9J3-A6000 - 9J3-W2999

9J3-A6000 - 9J3-W2999
Duplo USA part numbers 9J3-A6000 - 9J3-W2999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 9J3-A6000 - 9J3-W2999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9J3-A8052 (J3-A8052) Guide Rail L Unit N/A $105.20
9J3-B1210 (J3-B1210) Collar N/A $10.60
9J3-B3061 (J3-B3061) Feed Segment Assy N/A $65.45
9J3-C2221 (J3-C2221) Shaft Unit Assy N/A $60.48
9J3-D1130 (J3-D1130) Shaft DP4030 N/A $41.28
9J3-E1210 (J3-E1210) Reinforcing Stay N/A $22.79
9J3-F2010 (J3-F2010) Shaft N/A $53.16
9J3-G1090 (J3-G1090) Angle R N/A $9.10
9J3-G2061 (J3-G2061) Timing Pulley N/A $12.85
9J3-G6030 (J3-G6030) Slide Shaft N/A $31.75
9J3-H1190 (J3-H1190) Pulley N/A $18.20
9J3-K1012 (J3-K1012) Frame R N/A $397.27
9J3-K4030 (J3-K4030) Cover F N/A $21.95
9J3-L1090 (J3-L1090) Cam N/A $7.50
9J3-S0009 (J3-S0009) Drawing Roller Unit/DP-4030,43E,S N/A $170.48
9J3-S0027I1 (J3-S0027-1) Cutter Unit for DP-4030 N/A $689.80
9J3-T4110 (J3-T4110) Control Panel/=T4112 (English ""INCH"") N/A $54.40
9J3-V3272 (J3-V3272) Interface PCB Unit for AAB-INTRFC-05 N/A $1,810.48
9J3-W1160 (J3-W1160) On line Cable N/A $54.40
9J3-A8080 (J3-A8080) Pillar N/A $22.09
9J3-B1220 (J3-B1220) Switch Bracket/V-580 N/A $17.55
9J3-B4010 (J3-B4010) Feed Shaft N/A $38.12
9J3-C3010 (J3-C3010) Spring T N/A $10.50
9J3-D1140 (J3-D1140) Collar for DP-3100 N/A $14.35
9J3-E1230 (J3-E1230) Rubber Roller N/A $63.52
9J3-F2020 (J3-F2020) Bracket N/A $18.20
9J3-G1100 (J3-G1100) Angle L N/A $9.10
9J3-G2210 (J3-G2210) Platen Roller N/A $148.96
9J3-G6040 (J3-G6040) Wire N/A $17.99
9J3-H1200 (J3-H1200) Pulley Assy N/A $29.58
9J3-K1023 (J3-K1023) Frame L N/A $383.53
9J3-K4210 (J3-K4210) Cover E (3100) N/A $148.94
9J3-M1010 (J3-M1010) Paper Stripping Shaft N/A $54.84
9J3-S0010 (J3-S0010) Driving Roller Unit A N/A $147.24
9J3-S0040 (J3-S0040) Piston Assembly N/A $58.20
9J3-T4152 (J3-T4152) Control Panel DP-3350 N/A $57.40
9J3-V3300 (J3-V3300) Control Panel Board U. DP-4035-3350-3150 N/A $523.67
9J3-W1171 (J3-W1171) Potentiometer Unit N/A $92.80
9J3-A8090 (J3-A8090) Spring C N/A $19.70
9J3-B1240 (J3-B1240) Cam N/A $36.93
9J3-B4012 (J3-B4012) Feed Shaft (new) w/5 notch N/A $39.03
9J3-C3020 (J3-C3020) Shaft N/A $37.23
9J3-D1210 (J3-D1211) P Roll Unit/=9L1-D1220 N/A $142.84
9J3-E1241 (J3-E1241) Drive Roller Unit N/A $57.08
9J3-F2060 (J3-F2060) Encoder, Plate Sensor Unit N/A $41.52
9J3-G1111 (J3-G1111) Guide Plate N/A $79.40
