9F4-60000 - 9G6-51999

9F4-60000 - 9G6-51999
Duplo USA part numbers 9F4-60000 - 9G6-51999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Set Blade Right/V-885
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All Sizes of 9F4-60000 - 9G6-51999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9F4-60260 (F4-60260) Belt N/A $41.16
9F5-42020 (F5-42020) Roll Unit N/A $157.92
9F7-10155 (F7-10155) Cylinder C N/A $31.33
9F7-11300 (F7-11300) Bar/DP-3080/85/90 N/A $47.82
9F7-30660 (F7-30660) Angle Unit N/A $93.02
9F7-47341 (F7-47341) Bracket N/A $19.78
9F7-88041 (F7-88041) P Control Board N/A $1,701.22
9F8-10061 (F8-10061) Cover R N/A $81.04
9F8-11200 (F8-11200) Modification Kit for V-130 N/A $363.23
9F8-12250 (F8-12250) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $15.32
9F9-52170 (F9-52170) Pipe N/A $11.68
9F9-81710 (F9-81710) Potential Unit L/V-885 N/A $231.28
9G4-50180 (G4-50180) Cover L for V-170 N/A $204.74
9G4-82071 (G4-82071) Cable Unit 3 V-170 N/A $67.16
9G6-10741 (G6-10741) Sensor Angle/V-570 N/A $15.32
9G6-20420 (G6-20420) Pulley N/A $6.08
9G6-31340 (G6-31340) Blade of Micro Perforate N/A $103.73
9G6-50160 (G6-50160) Brush N/A $15.32
9F4-60270 (F4-60270) Belt N/A $46.93
9F5-42050 (F5-42050) Belt N/A $74.52
9F7-10181 (F7-10181) Pipe N/A $41.35
9F7-11323 (F7-11323) Cover N/A $31.47
9F7-40160 (F7-40160) Cover A N/A $244.86
9F7-47800 (F7-47800) Sensor Angle N/A $24.38
9F7-88080 (F7-88080) P-Control Board Unit N/A $1,701.22
9F8-10130 (F8-10131) Pin Tractor/=10131 N/A $224.26
9F8-11220 (F8-11220) Safety Cover N/A $134.24
9F8-12260 (F8-12260) Sensor Unit N/A $42.67
9F9-52180 (F9-52180) Lumirror for V-707/=F2-73180 N/A $26.70
9F9-S0007 (F9-S0007) Rotation Blade Assy L (New) N/A $169.61
9G4-50200 (G4-50200) Cover for V-170 N/A $253.56
9G4-83021 (G4-83021) Main PWB Unit N/A $1,058.99
9G6-11021 (G6-11021) Feed Shaft N/A $37.57
9G6-20430 (G6-20430) Shaft N/A $21.40
9G6-31361 (G6-31361) Plate N/A $64.07
9G6-50190 (G6-50190) Z Collar N/A $18.43
9F4-61240 (F4-61240) Makerup Tape N/A $10.60
9F5-80130 (F5-80130) Switch Unit N/A $149.07
9F7-10300 (F7-10300) Spring N/A $28.50
9F7-11330 (F7-11330) Spring T N/A $32.67
9F7-40321 (F7-40321) Pressure Roller N/A $228.53
9F7-47820 (F7-47820) Stopper N/A $22.55
9F7-88104 (F7-88104) S Control Board DP-3090 N/A $2,498.85
9F8-10150 (F8-10150) Shaft N/A $26.70
9F8-11240 (F8-11240) Press Plate N/A $41.67
9F8-13020 (F8-13020) Bracket (L) N/A $59.45
9F9-52651 (F9-52651) Gear N/A $49.41
9F9-S0008 (F9-S0008) Rotation Blade Assy R (New) N/A $204.77
9G4-51100 (G4-51100) Keytop V-170 N/A $7.70
9G4-T1020 (G4-T1020) Control Panel Label (English)/V-170 N/A $68.62
9G6-11051 (G6-11051) Shaft N/A $32.28
9G6-20440 (G6-20440) Bracket N/A $12.22
9G6-31371 (G6-31371) Shaft N/A $91.53
9G6-50221 (G6-50221) Cover (R) N/A $259.98
9F4-61300 (F4-61300) Rubber N/A $10.60
