9J8-P1000 - 9L1-A8999

9J8-P1000 - 9L1-A8999
Duplo USA part numbers 9J8-P1000 - 9L1-A8999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Paper Size Label R (Inch)
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All Sizes of 9J8-P1000 - 9L1-A8999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9J8-P1021 (J8-P1021) Frame N/A $22.28
9J8-P1210 (J8-P1210) Cover N/A $51.46
9J8-P2060 (J8-P2060) Angle N/A $6.08
9J8-P4030 (J8-P4030) Luck N/A $6.08
9J8-P4370 (J8-P4370) Reinforcement Plate N/A $27.74
9J8-S0010 (J8-S0010) Shaft Assembly N/A $180.39
9J8-S0052 (J8-S0052) Screen Assy N/A $304.32
9J8-T1090 (J8-T1090) Indication Label N/A $20.39
9J8-T1730 (J8-T1730) Label ""HELP""/DP-C N/A $7.83
9J8-V3290 (J8-V3290) DC-DC P.W.B. Unit/DP-2050 N/A $365.97
9J8-W1240 (J8-W1240) Cable 4 Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $92.29
9J8-X1080 (J8-X1080) Regulated Power Supply/=9J8-X1180 N/A $617.02
9K5-A3220 (K5-A3220) O Ring/MS-4000 N/A $45.93
9K8-K2010 (K8-K2010) Bar/ MS-4000 N/A $36.38
9K9-71060 (K9-71060) Lift Unit V-170 N/A $121.77
9L1-A1840 (L1-A1840) Cam L (A3/A4) N/A $26.60
9L1-A3110 (L1-A3110) Plug N/A $34.26
9L1-A6070 (L1-A6070) Spring N/A $26.60
9L1-A8020 (L1-A8020) Pillar N/A $32.89
9J8-P1032 (J8-P1032) Frame Assembly N/A $58.77
9J8-P1220 (J8-P1220) Pillar N/A $20.39
9J8-P2211 (J8-P2211) Paper Feed Roller/ DP-2050 N/A $64.94
9J8-P4040 (J8-P4040) Auxiliary Panel N/A $15.05
9J8-P4380 (J8-P4380) Original Receiving Tray N/A $178.31
9J8-S0011 (J8-S0011) Paper Stopper Assembly N/A $53.22
9J8-S0053 (J8-S0053) Control Panel Assy/DP-205 N/A $132.19
9J8-T1110 (J8-T1110) Indication Label N/A $20.39
9J8-T1780 (J8-T1780) Label DP-C120 N/A $11.21
9J8-V3300 (J8-V3300) Photo-Emitting PCB1 Unit N/A $88.03
9J8-W1250 (J8-W1250) Cable 1 Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $294.25
9J8-X1090 (J8-X1090) Motor N/A $466.33
9K8-A1011 (K8-A1011) Roller Unit/MS-4000 N/A $214.65
9K8-K2020 (K8-K2020) Bar/ MS-4000 N/A $49.23
9K9-71720 (K9-71720) Support Plate (Right)/DC-535 N/A $83.20
9L1-A2010 (L1-A2010) Roller Unit N/A $404.55
9L1-A3120 (L1-A3120) Packing/bigger size w/ small hole N/A $7.63
9L1-A6080 (L1-A6080) Grip N/A $54.76
9L1-A8030 (L1-A8030) Pillar N/A $24.38
9J8-P1070 (J8-P1070) Stay N/A $42.86
9J8-P1230 (J8-P1230) Pillar N/A $20.39
9J8-P2221 (J8-P2221) Roller/ DP-2050 N/A $64.94
9J8-P4051 (J8-P4051) Document Receiving Tray N/A $84.89
9J8-P4400 (J8-P4400) Stay/Modification DP-2050 N/A $34.26
