9P8-000 - 9P9-S9990

9P8-000 - 9P9-S9990
Duplo USA part numbers 9P8-000 - 9P9-S9990 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Upper Blade Unit/DC-645
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Lower Blade Unit/DC-645
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Driving Roller/DC-645
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Flat Belt, GRY (16x383mm)/DC-645
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All Sizes of 9P8-000 - 9P9-S9990

Part No. Description Image Price  
9P8-002 (P8002) Switch N/A $24.20
9P8-201I110VIP (P8201) Heater Plate for DB-550P/AHC 110V 700W N/A $79.82
9P9-010 (P9010) Gear N/A $39.93
9P9-A2390 (P9-A2390) Spring T N/A $13.10
9P9-A5090 (P9-A5090) Angle N/A $35.77
9P9-B1130 (P9-B1130) Guide E/DC-645 N/A $62.62
9P9-F1101 (P9-F1101) Shaft N/A $17.45
9P9-F3140 (P9-F3140) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $22.50
9P9-G3011 (P9-G3011) Frame R/DC-645 Slitter Module N/A $162.86
9P9-J1400 (P9-J1400) Static Eliminating Brush N/A $101.94
9P9-K1410 (P9-K1410) Slider N/A $60.45
9P9-L1030 (P9-L1030) Paper Exit Tray/DC-645 N/A $277.73
9P9-M1560 (P9-M1560) Wiring Cover/DC-645 N/A $68.16
9P9-M4261 (P9-M4261) Switch Bracket/DC-645 N/A $54.37
9P9-N1360 (P9-N1360) Timing Pulley/DC-645 N/A $86.38
9P9-Q1360 (P9-Q1360) Driving Roll N/A $238.12
9P9-R2010 (P9-R2010) Lead Screw Shaft N/A $197.96
9P9-S0030 (P9-S0030) Anti Scratch Kit/DC-645 N/A $598.50
9P9-S0050 (P9-S0050) Jig BCM-50.8 N/A $290.94
9P8-003 (P8003) Nip Pressure Control N/A $125.70
9P8-202 (P8202) Thermostat with Probe N/A $122.36
9P9-A1011 (P9-A1011) Driving Roller/DC-645 N/A $183.54
9P9-A4011 (P9-A4011) Feed Plate/DC-645 N/A $223.62
9P9-A5100 (P9-A5100) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $67.03
9P9-B1140 (P9-B1140) Guide D N/A $99.42
9P9-F1211 (P9-F1211) Nut/DC-645 N/A $31.75
9P9-F3170 (P9-F3170) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $23.31
9P9-G3021 (P9-G3021) Frame L/DC-645 Slitter Module N/A $162.86
9P9-J1420 (P9-J1420) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-745 N/A $34.90
9P9-K1480 (P9-K1480) Slider N/A $13.45
9P9-L1150 (P9-L1150) Guide/DC-645 N/A $97.38
9P9-M3161 (P9-M3161) Feed Cover R/DC-645 N/A $440.25
9P9-M4281 (P9-M4281) Kicker/DC-645 N/A $20.62
9P9-N1370 (P9-N1370) Timing Pulley/DC-645 N/A $51.78
9P9-Q1370 (P9-Q1370) Sponge Roller N/A $657.42
9P9-R3200 (P9-R3200) Protection Plate for BCM-02 N/A $56.60
9P9-S0031 (P9-S0031) Gear Assy/DC-645 (#D00129) N/A $251.81
