9R8-D1000 - 9SR-486TG

9R8-D1000 - 9SR-486TG
Duplo USA part numbers 9R8-D1000 - 9SR-486TG listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Main Glue Wheel Scrapper
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Cutter Unit (S2-J1011)/DC615
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Guide Plate B Assy/DPS
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USB PCB/DP-C,S,DC-615,645
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All Sizes of 9R8-D1000 - 9SR-486TG

Part No. Description Image Price  
9R8-F1011 (R8-F1011) Shaft/DP-S N/A $23.21
9R8-G6031 (R8-G6031) Timing Pulley/DP-S N/A $9.40
9R8-K8071 (R8-K8071) Pillar/DP-S N/A $33.78
9R8-S0014 (R8-S0014) Paper Stripper Finger Unit/DP-S N/A $63.59
9R8-V3231 (R8-V3231) Scanner PCB(300dpi)/DP-S N/A $426.51
9R8-W1500 (R8-W1500) Cable Unit/DP-S N/A $26.74
9RC-7AD6K6 (AD6-K6) Standard RC-7 Knife 1/4"" (Inlcude Pads)/RC-7 N/A $484.75
9S2-G1251 (S2-G1251) Sheet/DC-615 N/A $15.80
9S2-M3061 (S2-M3061) Cover R2/DC-615 N/A $226.35
9S2-S0006 (S2-S0006) Slitter 6/DC-615 N/A $1,323.00
9S2-X1010 (S2-X1011) Gear, Cutter Motor (S2-X1011)/DC615 N/A $530.09
9S7-A1081 (S7-A1081) Roller Unit/DC-445 N/A $177.74
9S7-P7101 (S7-P7101) Kob/DC-445 Bridge N/A $41.91
9S7-V3010 (S7-V3012) Main PCB Unit/DC-445 N/A $719.20
9S9-A1111 (S9-A1111) Scale/V-417 N/A $15.75
9SR-486BD Brake Disk for 486 N/A $159.60
9R8-F1072 (R8-F1074) Motor Pulley/DP-S N/A $41.91
9R8-G7041 (R8-G7041) Spring T N/A $8.35
9R8-K8081 (R8-K8081) Pillar/DP-S N/A $33.78
9R8-S0032 (R8-S0032) Clamp Plate Assy N/A $65.64
9R8-V3251 (R8-V3251) Scanner PCB(600dpi)/DP-S N/A $453.86
9R8-W1510 (R8-W1510) Cable Unit N/A $41.91
9RC-7AD6PADK35 (AD6-PAD-K3.5) Lower Blade Pad for 1/8"" Knife /RC-7 N/A $96.00
9S2-G1261 (S2-G1261) Sheet/DC-615 N/A $21.60
9S2-M3081 (S2-M3081) Cover F2 Unit/DC-615 N/A $386.09
9S2-S0008 (S2-S0008) Cable Bridge Assy/CCD-01 N/A $47.08
9S2-X1030 (S2-X1030) Stepping Motor/DC615 N/A $124.26
9S7-A1091 (S7-A1091) Rubber Magnet N/A $26.15
9S7-P7301 (S7-P7301) Gear/DC-445 N/A $74.18
9S7-V3111 (S7-V3111) Operation Panel Substrate/DC-445 N/A $733.16
9SP-101 (SP101) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486BIK05 (K05) Brake Assy N/A $605.15
9R8-D1012 (R8-D1012) Press Roller Unit,A3 /DP-S N/A $199.59
9R8-F2011 (R8-F2011) Driving Shaft Assy/DP-S N/A $218.49
9R8-G7051 (R8-G7051) Shaft N/A $23.84
9R8-M1151 (R8-M1151) Clip/DP-S N/A $19.95
9R8-S0037 (R8-S0037) Clutch Spring Kit (#00506) N/A $34.93
9R8-V3271 (R8-V3271) Main Motor PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $383.48
9R8-W1520 (R8-W1520) Relay Cable Panel LED/DP-S N/A $25.03
9RC-7AD6PADK6 (AD6-PAD-K6) Lower Blade Pad for 1/4"" Knife/RC-7 N/A $96.00
9S2-G1271 (S2-G1271) Sheet/DC-615 N/A $19.95
9S2-M3111 (S2-M3111) Sponge/DC-615 N/A $54.84
9S2-T1131 (S2-T1131) Label, Model/DC-615 N/A $71.82
9S2-X1050 (S2-X1050) Air Pump (120v)/DC-445 N/A $603.42
9S7-A1101 (S7-A1101) Guide N/A $101.42
9S7-P7471 (S7-P7471) Drive Roller/DC-445 N/A $280.77