9J8-S0012 (J8-S0012) Cylinder Assembly N/A $133.87
9J8-S0055 (J8-S0055) Document Tray Assy/DP-205 N/A $162.43
9J8-T1121 (J8-T1121) Document Size Plate R N/A $6.08
9J8-V3010 (J8-V3010) CCD PCB Unit N/A $386.37
9J8-V3310 (J8-V3310) Photo-Emitting PCB2 Unit N/A $87.14
9J8-W2010 (J8-W2010) Cable Assembly N/A $95.96
9J8-X1100 (J8-X1100) Motor/DP-2050 N/A $256.66
9K8-A1021 (K8-A1021) Roller Unit/MS-4000 N/A $217.94
9K8-T1070 (K8-T1070) Label/MS-4000 N/A $51.46
9K9-71730 (K9-71730) Support Plate (Left)/DC-535 N/A $83.20
9L1-A2030 (L1-A2030) Squeegee Assy N/A $333.54
9L1-A3130 (L1-A3130) Packing/small size w/small hole N/A $7.63
9L1-A6091 (L1-A6091) Handle N/A $22.55
9L1-A8040 (L1-A8040) Pillar N/A $24.38
9J8-P1080 (J8-P1080) Plate N/A $25.70
9J8-P1240 (J8-P1240) Guide Plate N/A $89.98
9J8-P3012 (J8-P3012) Plate N/A $60.55
9J8-P4060 (J8-P4060) Plate N/A $6.08
9J8-P4420 (J8-P4420) Top Cover Unit N/A $158.46
9J8-S0013 (J8-S0013) Air Pump Assembly N/A $241.49
9J8-S0056 (J8-S0056) Separator Unit N/A $51.72
9J8-T1131 (J8-T1131) Document Size Plate L N/A $6.08
9J8-V3030 (J8-V3030) AD PCB Unit/DP-2030 N/A $713.43
9J8-V3320 (J8-V3320) Photo-Receiving PCB Unit/DP-2050 N/A $79.58
9J8-W2030 (J8-W2030) Cable, Master Ejection Box N/A $64.23
9J8-X1111I01 (J8-X1111-01) New Improved Motor N/A $178.77
9K8-B1170 (K8-B1170) Flat Belt/MS-4000 N/A $173.04
9K8-V3012 (K8-V3012) Main PCB for MS-4000 N/A $1,025.77
9K9-N4180 (K9-N4180) Shaft P Unit (Round) N/A $419.18
9L1-A2050 (L1-A2050) Bush N/A $22.55
9L1-A3140 (L1-A3140) Packing w/ large hole N/A $7.63
9L1-A6111 (L1-A6111) Cover N/A $31.66
9J8-P1092 (J8-P1092) Plate N/A $38.52
9J8-P1451 (J8-P1451) Mirror N/A $45.20
9J8-P3051 (J8-P3051) ADF Cover N/A $47.43
9J8-P4070 (J8-P4070) Plate N/A $8.24
9J8-P4440 (J8-P4440) Document Tray/DP-C N/A $115.37
9J8-S0015 (J8-S0015) Control Panel Assembly N/A $132.19
9J8-S0057 (J8-S0057) Clamp Assy:J8/B4/ DP-C120/125 N/A $129.28
9J8-T1150 (J8-T1150) Label N/A $8.24
9J8-V3080 (J8-V3080) Control Panel PCB N/A $474.89
9J8-V3340 (J8-V3341) Endmark PCB Unit N/A $69.84
9J8-W2040 (J8-W2040) Cable, Master Feed N/A $42.86
9J8-X1130 (J8-X1130) Motor N/A $219.97
9K8-C3021 (K8-C3021) Ring Assy/MS-4000 N/A $249.72
9K8-V3112 (K8-V3112) Circuit Board/MS-4000 N/A $981.22
9K9-N4251 (K9-N4251) Knob (L) N/A $37.42
9L1-A2210 (L1-A2210) Roller Unit N/A $389.84
9L1-A3170 (L1-A3170) Hose N/A $14.31
9L1-A6210 (L1-A6210) Angle R N/A $16.34
9J8-P1100 (J8-P1100) Glass N/A $41.45
9J8-P1470 (J8-P1470) Lens/DP-205 N/A $370.89
