9J3-X0000 - 9J8-M1999

9J3-X0000 - 9J8-M1999
Duplo USA part numbers 9J3-X0000 - 9J8-M1999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Sponge Roller DP-2050/205/205A
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All Sizes of 9J3-X0000 - 9J8-M1999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9J8-G1140 (J8-G1140) Bracket N/A $6.08
9J8-G2220 (J8-G2220) Sponge Roller DP-2050/205/205A N/A $81.11
9J8-G3700 (J8-G3700) Guide Plate Assy N/A $74.14
9J8-H2020 (J8-H2020) Arm N/A $6.08
9J8-J1021 (J8-J1021) Paper Stacker Guide R N/A $29.23
9J8-K1140 (J8-K1140) Plate N/A $47.12
9J8-K3111 (J8-K3111) Cover N/A $236.41
9J8-L1050 (J8-L1050) Angle N/A $12.29
9J3-X1140 (J3-X1141) Thermal Head DP-3300E/S N/A $1,897.09
9J8-A1200 (J8-A1200) Angle(R) N/A $6.08
9J8-A2080 (J8-A2080) Shaft N/A $41.45
9J8-A4070 (J8-A4070) Inner Frame N/A $24.57
9J8-A7031 (J8-A7031) Stay N/A $34.26
9J8-B1080 (J8-B1080) Bearing N/A $27.12
9J8-B6011 (J8-B6011) Lever N/A $17.01
9J8-D1020 (J8-D1020) Shaft Assembly N/A $105.27
9J8-E1330 (J8-E1330) Rubber Roller N/A $85.87
9J8-E5020 (J8-E5020) Lever Assembly N/A $32.67
9J8-F3012 (J8-F3012) Driving Shaft Assembly N/A $237.55
9J8-G1150 (J8-G1150) Plate N/A $10.26
9J8-G2310 (J8-G2310) Sponge Roller DP-2030/203/203A N/A $82.62
9J8-G4010 (J8-G4010) Motor Plate N/A $10.13
9J8-H2030 (J8-H2030) Shaft N/A $10.26
9J8-J1031 (J8-J1031) Paper Stacker Guide L N/A $29.23
9J8-K1150 (J8-K1150) Grip N/A $24.57
9J8-K3130 (J8-K3130) Spring Leaf N/A $6.35
9J8-L1060 (J8-L1060) Shaft N/A $40.03
9J3-X1150 (J3-X1151) Thermal Head DP-3100,31 E/S N/A $1,042.21
9J8-A1210 (J8-A1210) Angle(L) N/A $7.76
9J8-A2090 (J8-A2090) Plate Assembly N/A $49.95
9J8-A5030 (J8-A5030) Gear N/A $23.96
9J8-A7041 (J8-A7041) Frame Assembly N/A $242.43
9J8-B1090 (J8-B1090) Guide N/A $32.67
9J8-B6020 (J8-B6020) Spring L N/A $4.05
9J8-D1050 (J8-D1050) Bracket Assembly N/A $34.26
9J8-E1410 (J8-E1410) Stay/DP-220LE N/A $33.17
9J8-E5040 (J8-E5040) Shaft N/A $33.17
9J8-F3071 (J8-F3071) Bracket N/A $30.05
9J8-G1160 (J8-G1160) Spring C N/A $6.08
9J8-G2400 (J8-G2400) Platen Roller/DP-C N/A $178.66
9J8-G4020 (J8-G4020) Shaft N/A $28.26
9J8-H2040 (J8-H2040) Shaft N/A $10.26
9J8-J1050 (J8-J1050) Sponge N/A $20.39
9J8-K1160 (J8-K1160) Brush N/A $60.39
9J8-K3160 (J8-K3160) Cover B/DP-C120 N/A $178.66
9J8-L1070 (J8-L1070) Bracket N/A $49.95
9J3-X1180 (J3-X1180) Pen for 999-MON-01 N/A $41.35
9J8-A1230 (J8-A1230) Sheet/9J8-A1231 N/A $25.70
9J8-A2110 (J8-A2110) Plate Assembly N/A $49.95
9J8-A6012 (J8-A6012) Frame Outer N/A $82.62
9J8-A7050 (J8-A7050) Holder Assembly N/A $62.33
9J8-B1240 (J8-B1240) Feeder Guide/DP-203, 205 II N/A $32.81
