9G6-60000 - 9J3-A5999

9G6-60000 - 9J3-A5999
Duplo USA part numbers 9G6-60000 - 9J3-A5999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Feed Shaft
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Stapler Head/EZBook (DISCONTINUED)
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Scale Plate ""Inches Size Paper""
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Bearing Plate L (Modified)
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All Sizes of 9G6-60000 - 9J3-A5999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9G6-70032 (G6-70032) Receiving Base Unit N/A $164.56
9G6-80512 (G6-80512) Main P.W.B. Unit N/A $1,044.16
9G8-80570 (G8-80570) OCR Unit N/A $10,084.23
9H5-S0002 (H5-S0002) Roller B Assembly V-885 N/A $632.01
9HM-E2501500 (HME25-01500) Sprocket 1 N/A $33.04
9HM-E2509900 (HME25-09900) Motor (110) / EZBook N/A $558.60
9J1-20330 (J1-20330) Roll Assembly 4 N/A $346.27
9J1-52080 (J1-52080) Label, Control Panel N/A $76.58
9J2-A1350 (J2-A1350) Cover D N/A $60.45
9J2-B2031 (J2-B2031) Release Lever N/A $12.85
9J2-C1150 (J2-C1150) Spring T N/A $7.60
9J2-G1020 (J2-G1020) Cover B Unit N/A $185.41
9J2-X1050 (J2-X1050) Inverter Assembly/DP-63S N/A $153.94
9J2-Z2810 (J2-Z2810) Receiving Roller/ S1-ADF N/A $28.00
9J2-Z3190 (J2-Z3190) Paper Separation Assembly N/A $195.46
9J2-Z3720 (J2-Z3720) Sensor N/A $25.38
9J3-A1182 (J3-A1182) Bar N/A $45.78
9J3-A2090 (J3-A2090) Bearing N/A $12.85
9J3-A5010 (J3-A5010) Gear Unit N/A $70.58
9G6-70071 (G6-70071) Roller Unit N/A $67.10
9G6-81042 (G6-81042) Bundled Wire Unit/V-570 N/A $61.24
9G8-80691 (G8-80691) Potentiometer Unit N/A $349.60
9H5-S0003 (H5-S0003) Roller C Assembly V-885 N/A $572.09
9HM-E2501600 (HME25-01600) Double Sprocket Assy N/A $63.79
9HM-E251 (HME25.1) Complete Folding Assy (Items 2 - 12) N/A $186.66
9J1-20630 (J1-20630) Shaft N/A $50.83
9J1-60060 (J1-60060) Label Decoration N/A $35.28
9J2-A2010 (J2-A2010) Length Size Plate Unit N/A $54.84
9J2-B2041 (J2-B2041) Bracket/=B2042 N/A $45.68
9J2-C1170 (J2-C1170) Pulley Unit N/A $44.08
9J2-H1150 (J2-H1150) Plate/DP-63S N/A $12.10
9J2-Z2060 (J2-Z2060) Shaft,Feed Roller for S1-ADF N/A $137.86
9J2-Z2830 (J2-Z2830) Bushing/ S1-ADF N/A $12.85
9J2-Z3200 (J2-Z3200) Cable Delivery/S1-ADF N/A $35.42
9J2-Z3730 (J2-Z3730) Photo Interrupter/S1-ADF N/A $24.36
9J3-A1191 (J3-A1191) Bar N/A $43.53
9J3-A2210 (J3-A2210) Roller Unit N/A $183.66
9J3-A5030 (J3-A5030) Gear N/A $17.89
9G6-70140 (G6-70140) Shaft N/A $13.55
9G6-S0002 (G6-S0002) Motor Driver N/A $948.75
9G8-80721 (G8-80721) Light Emitting Unit N/A $60.50
