9P9-T1000 - 9R8-C5999

9P9-T1000 - 9R8-C5999
Duplo USA part numbers 9P9-T1000 - 9R8-C5999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Stepping Motor/DC-645
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All Sizes of 9P9-T1000 - 9R8-C5999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9P9-V3091 (P9-V3091) Panel PWB Unit 2/DC-645 N/A $157.88
9P9-W2460 (P9-W2460) Resistor Cable Unit (#D00136)/DC-645 N/A $215.30
9PS-00O0000301 (00O-000-0301) O-Ring, Flipper/DT-900 N/A $37.24
9PS-1230125A (1230125A) Sensor, Paper/=9UL-00A0000207 N/A $106.40
9PS-3507925A (3507925A) Cable, Interface/DT-900 N/A $51.21
9PS-5078064 (5078064) Belt, 109MXL/DT-900 N/A $25.38
9PS-5290701 (5290701) Cover, Top (Wide 12 7/8"" x 9 13/16"")/DT-900 N/A $172.92
9PS-5856206A (5856206A) Roller, Feed Retarding/DT-900 N/A $23.31
9Q3-W1001 (Q3-W1001) Tape I/F Cable Unit/TAP-06 N/A $83.38
9Q4-C2041 (Q4-C2041) Discharge Roller/EX-2000 N/A $240.00
9Q4-G1021 (Q4-G1021) Guide/EX-2000 (Include Q4-G1031) N/A $94.78
9Q6-B1031 (Q6-B1031) Feeder Guide R/DP-330Le N/A $24.36
9Q6-J1031 (Q6-J1031) Base Stopper N/A $30.80
9Q6-V3170 (Q6-V3171) End-Mark PCB Unit 2/DP-330Le N/A $45.46
9R7-H1091 (R7-H1091) Clear Plate N/A $61.27
9R8-A1021 (R8-A1021) Flange R N/A $122.02
9R8-A1431 (R8-A1431) Bar R/LG N/A $63.61
9R8-B1510 (R8-B1510) Tape for TG029 N/A $4.15
9R8-C3011 (R8-C3011) Shaft N/A $47.14
9P9-V3130 (P9-V3131) Stepping Drive PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $920.45
9P9-X1010 (P9-X1010) Stepping Motor/DC-645 N/A $110.94
9PS-00S0005611 (00S-000-5611) Spring, Folder, Black/DT-900 N/A $10.60
9PS-1230127A (1230127A) Sensor 5, Tab Out, Left/DT-900 N/A $159.60
9PS-3509701 (3509701) Cable, Interface/DT-900 to DT-900C N/A $51.21
9PS-5078090 (5078090) Belt, 90XL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5560701 (5560701) Hub (=9PS-00H0000801)/DT-900 N/A $69.16
9PS-5856210A (5856210A) Roller, Chicken Plug, 50D/DT-900 N/A $53.18
9Q3-X1030 (Q3-X1030) Print Head/TAP-06 N/A $142.96
9Q4-D1031 (Q4-D1031) Flat Belt/EX-2000 N/A $234.52
9Q4-G1031 (Q4-G1031) Rubber Magnet/EX-2000 N/A $37.24
9Q6-B1060 (Q6-B1060) Spring T N/A $8.00
9Q6-J1121 (Q6-J1121) Support Bracket for TAP-08/DP-S N/A $77.50
9Q6-V3180 (Q6-V3180) Photo-Emitting Sensor Unit/DP-e Series N/A $46.75
9R7-S0002 (R7-S0002) Safety Cover Assy/V-767 N/A $226.68
9R8-A1041 (R8-A1041) Lever/DP-J450 N/A $32.06
9R8-A1450 (R8-A1450) Sponge/DP-U Series N/A $13.45
9R8-B1530 (R8-B1530) Antistatic Brush (#00527) N/A $16.65
