9LA-000 - 9M7-J1999

9LA-000 - 9M7-J1999
Duplo USA part numbers 9LA-000 - 9M7-J1999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Micro Switch (VX-52-1A3)/DC615,645
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Clutch Spring
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Micro Switch/DC-645
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All Sizes of 9LA-000 - 9M7-J1999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9M7-G1180 (M7-G1180) Guide Plate N/A $16.70
9M7-H1100 (M7-H1100) Roller N/A $60.83
9M7-J1010 (M7-J1010) Paper Receiver Plate N/A $146.60
9M7-J1240 (M7-J1240) Tape N/A $8.35
9LA-006 (LA006) Micro Switch S-5300 (D2F-L-0) N/A $19.78
9LA-050 (LA-050) Micro Swith N/A $25.03
9M1-D1171 (M1-D1171) Bushing N/A $5.50
9M2-C1190 (M2-C1190) Rubber Plate/V-580 N/A $16.80
9M2-V3100 (M2-V3100) Main PCB Unit (New)/V-580 N/A $715.47
9M3- (M3) Motor N/A $719.41
9M3-B6080 (M3-B6080) Collar/DP-63P N/A $35.37
9M3-J4060 (M3-J4060) Bracket N/A $51.73
9M3-K3020 (M3-K3020) F Cover B N/A $175.86
9M4- (M4) Mill Motor N/A $973.33
9M7-A6030 (M7-A6030) Lever Unit N/A $33.64
9M7-B2090 (M7-B2091) Sprocket N/A $8.25
9M7-C3140 (M7-C3140) Pillar N/A $23.45
9M7-E5011 (M7-E5011) Bracket/DP-21/23 N/A $101.56
9M7-G2010 (M7-G2010) Platten Roller N/A $94.34
9M7-H1110 (M7-H1110) Shaft N/A $27.16
9M7-J1040 (M7-J1040) Pin N/A $16.35
9M7-J1250 (M7-J1250) Tape N/A $11.15
9LA-007 (LA007) Connector Switch/DP-21/23 N/A $24.20
9LA-051 (LA051) Micro Switch/DC-645 N/A $30.84
9M2- (M2) Motor N/A $592.46
9M2-C1273 (M2-C1273) Upper Plate, Rear (New) N/A $74.14
9M2-W1050 (M2-W1050) Connector 3 Cable/V-580 N/A $52.20
9M3-B1110 (M3-B1110) Feed Tray N/A $132.72
9M3-B6091 (M3-B6091) Plate Spring/DP-63P N/A $6.10
9M3-J4070 (M3-J4070) Plate L Unit/DP-63P N/A $139.02
9M3-K3040 (M3-K3040) R Cover B N/A $212.64
9M5- (M5) Motor N/A $591.41
9M7-A6100 (M7-A6100) Knob N/A $7.75
9M7-B2140 (M7-B2140) Gear/DP-21L,23S N/A $11.45
9M7-C3180 (M7-C3180) Spring T N/A $18.20
9M7-E5040 (M7-E5040) Hinge Base/DP-21/23 N/A $18.35
9M7-G2020 (M7-G2020) Pulley N/A $23.31
9M7-H2030 (M7-H2030) Jump Base L N/A $37.07
9M7-J1050 (M7-J1050) Guide N/A $54.84
9M7-J1270 (M7-J1270) Guide N/A $52.63
9LA-008 (LA008) Micro Switch/=9SS-5FT N/A $19.20
9LA-054 (LA-054) Safety Switch (AGX106F)/DC-F1 N/A $36.09
9M2-A1060 (M2-A1060) Feed Guide N/A $57.06
9M2-C2010 (M2-C2010) Cover L /V-580 N/A $194.15
9M2-W1060 (M2-W1060) Connector Cable/V-580 N/A $11.35
9M3-B1151 (M3-B1151) Bracket L N/A $59.51
9M3-B6100 (M3-B6100) Lever/DP-63P N/A $12.10
9M3-J4100 (M3-J4100) Plate R Unit/DP-63P N/A $139.02
9M3-K4010 (M3-K4010) Top Cover Unit N/A $367.64
9M5-C1520 (M5-C1520) Felt N/A $9.10