9J3-G2220 (J3-G2220) Timing Pulley/DP-3100 N/A $21.63
9J3-G6050 (J3-G6050) Roller Unit N/A $49.86
9J3-H1350 (J3-H1350) Shaft N/A $32.80
9J3-K1090 (J3-K1090) Cover N/A $49.91
9J3-K5020 (J3-K5020) Panel Cover B N/A $79.18
9J3-M1020 (J3-M1020) Joint Link N/A $9.00
9J3-S0012 (J3-S0012) Handle Shaft Unit/DP-43E,S/63P N/A $145.10
9J3-S0062 (J3-S0062) Ink Scraper R Assembly DP-43E/S N/A $62.60
9J3-T4162 (J3-T4162) Control Panel DP-3150 N/A $57.40
9J3-V3323 (J3-V3323) Editing Control Unit N/A $2,760.77
9J3-W2040 (J3-W2040) Master Feed Cord Unit N/A $33.57
9J3-A8100 (J3-A8100) Pillar N/A $24.20
9J3-B1261 (J3-B1261) Sheet/DP-21L N/A $5.35
9J3-B4030 (J3-B4030) Bracket N/A $54.09
9J3-C4012 (J3-C4012) Bracket N/A $70.40
9J3-D1220 (J3-D1220) Bracket Unit N/A $133.62
9J3-E1250 (J3-E1250) Subsidiary Roller N/A $56.28
9J3-F2080 (J3-F2080) Pulley Assembly/=F2081 N/A $136.06
9J3-G1121 (J3-G1121) Sliding Plate N/A $13.70
9J3-G2230 (J3-G2230) Roller N/A $51.65
9J3-G6120 (J3-G6120) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $37.23
9J3-H1370 (J3-H1370) Roller N/A $33.71
9J3-K1120 (J3-K1120) Reinforce Stay N/A $30.70
9J3-K5210 (J3-K5210) Key Top N/A $3.75
9J3-M1030 (J3-M1030) Pipe D N/A $14.35
9J3-S0014 (J3-S0014) Air Pump Assy/= 9J3-S0036 N/A $220.92
9J3-S0063 (J3-S0063) Ink Scraper L Assembly DP-43 E/S N/A $62.60
9J3-V3010 (J3-V3010) CCD PCB Unit N/A $608.37
9J3-V3361 (J3-V3361) CCD-PCB Unit (600dpi)/DP-63P,S N/A $780.80
9J3-W2060 (J3-W2060) Interface Cable/PC Interface Kit 05 N/A $497.26
9J3-A8110 (J3-A8110) Bracket N/A $28.00
9J3-B1310 (J3-B1310) Feeder Plate Unit N/A $105.20
9J3-B4051 (J3-B4051) Sensor Plate Unit N/A $27.48
9J3-C4020 (J3-C4020) Segment Unit DP-3100 N/A $33.42
9J3-D1250 (J3-D1250) Shaft N/A $35.82
9J3-E2030 (J3-E2030) Reverse Spring L N/A $19.70
9J3-F2090 (J3-F2090) Shaft N/A $35.04
9J3-G1130 (J3-G1130) Bracket R N/A $9.10
9J3-G3012 (J3-G3012) Bracket Unit N/A $123.34
9J3-G6140 (J3-G6140) Cover Assembly N/A $68.36
9J3-H2110 (J3-H2110) Magnet N/A $7.60
9J3-K1160 (J3-K1160) Sponge N/A $9.20
9J3-K5230 (J3-K5230) Key Top N/A $7.60
9J3-M1040 (J3-M1040) Pipe B N/A $12.10
9J3-S0015 (J3-S0015) Feed Segment Unit/=9J3-B3061 N/A $59.51
9J3-S0064 (J3-S0064) Ink Scraper R Assembly DP-31,33 E/S N/A $62.60
9J3-V3080 (J3-V3080) Control Panel PCB N/A $612.01
9J3-V3380 (J3-V3380) Thermal Head PCB/DP-63S/=V3381 N/A $463.19
9J3-A8210 (J3-A8210) Guide Rail R Unit N/A $87.66
9J3-B1340 (J3-B1340) Supplemental Feeder Plate N/A $58.95