9R8-C3033 (R8-C3033) Lever Unit Assy/DP-S N/A $62.84
9P9-V3150 (P9-V3150) USB PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $190.86
9P9-X1020 (P9-X1020) Stepping Motor/DC-645 N/A $635.71
9PS-00S0005613 (00S-000-5613) Spring Guide, Transport/DT-900 N/A $23.30
9PS-1230127B (1230127B) Sensor 5, Tab Out, Right/DT-900 N/A $159.60
9PS-3543315A (3543315A) Wire Asm, Extension, 15CM N/A $27.93
9PS-5078102 (5078102) Belt, 102MXL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5570701A (5570701A) Key Pad/DT-900 N/A $122.36
9PS-5856211 (5856211) Second Feed Roller (Silicon) N/A $59.85
9Q4-A2052 (Q4-A2052) Top Cover/EX-2000 N/A $119.06
9Q4-D1082 (Q4-D1082) Shaft 2/EX-2000 N/A $44.94
9Q4-G1092 (Q4-G1092) Guide L&R/EX-2000 (Include Q4-G1031) N/A $116.38
9Q6-B1070 (Q6-B1070) Scale Plate N/A $58.32
9Q6-J2011 (Q6-J2011) Slide Bracket Assy N/A $26.78
9Q6-V3190 (Q6-V3190) Photo-Receiving Sensor Unit/DP-e Series N/A $42.84
9R7-S0007 (R7-S0007) Plate Unit N/A $152.50
9R8-A1051 (R8-A1051) Spring To-F N/A $14.15
9R8-A1510 (R8-A1510) Guide N/A $19.95
9R8-B2051 (R8-B2051) Spring T/DP-S N/A $22.12
9R8-C3091 (R8-C3091) Spring T/DP-S N/A $11.65
9P9-V3170 (P9-V3170) DC Drive PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $1,075.31
9P9-X1040 (P9-X1040) Compressor (120v)/DC-645 N/A $879.78
9PS-1190701A (1190701A) Logic Board (New)/DT-900 N/A $1,975.07
9PS-1230139A (1230139A) Asm, Tab Reel/DT-900 N/A $111.72
9PS-3600005 (3600005) Asm, Wire, Driver Connector/Adaptor N/A $39.90
9PS-5078106 (5078106) Belt, 106XL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5650001 (5650001) Nut, Thumb/DT-900 N/A $2.70
9PS-5856212 (5856212) First Feed Roller (Silicon) N/A $59.85
9Q4-A2170 (Q4-A2170) Shaft/EX-2000 N/A $22.16
9Q4-D1092 (Q4-D1092) Shaft/EX-2000 N/A $117.04
9Q4-V3000 (Q4-V3000) Main PCB Unit/EX-2000 N/A $845.48
9Q6-B6014 (Q6-B6014) Feed Inlet/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $45.78
9Q6-J2041 (Q6-J2041) Sponge/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $29.33
9Q6-V3210 (Q6-V3210) Relay PCB Unit (Q6-V3221)/DP-e Series N/A $66.52
9R7-S0008 (R7-S0008) Cover Assy L N/A $190.82
9R8-A1061 (R8-A1061) Spring TO-R N/A $14.15
9R8-A1520 (R8-A1520) Angle N/A $19.95
9R8-B3011 (R8-B3011) Feed Shaft N/A $62.12
9R8-C5011 (R8-C5011) Spring T/DP-S N/A $11.65
9P9-W2014 (P9-W2014) Creaser Cable Unit N/A $794.12
9P9-X1050 (P9-X1050) Compressor (220v)/DC-645 N/A $782.92
9PS-1210103A (1210103A) Logic Board, 6 Motor/DT-900 N/A $1,975.07
9PS-1230145A (1230145A) Rectifier PCB Asm/DT-900 N/A $143.64
