9M7-K1170 - 9N4-S0999

9M7-K1170 - 9N4-S0999
Duplo USA part numbers 9M7-K1170 - 9N4-S0999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 9M7-K1170 - 9N4-S0999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9M7-K3140 (M7-K3140) Drum Cover Unit N/A $133.06
9M7-K5760 (M7-K5760) Sheet, Insulation N/A $12.29
9M7-M1130 (M7-M1130) Pipe A N/A $12.42
9M7-P1210 (M7-P1210) Cover N/A $77.06
9M7-P5170 (M7-P5170) Angle N/A $12.29
9M7-P8100 (M7-P8100) Actuator A N/A $9.05
9M7-S0027 (M7-S0027) Clamp Assy:M7/A4 N/A $129.28
9M7-V3060 (M7-V3060) Memory PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $170.13
9M7-W1090 (M7-W1090) Relay Cable Unit, Master feed N/A $53.06
9M7-X1080 (M7-X1080) Thermal Head N/A $1,164.12
9MG-034000415 (034.000.415) Tooth Belt 5M-385-15/CF-375 N/A $133.60
9MG-235001681 (235.001.681) Plug Circuit Board/CF-375 N/A $746.58
9MG-375100097 (375.100.097) Movable Cover/CF-375 N/A $1,696.77
9N4-D1022 (N4-D1022) Lead Screw/DC-545 N/A $179.87
9N4-G1390 (N4-G1390) Plate Unit N/A $137.97
9N4-G3010 (N4-G3010) Cutter Guide/Mod.3 N/A $24.29
9N4-K3342 (N4-K3342) Hook L N/A $27.84
9N4-K4550 (N4-K4550) Actuator/AF-100 N/A $15.05
9M7-K5030 (M7-K5030) Panel Angle A N/A $10.26
9M7-K9040 (M7-K9040) Panel Angle D/DP22 N/A $32.89
9M7-M1140 (M7-M1140) Pipe B N/A $12.29
9M7-P1220 (M7-P1220) Sponge N/A $7.22
9M7-P6060 (M7-P6060) Lever N/A $10.26
9M7-P8140 (M7-P8140) Actuator B N/A $9.05
9M7-T1020 (M7-T1020) Label, Master Set N/A $28.59
9M7-V3080 (M7-V3080) Drive PCB Unit N/A $1,025.14
9M7-W1100 (M7-W1100) Relay Cable Unit N/A $57.55
9M7-X1100 (M7-X1100) Stepping Motor N/A $128.12
9MG-040000104 (040.000.104) Ball Bearing 6000 2Z/CF-375 N/A $74.32
9MG-375000004 (375.000.004) Collecting Plate/CF-375 N/A $252.57
9MG-375100158 (375.100.158) Rotation Spare Blade 17tpi/CP-375 N/A $904.93
9N4-D1320 (N4-D1320) Guide Unit/DC-545 N/A $138.54
9N4-G1510 (N4-G1510) Back Cover N/A $257.85
9N4-K1021 (N4-K1021-01) Flat Belt/AF-100 N/A $45.41
9N4-K3352 (N4-K3352) Hook R N/A $27.84
9N4-K4611 (N4-K4611) Plate/AF-100 N/A $26.46
9M7-K5041 (M7-K5041) Panel Angle B N/A $32.89
9M7-K9081 (M7-K9081) Cover L/DP-22L N/A $88.18
9M7-M1150 (M7-M1150) Pipe C N/A $12.42
9M7-P1250 (M7-P1250) Reinforce Stay N/A $63.94
9M7-P6080 (M7-P6080) Paper Tray Unit N/A $78.88
9M7-P8170 (M7-P8170) Switch Bracket N/A $17.35
9M7-T1080 (M7-T1080) Set Line Label N/A $27.22
9M7-V3091 (M7-V3091) Drive PCB Unit/DP-205 N/A $939.87
9M7-W1110 (M7-W1110) Relay Cable Unit N/A $24.38
9M7-X1110 (M7-X1110) Stepping Motor N/A $122.01
9MG-051000607 (051.000.607) Magnet/CF-375 N/A $1,395.13