9P9-S0051 (P9-S0051) Roller Assy (#00638) N/A $170.90
9P8-004 (P8004) Timer Pot N/A $74.98
9P8-203 (P8203) Half Temp for DB-550 N/A $21.21
9P9-A1020 (P9-A1020) Roller/DC-645 N/A $147.56
9P9-A4020 (P9-A4020) Support Plate/DC-645 N/A $177.48
9P9-A5130 (P9-A5130) Guide/DC-645 N/A $23.10
9P9-B1160 (P9-B1160) Roller N/A $144.64
9P9-F1231 (P9-F1231) Indicator/DC-645 N/A $27.34
9P9-F3180 (P9-F3180) Knob/DC-645 N/A $36.19
9P9-H1010 (P9-H1010) Lead Shaft/DC-645 N/A $175.39
9P9-J2021 (P9-J2021) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $31.64
9P9-K1580 (P9-K1580) Sensor Bracket N/A $46.86
9P9-L1170 (P9-L1170) Rubber Magnet/DC-645 N/A $101.56
9P9-M3172 (P9-M3172) Feed Cover L Unit/DC-645 N/A $563.50
9P9-M4300 (P9-M4300) Shooter/DC-645 N/A $73.74
9P9-N1380 (P9-N1380) Shaft 1/DC-645 N/A $24.85
9P9-Q3151 (P9-Q3151) Cover/PFM-01 N/A $118.04
9P9-R3210 (P9-R3210) Frame R/BCM-02 N/A $250.81
9P9-S0032 (P9-S0032) Timing Pulley Assy/DC-645 (#D00129) N/A $188.86
9P9-S0054 (P9-S0054) Roller Kit for DC-645 N/A $1,678.81
9P8-005 (P8005) Emergency Stop N/A $35.60
9P8-401 (P8401) Switch LS1,LS2 N/A $37.24
9P9-A1030 (P9-A1030) Holder N/A $30.80
9P9-A4031 (P9-A4031) Base N/A $62.78
9P9-A6100 (P9-A6100) Rod/DC-645 N/A $46.89
9P9-B1190 (P9-B1190) Rubber Magnet N/A $35.95
9P9-F1270 (P9-F1270) Disc/DC-645 N/A $34.58
9P9-F3250 (P9-F3250) Plate/DC-645 N/A $47.36
9P9-H1051 (P9-H1051) Gutter Guide/DC-645 N/A $65.23
9P9-J2040 (P9-J2040) Gear/DC-645 N/A $109.36
9P9-K1590 (P9-K1590) Sensor Plate N/A $34.98
9P9-L1180 (P9-L1180) Rubber Magnet/DC-645 N/A $44.08
9P9-M3230 (P9-M3230) Under Cover L1/DC-645 N/A $304.50
9P9-M4320 (P9-M4320) Stopper (Upper)/DC-645 N/A $47.94
9P9-N1410 (P9-N1410) Cover 2/DC-645 N/A $49.47
9P9-Q5082 (P9-Q5082) Upper Blade (Perf Teeth) for PFM-01 N/A $341.25
9P9-R3220 (P9-R3220) Frame L/BCM-02 N/A $223.42
9P9-S0033 (P9-S0033) Timing Pulley Assy/DC-645 (#D00129) N/A $201.04
9P9-S0055 (P9-S0055) Deflector Modification Kit/DC-645 N/A $1,647.87
9P8-006 (P8006) Ready Light N/A $14.50
9P8-402 (P8402) Switch 3, LS3 N/A $48.29
9P9-A1051 (P9-A1051) Flat Belt, GRY (16x383mm)/DC-645 N/A $51.90
9P9-A4040 (P9-A4040) Pillar A/DC-645 N/A $29.89
9P9-A6111 (P9-A6111) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $41.10
9P9-B1260 (P9-B1260) Flat Belt, New (16x424mm)/DC-645,745 N/A $88.38
9P9-F1280 (P9-F1280) Supporting Roller/DC615 N/A $92.38
9P9-F3260 (P9-F3260) Upper Guide Assy/DC-645 N/A $82.52
9P9-J1010 (P9-J1010)