9PS-3600006 (3600006) ASM, Wire, Motor New Connector to 1230002B N/A $39.90
9PS-5078109 (5078109) Belt, 109MXL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5670305 (5670305) O-Ring, Flipper/DT-900 N/A $37.24
9PS-5920101 (5920101) Shroud, Upper, Kapton/DT-900 N/A $39.90
9Q4-A2183 (Q4-A2183) Switch Bracket/EX-2000 N/A $152.96
9Q4-E1024 (Q4-E1024) Cover/EX-2000 N/A $195.52
9Q4-V3210 (Q4-V3210) Control Panel/EX-2000 N/A $269.41
9Q6-B6022 (Q6-B6022) Separator Frame/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $18.06
9Q6-J2050 (Q6-J2050) Sponge/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $3.30
9Q6-W2010 (Q6-W2010) Cable Unit Paper Feed N/A $60.48
9R7-S0009 (R7-S0009) Cover Assy R N/A $209.90
9R8-A1071 (R8-A1071) Plate R:Bearing N/A $10.00
9R8-A3011 (R8-A3011) Ink Distributor (A3)/DP-S N/A $41.91
9R8-B3021 (R8-B3021) Rubber Roller Unit/DP-S N/A $53.96
9P9-W2150 (P9-W2150) USB PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $148.14
9P9-X1060 (P9-X1060)

Main Motor Unit/DC-645

N/A $570.78
9PS-1210105A (1210105A) Driver Board, 2 Motor/DT-900 N/A $814.63
9PS-1230201A (1230201A) Flipper Plate 5.5""/DT-900 N/A $581.88
9PS-3740001 (3740001) Rectifier/DT-900 N/A $65.84
9PS-5078144 (5078144) Belt, 144MXL/DT-900 N/A $37.24
9PS-5670325 (5670325) O-Ring, Take-Up Spool/DT-900 N/A $37.24
9PS-5920102 (5920102) Shroud, Lower, Kapton/DT-900 N/A $54.92
9Q4-A2201 (Q4-A2201) Bracket/EX-2000 N/A $63.18
9Q4-E1031 (Q4-E1031) Shaft Roller/EX-2000 N/A $101.78
9Q4-W1021 (Q4-W1021) Cable 1 Unit/EX-2000 N/A $64.54
9Q6-B6032 (Q6-B6032) Separator Lever/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $14.35
9Q6-J2070 (Q6-J2070) Slide Plate N/A $24.65
9Q6-W2020 (Q6-W2020) Relay Cable Unit,Drum N/A $73.28
9R7-S0013 (R7-S0013) Rotary Solenoid Assy N/A $567.39
9R8-A1081 (R8-A1081) Plate F:Bearing N/A $10.00
9R8-A3021 (R8-A3021) Ink Distributor (B4)/DP-S510 N/A $38.40
9R8-B3081 (R8-B3081) Stopper Ring N/A $15.80
9P9-W2192 (P9-W2192) Cut HP Relay Cable Unit/DC-645 N/A $201.81
9P9-X1070 (P9-X1070) Photo Interrupter (CA043)/DC615 N/A $187.86
9PS-1210105B (1210105B) PWB ASM Diver Upper L298 N/A $931.00
9PS-1230202A (1230202A (00A-000-0180)) Flipper Plate 8.5"" (00A-000-0180)/DT-900 N/A $581.88
9PS-3814004 (3814004) DC Fan/DT-900 N/A $59.85
9PS-5130001 (5130001) Angle/DT-900 N/A $20.00
9PS-5670701 (5670701) O-Ring, Pick Up Roller/DT-900 N/A $4.00
9PS-7070201 (7070201) Spring, Transport (Weak)/DT-900 N/A $8.05
9Q4-A2243 (Q4-A2243) Connector Cover/EX-2000 N/A $81.92