9MG-375000020 (375.000.020) Conveyor Belt 1525x285 mm/CF-375 N/A $1,191.43
9N2-007 (N2007-1) Glue Draining Plug for DB-280 Only N/A $73.89
9N4-D2060 (N4-D2060) Housing Unit L/DC-545 N/A $388.80
9N4-G1520 (N4-G1520) Clear Cover N/A $86.78
9N4-K1031 (N4-K1031) Duct/AF-100 N/A $263.39
9N4-K3372 (N4-K3372) Cover R Unit/AF-100 N/A $439.20
9N4-K4622 (N4-K4622) Shaft/AF-100 N/A $32.37
9M7-K5080 (M7-K5080) Plate Spring N/A $14.31
9M7-K9131 (M7-K9131) Lever Unit N/A $68.42
9M7-M1180 (M7-M1180) Pipe D N/A $18.16
9M7-P3080 (M7-P3080) Glass N/A $63.10
9M7-P6140 (M7-P6140) Spring T N/A $7.63
9M7-P8180 (M7-P8180) Collar N/A $15.05
9M7-T1100 (M7-T1100) Label, Paper Size (Jump) F N/A $15.05
9M7-V3180 (M7-V3180) Main PCB Unit N/A $2,094.47
9M7-W1120 (M7-W1120) Relay Cable Unit, Drum N/A $58.93
9M7-X1120 (M7-X1120) Clutch N/A $148.45
9MG-082000142 (082.000.142) Step Motor With Gearing /CF-375 N/A $978.86
9MG-375000044 (375.000.044) Paper Lock/CF-375 N/A $87.89
9N2-0091 (N2009-1) Main Glue Wheel Shaft/DB-280 N/A $80.87
9N4-D2110 (N4-D2110) Upper/Lower Blade (Center Slitter) DC545 N/A $263.66
9N4-G1530 (N4-G1530) Front Cover N/A $323.97
9N4-K1542 (N4-K1542) Shaft N/A $51.39
9N4-K3412 (N4-K3412) Cover L Unit/AF-100 N/A $346.37
9N4-K4630 (N4-K4630) Spring C/AF-100 N/A $27.27
9M7-K5090 (M7-K5091) Panel Angle D/DP22 N/A $14.31
9M7-K9160 Spring T N/A $5.40
9M7-M2140 (M7-M2140) Crank N/A $29.39
9M7-P3160 (M7-P3160) Cleanning Sheet DP-21 N/A $27.31
9M7-P6170 (M7-P6170) Pinion Gear N/A $10.80
9M7-S0001 (M7-S0001) Drum Assembly DP-23S N/A $568.11
9M7-T1110 (M7-T1110) Label, Paper Size (Jump) R N/A $15.05
9M7-V3200 (M7-V3200) End-Mark PCB Unit N/A $81.92
9M7-W1130 (M7-W1130) Cord Unit N/A $31.66
9M7-X1140 (M7-X1140) LCD Panel Unit N/A $239.44
9MG-082000143 (082.000.143) Infeed Motor/CF-375 N/A $4,544.06
9MG-375000060 (375.000.060) Conveyor Belts Feed New Style/CF-375 N/A $213.73
9N4-A1170 (N4-A1170) Collar N/A $24.57
9N4-D2170 (N4-D2170) Joint/DC-545 N/A $90.02
9N4-G1540 (N4-G1540) Clear Cover N/A $121.04
9N4-K1565 (N4-K1565) New Shutter w/Rubber N/A $73.02
9N4-K4013 (N4-K4013) Supplemental Feedeing Tray/AF-100 N/A $204.90
9N4-K4642 (N4-K4642) Angle/AF-100 N/A $43.19
9M7-K1170 (M7-K1170) Side Cover R N/A $80.12
9M7-K5100 (M7-K5100) Key Top N/A $10.26
9M7-L1010 (M7-L1010) Lever F / DP-21/23 N/A $12.42
9M7-M2150 (M7-M2150) Stay N/A $10.26
9M7-P4031 (M7-P4031) Separator Frame N/A $19.85
9M7-P7010 (M7-P7010) Side Cover F N/A $44.56
9M7-S0002 (M7-S0002) Drum Assy N/A $532.98
9M7-T1160 (M7-T1160) Label, DRY N/A $19.51