9J8-P3060 (J8-P3060) Roller N/A $47.14
9J8-P4080 (J8-P4080) Bracket N/A $8.24
9J8-P4450 (J8-P4450) Auxiliary Panel/DP-C N/A $68.45
9J8-S0016 (J8-S0016) Cover Assembly N/A $66.08
9J8-S0058 (J8-S0058) Clamp Assy:J8/A4 N/A $129.28
9J8-T1220 (J8-T1220) Label (Position Scale) N/A $10.26
9J8-V3100 (J8-V3100) Photo Emitting PCB N/A $64.23
9J8-V3361 (J8-V3361) Main PCB Unit/DP-203,205 N/A $2,278.27
9J8-W2060 (J8-W2060) Feed Cord Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $18.50
9J8-X1160 (J8-X1160) Thermal Head/DP-203, DP2050 N/A $1,362.46
9K8-C3030 (K8-C3030) Core N/A $42.77
9K8-W1061 (K8-W1061) Potentiometer for MS-4000 N/A $269.92
9K9-N4261 (K9-N4261) Knob (R) N/A $37.42
9L1-A2230 (L1-A2230) Squeegee Assembly N/A $250.07
9L1-A3181 (L1-A3181) Collar N/A $30.81
9L1-A6220 (L1-A6220) Angle L N/A $16.34
9J8-P1111 (J8-P1111) Angle N/A $6.08
9J8-P1730 (J8-P1730) Guide Plate N/A $76.86
9J8-P3071 (J8-P3071) Spring L N/A $12.15
9J8-P4090 (J8-P4090) Plate N/A $8.24
9J8-P4460 (J8-P4460) Guide R/DP-C N/A $11.21
9J8-S0018 (J8-S0018) Paper Stripper Finger Unit N/A $82.62
9J8-S0059 (J8-S0059) Motor Assy/DP-C Series N/A $355.47
9J8-T1230 (J8-T1230) Panel Sheet N/A $46.45
9J8-V3110 (J8-V3110) Photo Receiving PCB N/A $91.18
9J8-V3380 (J8-V3380) Main Motor PWB Unit/DP-203 II, 205 II N/A $402.25
9J8-W3010 (J8-W3010) Cable Scanner N/A $70.73
9J8-X1170 (J8-X1170) Lamp Assembly DP-2050 N/A $134.68
9K8-C3110 (K8-C3110) Set Collar N/A $20.39
9K9-11090 (K9-11090) Encoder Assy/V-765 N/A $48.06
9K9-S0001 (K9-S0001) Printer Interlock Device N/A $739.46
9L1-A3010 (L1-A3010) Ink Pump Assembly Unit N/A $264.79
9L1-A4040 (L1-A4040) Stay N/A $44.28
9L1-A6230 (L1-A6230) Lever Unit N/A $47.21
9J8-P1121 (J8-P1121) Angle N/A $6.08
9J8-P1744 (J8-P1744) Sheet N/A $13.43
9J8-P3121 (J8-P3121) Paper Separator Unit N/A $49.57
9J8-P4110 (J8-P4110) Original Guide N/A $12.15
9J8-P4470 (J8-P4470) Guide L/DP-C N/A $11.21
9J8-S0019 (J8-S0019) Cutter Blade DP-2030 N/A $73.44
9J8-S0061 (J8-S0061) Receiving Tray Complete Assy N/A $237.63
9J8-T1240 (J8-T1240) Label (HELP) N/A $7.22
9J8-V3120 (J8-V3120) Drive PCB N/A $774.64
9J8-V3420 (J8-V3420) Main PCB Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $2,278.27
9J8-W3060 (J8-W3060) End Mark Wires N/A $27.22
9J8-X1190 (J8-X1190) Thermal Head/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $957.16
9K8-D1220 (K8-D1220) Cover/MS-4000 N/A $254.64
9K9-22130 (K9-22130) Spacer/V-740 N/A $33.83
