9L1-C3000 - 9L8-X1999

9L1-C3000 - 9L8-X1999
Duplo USA part numbers 9L1-C3000 - 9L8-X1999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Middle Paper Stripper/as unit 9L1-S0001
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Sponge Roller/DP-63S/P
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All Sizes of 9L1-C3000 - 9L8-X1999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9L1-D1090 (L1-D1090) Collar Unit (A3/A4) N/A $77.56
9L1-G1121 (L1-G1121) Bracket N/A $74.03
9L1-G2340 (L1-G2340) Sponge Roller DP-31,33 E/S N/A $90.00
9L1-H1080 (L1-H1080) Lib N/A $17.35
9L1-J1110 (L1-J1110) Guide Rail N/A $20.45
9L1-K4010 (L1-K4010) Cover E N/A $241.35
9L1-K5210 (L1-K5210) Button (1) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1020 (L1-M1020) Clip N/A $7.63
9L1-N5140 (L1-N5140) Upper Blade/TAP-04 N/A $85.29
9L1-P6201 (L1-P6201) Bracket/DP-63S N/A $48.86
9L1-T3030 (L1-T3030) Label/English Version N/A $35.82
9L1-V3200 (L1-V3200) Light Emitting PCB Unit N/A $69.43
9L1-X1010 (L1-X1010) DC Fan N/A $257.07
9L5-G2180 (L5-G2180) Separator Base Unit N/A $46.64
9L8-B1150 (L8-B1150) Spring C N/A $11.14
9L8-E2290 (L8-E2290) Static Eliminator Brush DC-535 N/A $77.42
9L8-V3111 (L8-V3112) Panel PCB DC-535, V-580 N/A $969.25
9L8-X1130 (L8-X1130) Motor Driver PCB (New) N/A $1,159.92
9L1-D1130 (L1-D1130) Collar (A4) N/A $24.57
9L1-G1140 (L1-G1140) Cover N/A $67.38
9L1-G2350 (L1-G2350) Sponge Roller DP-31,33 E/S N/A $83.16
9L1-H1090 (L1-H1090) Bracket N/A $99.95
9L1-J1130 (L1-J1130) Slide N/A $26.60
9L1-K4210 (L1-K4210) Cover E N/A $257.01
9L1-K5220 (L1-K5220) Button (2) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1031 (L1-M1032) Paper Stripping Shaft N/A $69.84
9L1-N5160 (L1-N5160) Lower Blade/TAP-04 N/A $85.29
9L1-P6211 (L1-P6211) Slider/DP-63S N/A $61.97
9L1-T3050 (L1-T3050) Label/English Version N/A $27.31
9L1-V3350 (L5-V3350) Battery Board Unit/=L5-V3350 N/A $84.08
9L1-X1020 (L1-X1020) Fan Unit N/A $219.56
9L5-T1120 (L5-T1120) Jog Label N/A $10.26
9L8-B1320 (L8-B1320) Static Eliminating Brush N/A $16.34
9L8-G1022 (L8-G1022) Paper Receiving Plate/DC-535 N/A $212.71
9L8-V3312 (L8-V3312) Fan Drive PCB DC-535 N/A $79.77
9L1-D1220 (L1-D1220) Press Roller Unit/=J3-D1320/J8-D1220 N/A $237.82
9L1-G1150 (L1-G1150) Cover N/A $24.38
9L1-G3010 (L1-G3010) Bracket Unit for 43E/S N/A $69.43
9L1-H1130 (L1-H1130) Timing Pulley N/A $18.50