9F5-80320 (F5-80320) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $104.22
9F7-10351 (F7-10353) Ink Pump Assembly/10353 new N/A $220.37
9F7-11391 (F7-11391) Screen N/A $263.91
9F7-45230 (F7-45230) Stopper N/A $24.64
9F7-81010 (F7-81010) Power Supply N/A $2,374.52
9F7-88142 (F7-88142) S Control Board N/A $2,292.79
9F8-10161 (F8-10161) Shaft N/A $40.59
9F8-11270 (F8-11270) Pillar N/A $18.97
9F8-13030 (F8-13030) Bracket (R) N/A $65.89
9F9-52660 (F9-52660) Gear N/A $72.63
9FK-SCOVER KIT (6-Seiten Short Cover Kit) 6-Sides Short Cover Kit (DBM-500) N/A $1,022.96
9G4-51160 (G4-51160) Decal/Label for V-170 N/A $45.77
9G4-V3110 (G4-V3110) Board, Control/V-170 N/A $257.77
9G6-11060 (G6-11060) Joint N/A $34.11
9G6-20460 (AL016) Belt/=AL016 N/A $48.76
9G6-31390 (G6-31390) Plate N/A $18.50
9G6-50231 (G6-50231) Cover (L) N/A $193.73
9F4-61330 (F4-61330) Knob Nut N/A $32.28
9F5-80340 (F5-80340) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $101.41
9F7-10510 (F7-10510) Drum N/A $874.75
9F7-11550 (F7-11550) Connector Cover N/A $50.26
9F7-45644 (F7-45644) Screen Sheet/=9J8-A1231 N/A $33.36
9F7-81020 (F7-81020) Power Supply N/A $1,698.92
9F7-88202 (F7-88202) AD Board N/A $1,458.19
9F8-10360 (F8-10360) Timing Belt N/A $31.33
9F8-11281 (F8-11281) Shaft N/A $27.78
9F8-13060 (F8-13060) Bearing Unit N/A $43.75
9F9-52871 (F9-52871) Spring to R N/A $19.85
9G1-002 (G1002) Nipping Slide Block Assy N/A $246.13
9G4-51280 (G4-51280) Label Speed V-170 N/A $9.25
9G4-V3210 (G4-V3210) New Main Board/V-170 N/A $1,392.62
9G6-11131 (G6-11131) Plate N/A $13.43
9G6-20511 (G6-20511) Lever for V570 N/A $28.03
9G6-32000 (G6-32000) Slitter Assembly V-570=SLT01 N/A $673.31
9G6-50251 (G6-50251) Safety Cover N/A $158.68
9F4-80111 (F4-80111) DC Motor/=9F4-80110 N/A $616.71
9F5-81020 (F5-81020) Total Counter N/A $410.70
9F7-10520 (F7-10520) Brush N/A $32.89
9F7-11581 (F7-11581) Cover B/DP-3080/85/90. N/A $51.46
9F7-45660 (F7-45660) Sliding Plate N/A $26.60
9F7-81050 (F7-81050) Motor N/A $284.63
9F7-88302 (F7-88302) Control Panel Board DP-3090 N/A $1,222.13
9F8-10380 (F8-10380) Guide Plate N/A $54.96
9F8-11290 (F8-11290) Holder N/A $33.55
9F9-30120 (F9-30120) Gear N/A $81.07
9F9-52881 (F9-52881) Spring to L N/A $19.85
9G2-003 (G2003) Glue Adjustment Assembly N/A $77.22
9G4-52040 (G4-52040) Bottom Plate Unit V170 N/A $254.18
9G4-X1010 (G4-X1010) Transformer/V-170 N/A $201.39
9G6-11170 (G6-11170) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $160.46
9G6-20571 (G6-20571) Spring T N/A $12.22
9G6-32011 (G6-32011) Upper Blade Unit/=32010 N/A $257.90
9G6-50271 (G6-50271) Supporting Plate N/A $40.59
9F4-81101 (F4-81101) Inlet Assembly N/A $42.67
9F5-81060 (F5-81060) P.W.B. Unit N/A $443.30
9F7-10594 (F7-10594) Side Plate R N/A $105.68
9F7-11680 (F7-11680) Ink Scraper (L) N/A $9.25
9F7-45781 (F7-45781) Master Holder N/A $26.51
9F7-81060 (F7-81060) Motor N/A $364.82