9M7-A6120 (M7-A6120) Ink Base N/A $41.61
9M7-B2181 (M7-B2181) Switch Bracket N/A $32.59
9M7-C4030 (M7-C4030) Pinion Gear N/A $18.20
9M7-E6010 (M7-E6010) Lever N/A $13.45
9M7-G2061 (M7-G2061) Guide Plate/DP21/23 N/A $53.38
9M7-H2040 (M7-H2040) Jump Base R N/A $37.07
9M7-J1060 (M7-J1060) Slide Bracket N/A $20.13
9M7-J1280 (M7-J1280) Stopper N/A $34.92
9LA-009 (LA009) Micro Switch V-570 (SS5GL13) N/A $24.00
9LB-003 (LB003) Safety Switch V-350 (D2D-1001) N/A $32.52
9M2-A1170 (M2-A1170) Supplemental Paper Tray/V-580 N/A $131.16
9M2-C2021 (M2-C2021) Cover R /V-580 N/A $321.62
9M2-W1082 (M2-W1082) Connector 6 Cable N/A $52.22
9M3-B1161 (M3-B1161) Bracket R N/A $59.51
9M3-B7080 (M3-B7080) Angle N/A $9.10
9M3-J4160 (M3-J4160) Set Screw N/A $46.74
9M3-K4090 (M3-K4090) Cover B N/A $192.31
9M5-C1530 (M5-C1530) Plate N/A $16.20
9M7-A7010 (M7-A7010) Rail Unit (M7-Z0030) N/A $42.93
9M7-B3011 Bracket N/A $36.19
9M7-C4040 (M7-C4040) Segment N/A $32.80
9M7-E6020 (M7-E6020) Spring T N/A $4.00
9M7-G2080 (M7-G2080) Pulley/DP21 N/A $22.82
9M7-H2080 (M7-H2080) Lever/DP-330,330L,340,430,440,460 N/A $13.45
9M7-J1070 (M7-J1070) Guide Rail N/A $20.13
9LA-010 (LA010) Micro Switch N/A $38.37
9LB-038 (LB038) Switch/DC-745 N/A $189.86
9M2-A2150 (M2-A2150) Spring, TO/V-580 N/A $29.37
9M2-C2050 (M2-C2050) Safety Cover/V-580 N/A $178.05
9M2-W1090 (M2-W1090) Connector 7 Cable/V-580 N/A $29.75
9M3-B1190 (M3-B1190) Cable Guide/DP-63P N/A $49.09
9M3-B7101 (M3-B7101) Inner Cover N/A $52.80
9M3-J4171 (M3-J4171) Indication Plate N/A $24.36
9M3-S0001 (M3-S0001) Feed Clutch Assy/DP-43SH/63P/63SH ONLY! N/A $234.45
9M5-C1540 (M5-C1540) Spring N/A $5.20
9M7-A7050 (M7-A7050) Shaft N/A $9.10
9M7-B3030 (M7-B3030) Shaft N/A $45.78
9M7-C5030 (M7-C5030) Spring T N/A $5.65
9M7-F1022 (M7-F1022) Motor Pulley/DP-21L,23S N/A $30.70
9M7-G2130 (M7-G2130) Grip N/A $14.35
9M7-H2111 (M7-H2111) Cover N/A $34.37
9M7-J1080 (M7-J1080) Plate Spring N/A $17.45
9LA-013 (LA013) V-112-1C24 Micro Switch N/A $36.00
9LC-009 (LC-009) Switch/=9D1-80181 N/A $63.18
9M2-A3010 (M2-A3010) Paper Feed Shaft/V-580 N/A $35.25
9M2-C2060 (M2-C2060) Bracket Safety Cover N/A $66.74
9M2-W1100 (M2-W1100) Connector Cable 1/V-580 N/A $18.62
9M3-B2010 (M3-B2010) Side Plate R Unit N/A $84.92
9M3-B7110 (M3-B7110) Angle N/A $43.53
9M3-J4180 (M3-J4180) Slide Guide N/A $12.85
9M3-T1020 (M3-T1020) Label, Feed Pressure N/A $37.23
9M5-M2050 (M5-M2050) Threaded Bushing (Nut)/DC-545 N/A $62.38
9M7-A7061 (M7-A7061) Outer Frame L Assy N/A $192.55
9M7-B3110 (M7-B3110) Pulley Assy N/A $28.00
9M7-C7060 (M7-C7060) Motor Bracket N/A $35.79
9M7-F1040 (M7-F1040) Shaft/DP-21L,23S N/A $38.40
9M7-G2170 (M7-G2170) Pulley N/A $11.15