9L1-J1140 (L1-J1140) Tape N/A $12.29
9L1-K4220 (L1-K4220) Pillar N/A $22.55
9L1-K5240 (L1-K5240) Button (4) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1040 (L1-M1040) Lever N/A $28.08
9L1-P1090 (L1-P1090) Guide Plate N/A $44.28
9L1-S0001 (L1-S0001) Paper Stripping Finger Unit N/A $66.57
9L1-T3060 (L1-T3060) Warning Label N/A $27.22
9L1-V3380 (L1-V3380) Main PCB Unit N/A $2,471.61
9L1-X1031 (L1-X1031) Cutter Unit DP-43 E/S N/A $355.63
9L5-T3020 (L5-T3020) Warning Label N/A $24.57
9L8-B2060 (L8-B2060) Lower Blade DC-535,545 N/A $264.65
9L8-G1110 (L8-G1110) Bolt/DC-535 N/A $28.08
9L8-W1121 (L8-W1121) Cover Switches DC-535 N/A $54.96
9L1-D2010 (L1-D2010) Angle N/A $7.22
9L1-G1160 (L1-G1160) Plate Spring N/A $12.29
9L1-G3040 (L1-G3040) Shaft Assy/DP-43E N/A $81.24
9L1-H1140 (L1-H1140) Guide Assy N/A $90.21
9L1-J1150 (L1-J1150) Spring Leaf N/A $30.77
9L1-K5050 (L1-K5050) Panel Cover B N/A $100.31
9L1-K5260 (L1-K5260) Button (6) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1050 (L1-M1050) Lever Unit/ New=L1-M1051 N/A $52.53
9L1-P1101 (L1-P1101) Guide Plate Assembly N/A $159.54
9L1-S0025 (L1-S0025) Feed Inlet Assy (New) N/A $391.07
9L1-T3071 (L1-T3071) Caution Label N/A $22.95
9L1-V3410 (L1-V3410) Drive PCB Unit N/A $879.57
9L1-X1040 (L1-X1040) Cutter Unit DP-31,33 E/S N/A $383.01
9L5-V3021 (L5-V3021) Sub Main PCB Unit/DP-63P/SH N/A $1,260.25
9L8-B2130 (L8-B2130) Guide Plate N/A $30.05
9L8-G1130 (L8-G1130) Pillar/DC-535 N/A $23.96
9L8-W1131 (L8-W1131) L.E.D.(PPSO) DC-535 N/A $49.41
9L1-D2020 (L1-D2020) Angle N/A $7.22
9L1-G1170 (L1-G1170) Stopper N/A $39.31
9L1-G3070 (L1-G3070) Z Collar N/A $12.29
9L1-H1310 (L1-H1310) Driving Roller N/A $88.88
9L1-J1162 (L1-J1162) Plate Unit N/A $39.31
9L1-K5061 (L1-K5061) Angle N/A $153.82
9L1-K5300 (L1-K5300) Button (0) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1090 (L1-M1090) Spring T N/A $6.21
9L1-P1251 (L1-P1251) Sliding Plate Unit/DP-63 N/A $47.16
9L1-T1100 (L1-T1100) Label B5 N/A $12.29
9L1-T4010 (L1-T4010) Label N/A $30.65
9L1-V5030 (L1-V5030) Level Sensor PCB Unit/DP-63P N/A $140.00
9L1-X1050 (L1-X1050) Motor N/A $204.90
9L5-V3130 (L5-V3130) Driver PCB Unit N/A $764.91
9L8-B2232 (L8-B2232) Lid Unit N/A $9.65
9L8-G1160 (L8-G1160) Guide Plate Unit/DC-535 N/A $54.76
9L8-W1141 (L8-W1141) L.E.D.(PPS1,PPS2.PPS3) DC-535 N/A $49.41
9L1-D2030 (L1-D2030) Spring N/A $34.59
9L1-G1320 (L1-G1320) Cover N/A $52.69