9H5-S0016 (H5-S0016) Housing A Assy , V-700's (CNT-11) N/A $139.22
9HM-E2502900 (HME25-02900) Sprocket 3/EZBook N/A $36.87
9HM-E25CAPACITOR (HME25-CAPACITOR) Capacitor for HME25-09900/EZBook N/A $22.90
9J1-21080 (J1-21080) Plate Unit/V-415 N/A $64.20
9J1-70040 (J1-70040) Bundled Cable Unit for Stacker V-415. N/A $38.29
9J2-A2051 (J2-A2051) Plate Assembly Size N/A $53.21
9J2-B2073 (J2-B2073) Spring TO L N/A $26.53
9J2-C2050 (J2-C2050) Detecting Stand N/A $9.00
9J2-J1040 (J2-J1040) Pulley Unit/DP-63S N/A $48.21
9J2-Z2140 (J2-Z2140) Idle Roller Shaft/ S1-ADF N/A $43.53
9J2-Z2850 (J2-Z2850) Hinge, Left N/A $255.22
9J2-Z3250 (J2-Z3250) EMP Sensing LED PCB Assembly. N/A $60.18
9J2-Z3740 (J2-Z3740) Sensor N/A $25.38
9J3-A1200 (J3-A1270 (J3-A1201)) Screen/=9J3-A1270 N/A $240.70
9J3-A2240 (J3-A2240) Squeegee Assembly DP-3100 N/A $135.42
9J3-A5060 (J3-A5060) Flange Unit N/A $42.63
9G6-70230 (G6-70230) Angle Shaft N/A $36.60
9G8-10050 (G8-10050) Roller N/A $83.58
9G8-80731 (G8-80731) Photo Detector Unit N/A $59.73
9H5-V3321 (H5-V3321) Operation PCB Unit V-885 N/A $522.97
9HM-E2504000 (HME25-04000) Lever Collar/EZBook N/A $8.40
9HM-E25GB1096 (GB1096_ 3x10) Holding Key for Gear (GB1096_3X10) N/A $12.50
9J1-21240 (J1-21240) Pulley Unit N/A $34.76
9J1-S0001 (J1-S0001) Rotary Solenoid Assembly N/A $554.00
9J2-A2080 (J2-A2080) Glass N/A $224.81
9J2-B2080 (J2-B2080) Shaft/new size: 9J2-B2081 N/A $28.00
9J2-C2060 (J2-C2060) Boss N/A $14.25
9J2-J1080 (J2-J1080) Pulley B /DP-63S N/A $33.57
9J2-Z2190 (J2-Z2190) Cover, Front N/A $126.94
9J2-Z2860 (J2-Z2860) Plate Hinge (R) for S1-ADF N/A $22.26
9J2-Z3260 (J2-Z3260) Sensing Phototransistor/S1-ADF N/A $60.18
9J2-Z3860 (J2-Z3860) Timing Belt N/A $32.73
9J3-A1222 (J3-A1222) Drum N/A $329.28
9J3-A2410 (J3-A2410) Ink Scraper R N/A $10.60
9G6-70340 (G6-70340) Shaft N/A $21.50
9G8-10210 (G8-10210) Rubber Ring Assembly N/A $155.40
9G8-81020 (G8-81020) P.P.S Unit N/A $67.10
9H5-V3610 (H5-V3610) Control PWB Unit/V-861/881 N/A $1,103.29
9HM-E2504300 (HME25-04300) Side Cover/EZBook N/A $34.08
9HM-E25PWRSWITCH (16A 250VAC) Power Switch (16A 250VAC)/EZbook N/A $18.66
9J1-30030 (J1-30030) Motor Plate N/A $23.77
9J1-V3010 (J1-V3010) Light Emitting Unit N/A $61.40
9J2-A2180 (J2-A2180) Scale Plate ""Inches Size Paper"" N/A $60.83
9J2-B2081 (J2-B2081) Shaft N/A $28.00
9J2-C2071 (J2-C2071) Spring N/A $12.75
9J2-J1090 (J2-J1090) Wire/DP-63S N/A $34.47
9J2-Z2230 (J2-Z2230) Guide Under N/A $49.03
9J2-Z2870 (J2-Z2870) Bracket (R) for S1-ADF N/A $35.37