9Q4-E1111 (Q4-E1111) Flat Belt/EX-2000 N/A $183.31
9Q4-W1040 (Q4-W1040) Interlock Cable Switch/EX-2000 N/A $124.38
9Q6-B6042 (Q6-B6042) Lever/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $10.60
9Q6-S0016 (Q6-S0016) EEProm PCB Unit/DP-430e N/A $50.24
9Q6-W2042 (Q6-W2042) Cable Unit 2 N/A $336.56
9R7-T1281 (R7-T1281) Decorative Label (Duplo)/V-767 N/A $33.78
9R8-A1091 (R8-A1092) Sponge N/A $14.15
9R8-A3101 (R8-A3101) Ink Pump Assy/DP-S N/A $240.31
9R8-B3101 (R8-B3101) Pulley Assy/DP-S N/A $74.14
9P9-W2220 (P9-W2220) Sensor Cable/DC645 N/A $78.14
9PD-014 (PD014) SSR Unit/DC-645 N/A $163.84
9PS-1210105C (1210105C) PWB ASM Driver Lower L298 N/A $931.00
9PS-1230701 (1230701) Asm, Socket/DT-900 N/A $63.84
9PS-3930007 (3930007) Transformer/DT-900 N/A $288.63
9PS-5139701A (5139701A) Guiding Wheel Bracket N/A $67.32
9PS-5730115A (5730115A) Deflector Plate/DT-900 N/A $128.40
9PS-7070202 (7070202) Spring, Folder (00S-000-5611)/DT-900 N/A $10.60
9Q4-A2360 (Q4-A2360) Brush/EX-2000 N/A $36.93
9Q4-E1240 (Q4-E1240) Shaft/EX-2000 N/A $53.02
9Q4-W1050 (Q4-W1050) Cable Jam/EX-2000 N/A $34.93
9Q6-B6051 (Q6-B6051) Plate/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $5.35
9Q6-S0017 (Q6-S0017) EEProm PCB Unit/DP-330Le N/A $50.24
9Q6-X1010 (Q6-X1010) Master Feed Clutch/DP-e Series N/A $48.10
9R7-V3024 (R7-V3027) Main P.W.B Unit N/A $724.96
9R8-A1101 (R8-A1101) Drum A3/DP-S850 N/A $234.50
9R8-A3111 (R8-A3111) Nut/DP-S N/A $33.74
9R8-B4011 (R8-B4011) Separator Frame/DP-S N/A $36.99
9P9-W2230 (P9-W2230) Sensor Cable/DC-645 N/A $32.59
9PD-016 (PD016) SSR/DC-745 N/A $144.62
9PS-1210111A (1210111A) Interface Board/=9UL-1210111A N/A $181.55
9PS-1230703A (1230703A) ASM, ON/OFF Switch, Conveyor N/A $47.88
9PS-4990101A (4990101A) Arm/DT-900 N/A $223.44
9PS-5200101A (5200101A) Catcher/DT-900 N/A $186.20
9PS-5778363 (5778363) Pulley, 0.08-36G-8mm/DT-900 N/A $23.31
9PS-7070203 (7070203) Spring (Stronger), Folder N/A $10.60
9Q4-A2420 (Q4-A2420) Switch Angle/EX-2000 N/A $36.09
9Q4-E1252 (Q4-E1252) Guide/EX-2000 N/A $55.73
9Q4-W1101 (Q4-W1101) PPS2 Photo-Receiving Cable Unit/EX-2000 N/A $139.02
9Q6-B6062 (Q6-B6062) Knob/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $41.28
9Q6-S0019 (Q6-S0019) EEProm PCB Unit/DP-460e N/A $50.24
9R7-A1050 (R7-A1050) Sponge N/A $36.05
9R7-V3112 (R7-V3112) Control P.W.B. unit N/A $515.34
9R8-A1111 (R8-A1111) Screen, A3/DP-S N/A $190.56
9R8-A3121 (R8-A3121) Pipe/DP-S N/A $33.74
9R8-B4061 (R8-B4061) Lever/DP-S N/A $18.40