9L1-G3090 (L1-G3090) Guide Plate N/A $35.82
9L1-H1320 (L1-H1320) Subsidiary Roller N/A $54.96
9L1-J1190 (L1-J1190) Knob N/A $10.80
9L1-K5070 (L1-K5070) Bracket N/A $72.43
9L1-K5320 (L1-K5320) Button (X) N/A $14.31
9L1-M1100 (L1-M1100) Stopper N/A $14.31
9L1-P1330 (L1-P1330) Guide Unit N/A $84.08
9L1-T1130 (L1-T1130) Label N/A $15.05
9L1-T4020 (L1-T4020) Label N/A $30.65
9L1-W1010 (L1-W1010) Drum Relay Cord Unit N/A $72.43
9L1-X1070 (L1-X1070) Motor DP-E/S Series N/A $228.12
9L5-V3150 (L5-V3150) Main Motor A PCB Unit 1 N/A $760.63
9L8-C1022 (L8-C1022) Timing Roller DC-535 N/A $121.64
9L8-G1210 (L8-G1210) Paper Receiving Stopper Unit/DC-535 N/A $93.91
9L8-W1151 (L8-W1151) Photo Transistor (PPS0) DC-535 N/A $45.77
9L1-C3010 (L1-C3010) Spring T N/A $20.39
9L1-D4030 (L1-D4030) Nut N/A $29.20
9L1-G1340 (L1-G1340) Guide Plate Unit/DP-31,33E/S N/A $57.55
9L1-G3310 (L1-G3310) Bracket Unit for 31E/S N/A $76.34
9L1-H1340 (L1-H1340) Cover / DP-31,33E/S N/A $61.80
9L1-J1201 (L1-J1201) Bracket Unit N/A $47.79
9L1-K5080 (L1-K5080) Bracket R N/A $34.26
9L1-K5330 (L1-K5330) Plate N/A $32.67
9L1-M1110 (L1-M1110) Spring T N/A $7.63
9L1-P2040 (L1-P2040) Roller N/A $68.50
9L1-T1140 (L1-T1140) Label N/A $12.29
9L1-T4030 (L1-T4030) Size Plate N/A $18.50
9L1-W1020 (L1-W1020) Drum Relay Cord 2 N/A $56.34
9L1-X1080 (L1-X1080) Motor DP-31,33,43 E/S N/A $252.63
9L5-V3350 (L5-V3350) Battery Board Unit N/A $87.14
9L8-C1041 (L8-C1041) Spring C (New) N/A $9.52
9L8-G1290 (L8-G1290) Strike Plate/DC-535 N/A $54.76
9L8-W1161 (L8-W1161) Photo Transistor (PPS1,PPS2) DC-535 N/A $45.77
9L1-C4010 (L1-C4010) Bracket Sensor N/A $10.06
9L1-D4051 (L1-D4051) Joint N/A $25.70
9L1-G1371 (L1-G1371) Bracket N/A $50.04
9L1-G3340 (L1-G3340) Shaft Unit, DP-31E/S N/A $77.15
9L1-H1380 (L1-H1380) Reinforcing Plate N/A $45.32
9L1-J1220 (L1-J1220) Reverse Spring R N/A $31.66
9L1-K5090 (L1-K5090) Bracket L N/A $34.26
9L1-K5340 (L1-K5340) Lid N/A $24.38
9L1-M1120 (L1-M1120) Paper Stripper Finger N/A $22.07
9L1-P2050 (L1-P2050) Sponge Roller/DP-63S/P N/A $86.39
9L1-T1170 (L1-T1170) Label N/A $12.29
9L1-T4040 (L1-T4040) Label N/A $14.31
9L1-W1041 (L1-W1041) Panel Cord Unit DP-31,33,43 S N/A $87.24
9L1-X1100 (L1-X1100) Cutter Unit/DP-63P/S N/A $353.50
9L5-X1010 (L5-X1010) Clutch Unit/DP-23S N/A $232.17
9L8-C1050 (L8-C1050) Spring N/A $13.03
9L8-G1301 (L8-G1301) Strike Plate/DC-535 N/A $40.92