Cutter Unit/DC-645

N/A $1,485.38
9P9-J2050 (P9-J2050) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $71.08
9P9-K1621 (P9-K1621) Spring/DC-645 N/A $19.80
9P9-L2010 (P9-L2010) Paper Exit Tray N/A $294.54
9P9-M3240 (P9-M3240) Upper Guide R1/DC-645 N/A $318.41
9P9-M6512 (P9-M6513) Top cover 2 / DC645 (P9-M6513) N/A $420.56
9P9-N1430 (P9-N1430) Pillar N/A $23.10
9P9-Q6011 (P9-Q6011) Upper Blade for RSM-01 N/A $297.50
9P9-R4011 (P9-R4011) Gear N/A $59.47
9P9-S0034 (P9-S0034) Gear Assy/DC-645 (#D00129) N/A $348.06
9P9-S9989 (TP9-S9989) Jig BCM-16 N/A $290.94
9P8-007 (P8007) Start Switch N/A $53.20
9P8-402AIB (P8402 A/B) Switch A / B LS4,LS5 N/A $46.09
9P9-A1081 (P9-A1081) Shutter/DC-645 N/A $52.03
9P9-A4050 (P9-A4050) Pillar B/DC-645 N/A $23.31
9P9-A6121 (P9-A6121) Bracket/DC-645 N/A $60.52
9P9-B1290 (P9-B1290) Belt N/A $58.34
9P9-F2010 (P9-F2010) Lead Shaft N/A $186.74
9P9-F3270 (P9-F3270) Lower Guide Assy/DC-645 N/A $91.10
9P9-J1153 (P9-J1153) Cover N/A $67.24
9P9-J2091 (P9-J2091) Gear Plate 1/DC-645 N/A $38.07
9P9-K1631 (P9-K1631) Spring C (DD034) N/A $9.95
9P9-L2020 (P9-L2020) Side Guide N/A $47.76
9P9-M3250 (P9-M3250) Upper Guide R2/DC-645 N/A $302.07
9P9-M6522 (P9-M6523) Top cover 3 / DC645 (P9-M6523) N/A $326.38
9P9-N1590 (P9-N1590) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $67.84
9P9-R1041 (P9-R1041) Master Cover/BCM N/A $195.98
9P9-R5110 (P9-R5110) Guide LF-508/BCM-02 N/A $73.18
9P9-S0035 (P9-S0035) Tension Assy (D00152) N/A $1,711.12
9P9-S9990 (TP9-S9990) Jig BCM-22.1 N/A $290.94
9P8-008 (P8008) Standby Switch N/A $51.21
9P8-501 (P8501) Book Sensor 1 (SN1) N/A $179.66
9P9-A1091 (P9-A1091) Open/Close Shaft N/A $50.24
9P9-A4070 (P9-A4070) Plate/DC-645 N/A $33.64
9P9-A6130 (P9-A6130) Joint/DC-645 N/A $36.78
9P9-B2022 (P9-B2022) Angle/DC-645 N/A $22.82
9P9-F2020 (P9-F2020) Collar N/A $24.33
9P9-F4041 (P9-F4041) Holder Assy N/A $175.90
9P9-J1172 (P9-J1172) Under Guide/DC-645 N/A $89.90
9P9-J2101 (P9-J2101) Gear Plate 2/DC-645 N/A $38.07
9P9-K2010 (P9-K2010) Gear/BCM N/A $93.60
9P9-L2030 (P9-L2030) Slide Plate N/A $18.27
9P9-M3261 (P9-M3261) Upper Cover L/DC-645 N/A $493.20
9P9-M6562 (P9-M6562) Bracket 2 N/A $71.58
9P9-N1600 (P9-N1600) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $88.46
9P9-R1081 (P9-R1081) Separation Plate (BCM-02) N/A $36.19
9P9-R5121 (P9-R5121) Guide URE508 (Tech#00103)/DC-645 N/A $103.10