9F7-88400 (F7-88400) Control Panel N/A $922.82
9F8-11000 (F8-11000) Holder Assembly N/A $227.02
9F8-11291 (F8-11291) Holder (New Style) N/A $33.55
9F9-34000 (F9-34000) Set Blade Right/V-885 N/A $221.45
9F9-80350 (F9-80350) Motor N/A $373.77
9G4-002 (G4002) Chain EC9011/DB-280 N/A $172.37
9G4-52141 (G4-52141) Pillar Unit L/V-170 N/A $287.28
9G5-005 (G5005) Clamp Left Worm Assy (OLD) N/A $166.24
9G6-11221 (G6-11221) Feed Inlet Unit N/A $165.38
9G6-20580 (G6-20580) Rubber Plate N/A $10.60
9G6-32110 (G6-32110) Housing Unit/V-570 N/A $178.20
9G6-50490 (G6-50490) Lumirror N/A $18.43
9F4-81152 (F4-81152) Bundled Cable Assembly A N/A $50.38
9F7-01312 (F7-01312) Lever N/A $91.29
9F7-10604 (F7-10604) Side Plate L N/A $105.68
9F7-11691 (F7-11691) Ink Scraper (R) N/A $9.25
9F7-46160 (F7-46160) Rear Cover N/A $127.36
9F7-81330 (F7-81330) Thermal Head N/A $2,370.09
9F7-88760 (F7-88760) Speed Control Board N/A $693.70
9F8-11010 (F8-11010) Ring N/A $50.38
9F8-11300 (F8-11300) Angle N/A $16.74
9F9-34010 (F9-34010) Set Blade Left/V-885 N/A $221.45
9F9-80360 (F9-80360) Motor/V-415 N/A $268.46
9G4-003 (G4003) Sprocket Gear 3 Assembly N/A $84.51
9G4-52440 (G4-52440) Arm L/V-170 N/A $56.34
9G5-006 (G5006) Clamp Right Worm Assy (OLD) N/A $166.24
9G6-20021 (G6-20021) Timing Roll (A) N/A $253.76
9G6-20660 (G6-20660) Rotation Stopper N/A $32.09
9G6-32230 (G6-32230) Lower Blade Unit N/A $210.03
9G6-50520 (G6-50520) Slit Plate N/A $14.58
9F4-81242 (F4-81242) Bundled Cable Assembly B N/A $92.15
9F7-01820 (F7-01820) Handle Shaft Assembly N/A $201.58
9F7-10642 (F7-10642) Roller N/A $60.63
9F7-21400 (F7-21400) Separator Plate N/A $7.63
9F7-46200 (F7-46200) Spring T N/A $80.97
9F7-81460 (F7-81460) Motor/ 230V N/A $856.24
9F7-88780 (F7-88780) Motor Control Board Unit N/A $820.80
9F8-11021 (F8-11021) Holder N/A $134.24
9F8-11320 (F8-11320) Spring C N/A $32.09
9F9-34031 (F9-34031) Fixed Blade Stand LH N/A $82.86
9F9-80380 (F9-80380) DC Gear Motor Unit L/V-885 N/A $275.52
9G4-004 (G4004) Glue Drum Sprocket Assembly N/A $168.18
9G4-52450 (G4-52450) Arm R/V-170 N/A $56.34
9G6-10040 (G6-10040) Brush N/A $25.80
9G6-20040 (G6-20040) Spring N/A $9.32
9G6-31000 (PFR-01) Perforation Assembly V-570=PER-01 N/A $673.31
9G6-40040 (G6-40040) Timing Pulley N/A $71.66
9G6-50600 (G6-50600) Control Plate Unit N/A $89.98
9F4-82030 (F4-82031) Speed Control Base Assembly N/A $620.23
9F7-10032 (F7-10032) Spring N/A $28.63
9F7-10700 (F7-10700) Collar N/A $51.39
9F7-21640B (F7-21640B) Spring T N/A $27.22
9F7-46330 (F7-46330) Pipe A N/A $8.10
9F7-82851 (F7-82851) Relay Cord Unit N/A $83.63
9F7-88800 (F7-88800) Ink Detection PCB N/A $210.55
9F8-11050 (F8-11050) Spring C. N/A $12.22
9F8-11380 (F8-11380) Thumb Screw N/A $29.97
9F9-34052 (F9-34052) Side Chopper Plate Assy/V-765 N/A $48.06
9F9-80391 (F9-80391) Motor/V-707 N/A $256.74