9K9-V2120 (K9-V2120) Memory Board Unit DC-545 N/A $243.77
9L1-A3020 (L1-A3020) Cylinder N/A $77.15
9L1-A4090 (L1-A4090) Collar Unit DP-43,33,31 E/S N/A $62.86
9L1-A6260 (L1-A6260) Bracket N/A $14.31
9J8-P1131 (J8-P1131) Plate N/A $28.63
9J8-P1800 (J8-P1800) Scanner Assy/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $579.16
9J8-P3141 (J8-P3141) Spring Plate N/A $26.46
9J8-P4160 (J8-P4160) Spring C N/A $7.29
9J8-S0002 (J8-S0002) Clamp Assembly N/A $118.26
9J8-S0021 (J8-S0021) Drum Assembly DP-2050 N/A $585.62
9J8-S0065 (J8-S0065) EEPROM PCB Unit/DP-C N/A $69.75
9J8-T1540 (J8-T1540) Master Roll Set Label N/A $24.38
9J8-V3150 (J8-V3150) DC-DC PCB N/A $701.31
9J8-V3441 (J8-V3441) Main Board PCB Unit (New) N/A $2,248.61
9J8-W3070 (J8-W3070) Sensor Cord/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $32.89
9J8-X1220 (J8-X1220) Ink Motor/ DP-C Series N/A $217.70
9K8-D3010 (K8-D3010) Guide Plate N/A $42.77
9K9-30070 (K9-30070) Upper Cutting Edge Unit/V-765 N/A $320.36
9K9-V3013 (K9-V3013) Main PWB Unit/V-765 N/A $1,196.37
9L1-A3030 (L1-A3030) Spring C N/A $4.93
9L1-A4150 (L1-A4150) Drum Cover (A3) N/A $55.12
9L1-A6270 (L1-A6270) Bracket N/A $12.29
9J8-P1140 (J8-P1140) Angle N/A $6.08
9J8-P1810 (J8-P1810) Tape N/A $5.60
9J8-P3341 (J8-P3341) Catcher DP-2050 N/A $22.07
9J8-P4180 (J8-P4180) Cover Unit/DP-2030 N/A $95.50
9J8-S0003 (J8-S0003) Base Assembly N/A $49.57
9J8-S0022 (J8-S0022) Base Assy/DP-2050 N/A $57.55
9J8-T1011 (J8-T1011) Panel (English)/new T1012=T1013 N/A $46.53
9J8-T1570 (J8-T1570) Paper Size Label R (Inch) N/A $10.26
9J8-V3180 (J8-V3180) Main PCB N/A $1,453.50
9J8-V3460 (J8-V3460) Control Panel P.W.B./DP-C N/A $657.88
9J8-X1010 (J8-X1010) Lamp Inverter PCB N/A $150.17
9J8-X1250 (J8-X1250) Motor/DP-C Series N/A $193.02
9K8-D4010 (K8-D4010) Guide Plate N/A $42.77
9K9-30080 (K9-30080) Lower Cutting Edge Unit/V-765 N/A $347.07
9K9-V3112 (K9-V3112) Control PWB Unit/V-765 N/A $348.17
9L1-A3040 (L1-A3040) Valve N/A $22.07
9L1-A4220 (L1-A4220) Stay N/A $41.45
9L1-A6290 (L1-A6290) Shaft N/A $24.38
9J8-P1151 (J8-P1151) Bracket N/A $12.29
9J8-P1820 (J8-P1820) Tape N/A $7.97
9J8-P3362 (J8-P3362) Spring, Leaf-B N/A $14.31
9J8-P4310 (J8-P4310) Cover/DP-2050 N/A $116.72
9J8-S0004 (J8-S0052) Screen Assembly(DP-203A, 2030) N/A $287.43
9J8-S0023 (J8-S0023) Screen Assembly DP-2050/DP-C120/125 N/A $306.15
9J8-T1020 (J8-T1020) Panel Cover N/A $93.02
9J8-T1580 (J8-T1580) Paper Size Label L (Inch) N/A $10.26
9J8-V3190 (J8-V3190) Photo Emitting PCB N/A $80.12