9M7-H2180 (M7-H2180) Knob N/A $7.60
9M7-J1090 (M7-J1090) Stopper N/A $35.42
9LA-018 (LA018) Safety Cover Micro Switch V-170 N/A $29.37
9LC-011 (LC011) Power Switch/=LC022 N/A $66.82
9M2-A3291 (M2-A3291) Feed Inlet Unit/V-580 N/A $165.64
9M2-C2070 (M2-C2070) Guide Plate/V-580 N/A $41.73
9M2-W1110 (M2-W1110) PPS1 Cable/V-580 N/A $77.84
9M3-B2041 (M3-B2041) Side Plate F Unit N/A $84.92
9M3-B7161 (M3-B7161) Rail N/A $52.80
9M3-J5040 (M3-J5040) Rail B Unit N/A $71.94
9M3-T1100 (M3-T1100) Label N/A $18.20
9M6- (M6) Motor N/A $546.77
9M7-A8011 (M7-A8011) Pillar/DP22L N/A $22.86
9M7-B4010 (M7-B4010) Feed Shaft N/A $40.20
9M7-C7070 (M7-C7070) Motor Pulley N/A $27.16
9M7-F1100 (M7-F1100) Tension Wheel N/A $9.75
9M7-G3011 (M7-G3011) Bracket N/A $33.78
9M7-H2200 (M7-H2200) Lever Cap/DP-330L,430,460 N/A $3.65
9M7-J1100 (M7-J1100) Guide Rail N/A $31.75
9LA-024 (LA024) Micro Switch N/A $29.12
9LC-014 (LC014) Power Switch VLA04/ V-415 N/A $20.58
9M2-B1010 (M2-B1010) Timing Roller/V-580 N/A $95.74
9M2-C2120 (M2-C2120) Rear Safety Cover/V-580 N/A $84.40
9M2-W1120 (M2-W1120) Light Emitting Unit/V-580 N/A $49.53
9M3-B2100 (M3-B2100) R. Holding Plate N/A $37.07
9M3-B8070 (M3-B8070) Feed Shaft Unit/DP-63P N/A $40.32
9M3-J5090 (M3-J5090) Boss N/A $49.09
9M3-T1110 (M3-T1110) Label N/A $18.20
9M7-A1030 (M7-A1030) Screen/DP-23S N/A $194.29
9M7-B1070 (M7-B1070) Feeder Guide F N/A $24.36
9M7-B5010 (M7-B5010) Feed Inlet Unit N/A $60.83
9M7-C7080 (M7-C7080) Pulley Unit/DP-23 N/A $32.59
9M7-F1160 (M7-F1160) Pulley Assy/DP-430/440/460 N/A $56.77
9M7-G3150 (M7-G3150) Collar N/A $10.60
9M7-H3010 (M7-H3010) Bracket N/A $34.92
9M7-J1110 (M7-J1110) Plate N/A $9.10
9LA-027 (LA027) Upper Limit Switch DC-535 N/A $24.40
9LC-022 (LC022) Switch/DC-645 N/A $44.08
9M2-B1080 (M2-B1080) Rubber Roller N/A $185.60
9M2-G1010 (M2-G1010) Shaft/V-580 N/A $72.76
9M2-W1130 (M2-W1130) Light Receiving Unit/V-580 N/A $62.48
9M3-B2110 (M3-B2110) F. Holding Plate N/A $37.07
9M3-B8090 (M3-B8090) Pinion Shaft Unit/DP-63P N/A $59.51
9M3-J5100 (M3-J5100) Link A N/A $7.60
9M3-T3010 (M3-T3010) Caution Label N/A $24.36
9M7-A1040 (M7-A1040) Bar/DP23S N/A $5.35
9M7-B1080 (M7-B1080) Lever N/A $21.95
9M7-B5081 (M7-B5081) Paper Separator Unit (Thick Paper) N/A $26.04
9M7-D1060 (M7-D1060) Collar N/A $18.20
9M7-F2010 (M7-F2010) Drive Shaft Assembly N/A $223.44
9M7-G3510 (M7-G3510) Guide Plate N/A $34.92
9M7-H3020 (M7-H3020) Shaft/DP-21L/S N/A $39.03
9M7-J1130 (M7-J1130) Guide Pin N/A $9.65
9LA-028 (LA028) Lower Limit Switch DC-535/AF-100 N/A $34.58
9LC-033 (LC033) On/Off Switch N/A $77.42
9M2-B1210 (M2-B1210) Timing Pulley Unit/V-580 N/A $63.02
9M2-G2200 (M2-G2200) Pin/V-580 N/A $3.85