9G4-005 (G4005) Bumper Assembly N/A $168.80
9G4-52460 (G4-52460) Rubber Plate/V-170 N/A $14.31
9G6-10070 (G6-10070) Feed Guide N/A $32.00
9G6-20050 (G6-20050) Timing Roll (B) N/A $166.56
9G6-31050 (G6-31050) Knob N/A $29.86
9G6-40111 (G6-40111) Square Shaft N/A $51.60
9G6-51030 (G6-51030) Paper Receiving Plate/New 9G6-51231 N/A $97.66
9F4-60071 (F4-60071) Control Panel N/A $45.77
9F4-S0004 (F4-S0004) Conveyor Stacker Assy/V-350 N/A $784.89
9F7-10040 (F7-10040) Steel Ball N/A $16.34
9F7-10820 (F7-10820) Shaft Assy N/A $370.28
9F7-21650 (F7-21650) Cam Shaft N/A $39.31
9F7-46370 (F7-46370) Three Sides Connector N/A $10.26
9F7-83020 (F7-83020) Detecting Cord Unit N/A $52.53
9F7-90220 (F7-90220) S-Control Board Unit N/A $2,279.79
9F8-11080 (F8-11080) Pin and Screw N/A $7.70
9F8-12020 (F8-12020) Support Plate N/A $84.83
9F9-34090 (F9-34090) Rotation Blade Right/V-885 N/A $335.79
9F9-80400 (F9-80400) DC Gear Motor Unit R/V-885 N/A $275.52
9G4-10150 (G4-10150) Safety Cover for V-170 (Inter Stacker) N/A $301.36
9G4-52490 (G4-52490) Shaft/V-170 N/A $50.23
9G6-10170 (G6-10170) Auxiliary Feed Plate N/A $85.81
9G6-20061 (G6-20061) Rubber Roll N/A $256.82
9G6-31082 (G6-31082) Lever Unit (Perforator) N/A $80.91
9G6-40120 (G6-40120) Lever N/A $18.29
9G6-51050 (G6-51050) Screw N/A $32.06
9F4-60100 (F4-60100) Switch Angle N/A $20.05
9F5-10020 (F5-10020) Roll Assembly 1 for V-410 N/A $439.17
9F7-10090 (F7-10090) O Ring N/A $11.14
9F7-11070 (F7-11070) Spring T N/A $32.67
9F7-21710 (F7-21710) Rubber Plate N/A $80.53
9F7-46380 (F7-46380) Valve N/A $10.26
9F7-84030 (F7-84030) Light Crystal Cable/DP3085 N/A $132.19
9F7-A0030 (F7-A0030) Drum Assembly N/A $1,288.29
9F8-11091 (F8-11091) Cylinder N/A $82.38
9F8-12090 (F8-12090) Rubber Foot N/A $9.59
9F9-34110 (F9-34110) Rotation Blade Left/V-885 N/A $335.79
9F9-81201 (F9-81201) Liguid Crystal Assembly N/A $847.19
9G4-10200 (G4-10200) Support for V-170 N/A $77.52
9G4-52500 (G4-52500) Pipe/V-170 N/A $95.15
9G6-10180 (G6-10180) Pillar N/A $16.74
9G6-20100 (G6-20100) Bearing Stopper N/A $7.56
9G6-31150 (G6-31150) Collar (Perforator) N/A $15.32
9G6-40151 (G6-40151) Arm Unit V570 N/A $51.22
9G6-51130 (G6-51130) Guide Plate Unit V-570 N/A $50.30
9F4-60110 (F4-60110) Middle Plate N/A $22.82
9F5-10030 (F5-10030) Roll Assembly 2 N/A $415.83
9F7-10102 (F7-10102) Valve Shaft Unit N/A $57.47
9F7-11081 (F7-11081) Angle Unit R N/A $60.63
9F7-21810 (F7-21810) Brush N/A $67.38
9F7-46620 (F7-46620) Roller N/A $19.37
9F7-84100 (F7-84100) Liquid Crystal Cable Unit DP3085 N/A $87.37
9F7-A0060 (F7-A0060) Tape Cover Unit N/A $88.16
9F8-11111 (F8-11111) Shaft N/A $70.17
9F8-12141 (F8-12141) Post N/A $18.29
9F9-34150 (F9-34150) Brass Gear Assy for CHP-05/06 N/A $82.08
9F9-81441 (F9-81441) Potential Unit/V-885 N/A $292.76
9G4-30180 (G4-30180) Lower Blade for V-170 N/A $322.87
9G4-80120 (G4-80120) Inlet V-170 N/A $19.85