9J2-Z3270 (J2-Z3270) Sensor, Phototransistor Assembly N/A $74.68
9J2-Z3890 (J2-Z3890) Flat Timing Belt N/A $26.43
9J3-A1240 (J3-A1240) Bearing Plate L (Modified) N/A $5.65
9J3-A2420 (J3-A2420) Ink Scraper L N/A $10.60
9G6-70530 (G6-70530) Belt/=AJ-036 N/A $37.21
9G8-10330 (G8-10330) Belt N/A $135.08
9G8-81102 (G8-81102) Control P.W.B Unit N/A $639.01
9H5-V3811 (H5-V3811) Control PCB Unit/V-885 N/A $950.23
9HM-E2504500 (HME25-04500) Collar/EZBook N/A $7.05
9HM-E25SWITCH (5A-125VAC Microswitch) 5A-125VAC Microswitch(Upgrade)/EZBook N/A $100.56
9J1-30050 (J1-30050) Pulley N/A $139.20
9J1-V3111 (J1-V3111) Photo Emitting Unit N/A $61.40
9J2-A3010 (J2-A3010) Document Cover N/A $188.30
9J2-B2090 (J2-B2090) Collar/new size: 9J2-B2091 N/A $18.20
9J2-C2210 (J2-C2210) Bracket Unit N/A $30.63
9J2-J1100 (J2-J1100) Spring T N/A $3.75
9J2-Z2320 (J2-Z2320) Roller for S1-ADF N/A $30.70
9J2-Z2900 (J2-Z2900) Pillar (R) for S1-ADF N/A $39.99
9J2-Z3280 (J2-Z3280) ENT Sensing LED PCB/S1-ADF N/A $62.28
9J2-Z3910 (J2-Z3910) Timing Belt N/A $45.78
9J3-A1250 (J3-A1250) Spring To N/A $16.35
9J3-A2480 (J3-A2480) Spring DP-43,33,31,E/S N/A $4.60
9G6-70561 (G6-70561) Plate Unit N/A $23.77
9G8-50330 (G8-50330) Timing Belt N/A $51.58
9G8-81202 (G8-81202) Main P.W.B Unit N/A $1,397.32
9H5-V4212 (H5-V4212) Main PCB Unit/V-885 N/A $1,275.49
9HM-E2505200 (HME25-05200) Ball Retainer/EZ-Book N/A $35.40
9J1-10020 (J1-10020) Feeding Plate Unit N/A $56.95
9J1-30190 (J1-30190) Exhaust Roll Unit N/A $61.40
9J1-V3211 (J1-V3211) Control P.W.B. Unit N/A $193.90
9J2-A3020 (J2-A3020) Pocket Cover N/A $55.15
9J2-B2091 (J2-B2091) Collar N/A $18.20
9J2-C2230 (J2-C2230) Holder N/A $14.25
9J2-J2020 (J2-J2020) Pulley C /DP-63S N/A $35.37
9J2-Z2330 (J2-Z2330) Shaft, Pick Up N/A $32.80
9J2-Z2910 (J2-Z2910) Pillar (L) for S1-ADF N/A $39.93
9J2-Z3340 (J2-Z3340) Stepping Motor, DC4.3W N/A $163.80
9J2-Z3920 (J2-Z3920) Bearing/ S1-ADF N/A $37.23
9J3-A1420 (J3-A1420) Clamp Plate Unit N/A $62.60
9J3-A2520 (J3-A2520) Spring DP-31,31 E/S N/A $4.60
9G6-70631 (G6-70631) Rubber Plate N/A $9.05
9G8-52050 (G8-52050) Worm Wheel N/A $140.50
9G8-81301 (G8-81301) PWB Unit N/A $1,307.36
9H5-W1020 (H5-W1020) Potential Unit/V-885 N/A $227.06
9HM-E2505900 (HME25-05900) Fold Blade N/A $49.06
9J1-10170 (J1-10170) Auxiliary Feed Plate N/A $62.00
9J1-50052 (J1-50052) Power Supply/New 9J1-X1020 N/A $394.70
9J1-V3311 (J1-V3311) Main P.W.B. Unit N/A $897.86
9J2-A3040 (J2-A3040) Bracket A N/A $21.63
9J2-B2100 (J2-B2100) Plate R/=B2101 N/A $33.57
9J2-D1011 (J2-D1011) Slider A unit N/A $233.54