9M2-W1140 (M2-W1140) Interlock Cable/V-580 (M2-W1160) N/A $98.04
9M3-B3020 (M3-B3020) Sprocket/DP-63P N/A $45.78
9M3-J1010 (M3-J1010) Frame L/DP-63P N/A $181.44
9M3-J5110 (M3-J5110) Link B N/A $10.60
9M3-T4050 (M3-T4050) Label Panel B N/A $84.06
9M7-A1090 (M7-A1090) Angle R N/A $11.45
9M7-B1100 (M7-B1100) Feeder Guide R N/A $24.36
9M7-B6021 (M7-B6021) Stopper N/A $10.85
9M7-D2040 (M7-D2040) Spring T N/A $18.06
9M7-F2050 (M7-F2050) Escape Cam (B4) N/A $30.70
9M7-G5010 (M7-G5010) Sponge Roller N/A $59.70
9M7-H3030 (M7-H3030) Pulley/DP-21L/S N/A $16.70
9M7-J1140 (M7-J1140) Stopper Pin N/A $9.20
9LA-030 (LA030) Micro Switch for DC545 N/A $29.33
9LC-038 (LC038) Seesaw Switch/DPA-120 N/A $18.03
9M2-B1260 (M2-B1260) Timing Pulley Unit/V-580 N/A $61.65
9M2-G3280 (M2-G3280) Guide R N/A $57.68
9M2-W1170 Connector 6 Cable/LC033 N/A $64.42
9M3-B3031 (M3-B3031) Worm Wheel N/A $180.78
9M3-J1121 (M3-J1121) Eccentric Shaft N/A $18.06
9M3-J5120 (M3-J5120) Link C N/A $44.08
9M3-W1050 (M3-W1050) Sub-Base Cable Unit N/A $50.68
9M7-A1100 (M7-A1100) Angle L N/A $11.45
9M7-B1150 (M7-B1150) Lid/DP-21L N/A $35.42
9M7-B6030 (M7-B6030) Knob N/A $10.85
9M7-D3010 (M7-D3010) Lever Shaft Unit N/A $24.36
9M7-F2510 (M7-F2510) Drum Gear N/A $58.84
9M7-G5040 (M7-G5040) Motor Plate N/A $7.75
9M7-H3041 (M7-H3041) Angle N/A $4.00
9M7-J1150 (M7-J1150 (N5-J1151)) Sponge/=9N5-J1151 N/A $57.62
9LA-032 (LA032) Micro Switch N/A $28.98
9LD-007 (LD007) Switch/DC-745 N/A $233.91
9M2-B2021 (M2-B2021) Upper Guide N/A $53.85
9M2-H1621 (M2-H1621) Connector Cover/V-580 N/A $44.04
9M2-X1000 (M2-X1000) Cutter Unit/V-580 N/A $1,798.02
9M3-B3040 (M3-B3040) Shaft/DP-63P N/A $37.23
9M3-J1161 (M3-J1161) Plate N/A $46.97
9M3-J5130 (M3-J5130) Pillar N/A $14.35
9M3-W1071 (M3-W1071) Feed Cable Unit/DP-63P N/A $42.63
9M7-A1510 (M7-A1510) Bar/DP21L N/A $5.55
9M7-B1160 (M7-B1160) Spring T/DP-21L N/A $4.00
9M7-C1010 (M7-C1010) Timing Roller N/A $92.80
9M7-D3030 (M7-D3030) Bracket N/A $12.85
9M7-F2520 (M7-F2520) Escape Cam (A4) N/A $33.78
9M7-G5080 (M7-G5080) Sponge Roller N/A $57.15
9M7-H4032 (M7-H4032) Shaft A/DP-23S N/A $56.48
9M7-J1170 (M7-J1170) Knob N/A $7.45
9LA-034 (LA034) Micro Switch V-21-1C6/DP-460H N/A $35.82
9LZ-010 (LZ010) Power Switch DC-535 N/A $52.58
9M2-B2170 (M2-B2170) Clear Cover N/A $34.23
9M2-S0001 (M2-S0001) Ejection Tray Unit/V-580 N/A $133.74
9M2-X1010 (M2-X1010) Stepping Motor DC-545 N/A $729.38
9M3-B3070 (M3-B3070) Spring T /DP-63P N/A $33.01
9M3-J3040 (M3-J3040) Motor Bracket N/A $64.98
9M3-J5140 (M3-J5140) Link D N/A $18.06
9M3-W1081 (M3-W1081) Elevator Cable Unit N/A $71.94
9M7-A1520 (M7-A1520) Bar/DP21L N/A $9.10
9M7-B1170 (M7-B1170) Actuator N/A $10.60
9M7-C1020 (M7-C1020) Clutch Spring N/A $8.25