9G6-10191 (G6-10191) Hook N/A $25.42
9G6-20160 (G6-20160) Pillar N/A $19.85
9G6-31180 (G6-31180) Blade of Perforate N/A $87.02
9G6-40221 (G6-40221) Cam Unit N/A $46.70
9G6-51170 (G6-51170) Paper Receiving Stopper N/A $77.06
9F4-60140 (F4-60140) Knob N/A $21.40
9F5-10040 (F5-10040) Roll Assembly 3 N/A $458.54
9F7-10120 (F7-10120) Cover N/A $15.46
9F7-11100 (F7-11100) Angle Unit L N/A $73.02
9F7-28202 (F7-28202) AD Board N/A $1,458.19
9F7-46801 (F7-46801) Pawl N/A $28.63
9F7-84180 (F7-84180) Switch Catch Unit N/A $105.62
9F7-A0090 (F7-A0090) Clutch Assembly N/A $247.59
9F8-11120 (F8-11120) Gear N/A $73.85
9F8-12181 (F8-12181) Angle N/A $21.40
9F9-42770 (F9-42770) Spring T/V-350 N/A $234.50
9F9-81450 (F9-81450) Photosensor N/A $82.39
9G4-40020 (G4-40020) Middle Pulley Unit V-170 N/A $151.85
9G4-80150 (G4-80150) Power Supply V-170 N/A $122.04
9G6-10260 (G6-10260) Knob N/A $33.01
9G6-20170 (G6-20170) Eccentric Shaft N/A $25.92
9G6-31200 (G6-31200) Pin N/A $7.70
9G6-50112 (G6-50112) Exit Guide N/A $62.29
9G6-51231 (G6-51231) Paper Receiving Plate/Old Style G6-51030 N/A $176.18
9F4-60170 (F4-60170) Decoration Nameplate N/A $31.62
9F5-10050 (F5-10050) Roll Assembly 4 N/A $373.52
9F7-10130 (F7-10130) Packing (J3-A3110) N/A $13.30
9F7-11200 (F7-11200) Knob N/A $8.24
9F7-30050 (F7-30050) Timing Pulley N/A $51.39
9F7-46850 (F7-46850) Rubber Roller N/A $95.28
9F7-88003 (F7-88003) P Control Board (3090) N/A $1,826.15
9F7-S0007 (F7-S0007) Motor Brush N/A $69.65
9F8-11131 (F8-11131) Gear N/A $78.92
9F8-12200 (F8-12200) Counter N/A $345.55
9F9-50050 (F9-50050) Sprocket 10 for V-707 N/A $34.11
9F9-81551 (F9-81551) TX PWB Unit/DP-63P N/A $96.98
9G4-40090 (G4-40090) Shaft V-170 N/A $46.21
9G4-80250 (G4-80250) Sensor Unit N/A $947.08
9G6-10590 (G6-10590) Spring T N/A $16.07
9G6-20211 (G6-20211) Exhaust Roll Unit N/A $186.68
9G6-31210 (G6-31210) Cylinder N/A $373.77
9G6-50142 (G6-50142) Rear Plate N/A $69.66
9F4-60250 (F4-60250) Belt 100S 5M 1050 N/A $76.28
9F5-31020 (F5-31020) DC Gear Motor N/A $537.76
9F7-10140 (F7-10140) Steel Ball N/A $4.05
9F7-11210 (F7-11210) Screen N/A $221.18
9F7-30060 (F7-30060) Belt N/A $60.08
9F7-47170 (F7-47170) Encorder Unit N/A $50.91
9F7-88032 (F7-88032) P Control Board (3080) N/A $1,701.22
9F8-10050 (F8-10050) Cover (L) N/A $87.84
9F8-11150 (F8-11150) Timing Pulley N/A $62.07
9F8-12220 (F8-12220) Slide Switch N/A $39.03
9F9-50811 (F9-50811) Paper Receiving Plate for V-707 N/A $94.80
9F9-81700 (F9-81700) Potential Unit R/V-885 N/A $231.28
9G4-50170 (G4-50170) Cover R for V-170 N/A $198.94
9G4-81020 (G4-81020) Control PWB Unit for V-170 N/A $220.40
9G6-10720 (G6-10720) Panel/V-570/580 N/A $62.90
9G6-20280 (G6-20280) Belt-60S4.5M567 /=9AJ-035 N/A $50.34
9G6-31291 (G6-31291) Spring C N/A $9.25
9G6-50150 (G6-50150) Screw Plate N/A $15.32
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