9J3-B4071 (J3-B4071) Shaft N/A $10.60
9J3-C4042 (J3-C4042) Gear Unit N/A $43.53
9J3-D2010 (J3-D2010) Press Lever Unit N/A $65.97
9J3-E3210 (J3-E3210) Shaft Unit N/A $38.07
9J3-F2120 (J3-F2120) Plastic Pulley- N/A $61.18
9J3-G1140 (J3-G1140) Bracket L N/A $9.10
9J3-G3040 (J3-G3040) Shaft Assembly N/A $68.26
9J3-G6230 (J3-G6230) Slide Shaft/ DP-3100/3300 N/A $20.16
9J3-J1010 (J3-J1010) Paper Receiving Plate N/A $120.32
9J3-K1210 (J3-K1210) Reinforcing Plate A N/A $65.28
9J3-K5240 (J3-K5240) Key Top N/A $6.00
9J3-M1050 (J3-M1050) Pipe C N/A $18.20
9J3-S0017 (J3-S0017) Base Assembly N/A $57.45
9J3-S0065 (J3-S0065) Ink Scraper L Assembly DP-31,33 E/S N/A $62.60
9J3-V3100 (J3-V3100) Endmark P.C.B. Unit N/A $59.20
9J3-V3411 (J3-V3411) Interface PCB Unit for AAB-INTRFC07 N/A $1,810.48
9J3-A8240 (J3-A8240) Guide Rail L Unit N/A $87.66
9J3-B2030 (J3-B2030) Collar/Duplicators, DC-645 N/A $8.00
9J3-B4080 (J3-B4080) Collar N/A $20.80
9J3-C4081 (J3-C4081) Pillar N/A $14.35
9J3-D3011 (J3-D3011) Lever Shaft Unit N/A $48.95
9J3-E4021 (J3-E4021) Hinge Base N/A $19.04
9J3-F2140 (J3-F2140) Timing Pulley/old 9E1-48853 N/A $22.16
9J3-G1151 (J3-G1151) Cover N/A $46.56
9J3-G3072 (J3-G3072) Bracket N/A $44.08
9J3-G6240 (J3-G6240) Wire for DP-3150 N/A $23.35
9J3-J1020 (J3-J1020) Paper Receiver Guide N/A $42.57
9J3-K2011 (J3-K2011) Switch Angle N/A $5.35
9J3-K5250 (J3-K5250) Key Top N/A $7.60
9J3-M2020 (J3-M2020) Link N/A $18.87
9J3-S0018 (J3-S0018) Clamp Plate Assembly N/A $89.88
9J3-T1100 (J3-T1100) Push Label N/A $14.35
9J3-V3120 (J3-V3120) Drive Board Unit/=3121 N/A $796.18
9J3-V3440 (J3-V3440) End-Mark P.C.B 2 Unit/DP-63S/SH N/A $50.74
9J3-A6011 (J3-A6011) Outer Frame R Unit N/A $171.12
9J3-B1011 (J3-B1011) Feeder Plate Unit N/A $160.16
9J3-B2060 (J3-B2060) Side Plate Unit L N/A $60.57
9J3-B4090 (J3-B4090) Shaft N/A $45.73
9J3-C4090 (J3-C4090) Cam N/A $5.35
9J3-D3030 (J3-D3030) Bracket N/A $12.75
9J3-E4030 (J3-E4030) Cover N/A $105.80
9J3-F3011 (J3-F3011) Driving Shaft Assembly N/A $190.59
9J3-G1170 (J3-G1170) Static Brush N/A $21.65
9J3-G3080 (J3-G3080) Guide Plate N/A $35.42
9J3-G6260 (J3-G6260) Cover Assembly N/A $61.25
9J3-J1050 (J3-J1050) Rail R N/A $35.60
9J3-K2041 (J3-K2041) Connector Bracket N/A $23.35
9J3-K5260 (J3-K5260) Key Top N/A $7.60
9J3-M2030 (J3-M2030) Cylinder N/A $35.42
9J3-S0019 (J3-S0019) Drum Assembly/B4 new style N/A $517.11
9J3-T3010 (J3-T3010) Master Ejection Label N/A $21.10