9P9-S0036 (P9-S0036) Card Stacker N/A $752.83
9P8-009 (P8009) Hinge N/A $12.10
9P8-502 (P8502) Switch N/A $79.82
9P9-A1290 (P9-A1290) Feed Belt (Black)/DC-645 N/A $56.95
9P9-A4100 Collar/DC-645 N/A $19.80
9P9-A6140 (P9-A6140) Stopper/DC-645 N/A $20.13
9P9-B2051 (P9-B2051) Sensor Bracket 2/DC-645 N/A $23.98
9P9-F2030 (P9-F2030) Gear/BCM Module N/A $61.07
9P9-F4061 (P9-F4061) Shaft N/A $33.53
9P9-J1232 (P9-J1232) Cover/DC-645 N/A $58.43
9P9-J2111 (P9-J2111) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $30.70
9P9-K2020 (P9-K2020) Gear/DC-645 N/A $60.18
9P9-L2040 (P9-L2040) Guide/DC-645 N/A $65.92
9P9-M3271 (P9-M3271) Upper Cover R/DC-645 N/A $501.87
9P9-M6703 (P9-M6703) Top cover 1 / DC645 N/A $296.80
9P9-N1610 (P9-N1610) Block/DC-645 N/A $30.70
9P9-R1151 (P9-R1151) Shaft/BCM N/A $100.08
9P9-R5122 (P9-R5122) Guide URE508/BCM Module N/A $98.76
9P9-S0037 (P9-S0037) Skew Adjust Assy (D00151) N/A $1,389.29
9P8-010 (P8010) Relay (KRY-large) N/A $74.98
9P8-503 (P8503) Switch N/A $49.72
9P9-A2202 (P9-A2202) Slide Plate/DC-645 N/A $72.84
9P9-A4110 (P9-A4110) Pillar/DC-645 N/A $23.10
9P9-A8052 (P9-A8052) Reinforcing Plate B N/A $106.40
9P9-D1011 (P9-D1011) Guide/DC-645 N/A $157.40
9P9-F2050 (P9-F2050) Motor Plates N/A $42.30
9P9-F4111 (P9-F4111) Shaft 2/DC-645 N/A $22.82
9P9-J1273 (P9-J1273) Bracket N/A $56.39
9P9-J2151 (P9-J2151) Sensor Bracket N/A $42.48
9P9-K2050 (P9-K2050) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $33.45
9P9-L2050 (P9-L2050) Rubber Magnet/DC-645 N/A $50.68
9P9-M3291 (P9-M3291) Stopper Plate/DC-645 N/A $79.78
9P9-M6830 (P9-M6830) Screw Plate/DC-645 N/A $22.50
9P9-P1010 (P9-P1010) Driving Roller/DC-645 N/A $218.84
9P9-R1161 (P9-R1161) Upper Blade/BCM Module N/A $277.99
9P9-R5131 (P9-R5131) Guide LRE508/BCM Module N/A $94.50
9P9-S0038 (P9-S0038) Block Assy N/A $98.06
9P8-011 (P8011) Relay (RY-Small) N/A $35.64
9P9-001 (P9001) Gear N/A $51.43
9P9-A2220 (P9-A2220) Pillar/DC-645 N/A $19.10
9P9-A4121 (P9-A4121) Rail/DC-645 N/A $61.18
9P9-A8121 (P9-A8121) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $41.34
9P9-E2110 (P9-E2110) Timing Pulley Belt/DC-645 N/A $94.96
9P9-F3012 (P9-F3012) Frame R/BCM N/A $164.26
9P9-F4182 (P9-F4182) Gear/DC-645 N/A $21.63
9P9-J1290 (P9-J1290) Handle N/A $59.35
9P9-J2170 (P9-J2170) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $47.14