9J8-C1010 (J8-C1010) Roller Shaft N/A $123.23
9J8-D1070 (J8-D1070) Bracket Assembly N/A $34.26
9J8-E2010 (J8-E2010) Cover N/A $77.15
9J8-E5210 (J8-E5210) Shaft N/A $18.16
9J8-F3082 (J8-F3082) Plate N/A $15.05
9J8-G1180 (J8-G1180) Sensor Cover N/A $26.60
9J8-G3011 (J8-G3011) Bracket N/A $72.95
9J8-G4030 (J8-G4030) Angle Assembly N/A $25.70
9J8-H2050 (J8-H2050) Spring N/A $14.31
9J8-J1240 (J8-J1240) Sponge N/A $34.59
9J8-K1180 (J8-K1180) Plate N/A $24.57
9J8-K3170 (J8-K3170) Cover A/DP-C N/A $226.23
9J8-L1080 (J8-L1080) Angle Assembly N/A $32.89
9J3-X1200 (J3-X1200) Thermal Head/=9J3-X1201 (TPH293R21) N/A $2,936.07
9J8-A1231 (J8-A1231) Sheet/New for all Model N/A $34.26
9J8-A2210 (J8-A2210) Roller Unit/ DP-2050 N/A $277.80
9J8-A6013 (J8-A6013) Outer Frame L (New) N/A $90.40
9J8-A7100 (J8-A7100) Gear N/A $26.46
9J8-B1250 (J8-B1250) Set Screw, DP-203, 205 II N/A $31.05
9J8-C1110 (J8-C1110) Timing Roller/DP-2050 N/A $130.06
9J8-D1090 (J8-D1090) Shaft N/A $44.28
9J8-E3010 (J8-E3010) Shaft Assembly N/A $49.95
9J8-F1011 (J8-F1011) Handle Shaft N/A $134.68
9J8-F3091 (J8-F3091) Sensor Bracket N/A $12.42
9J8-G1250 (J8-G1250) Cover Assembly N/A $57.47
9J8-G3040 (J8-G3040) Shaft Assembly N/A $78.07
9J8-G4060 (J8-G4060) Angle N/A $6.08
9J8-H2060 (J8-H2061) Pulley/2061new N/A $13.50
9J8-J1250 (J8-J1250) Stopper N/A $24.34
9J8-K2010 (J8-K2010) Angle N/A $7.22
9J8-K3180 (J8-K3180) Inner Cover/DP-C120 N/A $219.94
9J8-M1011 (J8-M1011) Pipe N/A $30.24
9J3-X1210 (J3-X1210) Thermal Head. DP-63P/S N/A $4,039.17
9J8-A1250 (J8-A1250) Spring N/A $22.07
9J8-A3011 (J8-A3011) Ink Pump Assembly N/A $242.68
9J8-A6060 (J8-A6060) Bracket N/A $14.31
9J8-A7150 (J8-A7150) Cover N/A $28.62
9J8-B2010 (J8-B2010) Lever Assembly N/A $55.12
9J8-C2010 (J8-C2010) Roller Shaft N/A $72.43
9J8-D1100 (J8-D1100) Collar N/A $16.34
9J8-E3030 (J8-E3030) Shaft N/A $26.60
9J8-F1052 (J8-F1052) Handle Gear for DP2050 N/A $59.85
9J8-F3100 (J8-F3100) Angle N/A $9.79
9J8-G1260 (J8-G1260) Stay Assembly N/A $55.12
9J8-G3080 (J8-G3080) Lever Assembly N/A $27.12
9J8-G4070 (J8-G4070) Shaft N/A $25.61
9J8-H2071 (J8-H2071) Roller/new style N/A $49.57
9J8-J1270 (J8-J1270) Guide R N/A $26.70
9J8-K2020 (J8-K2020) Bracket N/A $18.36
9J8-K3230 (J8-K3230) Rear Cover/DP-C N/A $367.63
9J8-M1020 (J8-M1020) Bracket N/A $28.62
9J6-C1060 (J6-C1060) Clamper/DC-535 N/A $14.31
9J8-A1420 (J8-A1420) Drum (DP-2050) N/A $353.15
9J8-A3030 (J8-A3031) Cylinder/New 3031 N/A $30.31
9J8-A6070 (J8-A6070) Stopper Plate N/A $24.29
9J8-A7310 (J8-A7310) Rail Unit N/A $49.42
9J8-B2030 (J8-B2030) Lever N/A $14.31
9J8-C2020 (J8-C2020) Shaft Assembly N/A $90.88
9J8-D2010 (J8-D2010) Lever Assembly N/A $61.20