9P9-W2240 (P9-W2240) SW Cable Unit N/A $81.82
9PP-S25MF6 (PP-S25MF6) 25 Pin Male to Female 6FT N/A $47.88
9PS-1210127A (1210127A) Display Board/DT-900 N/A $372.40
9PS-1230711B (1230711B) ASA Interlock Switch N/A $65.84
9PS-5051280 (5051280) Collar, L-1280ZZ, 12mm OD, 8mm/DT-900 N/A $21.42
9PS-5200701 (5200701) Catch Tray/DT-900 N/A $138.32
9PS-5799702 (5799702) Ramp/DT-900C N/A $79.80
9PS-7070701 (7070701) Spring, Removable Roller/DT-900 N/A $59.85
9Q4-A2430 (Q4-A2430) Clear Cover/EX-2000 N/A $311.31
9Q4-F1152 (Q4-F1152) Shaft/EX-2000 N/A $44.85
9Q4-W1111 (Q4-W1111) Handle Cable Unit/EX-2000 N/A $129.32
9Q6-B6071 (Q6-B6071) Spring T/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $5.35
9Q6-T1250 (Q6-T1250) Label,Set Line B N/A $9.65
9R7-A1061 (R7-A1060) Encoder/V-767 N/A $64.66
9R7-V3211 (R7-V3211) LED Unit 1 N/A $57.40
9R8-A1112 (R8-A1112) Screen A3 (New)/DP-S550,S850,DP-J450 N/A $190.51
9R8-A6012 (R8-A6012) Outer Frame F/DP-S N/A $215.88
9R8-B4071 (R8-B4071) Shaft/DP-S N/A $33.78
9P9-W2370 (P9-W2370) Receiving Cable 2 Unit/DC-645 N/A $61.92
9PS-00A0000239 (00A-000-0239) Interface Socket ASM/DT-900 N/A $63.84
9PS-1210129A (1210129A) Key Board/DT-900 N/A $465.50
9PS-1230721 (1230721) Asm, Wire Bundled/DT-900 N/A $47.88
9PS-5051980 (5051980) Collar, L-1980ZZ 19mm OD, 8mm/DT-900 N/A $21.42
9PS-5210701 (5210701) Cover, L/DT-900 N/A $232.75
9PS-5850002A (5850002A) Roller, Transport 6.35mm One Way/DT-900 N/A $95.76
9PS-7190001 (7190001) Tractor Head, Left/DT-900 N/A $106.40
9Q4-B2030 (Q4-B2030) Spring T/EX-2000 N/A $33.78
9Q4-F1161 (Q4-F1161) Knob/EX-2000 N/A $30.24
9Q4-W1121 (Q4-W1121) PPS2 Photo-Emitting Cable Unit/EX-2000 N/A $143.64
9Q6-B6100 (Q6-B6100) Sub Separator/DP-e Series N/A $23.65
9Q6-T3010 (Q6-T3010) Label /DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $7.45
9R7-D1010 (R7-D1010) Spring N/A $20.70
9R7-V3221 (R7-V3221) LED unit 2 N/A $52.18
9R8-A1142 (R8-A1142) Base Unit/DP-S N/A $54.03
9R8-A6151 (R8-A6151) Stopper/DP-S N/A $18.30
9R8-B4081 (R8-B4081) Knob/DP-S N/A $11.65
9P9-T1021 (P9-T1021) Scale/DC-645 N/A $305.15
9P9-W2380 (P9-W2380) Emission Cable 1 Unit/DC-645 N/A $58.84
9PS-00A0000283 (00A-000-0283) Wire Bundle Assy/DT-900 N/A $47.88
9PS-1210701B (1210701B) PWB Asm, Power Supply w/Relay/DT-900 N/A $558.60
9PS-1230723A (1230723A) Tab Chassis Support Cover/DT-900 N/A $581.88
9PS-5052280 (5052280) Collar, L-2280ZZ 22mm OD, 8mm/DT-900 N/A $20.00
9PS-5210701A (5210701A) Case L/DT-900 N/A $837.90
9PS-5850004A (5850004A) Roller, Transport/DT-900 N/A $74.48