9J8-W1010 (J8-W1010) Cable Assembly N/A $422.77
9J8-X1020 (J8-X1020) Lamp Assembly N/A $130.57
9J8-X1260 Scanner Motor N/A $159.35
9K8-H1120 (K8-H1120) Lower Roller for MS-4000 N/A $183.68
9K9-40110 (K9-40110) Support, Eccentric/V-765 N/A $32.06
9K9-W3200 (K9-W3200) Photo Detection Unit/V-765 N/A $63.99
9L1-A3050 (L1-A3050) Plunger N/A $29.39
9L1-A4240 (L1-A4240) Drm Cover (B4) N/A $70.73
9L1-A6300 (L1-A6300) Spring T N/A $14.31
9J8-P1160 (J8-P1160) Plate Mirror N/A $47.21
9J8-P2011 (J8-P2011) Roller/new P2012 N/A $47.16
9J8-P3370 (J8-P3370) Separator Unit N/A $47.02
9J8-P4320 (J8-P4320) Feed Tray N/A $81.24
9J8-S0005 (J8-S0005) Squeegee Assembly/DP-2030 N/A $186.11
9J8-S0024 (J8-S0024) Squeegee Roller DP-2050 N/A $231.63
9J8-T1040 (J8-T1040) Label N/A $8.24
9J8-T1670 (J8-T1670) Label R, Paper size: AB (scanner)/DP-C120/125 N/A $5.60
9J8-V3200 (J8-V3200) Photo Receiving PCB N/A $73.91
9J8-W1020 (J8-W1020) Cable Assembly N/A $122.45
9J8-X1030 (J8-X1030) Thermal Head/DP-2030 N/A $1,293.48
9J9-B1130 (J9-B1130) Timing Pulley/EX-2000 N/A $24.84
9K8-H1130 (K8-H1130) Upper Roller MS-4000 N/A $159.19
9K9-40141 (K9-40141) Shaft Unit/Shaft+ Timing Pulley N/A $232.25
9K9-W3210 (K9-W3210) Light Emitting Unit/V-765 N/A $65.00
9L1-A3060 (L1-A3060) Shaft N/A $20.39
9L1-A5070 (L1-A5070) Spring N/A $22.55
9L1-A6320 (L1-A6320) Spring T N/A $6.21
9J8-P1170 (J8-P1170) Angle N/A $8.24
9J8-P2021 (J8-P2021) Roller N/A $69.98
9J8-P3410 (J8-P3410) Spring Leaf N/A $6.21
9J8-P4330 (J8-P4330) Auxiliary Panel/DP-2050 N/A $67.76
9J8-S0006 (J8-S0006) Ink Scraper Assembly R N/A $80.60
9J8-S0028 (J8-S0028) Cover Unit N/A $90.03
9J8-T1050 (J8-T1050) Label N/A $8.24
9J8-T1680 (J8-T1680) Label L, Paper size: AB (scanner)/DP-C120/125 N/A $5.60
9J8-V3223 (J8-V3223) Main Motor PCB N/A $462.60
9J8-W1030 (J8-W1030) Cable Assembly N/A $79.89
9J8-X1040 (J8-X1040) Cutter Assembly N/A $402.44
9K3-C2081 (K3-C2081) Collar/MS-4000 N/A $33.08
9K8-J1010 (K8-J1010) Lower Roller for MS-4000 N/A $183.68
9K9-40220 (K9-40220) Motor Pulley Encoder Unit/V-170 N/A $80.28
9K9-X1100 (K9-X1100) Noise Filter/V-765 N/A $795.56
9L1-A3070 (L1-A3070) Cover N/A $10.26
9L1-A5080 (L1-A5080) Gear N/A $17.35
9L1-A6330 (L1-A6330) Spring T N/A $8.24
9J8-P1180 (J8-P1180) Lens N/A $242.38
9J8-P2030 (J8-P2030) Gear/DP-2030/50 N/A $12.29
9J8-P3422 (J8-P3422) Sheet/DP-203,205 N/A $5.27
9J8-P4340 (J8-P4340) Guide R/DP-2050 N/A $28.08
9J8-S0007 (J8-S0007) Ink Scraper Assembly L N/A $80.60