9M7-V3230 (M7-V3230) Main Motor PCB Unit N/A $692.90
9M7-W1150 (M7-W1150) Cable Unit N/A $36.19
9M7-X1160 (M7-X1160) LCD Panel Unit/DP-22L II N/A $318.84
9MG-082000144 (082.000.144) Infeed Motor/CF-375 N/A $4,544.06
9MG-375000111 (375.000.111) Gear Wheel M2 15T/CF-375 N/A $249.10
9N4-A2210 () Shaft/AAADC545 N/A $38.99
9N4-D2260 (N4-D2260) Housing Unit R/DC-545 N/A $322.11
9N4-G2081 (N4-G2081) Plate (New Style) N/A $77.56
9N4-K1631 (N4-K1632) Wire Unit/AF-100 N/A $32.37
9N4-K4041 (N4-K4041) Paper Tray Unit/AF-100 N/A $258.51
9N4-L2240 (N4-L2240) Actuator/AF-100 N/A $26.60
9M7-K2020 (M7-K2020) Switch angle N/A $46.01
9M7-K5110 (M7-K5110) Key Top N/A $5.40
9M7-L1030 (M7-L1030) Timing Pulley Assembly DP-21/23 N/A $51.75
9M7-M2160 (M7-M2160) Shaft N/A $19.51
9M7-P4060 (M7-P4060) Guide Cover N/A $91.02
9M7-P7020 (M7-P7020) Side Cover R N/A $50.04
9M7-S0003 (M7-S0003) Drum Assembly DP-21L N/A $505.63
9M7-T3030 (M7-T3030) Lable/DC-F1 N/A $31.93
9M7-V3250 (M7-V3250) Mini Drive PCB Unit/DP-23S N/A $206.50
9M7-W1180 (M7-W1180) Communication Cable/DP-21L N/A $372.26
9MG-010000101 (010.000.101) Lense Head Screw M4-8/CF-375 N/A $28.01
9MG-082000146 (082.000.146) Infeed Motor/CF-375 N/A $1,168.90
9MG-375000112 (375.000.112) Gear Wheel M2 30T/CF-375 N/A $238.29
9N4-A2220 (N4-A2220) Plate N/A $27.31
9N4-D2300 (N4-D2300) Lid N/A $104.46
9N4-G2091 (N4-G2091) Lumirror N/A $36.00
9N4-K1641 (N4-K1641) Spring C/DC-545 N/A $23.42
9N4-K4104 (N4-K4104) Guide Plate R/AF-100 N/A $99.55
9N4-L2250 (N4-L2250) Rubber Magnet/AF-100 N/A $74.03
9M7-K2060 (M7-K2060) Connector Bracket N/A $53.99
9M7-K5120 (M7-K5120) Key Top N/A $10.26
9M7-L1060 (M7-L1060) Shaft N/A $36.29
9M7-M2170 (M7-M2170) Washer N/A $12.42
9M7-P4070 (M7-P4070) Pin N/A $12.42
9M7-P7030 (M7-P7030) Sub Tray N/A $79.89
9M7-S0004 (M7-S0004) Base Assembly N/A $60.06
9M7-T4010 (M7-T4010) Label, Paper DP23S (Inch) N/A $24.57
9M7-V3310 (M7-V3310) Control Panel PCB/DP-21,22L/S II N/A $255.96
9M7-W1210 (M7-W1210) Cable Unit 2 (New)/DP-21L,22S, 23S,24S II N/A $259.01
9MG-021000102 (021.000.102) Disc M4/CF-375 N/A $28.01
9MG-082000148 (082.000.148) Motor 1/CF-375 N/A $4,544.06
9MG-375000131 (375.000.131) Transport Roller /CF-375 N/A $2,282.36
9N4-B1040 (N4-B1040) Lower Guide/DC-545 N/A $87.24
9N4-E1010 (N4-E1010) Base Board DC-545 N/A $400.26
9N4-G2273 (N4-G2273) Plate (New) N/A $88.03
9N4-K1700 (N4-K1700) Roller A/AF-100 N/A $135.92
9N4-K4150 (N4-K4150) Thumb Screw/AF-100 N/A $32.37
9N4-L2450 (N4-L2450) Plate N/A $23.42
9M7-K2090 (M7-K2090) Angle N/A $30.77
9M7-K5130 (M7-K5130) Key Top N/A $10.26