9J8-E3040 (J8-E3040) Lever Assembly N/A $27.12
9J8-F1060 (J8-F1060) Frame N/A $30.05
9J8-G1013 (J8-G1013) Frame N/A $45.70
9J8-G1451 (J8-G1451) Guide Plate Assembly/DP-2050/205 N/A $131.49
9J8-G3100 (J8-G3100) Plate N/A $24.29
9J8-G5011 (J8-G5011) Shaft N/A $27.12
9J8-H3011 (J8-H3011) Plate N/A $45.32
9J8-J1280 (J8-J1280) Guide L N/A $28.31
9J8-K2030 (J8-K2030) Bracket N/A $6.08
9J8-K3250 (J8-K3250) I/F Cover Unit/DP-C N/A $13.50
9J8-A1020 (J8-A1020) Flange N/A $82.62
9J8-A1480 (J8-A1480) Bar/DP-2050 N/A $7.22
9J8-A3050 (J8-A3050) Bracket N/A $28.62
9J8-A6090 (J8-A6090) Shaft N/A $44.28
9J8-A8010 (J8-A8010) Stopper Plate N/A $2.03
9J8-B2040 (J8-B2040) Lever N/A $6.68
9J8-C2070 (J8-C2070) Shaft N/A $48.53
9J8-D3011 (J8-D3011) Shaft,Lever N/A $46.53
9J8-E3070 (J8-E3070) Bracket N/A $18.23
9J8-F1070 (J8-F1070) Shaft N/A $43.19
9J8-G1023 (J8-G1023) Frame N/A $45.70
9J8-G1472 (J8-G1472) Sliding Plate N/A $16.34
9J8-G3110 (J8-G3110) Brush N/A $26.80
9J8-G5020 (J8-G5020) Shaft N/A $24.29
9J8-H3021 (J8-H3021) Jump Plate N/A $16.34
9J8-K1010 (J8-K1010) Frame N/A $149.36
9J8-K2070 (J8-K2070) Bracket N/A $20.39
9J8-K5020 (J8-K5020) Angle N/A $63.96
9J8-A1030 (J8-A1030) Flange N/A $85.62
9J8-A1490 (J8-A1490) Bar/DP-2050/DP-23S N/A $10.26
9J8-A3060 (J8-A3060) Hose N/A $14.31
9J8-A6100 (J8-A6100) Cam N/A $12.29
9J8-A8021 (J8-A8021) Pillar N/A $30.65
9J8-B2050 (J8-B2050) Pillar N/A $12.29
9J8-C2210 (J8-C2210) G-Roll N/A $87.30
9J8-E1010 (J8-E1010) Frame Assembly N/A $37.10
9J8-E3080 (J8-E3080) Lever N/A $10.26
9J8-F1080 (J8-F1080) Bracket N/A $12.29
9J8-G1030 (J8-G1030) Stay N/A $25.70
9J8-G1500 (J8-G1500) Stay Assy/DP-205A N/A $63.94
9J8-G3120 (J8-G3120) Spring N/A $14.18
9J8-H1010 (J8-H1010) Bracket N/A $8.24
9J8-H3031 (J8-H3031) Jump Plate N/A $16.34
9J8-K1020 (J8-K1020) Frame N/A $136.30
9J8-K3011 (J8-K3011) Cover N/A $98.69
9J8-K5031 (J8-K5031) Angle N/A $21.53
9J8-A1050 (J8-A1050) Holder R N/A $7.76
9J8-A1501 (J8-A1501) Screen N/A $274.78
9J8-A3090 (J8-A3090) Ink Distributor N/A $26.46
9J8-A6110 (J8-A6110) Handle N/A $20.05
9J8-A8041 (J8-A8041) Pillar N/A $26.60
9J8-B2061 (J8-B2061) Lever N/A $8.24
9J8-C2220 (J8-C2220) Shaft Unit Assy/DP-2050 N/A $87.37
9J8-E1030 (J8-E1030) Frame N/A $22.41
9J8-E3090 (J8-E3090) Spring N/A $8.24
9J8-F1090 (J8-F1090) Pillar N/A $20.39
9J8-G1041 (J8-G1041) Angle N/A $18.23
9J8-G1520 (J8-G1520) Static Eliminator Brush N/A $26.87
9J8-G3190 (J8-G3190) Plate Assembly N/A $48.96
9J8-H1020 (J8-H1020) Stopper N/A $10.26
9J8-H3040 (J8-H3040) Plate N/A $16.34
9J8-K1030 (J8-K1030) Plate N/A $82.62
9J8-K3020 (J8-K3020) Cover N/A $115.10
9J8-K5040 (J8-K5040) Button N/A $4.05
9J8-A1060 (J8-A1060) Holder L N/A $7.76