9PS-7190002 (7190002) Tractor Head, Right/DT-900 N/A $106.40
9Q4-B2042 (Q4-B2042) Spring T/EX-2000 N/A $33.78
9Q4-F1201 (Q4-F1202) Scrapper/EX-2000 N/A $35.94
9Q4-X1010 (Q4-X1010) Main Motor N/A $530.02
9Q6-F2010 (Q6-F2010) Air Pump Cam/DP-Le'Series N/A $26.53
9Q6-V3120 (Q6-V3120) DC-DC PCB Unit 1/DP-430e,460e N/A $418.95
9R7-F1012 (R7-F1012) Shaft Unit/V-767 N/A $372.14
9R7-W1082 (R7-W1082) Potentiomenter/V-767 N/A $152.96
9R8-A1182 (R8-A1182) Cover/DP-S N/A $8.30
9R8-A6231 (R8-A6231) Cover N/A $21.60
9R8-B4091 (R8-B4091) Separator Lever/DP-S N/A $18.40
9P9-T1031 (P9-T1031) Decorative Name Plate/DC-645 N/A $44.08
9P9-W2390 (P9-W2390) DC Motor Cable Unit N/A $480.39
9PS-00A0001221 (00A-000-1221) Power Supply w/Relay/DT-900 N/A $558.60
9PS-1212202A (1212202A) Relay Board, Finger/DT-900 N/A $581.88
9PS-1230725A (1230725A) Take-Up Clip Holding Block/DT-900 N/A $167.60
9PS-5072100 (5072100) Belt, 0.2P, 100XL/DT-900C N/A $47.88
9PS-5210702 (5210702) Cover, R/DT-900 N/A $207.36
9PS-5850008A (5850008A) Roller, Transport Center Cut/DT-900 N/A $85.12
9PS-7739701 (7739701) Tabber Trigger/DT-900 N/A $25.38
9Q4-C1162 (Q4-C1162) Turn Guide/EX-2000 N/A $174.24
9Q4-F3060 (Q4-F3060) Upper Roller/EX-2000 N/A $701.75
9Q4-X1030 (Q4-X1030) DC-Fan/EX-2000 N/A $133.70
9Q6-G3010 (Q6-G3010) Sponge Roller B/DP-Le's N/A $66.49
9Q6-V3130 (Q6-V3130) DC-DC PCB Unit 2/DP-330Le N/A $193.78
9R7-F1080 (R7-F1080) Encoder/V-767 N/A $72.66
9R7-W1090 (R7-W1090) Cable/V-767 N/A $19.85
9R8-A1212 (R8-A1212) Screen/B4/DP-U Series N/A $183.54
9R8-A6361 (R8-A6361) Ink Holder N/A $59.85
9R8-B4102 (R8-B4102) Rotation Plate/DP-S N/A $4.15
9P9-T1230 (P9-T1230) Instruction Label/DC-645 N/A $18.20
9P9-W2430 (P9-W2430) Cable Unit for Perforation/DC-645 N/A $80.34
9PS-00B0000905 (00B-000-0905) Brackt, Angle/ DT900 N/A $12.10
9PS-1220003A (1220003A) Tab Motor/DT-900 N/A $931.00
9PS-1230727 (1230727) ASM, Interface Cable, DF-1000/DT-900 N/A $65.84
9PS-5072430 (5072430) Belt, 0.2P, 430XL/DT-900C N/A $79.80
9PS-5210702A (5210702A) Case R/DT-900 N/A $228.10
9PS-5856201A (5856201A) Roller, 0.75"" Black/DT-900 N/A $47.88
9Q2-P2010 (Q2-P2010) Roller/DP-203A/205A N/A $24.85
9Q4-C2011 (Q4-C2011) Fold Roller A/EX-2000 N/A $263.03
9Q4-F3070 (Q4-F3070) Lower Roller/EX-2000 N/A $718.62
9Q5-A1111 (Q5-A1111) Holder/DC-645 N/A $56.60
9Q6-H1010 (Q6-H1010) Lib/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $28.21
9Q6-V3141 (Q6-V3144) Main PCB Unit/DP-330Le,430e N/A $1,686.28
9R7-F1100 (R7-F1100) Plate/V-767 N/A $19.50