9M7-L1070 (M7-L1070) Timing Pulley N/A $12.29
9M7-M2180 (M7-M2180) Link Unit N/A $73.91
9M7-P4100 (M7-P4100) Stopper N/A $12.29
9M7-P7040 (M7-P7040) Feeder Guide F/DP-21/23 N/A $31.93
9M7-S0005 (M7-S0005) Air Pump Assembly N/A $218.35
9M7-T4050 (M7-T4050) Label, Model DP-21L N/A $22.55
9M7-V3330 (M7-V3332) Main PCB Unit/New DP-21,22L/S II N/A $1,692.47
9M7-W1220 (M7-W1220) DC24V Cable Unit (New)/DP-21L,23S II N/A $60.47
9MG-025000105 (025.000.105) Woodruft Key/CF-375 N/A $64.64
9MG-082000149 (082.000.149) Motor 2/CF-375 N/A $4,544.06
9MG-375000137 (375.000.137) Folding Roller/CF-375 N/A $3,537.03
9N4-C1100 (N4-C1100) Lead Screw/DC-545 N/A $120.12
9N4-E1071 (N4-E1071) Eccentric Shaft N/A $244.73
9N4-G2350 (N4-G2350) Receiving Plate/AF-100 N/A $269.24
9N4-K1710 (N4-K1710) Roller B/AF-100 N/A $140.02
9N4-K4203 (N4-K4203) Rail N/A $46.64
9N4-S0001 (N4-S0001) Attachment Kit/DC-545 N/A $407.04
9M7-K2130 (M7-K2130) Bracket F / DP-21/23 N/A $23.96
9M7-K5140 (M7-K5140) Key Top N/A $5.40
9M7-L1081 (M7-L1081) Bracket N/A $73.44
9M7-P1010 (M7-P1010) Lens/DP-21L N/A $341.29
9M7-P4110 (M7-P4110) Plate Spring N/A $12.29
9M7-P7050 (M7-P7050) Rack N/A $12.29
9M7-S0006 (M7-S0006) Shaft Unit/Use=9M7-F2010 N/A $205.69
9M7-T4080 (M7-T4080) Label Paper Size (ADF) Inch N/A $22.55
9M7-V3361 (M7-V3361) Main Motor PCB N/A $462.60
9M7-X1010 (M7-X1010) Cutter Unit N/A $292.44
9MG-025000202 (025.000.202) Woodruft Key 3X3,7/CF-375 N/A $17.21
9MG-085000112 (085.000.112) Forked Light Barrier/CF-375 N/A $129.25
9MG-375000426 (375.000.426) Spare Knife In Width 17tpi/CP-375 N/A $693.75
9N4-C1170 (N4-C1170) Shaft/DC-545 N/A $149.82
9N4-E1080 (N4-E1080) Upper Blade DC-545 N/A $307.38
9N4-G2410 (N4-G2410) Cover L Unit/DC-545 N/A $349.91
9N4-K1720 (N4-K1720) Bush/AF-100 N/A $9.52
9N4-K4313 (N4-K4313) Plate Unit/AF-100 N/A $84.54
9N4-S0003 (N4-S0003) Score Unit Assy (Creasing Section) N/A $1,515.36
9M7-K2140 (M7-K2140) Bracket R /DP-21/23 N/A $23.96
9M7-K5160 (M7-K5160) Key Top N/A $5.40
9M7-L1090 (M7-L1090) Lever E / DP-21/23 N/A $17.01
9M7-P1041 (M7-P1041) Base N/A $153.82
9M7-P4120 (M7-P4120) Stopper Plate N/A $7.22
9M7-P7060 (M7-P7060) Feeder Guide R N/A $31.66
9M7-S0007 (M7-S0007) Motor N/A $484.06
9M7-T6040 (M7-T6040) Name Plate Label DP-22L II N/A $17.69
9M7-V3380 (M7-V3380) CCD PCB Unit (New)/DP-21L,23S II N/A $362.12
9M7-X1020 (M7-X1020) Motor N/A $103.52
9MG-030000111 (030.000.111) Pressure Spring/CF-375 N/A $47.75
9MG-086000113 (086.000.113) Micro Switch/CF-375 N/A $124.07
9MG-375100005 (375.100.005) Bearing PI CPL. /CF-375 N/A $176.69