9J2-L1100 (J2-L1100) Slider N/A $5.50
9J2-Z2340 (J2-Z2340) Roller, Registration 1/ADF-1 N/A $107.30
9J2-Z2930 (J2-Z2930) Sensor Lever Unit N/A $38.07
9J2-Z3350 (J2-Z3350) Solenoid/S1-ADF N/A $96.42
9J2-Z3940 (J2-Z3940) PCB Assembly N/A $719.41
9J3-A1460 (J3-A1460) Rubber Sheet N/A $10.60
9J3-A3080 (J3-A3080) Ink Distributor N/A $40.56
9G6-70651 (G6-70651) Lumirror N/A $23.77
9G8-52140 (G8-52140) Timing Belt N/A $42.09
9G8-83020 (G8-83020) Light Emitting Unit RS670 N/A $148.00
9H5-X1050 (H5-X1050) DC Motor Unit/V-885 N/A $574.00
9HM-E2506200 (HME25-06200) Spring Plate/EZBook N/A $1.40
9J1-11020 (J1-11020) Feed Shaft N/A $27.72
9J1-50170 (J1-50170) Cover R N/A $192.32
9J1-W1041 (J1-W1041) Bundled Cable Unit 4 N/A $32.97
9J2-A3050 (J2-A3050) Bracket B N/A $20.16
9J2-B2110 (J2-B2110) Plate L/=B2111 N/A $40.32
9J2-E1141 (J2-E1141) Bearing N/A $14.25
9J2-L1170 (J2-L1170) Mirror/DP-63S N/A $38.07
9J2-Z2350 (J2-Z2350) Roller, Registration 2/ADF-1 N/A $96.42
9J2-Z3000 (J2-Z3000) Arm,Sensor N/A $32.73
9J2-Z3370 (J2-Z3370) Clutch EM N/A $179.04
9J2-Z3970 (J2-Z3970) Belt Tensioner for S1-ADF N/A $22.26
9J3-A1470 (J3-A1470) Bar N/A $16.50
9J3-A3140 (J3-A3140) Hose/=A3010 N/A $12.85
9G6-70701 (G6-70701) Bundled Cable Unit N/A $19.78
9G8-52530 (G8-52530) Angle N/A $33.27
9GO-NOGO ADJTOOL (AdjustToolDBM100) Adjustment Tool f/DBM-100 N/A $45.33
9H5-X1080 (H5-X1080) Liquid Crystal Unit/V-885 N/A $141.38
9HM-E2506600 (HME25-06600) Anvil/EZBook N/A $21.70
9J1-11170 (J1-11170) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $112.34
9J1-50180 (J1-50180) Cover L N/A $131.06
9J1-W1071 (J1-W1071) Bundled Cable Unit 7 N/A $19.15
9J2-A3060 (J2-A3060) Sponge Sheet N/A $90.98
9J2-B2120 (J2-B2120) Stopper N/A $28.00
9J2-F1011 (J2-F1011) Lens Stand N/A $19.99
9J2-T1020 (J2-T1020) Ruler Size Label N/A $22.26
9J2-Z2370 (J2-Z2370) Holder, Sensing N/A $14.35
9J2-Z3020 (J2-Z3020) Plate Weight for S1-ADF N/A $56.48
9J2-Z3390 (J2-Z3390) Bushing N/A $3.75
9J3-A1020 (J3-A1020) Flange L N/A $76.78
9J3-A1480 (J3-A1480) Bar N/A $43.53
9J3-A4010 (J3-A4010) Holder Unit N/A $90.10
9G6-80180 (G6-80180) Power Supply N/A $193.52
9G8-52720 (G8-52720) Holder for RS-670 N/A $54.43
9H4-52210 (H4-52210) Plate N/A $38.22
9H5-X1090 (H5-X1090) Switching Electric Power Source/V-885 N/A $803.58
9HM-E2506700 (HME25-06500)DISCONTINUED

Stapler Head/EZBook (DISCONTINUED)

N/A $64.62
9J1-11220 (J1-11220) Feed Inlet Unit N/A $132.04
9J1-50200 (J1-50200) Safety Cover N/A $159.10
9J1-X1010 (J1-X1010) DC Motor N/A $649.51