9J8-A2010 (J8-A2010) Roller Assembly N/A $276.39
9J8-A3101 (J8-A3101) Bracket/New 3102 N/A $100.31
9J8-A6120 (J8-A6120) Pillar N/A $24.57
9J8-A8052 (J8-A8052) Angle Assembly N/A $50.10
9J8-B2070 (J8-B2070) Collar N/A $14.31
9J8-C3010 (J8-C3010) Lever Assembly N/A $124.01
9J8-E1040 (J8-E1040) Stay N/A $32.67
9J8-E3210 (J8-E3210) Shaft Unit N/A $47.59
9J8-F2010 (J8-F2010) Collar/old 9J3-F2030 N/A $15.05
9J8-G1053 (J8-G1053) Guide Plate Assembly N/A $109.27
9J8-G1620 (J8-G1620) Stay Assy/DP-203 N/A $66.68
9J8-G3311 (J8-G3311) Bracket Unit N/A $70.17
9J8-H1030 (J8-H1030) Link N/A $4.05
9J8-H3050 (J8-H3050) Angle N/A $10.26
9J8-K1040 (J8-K1040) Plate N/A $51.46
9J8-K3031 (J8-K3031) Cover N/A $89.72
9J8-K5050 (J8-K5050) Button N/A $8.10
9J8-A1070 (J8-A1070) Drum N/A $253.02
9J8-A2020 (J8-A2020) Ink Scraper R N/A $12.29
9J8-A4010 (J8-A4010) Holder Assembly N/A $86.51
9J8-A6130 (J8-A6130) Cover N/A $28.62
9J8-A8071 (J8-A8071) Lever N/A $10.26
9J8-B2080 (J8-B2080) Switch Bracket N/A $12.29
9J8-C4011 (J8-C4011) Bracket N/A $51.39
9J8-E1060 (J8-E1060) Rubber Roller N/A $76.18
9J8-E4011 (J8-E4011) Bracket N/A $80.41
9J8-F2020 (J8-F2020) Angle Assembly N/A $30.05
9J8-G1080 (J8-G1080) Bracket N/A $6.95
9J8-G1670 (J8-G1670) Guide Plate Assembly/DP-203 N/A $119.56
9J8-G3361 (J8-G3361) Guide Plate Assembly N/A $69.90
9J8-H1041 (J8-H1041) Shaft N/A $51.46
9J8-H3062 (J8-H3062) Bracket N/A $16.34
9J8-K1050 (J8-K1050) Stay N/A $20.39
9J8-K3042 (J8-K3042) Cover N/A $103.60
9J8-K5060 (J8-K5060) Button N/A $8.10
9J3-X1010 (J3-X1010) Power Supply 110 VOLTS N/A $1,566.43
9J8-A1081 (J8-A1081) Clamp Assembly N/A $47.75
9J8-A2030 (J8-A2030) Ink Scraper L N/A $12.29
9J8-A4020 (J8-A4020) Holder N/A $47.75
9J8-A6140 (J8-A6140) Pillar N/A $24.29
9J8-A8100 (J8-A8100) Angle Assembly N/A $50.10
9J8-B2090 (J8-B2090) Knob N/A $16.34
9J8-C4021 (J8-C4021) Segment Gear N/A $37.10
9J8-E1070 (J8-E1070) Driving Roller N/A $66.19
9J8-E4020 (J8-E4020) Hinge Plate N/A $10.26
9J8-F2040 (J8-F2040) Sensor Angle N/A $12.29
9J8-G1091 (J8-G1091) Cover N/A $34.26
9J8-G2010 (J8-G2010) Roller Assembly N/A $93.83
9J8-G3533 (J8-G3533) Bracket/DP-203 N/A $29.30
9J8-H1050 (J8-H1050) Bush N/A $25.23
9J8-H3221 (J8-H3221) Jump Base R N/A $58.77
9J8-K1061 (J8-K1061) Guide Rail Assembly N/A $66.19
9J8-K3071 (J8-K3071) Hinge N/A $53.91
9J8-K5070 (J8-K5070) Button N/A $8.10
9J3-X1020 (J3-X1020) Power Supply 220Volts N/A $1,499.65
9J8-A1120 (J8-A1120) Lever Assembly N/A $59.98
9J8-A2041 (J8-A2041) Roller N/A $28.63
9J8-A4031 (J8-A4031) Stay N/A $37.10
9J8-A6210 (J8-A6210) Lever Unit N/A $28.63
9J8-B1011 (J8-B1011) Paper Feeding Plate N/A $89.72
9J8-B2240 (J8-B2240) Spring T/EX-2000 N/A $38.42