9N4-C1180 (N4-C1180) Shaft N/A $143.64
9N4-E1130 (N4-E1130) Hexagonal Shaft/DC-545 N/A $47.14
9N4-G2471 (N4-G2471) Cover R Unit/DC-545 N/A $399.20
9N4-K2110 (N4-K2110-01) Separator Base/AF-100 N/A $12.29
9N4-K4461 (N4-K4461) Guide Plate L/AF-100 N/A $80.12
9N4-S0007 (N4-S0007) Complete Rec'g Tray Assembly/DC-545 N/A $1,001.96
9M7-K3010 (M7-K3010) Rear Cover/DP-21/23 N/A $291.02
9M7-K5520 (M7-K5521) Control Panel Unit (120V) N/A $87.72
9M7-M1031 (M7-M1031) Lever Unit N/A $149.77
9M7-P1050 (M7-P1050) Lens Holder/DP-21L N/A $25.70
9M7-P4130 (M7-P4130) Cork Paper Separator Unit N/A $36.00
9M7-P7070 (M7-P7070) Receiving Tray/DP-21/23 N/A $76.48
9M7-S0009 (M7-S0009) Exit Paper Tray Assy/DP21L N/A $892.53
9M7-T8010 (M7-T8010) Label,Panel N/A $60.59
9M7-V3390 (M7-V3390) Drive PCB Unit (New)/DP-21L,23S II N/A $956.77
9M7-X1030 (M7-X1030) Clutch N/A $113.02
9MG-030000112 (030.000.112) Pressure Spring/CF-375 N/A $47.75
9MG-086000116 (086.000.116) Micro Switch Paper Table /CF-375 N/A $110.30
9MG-375100008 (375.100.008) Paper Lock Assy./CF-375 N/A $829.55
9N4-C1330 (N4-C1330) Angle R/DC-545 N/A $25.00
9N4-E1140 (N4-E1140) Spacer DC-545 N/A $62.71
9N4-G2640 (N4-G2640) Stopper/DC-545 N/A $80.34
9N4-K2122 (N4-K2122) Separator/AF-100, DC-645 N/A $23.96
9N4-K4471 (N4-K4471) Guide Plate R/AF-100 N/A $80.12
9M7-K3030 (M7-K3030) Front Cover/DP-21/23 N/A $263.05
9M7-K5640 (M7-K5640) Key Top/DP21 N/A $11.00
9M7-M1051 (M7-M1051) Lever N/A $22.55
9M7-P1100 (M7-P1100) Mirror N/A $63.75
9M7-P5030 (M7-P5030) Roller N/A $76.25
9M7-P7080 (M7-P7080) Document Receiving Tray N/A $113.48
9M7-S0018 (M7-S0018) Feeding Tray Assy/S2-ADF N/A $172.50
9M7-T8150 (M7-T8150) Label, Panel (EI)/DP-21L II, 22L II N/A $61.74
9M7-V3400 (M7-V3402) Main PCB (New)/DP-21L,22S,23S,24S II N/A $2,132.51
9M7-X1040 (M7-X1040)


N/A $270.46
9MG-030000305 (030.000.305) Pressure Spring /CF-375 N/A $47.83
9MG-089000206 (089.000.206) Power Supplies/CF-375 N/A $2,292.48
9MG-375100032 (375.100.032) Cover/CF-375 N/A $889.81
9N4-C1340 (N4-C1340) Angle L/DC-545 N/A $25.00
9N4-E1400 (N4-E1400) Guide Front Upper/DC-545HCEX N/A $100.31
9N4-G2650 (N4-G2650) Rubber Magnet/DC-545 N/A $42.86
9N4-K2152 (N4-K2152) Lid / AF100 N/A $57.55
9N4-K4494 (N4-K4494) Rubber Magnet/AF-100 N/A $36.00
9M7-K3050 (M7-K3050) Shaft Unit A N/A $39.93
9M7-K5650 (M7-K5650) Key Top/DP21 N/A $5.33
9M7-M1091 (M7-M1091) Stopper Unit N/A $29.20
9M7-P1150 (M7-P1150) Roller N/A $84.75
9M7-P5040 (M7-P5040) Paper Ejection Roller N/A $79.58
9M7-P7100 (M7-P7100) Angle N/A $10.26