9J3-V3141 (J3-V3141) Thermal Head PCB N/A $459.78
9J3-V3450 (J3-V3451) Endmark PCB Unit 3 N/A $50.68
9J3-A6061 (J3-A6061) Cover R N/A $22.79
9J3-B1080 (J3-B1080) Spacer N/A $6.10
9J3-B2071 (J3-B2071) Sprocket Unit N/A $97.92
9J3-B4210 (J3-B4210) Feed Shaft N/A $38.12
9J3-C4100 (J3-C4100) Sensor Bracket N/A $9.10
9J3-D3050 (J3-D3050) Spring N/A $12.85
9J3-F1010 (J3-F1010) Handle Shaft Unit for 4030/=F1011 N/A $90.06
9J3-F3040 (J3-F3040) Bracket N/A $87.06
9J3-G1191 (J3-G1191) Stay N/A $13.60
9J3-G3210 (J3-G3210) Bracket Unit N/A $60.57
9J3-H1030 (J3-H1030) Reinforcing Plate N/A $61.92
9J3-J1060 (J3-J1060) Rail L N/A $29.09
9J3-K2051 (J3-K2051) Bracket N/A $19.70
9J3-K8010 (J3-K8010) Panel Cover A N/A $84.02
9J3-M2070 (J3-M2070) Bracket/New N/A $20.16
9J3-S0020 (J3-S0020) Feed Inlet Unit DP-3100/3300 N/A $139.06
9J3-T3020 (J3-T3020) Direction/ English Version N/A $23.45
9J3-V3161 (J3-V3161) Main P.C.B. Unit N/A $370.83
9J3-V3470 (J3-V3470) AD PBC Unit (Interface) N/A $765.33
9J3-A7010 (J3-A7010) Rail Unit N/A $71.94
9J3-B1091 (J3-B1091) Luck N/A $19.70
9J3-B2100 (J3-B2100) Rail N/A $31.75
9J3-B5041 (J3-B5041) Bracket N/A $18.20
9J3-C5030 (J3-C5030) Link N/A $3.75
9J3-D3210 (J3-D3210) Lever Shaft Unit N/A $34.47
9J3-F1020 (J3-F1020) Handle Shaft N/A $108.24
9J3-F3080 (J3-F3080) Sensor Angle N/A $13.70
9J3-G1200 (J3-G1200) Sliding Plate N/A $5.30
9J3-G3240 (J3-G3240) Lever Shaft Unit N/A $52.09
9J3-H1070 (J3-H1070) Shaft N/A $33.57
9J3-J1070 (J3-J1070) Sponge N/A $13.70
9J3-K2060 (J3-K2060) Plate Spring N/A $14.35
9J3-L1010 (J3-L1010) Lever N/A $16.80
9J3-M2080 (J3-M2080) Piston N/A $18.20
9J3-S0021 (J3-S0021) Drawing Roller Unit/DP-31S N/A $135.08
9J3-T3040 (J3-T3040) Master Set Label N/A $19.70
9J3-V3181 (J3-V3181) Main PCB Unit DP-4030/35 N/A $1,678.92
9J3-W1021 (J3-W1021) Bundle Cable Unit 2 N/A $323.23
9J3-A7051 (J3-A7051) Shaft Assembly N/A $297.83
9J3-B1100 (J3-B1100) Nut N/A $12.75
9J3-B2110 (J3-B2110) Holding Plate L N/A $12.95
9J3-C1010 (J3-C1010) Timing Roller DP-4030 N/A $124.80
9J3-D1010 (J3-D1010) P Roll Unit/=9L1-D1120 N/A $197.98
9J3-E1010 (J3-E1010) Frame R Unit N/A $45.73
9J3-F1061 (J3-F1061) Handle Gear N/A $50.63
9J3-F3100 (J3-F3100) Pillar N/A $18.06
9J3-G1210 (J3-G1210/1) Angle,Bracket N/A $19.70
9J3-G5010 (J3-G5010) Shaft N/A $25.38
9J3-H1091 (J3-H1091) Fan Cover N/A $42.57
9J3-J1080 (J3-J1080) Slide N/A $16.70
9J3-K3010 (J3-K3010) Cover A/= J3-K3160 N/A $108.84
