate/ Old Style N/A $19.17
9F4-55330 (F4-55330) Shaft N/A $23.90
9F2-30233 (F2-30233) Slitter Housing (R) N/A $277.64
9F2-40220 (F2-40220) Motor Pulley Unit 730/40/50 N/A $139.35
9F2-50121 (F2-50121) Dumper N/A $49.33
9F2-50562 (F2-50562) Shaft N/A $30.51
9F2-52210 (F2-52210) Caster N/A $63.10
9F2-71021 (F2-71021) Roller Unit N/A $136.94
9F2-71720 (F2-71720) Pillar N/A $12.22
9F2-72620 (F2-72620) Middle Guide N/A $67.61
9F2-74410 (F2-74410) Plate Unit N/A $45.77
9F2-75500 (F2-75500) Micro Switch Unit N/A $41.67
9F2-81401 (F2-81401) Light Emitting Unit/81402 N/A $68.78
9F2-S0024 (F2-S0024) Feeding Guide L Assy N/A $50.23
9F4-20150 (F4-20150) Pulley N/A $24.19
9F4-30101 (F4-30101) Frame Assembly (R) N/A $69.84
9F4-30320 (F4-30320) Gear Assembly N/A $25.80
9F4-40182 (F4-40182) Plate N/A $63.60
9F4-40431 (F4-40431) Cover Right Unit N/A $162.11
9F4-55340 (F4-55340) Paper Receiver N/A $89.96
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