9L8-W1171 (L8-W1171) Photo Transistor (PPS3) DC-535 N/A $50.14
9L1-C4040 (L1-C4040) Bracket N/A $46.53
9L1-E4010 (L1-E4010) Bracket Unit, DP-43E/S N/A $199.99
9L1-G1380 (L1-G1380) Guide N/A $20.32
9L1-G4041 (L1-G4041) Roller N/A $7.22
9L1-H2070 (L1-H2070) Jump Guide Plate-R Unit N/A $34.26
9L1-J1230 (L1-J1230) Reverse Spring L N/A $31.66
9L1-K5100 (L1-K5100) Button N/A $22.55
9L1-K5360 (L1-K5360) Pen for Edit Board N/A $14.31
9L1-M1150 (L1-M1150) Stopper N/A $13.50
9L1-P3010 (L1-P3010) Platen Roller DP-63S N/A $169.59
9L1-T1180 (L1-T1180) Label N/A $12.29
9L1-T4050 (L1-T4050) Label N/A $12.29
9L1-W1051 (L1-W1051) Panel Cord Unit DP-31,33,43 E N/A $151.79
9L5-B3220 (L5-B3220) Claw N/A $23.56
9L5-X1040 (L5-X1040) Motor/DC615 N/A $267.30
9L8-C1061 (L8-C1061) Rubber Drive Roller DC-535 N/A $156.22
9L8-H1140 (L8-H1140) Key Top N/A $26.73
9L8-X1010 (L8-X1010) Slitter Motor Assembly DC-535 N/A $397.49
9L1-C4050 (L1-C4050) Segment Unit N/A $85.75
9L1-E4020 (L1-E4020) Cover/DP-43 E/S N/A $144.50
9L1-G1400 (L1-G1400) Brush N/A $61.80
9L1-G5010 (L1-G5010) Guide N/A $39.60
9L1-H2090 (L1-H2090) Jump Guide Plate-L Unit N/A $34.26
9L1-J1240 (L1-J1240) Bracket Unit N/A $42.86
9L1-K5120 (L1-K5120) Button (Test) N/A $7.22
9L1-K6010 (L1-K6010) Document Cover N/A $290.61
9L1-M1210 (L1-M1210) Paper Stripping Shaft /DP-31,33E/S N/A $74.03
9L1-P3070 (L1-P3070) Pulley N/A $24.38
9L1-T1260 (L1-T1260) Label N/A $7.63
9L1-T4060 (L1-T4060) Label N/A $12.29
9L1-W1080 (L1-W1080) Bundled Wire Unit 1 N/A $414.92
9L5-C1010 (L5-C1010) Paper Feed Roller (ADF) N/A $48.53
9L8-A1100 (L8-A1100) Guide/DC-535 N/A $31.93
9L8-C1141 (L8-C1141) Pulley Unit N/A $81.77
9L8-S0001 (L8-S0001) Slitter Assy L DC-535 N/A $1,396.83
9L8-X1020 (L8-X1020) Fan Motor (air) DC-535 N/A $560.07
9L1-C4070 (L1-C4070) Shading Plate N/A $6.21
9L1-E4220 (L1-E4220) Cover/DP-31,33E/S N/A $124.93
9L1-G2010 (L1-G2010) Platen Roller N/A $156.71
9L1-G5022 (L1-G5022) Holder Assembly L N/A $53.91
9L1-J1010 (L1-J1010) Paper Receiving Plate N/A $234.25
9L1-J1260 (L1-J1260) Plate N/A $14.31
9L1-K5130 (L1-K5130) Push Button (Plate Making) N/A $7.22
9L1-K6020 (L1-K6020) Pocket Cover N/A $85.41
9L1-M3010 (L1-M3010) Fan Cover Unit N/A $61.80
9L1-P3171 (L1-P3171) Pulley N/A $13.30
9L1-T1290 (L1-T1290) Panel Label (English Version) N/A $60.08
9L1-T4090 (L1-T4090) Name Label DP-63P N/A $12.29