9P9-K3010 (P9-K3010) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $22.82
9P9-L2060 (P9-L2060) Rubber Magnet N/A $13.75
9P9-M3301 (P9-M3301) Plate/DC-645 N/A $59.83
9P9-M6840 (P9-M6840) Angle N/A $23.98
9P9-P1030 (P9-P1030) Sponge Roll/DC-645 N/A $313.93
9P9-R1171 (P9-R1171) Boss Unit/BCM Module N/A $55.80
9P9-S0013 (P9-S0013) Rear Edge Stopper Assy/DC-645 N/A $379.30
9P9-S0039 (P9-S0039) Pulley Unit/DC-645 N/A $80.50
9P8-012 (P8012) MC Relay N/A $192.38
9P9-002 (P9002) Gear N/A $43.41
9P9-A2230 (P9-A2230) Pillar 2/DC-645 N/A $13.10
9P9-A4130 (P9-A4130) Rail R N/A $50.73
9P9-A8220 (P9-A8220) Reinforcing Plate D/DC-645 N/A $77.50
9P9-E3050 (P9-E3050) Frame L/DC-645 N/A $84.78
9P9-F3022 (P9-F3022) Frame L/BCM N/A $164.26
9P9-F4191 (P9-F4191) Timing Pulley Unit N/A $62.74
9P9-J1301 (P9-J1301) Z Collar/DC-645 N/A $23.98
9P9-K1021 (P9-K1021) Creaser Upper Blade/DC-745 N/A $483.79
9P9-K3030 (P9-K3030) Gear/DC-645 N/A $57.15
9P9-M1140 (P9-M1140) Pin 6/DC-645 N/A $13.10
9P9-M3350 (P9-M3350) Bracket/DC-645 N/A $56.84
9P9-N1012 (P9-N1012) Pulley Unit/DC-645 N/A $42.30
9P9-P1100 (P9-P1100) Frame/DC-645 N/A $142.12
9P9-R1231 (P9-R1231) Boss Unit/BCM Module N/A $62.62
9P9-S0022 (P9-S0022) Slitter 1 R/DC-645 N/A $1,041.25
9P9-S0040 (P9-S0040) Double Feed Detection PCB Set (#00505) N/A $349.14
9P8-014 (P8014) Timing Relay (220V) N/A $101.60
9P9-003 (P9003) Gear N/A $53.50
9P9-A2240 (P9-A2240) Link 1 N/A $21.63
9P9-A5020 (P9-A5020) Rail B N/A $85.58
9P9-A9020 (P9-A9020) Sensor Bracket N/A $48.18
9P9-E3060 (P9-E3060) Rubber Roller/DC-645 N/A $177.48
9P9-F3091 (P9-F3091) Spring/DC-645 N/A $11.45
9P9-F4211 (P9-F4211) Gear/DC-645 N/A $56.84
9P9-J1311 (P9-J1311) Stopper/DC-645 N/A $204.26
9P9-K1032 (P9-K1032) Creaser Lower Blade/DC-745 N/A $431.66
9P9-K3061 (P9-K3061) Motor Bracket N/A $37.80
9P9-M1150 (P9-M1150) Pin 5/DC-645 N/A $13.10
9P9-M4160 (P9-M4160) Trash Bin/DC-645 N/A $436.94
9P9-N1092 (P9-N1092) Shaft 3 N/A $25.03
9P9-Q1081 (P9-Q1081) Lower Blade for PFM-01 N/A $782.92
9P9-R1241 (P9-R1241) Lower Blade/BCM Module N/A $159.60
9P9-S0023 (P9-S0023) Slitter 2 L/DC-645 N/A $1,041.25
9P9-S0041 (P9-S0041) Main Body Interlock Kit/DC-645 (#00592) N/A $384.62
9P8-015 (P8015) Terminal Block N/A $21.20
9P9-004 (P9004) Gear N/A $29.65
9P9-A2250 (P9-A2250) Link N/A $21.63
9P9-A5030 (P9-A5030) Spring T/DC-645 N/A $27.93
9P9-A9040 (P9-A9040) Actuator/DC-645 N/A $47.36
9P9-E3080 (P9-E3080)