9J2-A3080 (J2-A3082) Hinge Assembly/=J2-A3082 N/A $59.35
9J2-B2130 (J2-B2130) Bracket/=B2131 N/A $28.00
9J2-F1030 (J2-F1030) Rubber Plate N/A $16.50
9J2-T1030 (J2-T1030) Seal N/A $25.38
9J2-Z2410 (J2-Z2410) Spring,Leaf N/A $12.85
9J2-Z3030 (J2-Z3030) Cover, Inverter N/A $172.62
9J2-Z3420 (J2-Z3420) Screw Stepped (M3) N/A $1.60
9J3-A1032 (J3-A1032) Flange R N/A $99.76
9J3-A1490 (J3-A1490/J3-A1550) Screen/=9J3-A1550 N/A $185.54
9J3-A4250 (J3-A4250) Ink Scraper Right N/A $7.60
9G6-80220 (G6-80220) Stepping Motor N/A $498.37
9G8-52731 (G8-52731) Guide Plate N/A $44.03
9H5-10421 (H5-10421) Solenoid Unit R/V-885 N/A $720.63
9HB-L2321 (HW HBL2321) Electric LKG Plug-NM L6-20P (DB660) N/A $60.94
9HM-E2506800 (HME25-06800) Stapler Assy/EZBook N/A $277.57
9J1-11260 (J1-11260) Lumirror N/A $23.91
9J1-50210 (J1-50210) Stay N/A $44.04
9J2-A1011 (J2-A1011) Cover A Unit N/A $79.14
9J2-A3150 (J2-A3150) Angle N/A $6.00
9J2-B2161 (J2-B2161) Pillar N/A $18.06
9J2-F1041 (J2-F1041) Cover N/A $58.15
9J2-W1012 (J2-W1012) Cable Assembly S1-ADF N/A $62.89
9J2-Z2420 (J2-Z2420) Spring,Leaf N/A $12.85
9J2-Z3090 (J2-Z3090) Cover, Upper N/A $325.59
9J2-Z3500 (J2-Z3500) 18T Pulley N/A $10.60
9J3-A1051 (J3-A1051) Bearing Plate R N/A $5.40
9J3-A1501 (J3-A1502) Drum N/A $318.05
9J3-A4260 (J3-A4260) Ink Scraper Left N/A $7.60
9G6-60170 (G6-60170) Control Panel Label N/A $191.35
9G6-80310 (G6-80310) Sensor Unit N/A $56.54
9G8-80200 (G8-80200) Clutch N/A $209.09
9H5-10471 (H5-10471) Solenoid Unit L/V-885 N/A $720.63
9HH-C6P04CX40 (C-6P04C X 40) Chain 2/EZBook N/A $38.70
9HM-E2507100 (HME25-07100) Shaft N/A $22.75
9J1-20020 (J1-20020) Roll Assembly 1 N/A $367.33
9J1-50220 (J1-50220) Supporting Plate N/A $18.17
9J2-A1041 (J2-A1041) Cover B DP-4030 N/A $193.16
9J2-B1011 (J2-B1011) Frame Unit for DP4030 N/A $647.47
9J2-B2180 (J2-B2180) Shaft/ Stay N/A $38.07
9J2-F1070 (J2-F1070) Spacer/DC-445 Bridge N/A $5.65
9J2-X1010 (J2-X1010) Stepping Motor Unit DP-43,33,31 E/S N/A $224.86
9J2-Z2500 (J2-Z2500) Stop N/A $26.53
9J2-Z3110 (J2-Z3110) Motor,DC6V N/A $68.90
9J2-Z3540 (J2-Z3540) Gear 20T N/A $5.35
9J3-A1080 (J3-A1080) Clamp Plate Unit N/A $66.82
9J3-A2010 (J3-A2010) Roller Unit DP-4030 N/A $292.01
9J3-A4270 (J3-A4270) Spring R N/A $7.60
9G6-60191 (G6-60191) Label, feed pressure N/A $20.30
9G6-80330 (G6-80330) Photo Detector Unit N/A $50.60
9G8-80380 (G8-80380) Thermal Printer N/A $449.82
9H5-30093 (H5-30093) Boss/V735,745,755/special V-730,740,750 N/A $66.47
9HH-C6P04CX66 (C-6P04C X 66) Chain 1/EZBook N/A $49.39
9HM-E2507203 (HME25-07203) Decorative Label/EZBook N/A $16.60