9M7-S0021 (M7-S0021) Elevator Lower SW Mod Kit N/A $61.03
9M7-V3013 (M7-V3013) Control Panel PCB Unit (New) N/A $253.31
9M7-W1010 (M7-W1014) Cable 2 Unit N/A $265.69
9M7-X1050 (M7-X1050) Fan N/A $225.29
9MG-034000412 (034.000.412) Tooth Belt TP 1100-5M-15/CF-375 N/A $573.12
9MG-089000207 (089.000.207) Power supply 32A, 48V/CF-375 N/A $3,619.76
9MG-375100044 (375.100.044) Transport Roller CPL. /CF-375 N/A $2,282.36
9N4-C1432 (N4-C1432) Rubber Roll N/A $87.48
9N4-E1420 (N4-E1420) Guide Rear Upper/DC-545HCEX N/A $81.19
9N4-G2660 (N4-G2660) Guide L/DC-545 N/A $55.73
9N4-K2311 (N4-K2311) Shaft N/A $43.38
9N4-K4512 (N4-K4512) Angle/AF-100 N/A $25.70
9M7-K3080 (M7-K3080) Shaft Unit B N/A $39.93
9M7-K5710 (M7-K5710) Control Panel Unit (EI)/DP-21L II, 22L II N/A $87.24
9M7-M1110 (M7-M1110) Spring N/A $5.40
9M7-P1190 (M7-P1190) Base/DP-21L N/A $29.23
9M7-P5060 (M7-P5060) Gear Unit N/A $78.57
9M7-P7110 (M7-P7110) Plate N/A $4.93
9M7-S0022 (M7-S0022) Ejection Unit Assy N/A $2,257.15
9M7-V3030 (M7-V3030) CCD PCB Unit N/A $353.15
9M7-W1020 (M7-W1020) Drive Cord Unit N/A $251.94
9M7-X1060 (M7-X1060) Clutch N/A $89.13
9MG-034000413 (034.000.413) Tooth Belt Htd 750-5M/CF-375 N/A $202.53
9MG-235001074 (235.001.074) Light Barrier Dark/CF-375 N/A $1,387.54
9MG-375100054 (375.100.054) Folding Roller CPL. /CF-375 N/A $3,537.03
9N4-C2011 (N4-C2011) Housing Unit R/DC-545 N/A $381.21
9N4-F1490 (N4-F1490) New Roller/DC-545 N/A $195.89
9N4-G2670 (N4-G2670) Guide R/DC-545 N/A $55.73
9N4-K3090 (N4-K3090) Antistatic Brush/AF-100 N/A $66.78
9N4-K4521 (N4-K4521) Shaft/DC-545 N/A $60.37
9M7-K3130 (M7-K3130) Switch Lever N/A $22.55
9M7-K5730 (M7-K5730) Key Top N/A $10.80
9M7-M1120 (M7-M1120) Spring T N/A $7.43
9M7-P1200 (M7-P1200) Saddle/DP-21L N/A $7.22
9M7-P5160 (M7-P5160) Pulley N/A $10.46
9M7-P8031 (M7-P8031) Frame R N/A $86.10
9M7-S0026 (M7-S0026) Clamp Assy:M7/B4 N/A $134.22
9M7-V3050 (M7-V3050) EEProm PCB Unit/DP-21,22,23,24 & II Ser N/A $60.55
9M7-W1080 (M7-W1080) Scanner Cord Unit, Stepping N/A $67.38
9M7-X1070 (M7-X1070) Clutch N/A $89.13
9MG-034000414 (034.000.414) Tooth Belt 255-5M-9/CF-375 N/A $82.44
9MG-235001075 (235.001.075) Pressure Spring /CF-375 N/A $1,387.54
9MG-375100057 (375.100.057) Cover - ZSB/CF-375 N/A $1,659.04
9N4-C2061 (N4-C2061) Housing Unit L/DC-545 N/A $315.63
9N4-F1520 (N4-F1520) Pearled Roller/DC-545HCEX N/A $252.99
9N4-G2730 (N4-G2730) Rubber Magnet/DC-545 N/A $27.22
9N4-K3181 (N4-K3181) Cover/ AF100 N/A $136.30
9N4-K4533 (N4-K4533-01) Lever/AF-100 N/A $44.28
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