9L1-W1100 (L1-W1100) Detecting Cord Unit N/A $36.67
9L5-C1020 (L5-C1020) Holder (S2-ADF) N/A $19.37
9L8-A2102 (L8-A2102) Rail/DC-535 N/A $32.89
9L8-C1180 (L8-C1180) Pulley/DC-535 N/A $87.37
9L8-S0002 (L8-S0002) Slitter Assy R DC-535 N/A $1,396.83
9L8-X1060 (L8-X1060) Fan Motor (vacuum) DC-535 N/A $480.30
9L1-C5010 (L1-C5010) Link N/A $8.24
9L1-F1010 (L1-F1010) Handle Shaft Unit/DP43E/S, DP63P N/A $146.12
9L1-G2040 (L1-G2040) Roller/DP-43E/S N/A $81.11
9L1-G5072 (L1-G5072) Holder Assembly R N/A $53.91
9L1-J1020 (L1-J1020) Guide N/A $74.99
9L1-J1270 (L1-J1270) Cover(to cover the hinge) N/A $24.57
9L1-K5150 (L1-K5150) Button N/A $7.22
9L1-K8020 (L1-K8020) Panel Cover A N/A $156.71
9L1-M3030 (L1-M3030) Fan Cover N/A $71.28
9L1-P4012 (L1-P4012) Bracket Unit N/A $224.48
9L1-T1360 (L1-T1360) Name Label/DP-63S N/A $22.55
9L1-V3010 (L1-V3010) Control Panel P.C.B. Unit 1 N/A $1,400.23
9L1-W1120 (L1-W1120) Drum Relay Cord N/A $79.58
9L5-C3050 (L5-C3050) Shaft Bearing/DC-535 N/A $24.15
9L8-A2330 (L8-A2330) Paper Feeding Guide Unit/DC-535 N/A $79.58
9L8-C1340 (L8-C1340) Static Eliminator Brush DC-535 N/A $70.98
9L8-S0004 (L8-S0004) Upper Blade Assy/DC-535 N/A $256.38
9L8-X1070 (L8-X1070) Stepping Motor DC-535 N/A $560.39
9L1-C5020 (L1-C5020) Angle N/A $7.22
9L1-F3010 (L1-F3010) Index N/A $12.42
9L1-G2050 (L1-G2050) Sponge Roller DP-43 E/S N/A $83.81
9L1-G5320 (L1-G5320) Sub Frame L N/A $52.69
9L1-J1030 (L1-J1030) Stopper N/A $51.46
9L1-K1020 (L1-K1020) Frame L N/A $246.01
9L1-K5170 (L1-K5170) Button N/A $7.22
9L1-L1020 (L1-L1020) Cam N/A $6.21
9L1-M3060 (L1-M3060) Shaft N/A $26.60
9L1-P4040 (L1-P4040) Z-Collar/DP63-SH N/A $12.29
9L1-T1380 (L1-T1380) Label, Dip Switch 1/DP-63S/P/SH N/A $17.35
9L1-V3040 (L1-V3040) Control Panel P.C.B. Unit 3 N/A $355.63
9L1-W1130 (L1-W1130) Cord Unit 2 N/A $61.97
9L5-C3070 (L5-C3070) Gear/DP-460H N/A $17.35
9L8-A2370 (L8-A2370) Guide/DC-535 N/A $28.62
9L8-D1140 (L8-D1140) Wire Unit/DC-535 N/A $26.60
9L8-T1030 (L8-T1030) Scale/DC-535 N/A $71.05
9L8-X1080 (L8-X1080) Stepping Driver PCB DC-535 N/A $1,499.59
9L1-D1011 (L1-D1011) Shaft Unit N/A $166.51
9L1-F3020 (L1-F3020) Handle Gear-43 N/A $67.76
9L1-G2310 (L1-G2310) Platen Roller DP-31/33 E/S N/A $140.89
9L1-H1030 (L1-H1030) Driving Roller N/A $87.24
9L1-J1040 (L1-J1040) Guide R N/A $27.31
9L1-K1030 (L1-K1030) Side Cover/DP-43E N/A $102.33
9L1-K5180 (L1-K5180) Button N/A $7.22