9J3-L1020 (J3-L1020) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $69.46
9J3-N2050 (J3-N2050) Knob N/A $46.97
9J3-S0022 (J3-S0022) Driving Roller A/DP-3100/3300 N/A $137.26
9J3-T3060 (J3-T3060) Ink Pack Set Label N/A $18.06
9J3-V3200 (J3-V3200) Battery PCB N/A $165.04
9J3-W1041 (J3-W1041) Power Supply Cord Unit N/A $60.57
9J3-A7081 (J3-A7081) Outer Frame L N/A $103.66
9J3-B1140 (J3-B1140) Shaft N/A $25.38
9J3-B2120 (J3-B2120) Chain N/A $34.92
9J3-C1020 (J3-C1020) Clutch Spring N/A $9.20
9J3-D1021 (J3-D1021) Bracket Shaft Unit N/A $143.60
9J3-E1040 (J3-E1040) Reinforcing Stay DP4030 N/A $26.53
9J3-F1071 (J3-F1071) Reinforce Frame N/A $38.07
9J3-F3110 (J3-F3110) Index N/A $16.70
9J3-G1310 (J3-G1310) Stay N/A $24.36
9J3-G5020 (J3-G5020) Shaft N/A $27.48
9J3-H1101 (J3-H1101) Sensor Bracket N/A $19.70
9J3-J1090 (J3-J1090) Plate Spring N/A $19.04
9J3-K3030 (J3-K3030) Cover C N/A $128.78
9J3-L1030 (J3-L1030) Shaft N/A $26.43
9J3-S0002 (J3-S0002) Drum Body N/A $569.82
9J3-S0023 (J3-S0023) Drawing Roller Unit B N/A $79.22
9J3-T3192 (J3-T3192) Control Panel for DP-4035(English) 220V N/A $57.45
9J3-V3210 (J3-V3210) Main Motor PCB Unit N/A $366.26
9J3-W1060 (J3-W1060) A/D Cord Unit N/A $67.70
9J3-A7091 (J3-A7091) Cover L N/A $22.79
9J3-B1150 (J3-B1150) Collar N/A $9.10
9J3-B2210 (J3-B2210) Under Tray/DP-3100/3300 N/A $66.82
9J3-C2010 (J3-C2010) G Roll N/A $59.85
9J3-D1060 (J3-D1060) Bracket R Unit N/A $38.12
9J3-E1060 (J3-E1060) Rubber Roller N/A $76.18
9J3-F1080 (J3-F1080) Shaft N/A $33.57
9J3-G1023 (J3-G1023) Frame, Sub R N/A $77.98
9J3-G1330 (J3-G1330) Guide Plate N/A $59.51
9J3-G5210 (J3-G5210) Shaft N/A $25.38
9J3-H1121 (J3-H1121) Side Cover R N/A $32.80
9J3-J1110 (J3-J1110) Tape N/A $7.45
9J3-K3040 (J3-K3040) Cover D Unit N/A $118.12
9J3-L1041 (J3-L1041) Shaft N/A $31.75
9J3-S0003 (J3-S0003) Base Assembly N/A $64.58
9J3-S0024 (J3-S0024) Handle Shaft Unit/DP-31,33E/S N/A $145.10
9J3-T3200 (J3-T3200) Label, WARNING 1 N/A $12.85
9J3-V3220 (J3-V3220) Main Motor Board Unit/ 230V N/A $376.64
9J3-W1070 (J3-W1070) Sensor Cord Unit N/A $25.38
9J3-A7210 (J3-A7210) Rail Unit N/A $61.68
9J3-B1160 (J3-B1160) Adjustment Dial N/A $23.45
9J3-B2230 (J3-B2230) Sprocket Unit N/A $91.30
9J3-C2021 (J3-C2021) Shaft Assembly N/A $75.58
9J3-D1090 (J3-D1090) Lever R N/A $6.10
9J3-E1071 (J3-E1071) Driving Roller N/A $58.84
9J3-F1211 (J3-F1211) Handle Shaft N/A $83.42
9J3-G1053 (J3-G1053) Frame, Sub L N/A $77.98