9R7-W1100 (R7-W1100) Cable/V-767 N/A $26.81
9R8-A1401 (R8-A1401) Drum LG/DP-S510 N/A $234.50
9R8-A6380 (R8-A6380) Stopper Plate/DP-S N/A $10.00
9R8-C1011 (R8-C1012) Timing Roll/DP-S N/A $194.84
9P9-V3011 (P9-V3014) Main PCB Unit/DC-645 N/A $1,889.43
9P9-W2440 (P9-W2440) Crease HP Relay Cable Unit (P9-W2202) N/A $138.32
9PS-00C0001406 (00C-000-1406) 2 Pins Connector/DT-900 N/A $4.00
9PS-1230105A (1230105A) Complete Tractor Assy/DT-900 N/A $1,112.55
9PS-1232209A (1232209A) ASM, Interlock Switch/DT-900 N/A $39.90
9PS-5078053 (5078053) Belt, 53MXL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5230104A (5230104A) Chassis, Spool Holder/DT-900 N/A $195.51
9PS-5856202A (5856202A) Roller, 0.75"" Yellow/DT-900 N/A $53.20
9Q3-A1125 (Q3A1125) Plate N/A $56.63
9Q4-C2022 (Q4-C2022) Fold Roller B/EX-2000 N/A $286.02
9Q4-FOLDPLATE1 (No.1 Fold Plate Assy) No.1 Fold Plate Assy/EX-2000 N/A $957.22
9Q6-B1011 (Q6-B1011) Feed Tray Assembly/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $145.10
9Q6-J1011 (Q6-J1011) Side Fence/DP-330Le,430e,460e N/A $50.23
9Q6-V3151 (Q6-V3151) Main PCB Unit/DP-460e/H N/A $2,013.48
9R7-F1120 (R7-F1120) Motor Pulley/V-767 N/A $65.18
9R7-X1020 (R7-X1020) DC Motor Unit N/A $557.45
9R8-A1412 (R8-A1412) Screen LG (New)/DP-S510 N/A $222.72
9R8-A6421 (R8-A6421) Plate/DP-S N/A $54.86
9R8-C1061 (R8-C1061) Collar/DP-S N/A $15.80
9P9-V3070 (P9-V3071) Panel PCB Unit 1/DC-645 N/A $455.91
9P9-W2450 (P9-W2450) Crease HP Cable Unit (P9-W2210) N/A $42.48
9PS-00C0002115 (00C-000-2115) Cover, Top (Small 12 7/8"" x 7 1/2"")/DT-900 N/A $85.12
9PS-1230117 (1230117) Asm, Rocker Holder/DT-900 N/A $49.03
9PS-3202998 (3202998) Motor Driver IC-UDN 2998-W/DT-900 N/A $79.80
9PS-5078060 (5078060) Belt, 60XL/DT-900 N/A $27.93
9PS-5280001 (5280001) Collar/DT-900 N/A $9.30
9PS-5856205A (5856205A) Roller, 0.75"" Green Cam/DT-900 N/A $73.16
9Q3-V3011 (Q3-V3011) Main PCB Unit/TAP-06 N/A $585.25
9Q4-C2031 (Q4-C2031) Fold Roller C/EX-2000 N/A $276.41
9Q4-FOLDPLATE2 (No.2 Fold Plate Assy) No.2 Fold Plate Assy/EX-2000 N/A $870.19
9Q6-B1021 (Q6-B1021) Feeder Guide F/DP-330Le N/A $24.36
9Q6-J1021 (Q6-J1021) Base Stopper N/A $21.35
9Q6-V3160 (Q6-V3160) End-Mark PCB Unit 1/DP-430e,460e N/A $43.92
9R7-H1011 (R7-H1011) Panel Unit/V-767 N/A $158.12
9R8-A1012 (R8-A1012) Flange F N/A $145.96
9R8-A1421 (R8-A1421) Bar F/LG N/A $63.61
9R8-A7011 (R8-A7011) Rail Unit N/A $52.58
9R8-C2062 (R8-C2062) Clutch Spring/DP-S N/A $11.65
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