9J8-C4050 (J8-C4050) Gear Assembly N/A $37.10
9J8-E1080 (J8-E1080) Roller N/A $59.51
9J8-E4030 (J8-E4030) Cover N/A $18.23
9J8-F2061 (J8-F2061) Shaft N/A $28.63
9J8-G1101 (J8-G1101) Stay N/A $31.47
9J8-G2020 (J8-G2020) Sponge Roller N/A $84.17
9J8-G3560 (J8-G3560) Bracket Unit/DP-203 N/A $70.13
9J8-H1070 (J8-H1070) Stopper N/A $8.24
9J8-H3231 (J8-H3231) Jump Base L N/A $58.77
9J8-K1091 (J8-K1091) Guide Rail Assembly N/A $66.19
9J8-K3081 (J8-K3081) Plate N/A $20.39
9J8-K5080 (J8-K5080) Key Top N/A $10.26
9J3-X1030 (J3-X1030) Motor N/A $268.06
9J8-A1140 (J8-A1140) O-Ring (DP-2050) N/A $35.82
9J8-A2050 (J8-A2050) Bearing N/A $12.29
9J8-A4040 (J8-A4040) Stay N/A $24.29
9J8-A6260 (J8-A6260) Bracket N/A $16.34
9J8-B1050 (J8-B1050) Paper Guide N/A $31.47
9J8-B3010 (J8-B3010) Cam N/A $32.13
9J8-C4091 (J8-C4091) Sensor Bracket N/A $10.26
9J8-E1091 (J8-E1091) Guide N/A $8.24
9J8-E4040 (J8-E4040) Sliding Plate N/A $22.28
9J8-F2080 (J8-F2080) Pulley N/A $27.34
9J8-G1113 (J8-G1113) Cover (New) N/A $67.38
9J8-G2030 (J8-G2030) End Mark Label N/A $15.05
9J8-G3630 (J8-G3630) Sheet N/A $13.57
9J8-H1130 (J8-H1130) Upper Rolller for MS-4000 N/A $159.19
9J8-H3240 (J8-H3240) Bracket N/A $27.27
9J8-K1120 (J8-K1120) Cover N/A $63.71
9J8-K3092 (J8-K3092) Bracket N/A $29.92
9J8-L1011 (J8-L1011) Sensor Bracket N/A $10.26
9J3-X1050 (J3-X1050) Motor N/A $305.40
9J8-A1170 (J8-A1170) Bar N/A $4.05
9J8-A2060 (J8-A2060) Bearing N/A $18.36
9J8-A4050 (J8-A4050) Angle N/A $4.05
9J8-A6270 (J8-A6270) Cover N/A $12.29
9J8-B1061 (J8-B1061) Paper Tray N/A $60.55
9J8-B4010 (J8-B4010) Shaft N/A $40.03
9J8-C4100 (J8-C4100) Sensor Plate N/A $31.47
9J8-E1102 (J8-E1102) Plate N/A $59.98
9J8-E4060 (J8-E4060) Bracket/Stay N/A $34.26
9J8-F2090 (J8-F2090) Motor Plate N/A $20.39
9J8-G1120 (J8-G1120) Spring L N/A $12.42
9J8-G2210 (J8-G2210) Platen Roller N/A $162.43
9J8-G3650 (J8-G3650) Spring T N/A $15.73
9J8-H2010 (J8-H2010) Bracket N/A $14.18
9J8-J1010 (J8-J1010) Paper Receiving Tray N/A $91.02
9J8-K1132 (J8-K1132) Cover N/A $68.42
9J8-K3101 (J8-K3101) Lever N/A $15.73
9J8-L1020 (J8-L1020) Pulley Assembly N/A $55.20
9J3-X1070 (J3-X1070) Motor N/A $262.17
9J8-A1180 (J8-A1180) Bar N/A $10.26
9J8-A2070 (J8-A2070) Squeegee N/A $83.20
9J8-A4060 (J8-A4060) Inner Frame N/A $24.57
9J8-A7011 (J8-A7011) Rail Assembly N/A $48.53
9J8-B1071 (J8-B1071) Shaft N/A $56.34
9J8-B5011 (J8-B5011) Angle N/A $79.58
9J8-D1010 (J8-D1010) Press Roller Unit N/A $183.98
9J8-E1111 (J8-E1111) Bracket N/A $12.29
9J8-E5010 (J8-E5010) Lever N/A $20.18
9J8-F2210 (J8-F2210) Shaft N/A $49.05
9J8-G1130 (J8-G1130) Bracket N/A $6.08
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