9J8-S0030 (J8-S0030) Feed Inlet Assy/DP-205 N/A $113.94
9J8-T1060 (J8-T1060) Receiving Plate for DP-2030 N/A $10.13
9J8-T1690 (J8-T1690) Paper Size Label R-Lg/DP-C N/A $5.60
9J8-V3230 (J8-V3230) End Mark PCB/DP-63S N/A $67.81
9J8-W1040 (J8-W1040) Cable Assembly N/A $117.53
9J8-X1050 (J8-X1050) Clutch N/A $252.79
9K3-C2130 (K3-C2130) Pulley Unit/MS-4000 N/A $269.92
9K8-J1020 (K8-J1020) Roller Unit/MS-4000 N/A $146.45
9K9-40350 (K9-40350) Pulley V/V-765 N/A $83.94
9L1-A1810 (L1-A1810) Drum (A3/A4) N/A $502.70
9L1-A3080 (L1-A3080) Pipe N/A $18.50
9L1-A5140 (L1-A5140) Shaft N/A $29.63
9L1-A7010 (L1-A7010) Frame L Assembly N/A $369.93
9J8-P1190 (J8-P1190) Lens Holder N/A $25.70
9J8-P2040 (J8-P2040) Gear N/A $8.24
9J8-P4011 (J8-P4011) Cover/new P4012 N/A $89.06
9J8-P4350 (J8-P4350) Lock/DP-2050 N/A $11.14
9J8-S0008 (J8-S0008) Angle Assembly N/A $126.47
9J8-S0032 (J8-S0032) Stopper Assy/DP-203/205/2050 N/A $63.94
9J8-T1070 (J8-T1070) Receiving Plate for DP-2030 N/A $8.10
9J8-T1700 (J8-T1700) Paper Size Label L-Lg/DP-C N/A $5.60
9J8-V3270 (J8-V3270) AD P.C.B Unit/DP-2050 N/A $770.55
9J8-W1051 (J8-W1051) Cable 1 Unit N/A $532.06
9J8-X1060 (J8-X1060) Clutch N/A $135.49
9K3-W1230 (K3-W1230) Emitting-Receiving Sensor for MS-4000 N/A $230.15
9K8-J1030 (K8-J1030) Roller Unit/MS-4000 N/A $162.19
9K9-50610 (K9-50610) Cover LH/V-765 N/A $241.38
9L1-A1820 (L1-A1820) Screen (A3/A4) N/A $370.04
9L1-A3090 (L1-A3090) Nut N/A $28.62
9L1-A6010 (L1-A6010) Outer Frame R Unit N/A $93.91
9L1-A7030 (L1-A7030) Gear N/A $39.93
9J8-P1011 (J8-P1011) Base N/A $104.46
9J8-P1200 (J8-P1200) Holder N/A $6.08
9J8-P2050 (J8-P2050) Gear N/A $23.56
9J8-P4020 (J8-P4020) Original Guide N/A $12.15
9J8-P4360 (J8-P4360) Guide L/DP-2050 N/A $28.08
9J8-S0009 (J8-S0009) Roller Assembly N/A $128.95
9J8-S0050 (J8-S0050) Drum Assy/DP-203 N/A $585.62
9J8-T1080 (J8-T1080) Paper Size Plate N/A $8.24
9J8-T1720 (J8-T1720) Label Ink Pack Set/DP-C N/A $32.54
9J8-V3281 (J8-V3281) Main PCB Unit/DP-2050 N/A $2,264.13
9J8-W1230 (J8-W1230) Cable 3 Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $31.47
9J8-X1070 (J8-X1070) Motor N/A $125.36
9K3-X1010 (K3-X1010) Electronics Clutch/MS-4000 N/A $460.65
9K8-J1160 (K8-J1160) Scraper MS-4000 N/A $41.45
9K9-50620 (K9-50620) Cover RH/V-765 N/A $241.38
9L1-A1830 (L1-A1830) Cam R (A3/A4) N/A $26.60
9L1-A3100 (L1-A3100) Link N/A $2.16
9L1-A6061 (L1-A6061) Cam N/A $16.34
9L1-A8010 (L1-A8010) Pillar N/A $29.20
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