Rubber Roller/DC-645

N/A $160.60
9P9-F3100 (P9-F3100) Guide L/DC-645 N/A $24.92
9P9-F4230 (P9-F4230) Timing Pulley/DC745 N/A $107.78
9P9-J1341 (P9-J1341) Slide Bracket/DC-645 N/A $58.43
9P9-K1091 (P9-K1091) Eccentric Shaft Lower/DC-645 N/A $52.55
9P9-K3070 (P9-K3070) Encoder Unit N/A $52.03
9P9-M1160 (P9-M1160) Guide Pin/DC-645 N/A $7.75
9P9-M4190 (P9-M4190) Stopper/DC-645 N/A $64.02
9P9-N1110 (P9-N1110) Driving Roller/DC-645 N/A $184.05
9P9-Q1180 (P9-Q1180) Slider-L N/A $341.86
9P9-R1271 (P9-R1271) Roller/BCM Module N/A $36.78
9P9-S0024 (P9-S0024)

Center Slitter R 3 - 5/DC-645

N/A $1,186.25
9P9-S0042 (P9-S0042) Paper Feed Unit Side Interlock Kit/DC-645 (#00592) N/A $174.90
9P8-101 (P8101) Cover Sensor (SN2) N/A $223.86
9P9-005 (P9005) Gear N/A $31.33
9P9-A2300 (P9-A2300) Hose/DC-645 N/A $12.85
9P9-A5040 (P9-A5040) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $60.91
9P9-B1031 (P9-B1031) Lid N/A $128.02
9P9-E4170 (P9-E4170) Stopper/DC-645 N/A $112.46
9P9-F3110 (P9-F3110) Plate/DC-645 N/A $62.01
9P9-F4241 (P9-F4241) Shaft 3 N/A $71.08
9P9-J1350 (P9-J1350) Shaft/DC-645 N/A $28.98
9P9-K1320 (P9-K1320) Spring N/A $3.80
9P9-K3110 (P9-K3110) Gear/DC-645 N/A $72.68
9P9-M1232 (P9-M1232) Reinforcing Plate N/A $148.62
9P9-M4230 (P9-M4230) Cover/DC-645 N/A $358.03
9P9-N1131 (P9-N1131)

Sponge Roller/DC-645

N/A $371.86
9P9-Q1190 (P9-Q1190) Slider-R N/A $341.86
9P9-R1281 (P9-R1281) Sponge Roller/BCM Module N/A $82.86
9P9-S0025 (P9-S0025) Center Slitter L 4 - 6/DC-645 N/A $1,041.25
9P9-S0043 (P9-S0043) Blow Section Interlock Kit/DC-645 (#00592) N/A $55.70
9P8-102 (P8102) Switch LS6 N/A $47.58
9P9-007 (P9007) Gear N/A $33.04
9P9-A2320 (P9-A2320) Guide/DC-645 N/A $71.04
9P9-A5060 (P9-A5060) Switch Bracket/DC-645 N/A $35.79
9P9-B1040 (P9-B1040) Roller N/A $334.01
9P9-F1041 (P9-F1041) Upper Blade Unit/DC-645 N/A $273.00
9P9-F3122 (P9-F3122) Stay N/A $66.30
9P9-G1150 (P9-G1150) Static Eliminating Brush N/A $26.78
9P9-J1361 (P9-J1361) Stopper N/A $35.64
9P9-K1370 (P9-K1370) Plate N/A $18.97
9P9-K4012 (P9-K4012) Block N/A $69.16
9P9-M1410 (P9-M1410) Sensor Guard N/A $13.50
9P9-M4241 (P9-M4241) Plate/DC-645 N/A $155.58
9P9-N1160 (P9-N1160) Holder N/A $5.50
9P9-Q1340 (P9-Q1350) Light Shielding Plate Left N/A $50.70
9P9-R1660 (P9-R1660) Gear/BCM Module N/A $87.74
9P9-S0028 (P9-S0028) Crease HP Cable Assy/DC-645 N/A $138.54
9P9-S0044 (P9-S0044) Block Assy/BCM N/A $114.04
9P8-001 (P8001) Switch N/A $19.46
9P8-201 (P8201) Heater N/A $81.26
9P9-009 (P9009) Flat Gear N/A $29.93
9P9-A2380 (P9-A2380) Solenoid Bracket N/A $103.28
9P9-A5080 (P9-A5080) Holder N/A $82.04
9P9-B1120 (P9-B1120) Stay N/A $86.16
9P9-F1070 (P9-F1070) Lower Blade Unit/DC-645 N/A $241.50
9P9-F3130 (P9-F3130) Guide R/DC-645 N/A $23.31
9P9-G1160 (P9-G1160) Sheet/DC-745 N/A $23.95
9P9-J1390 (P9-J1390) Thumb Screw/DC-645 (Replaces XZ007) N/A $51.56
9P9-K1400 (P9-K1400) Slider N/A $104.80
9P9-K4050 (P9-K4050) Pin/DC-645 N/A $33.64
9P9-M1511 (P9-M1511) Static Eliminator Brush/DC-615,645, DC-F1 N/A $52.58
9P9-M4250 (P9-M4250) Stopper/DC-645 N/A $35.79
9P9-N1330 (P9-N1330)

Driving Roller

N/A $211.44
9P9-Q1350 (P9-Q1350) Light Shielding Plate Left N/A $50.70
9P9-R1670 (P9-R1670) Driving Shaft N/A $122.36
9P9-S0029 (P9-S0029) Gear Assy/BCM Module N/A $102.26
9P9-S0045 (P9-S0045) Jig BCM-17.6 N/A $290.94
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