9J3-G1340 (J3-G1340) Cover N/A $49.09
9J3-G5220 (J3-G5220) Shaft N/A $21.63
9J3-H1131 (J3-H1131) Side Cover L N/A $32.80
9J3-J1130 (J3-J1130) Stopper/Old 9E1-49580 N/A $10.60
9J3-K3120 (J3-K3170) Cover B/=J3-K3170/80 N/A $114.74
9J3-L1050 (J3-L1050) Bracket N/A $61.08
9J3-S0004 (J3-S0004) Clamp Plate Assembly N/A $123.48
9J3-S0026 (J3-S0026) Master Unit for DP-3100/3300 N/A $1,865.57
9J3-T3370 (J3-T3370) Metric Overlay C.P/3150 N/A $29.44
9J3-V3230 (J3-V3230) Main PCB Unit N/A $1,374.31
9J3-W1100 (J3-W1100) Cutter Switch Cord Unit N/A $32.80
9J3-A8012 (J3-A8012) Guide Rail R Unit N/A $105.20
9J3-B1190 (J3-B1190) Supplemental Feed Plate N/A $65.48
9J3-B3030 (J3-B3030) Shaft N/A $46.74
9J3-C2070 (J3-C2070) Shaft N/A $37.23
9J3-D1100 (J3-D1100) Bracket L Unit N/A $38.12
9J3-E1080 (J3-E1080) Subsidiary Roller N/A $182.80
9J3-F1220 (J3-F1220) Handle Shaft N/A $100.06
9J3-G1060 (J3-G1060) Stay N/A $26.43
9J3-G2010 (J3-G2010) Platen Roller N/A $192.83
9J3-G6011 (J3-G6011) Bracket N/A $101.56
9J3-H1160 (J3-H1160) Roller N/A $35.42
9J3-J1220 (J3-J1220) Paper Receiver Stopper N/A $33.57
9J3-K3131 (J3-K3131) Inner Cover/=J3-K3190 N/A $61.68
9J3-L1061 (J3-L1061) Angle N/A $12.10
9J3-S0006 (J3-S0006) Feed Clutch Assembly N/A $235.52
9J3-S0026I1 (J3-S0026-1) Cutter Unit for DP-3100/3300 N/A $618.42
9J3-T4020 (J3-T4020) Panel N/A $54.40
9J3-V3242 (J3-V3242) Thermal Head PCB Unit/=V3243 N/A $455.18
9J3-W1110 (J3-W1110) Master Feed Cord Unit N/A $33.57
9J3-A8022 (J3-A8022) Guide Rail R Unit N/A $68.30
9J3-B1200 (J3-B1200) Lever N/A $9.65
9J3-B3041 (J3-B3041) New Improved Feed Cam N/A $21.95
9J3-C2210 (J3-C2210) G Roll 31,33 N/A $64.13
9J3-D1120 (J3-D1120) Lever L N/A $7.60
9J3-E1100 (J3-E1100) Pulley N/A $12.85
9J3-F1230 (J3-F1230) Handle Gear N/A $50.30
9J3-G1080 (J3-G1080) Guide Plate N/A $35.37
9J3-G2020 (J3-G2020) Roller N/A $57.78
9J3-G6020 (J3-G6020) Guide Plate N/A $49.86
9J3-H1170 (J3-H1170) Flat Belt N/A $63.27
9J3-J1260 (J3-J1260) Spring Plate/Leaf N/A $24.85
9J3-K4012 (J3-K4012) Cover E (4030)/=K4014 N/A $156.70
9J3-L1071 (J3-L1071) Tension Angle Unit N/A $29.12
9J3-S0008 (J3-S0008) Escape Lever Assembly N/A $60.57
9J3-S0027 (J3-S0027) Master Unit Assembly for DP-4030 N/A $2,066.59
9J3-T4032 (J3-T4032) Control Panel DP-4035/120V N/A $57.40
9J3-V3250 (J3-V3250) Main PCB Unit N/A $1,374.31
9J3-W1120 (J3-W1120) Cord Unit N/A $25.38
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