9M7-E1010 (M7-E1010) Frame F N/A $21.63
9M7-G1100 (M7-G1100) Switch Angle N/A $20.20
9M7-G5100 (M7-G5100) Shaft N/A $210.81
9M7-H4041 (M7-H4041) Shaft B N/A $30.73
9M7-J1180 (M7-J1180) Reinforcing Angle L Unit N/A $68.16
9LA-003 (LA003) Micro Switch N/A $19.67
9LA-038 (LA038) Micro Switch V-212-1C6/DP-460H N/A $46.97
9M1- (M1) Motor N/A $804.06
9M2-C1012 (M2-C1012) Frame ""L"" N/A $124.76
9M2-S0002 (M2-S0002) Guide/V-580 N/A $42.15
9M2-X1020 (M2-X1020) Cutter Blade/V-580 N/A $1,367.57
9M3-B3110 (M3-B3110) Angle N/A $5.35
9M3-J4010 (M3-J4010) Frame/DP-63P N/A $203.12
9M3-J5151 (M3-J5151) Shaft N/A $25.38
9M3-W1101 (M3-W1101) Paper SW Cable Unit/DP-63P N/A $19.04
9M7-A1530 (M7-A1530) Screen N/A $199.50
9M7-B1180 (M7-B1180) Supplemental Paper Tray N/A $65.39
9M7-C1030 (M7-C1030) Clutch Spring N/A $16.35
9M7-E2010 (M7-E2010) Drawing Roller N/A $65.04
9M7-G1110 (M7-G1110) Cutter Cover N/A $19.04
9M7-H1071 (M7-H1071) Guide Assy N/A $52.80
9M7-H4061 (M7-H4061) Pulley Unit/DP-23S N/A $63.78
9M7-J1210 (M7-J1210) Reinforcing Angle R Unit N/A $68.16
9LA-004 (LA004) Micro Switch N/A $24.36
9LA-041 (LA041) Switch/DP-e Series N/A $20.16
9M1-C1070 (M1-C1070) Roller/DP-21L N/A $7.60
9M2-C1160 (M2-C1160) Static Eliminating Brush N/A $44.79
9M2-S0003 (M2-S0003) Guide/V-580 N/A $64.10
9M2-X1030 (M2-X1030) Motor/V-580 N/A $396.39
9M3-B6050 (M3-B6050) Stopper Shaft/DP-63P N/A $31.75
9M3-J4031 (M3-J4031) Guide Plate R N/A $184.92
9M3-K2010 (M3-K2010) Cover E Unit N/A $232.23
9M3-X1010 (M3-X1010) Gear Motor / DP-63P N/A $806.19
9M7-A1720 (M7-A1720) Screen/DP-21L N/A $199.26
9M7-B1190 (M7-B1190) Shaft N/A $24.92
9M7-C3020 (M7-C3020) Segment Assy N/A $53.65
9M7-E2020 (M7-E2020) Driving Roller N/A $51.98
9M7-G1120 (M7-G1120) Guide Plate Assembly N/A $69.96
9M7-H1090 (M7-H1090) Driving Roller N/A $56.48
9M7-H4091 (M7-H4091) Gear N/A $13.10
9M7-J1230 (M7-J1230) Angle N/A $42.63
9LA-005 (LA005) Switch N/A $29.65
9LA-048 (LA048) Micro Switch (VX-52-1A3)/DC615,645 N/A $22.19
9M1-D1100 (M1-D1100) Pulley/EX-2000 N/A $16.60
9M2-C1180 (M2-C1180) Upper Plate Front/V-580 N/A $95.72
9M2-T1110 (M2-T1110) Label Model Name/V-580 N/A $32.52
9M2-X1040 (M2-X1040) Stepping Motor (New) N/A $613.50
9M3-B6060 (M3-B6060) Lever F/DP-63P N/A $35.67
9M3-J4040 (M3-J4040) Stopper/DP-63P N/A $94.34
9M3-K2040 (M3-K2040) Lid/DP-63P N/A $34.92
9M3-X1020 (M3-X1020) Stepping Motor/DP-63SH N/A $197.40
9M7-A6011 (M7-A6011) Outer Frame N/A $113.94
9M7-B2011 (M7-B2011) Side Plate Unit F N/A $76.78
9M7-C3051 (M7-C3051) Lever Unit N/A $91.30
9M7-E2031 (M7-E2031) Gear N/A $11.15
9M7-G1140 (M7-G1141) Sheet/DP-21/23 N/A $14.80
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