9J1-20120 (J1-20120) Roll Assembly 2 N/A $338.08
9J1-50301 (J1-50301) Exit Plate/V-415 N/A $54.84
9J2-A1071 (J2-A1071) Cover C Unit N/A $112.44
9J2-B1181 (J2-B1181) Sheet N/A $5.35
9J2-B2410 (J2-B2410) Shaft DP-3100/3300 N/A $35.42
9J2-F1091 (J2-F1091) Saddle N/A $17.89
9J2-X1020 (J2-X1020) Lamp Assembly N/A $246.49
9J2-Z2600 (J2-Z2600) Document Feed Belt N/A $320.04
9J2-Z3120 (J2-Z3120) Belt Drive Motor Assembly N/A $561.79
9J2-Z3570 (J2-Z3570) Gear 20T N/A $10.60
9J3-A1120 (J3-A1120) Shaft N/A $21.63
9J3-A2040 (J3-A2040) Squeegee Assembly DP-4030 N/A $152.36
9J3-A4280 (J3-A4280) Spring L N/A $7.60
9G6-70000 (G6-70000, CNV-01) Conveyor Assembly V-570=CNV-01 N/A $1,050.00
9G6-80341 (G6-80341) Light Emitting Unit N/A $61.40
9G8-80410 (G8-80410) I.F. Assembly N/A $690.24
9H5-54042 (H5-54042) Plate Unit/V-885 N/A $260.61
9HM-E2501100 (HME25-0110) Handle/EZBook N/A $59.85
9HM-E2508501 (HME25-08501) Safety Cover/EZBook N/A $37.74
9J1-20180 (J1-20180) Timing Pulley N/A $52.69
9J1-51030 (J1-51030) Stacker Base for V-415 N/A $77.98
9J2-A1101 (J2-A1101) Cover D N/A $61.20
9J2-B2013 (J2-B2013) Lock Lever N/A $35.35
9J2-C1011 (J2-C1011) Sub Frame DP-4030 N/A $110.30
9J2-F1101 (J2-F1101) Sheet N/A $13.50
9J2-X1030 (J2-X1030) Inverter Assembly N/A $198.56
9J2-Z2610 (J2-Z2610) Rib Center N/A $7.60
9J2-Z3140 (J2-Z3140) Cable Assembly/S1-ADF N/A $130.54
9J2-Z3600 (J2-Z3600) Spring T N/A $3.75
9J3-A1161 (J3-A1161) Rubber Sheet N/A $16.70
9J3-A2070 (J3-A2070) Roller DP-3300/3100 N/A $33.51
9J3-A4300 (J3-A4300) Bracket R Unit N/A $23.31
9G6-70020 (G6-70020) Belt N/A $79.68
9G6-80421 (G6-80421) Control P.W.B. Unit N/A $151.86
9G8-80500 (G8-80500) Bar Code Scanner Unit N/A $1,239.82
9H5-S0001 (H5-S0001) Roller A Assembly V-885 N/A $786.38
9HM-E2501400 (HME25-01400) Gear 1 N/A $36.65
9HM-E2509100 (HME25-09100) Lever Collar (Small)/EZBook N/A $4.20
9J1-20220 (J1-20220) Roll Assembly 3 N/A $306.08
9J1-51170 (J1-51170) Stacker Stopper Unit N/A $88.66
9J2-A1310 (J2-A1310) Cover B DP-3100 N/A $164.78
9J2-B2020 (J2-B2020) Shaft DP-4030 N/A $38.07
9J2-C1130 (J2-C1130) Wire N/A $22.26
9J2-F1130 (J2-F1130) Lens N/A $375.55
9J2-X1040 (J2-X1040) Lamp/DP-63S N/A $164.86
9J2-Z2800 (J2-Z2800) Feed Roller/S1-ADF N/A $198.64
9J2-Z3180 (J2-Z3180) Upper Cover Assembly N/A $197.30
9J2-Z3640 (J2-Z3640) Spring T N/A $3.00
9J3-A1171 (J3-A1171) Teflon tape N/A $3.00
9J3-A2080 (J3-A2080) Bearing N/A $16.70
9J3-A4310 (J3-A4310) Bracket L Unit N/A $23.31
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