9L1-L1030 (L1-L1030) Timing Pulley Assembly N/A $55.12
9L1-M3070 (L1-M3070) Hinge Base N/A $24.38
9L1-P5040 (L1-P5040) Pulley N/A $22.95
9L1-T2130 (L1-T2130) Label N/A $7.63
9L1-V3060 (L1-V3060) Control Panel P.C.B. Unit 4 N/A $246.48
9L1-W1140 (L1-W1140) Scanner Cord Relay Unit N/A $73.02
9L5-E3120 (L5-E3120) Gear/DC-645 N/A $15.46
9L8-A3021 (L8-A3021) Vacuum Feeder Belt DC-535 N/A $27.84
9L8-D2280 (L8-D2280) Static Eliminator Brush/DC-535 N/A $1.76
9L8-T1070 (L8-T1070) Warning Decal (Do Not Touch Blade)/V-580 N/A $33.32
9L8-X1090 (L8-X1090) Cutter Blade Assy/DC-535,545 N/A $2,865.25
9L1-D1020 (L1-D1020) Bracket R Unit N/A $42.86
9L1-F3210 (L1-F3210) Handle Gear-33/31 N/A $69.50
9L1-G2320 (L1-G2320) Timing Pulley/DP-31,33E/S N/A $29.20
9L1-H1040 (L1-H1040) Subsidiary Roller N/A $51.39
9L1-J1050 (L1-J1050) Guide L N/A $27.31
9L1-K2030 (L1-K2030) Bracket N/A $14.31
9L1-K5190 (L1-K5190) Button N/A $5.40
9L1-L1051 (L1-L1051) Timing Pulley Assembly N/A $54.76
9L1-M3081 (L1-M3081) Bracket N/A $50.04
9L1-P5090 (L1-P5090) Gear/DP-63P N/A $12.29
9L1-T3010 (L1-T3010) Label N/A $61.33
9L1-V3120 (L1-V3120) Drive P.C.B. Unit N/A $847.62
9L1-W1160 (L1-W1160) Master Feed Cord 2 Unit N/A $87.37
9L5-F1040 (L5-F1040) Pulley/DP-460H N/A $14.65
9L8-A3441 (L8-A3441) Separator Plate DC-535 N/A $55.12
9L8-E1301 (L8-E1301) Base Plate/DC-535,V-580 N/A $53.91
9L8-T1080 (L8-T1080) Label/DC-545 N/A $37.71
9L8-X1100 (L8-X1100) Cutter (Blade) DC-535,545 N/A $2,357.56
9L1-D1050 (L1-D1050) Bracket L Unit N/A $42.86
9L1-G1070 (L1-G1070) Cover/DP-43S N/A $80.60
9L1-G2330 (L1-G2330) Roller/DP-31/33E/S N/A $59.51
9L1-H1070 (L1-H1070) Brush N/A $34.26
9L1-J1101 (L1-J1101) Bracket L Unit N/A $20.45
9L1-K3010 (L1-K3010) Cover D N/A $123.17
9L1-K5200 (L1-K5200) Button N/A $5.06
9L1-M1010 (L1-M1010) Middle Paper Stripper/as unit 9L1-S0001 N/A $26.80
9L1-N1011 (L1-N1011) Bracket N/A $82.46
9L1-P5101 (L1-P5101) Angle/DP-330L,430,460 N/A $50.04
9L1-T3020 (L1-T3020) Label N/A $50.14
9L1-V3180 (L1-V3180) Main Board Unit N/A $2,636.56
9L1-W1180 (L1-W1180) End-Mark Relay Cord N/A $27.22
9L5-G1010 (L5-G1010) Receiver N/A $7.22
9L8-B1112 (L8-B1112) Upper Blade DC-535,545 N/A $252.95
9L8-E2181 (L8-E2181) Cover L/DC-535 N/A $263.16
9L8-V3012 (L8-V3012) Main Control PCB DC-535 N/A $1,284.28
9L8-X1110 (L8-X1110) Cutter Motor DC-535,545 N/A $794.96
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