9S7-V3211 (S7-V3211) Drive PCB Unit/DC-445 N/A $900.74
9SP-201 (SP201) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486C04 (9SR-486/C04) False Clamp/486 N/A $59.85
9R8-D1120 (R8-D1120) Spring To Right/DPS Series N/A $8.30
9R8-F2052 (R8-F2052) Sensor Bracket A/DP-S550,850 N/A $15.80
9R8-G7101 (R8-G7101) Master Holder Unit N/A $86.12
9R8-P1091 (R8-P1091) Jump Base/S3-ADF N/A $33.42
9R8-S0042 (R8-S0042) Dial Assy/DP-S N/A $47.88
9R8-V3321 (R8-V3322) Panel PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $647.34
9R8-W1671 (R8-W1671) Inverter Cable Unit/DP-S N/A $15.80
9RD-EXA01 (9RD-EXA01, PP-S25MF6) Cable (25 DSUB Male to 25 DSUB Female) N/A $40.14
9S2-G1370 (S2-G1370) Shaft/DC-615 N/A $47.44
9S2-M3121 (S2-M3121) Sponge/DC-615 N/A $89.50
9S2-V3013 (S2-V3013) Main PCB unit/DC615 N/A $982.87
9S2-X1060 (S2-X1060) Air Pump (230v)/DC-445 N/A $603.42
9S7-A2030 (S7-A2030) Cover/DC-445 N/A $65.32
9S7-Q1051 (S7-Q1051) Sponge Roller/DC-445 N/A $475.39
9S7-V5401 (S7-V5401) Stepping Driver PCB/DC-745 N/A $656.36
9SP-202 (SP202) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486CBIK35 (K35) Cutting Blade for 486 N/A $376.25
9R8-D1130 (R8-D1130) Spring To Left/DPS Series N/A $8.30
9R8-F2062 (R8-F2062) Sensor Bracket B/DP-S550,850 N/A $14.15
9R8-J1101 (R8-J1101) Slide Bracket Assy N/A $38.40
9R8-P4011 (R8-P4011) Lock Pawl Assy N/A $24.10
9R8-S0046 (R8-S0046) Cleaning Kit for Thermal Head/DRS85 N/A $50.33
9R8-V3471 (R8-V3471) USB PCB/DP-C,S,DC-615,645 N/A $62.78
9R8-W1680 (R8-W1680) FFC Cable/DP-S N/A $25.03
9S2-014 (S2014) Main Glue Wheel Assy/DB-250,280 N/A $136.72
9S2-G1380 (S2-G1380) Sheet/DC-615 N/A $24.10
9S2-M6011 (S2-M6011) Upper Plexiglass Cover/DC-615 N/A $421.86
9S2-V3112 (S2-V3113) Panel PCB unit/DC615 N/A $863.00
9S2-X1070 (S2-X1070) DC Blower/DC615 N/A $540.26
9S7-A2040 (S7-A2040) Rubber Magnet/DC-445 N/A $20.09
9S7-Q1061 (S7-Q1061) Driving Roller/DC-445 N/A $257.78
9S7-W2171 (S7-W2171) Cable, Double Feed/DC-445 N/A $41.91
9SP-203 (SP203) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486GBIK01 (K01) Gear Box for 486 Main Motor K02 N/A $1,443.07
9R8-D1150 (R8-D1150) Shaft/DPS Series N/A $8.30
9R8-F2082 (R8-F2082) Escape Cam/DP-S N/A $31.99
9R8-J2011 (R8-J2011) Knob N/A $10.60
9R8-P4041 (R8-P4041) Bracket N/A $33.74
9R8-T1030 (R8-T1030) Label CLOSE/DP-S N/A $11.65
9R8-V3621 (R8-V3622) Relay PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $222.72
9R8-X1020 (R8-X1020) Thermal Head 600/DP-S N/A $3,894.17
9S2-A1021 (S2-A1021) Roller N/A $159.60
9S2-G1440 (S2-G1440) Lid B/DC-615 N/A $19.10
9S2-N1011 (S2-N1011) Driving Roller/DC615 N/A $237.91
9S2-V3213 (S2-V3213) Drive PCB unit/DC615 N/A $1,126.07
9S2-Y1020 (S2-Y1020) Job Creator Dongle (Special Order Only!!) N/A $497.00
9S7-A4071 (S7-A4071) Plate/DC-445 N/A $62.10
9S7-Q1131 (S7-Q1131) Under Blade (PFR)/DC-445 N/A $272.32
9S7-X1010 (S7-X1010) Stepping Motor/DC-445 N/A $698.25
9SP-204 (SP204) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486HC (C22,K11) Hydraulic Cylinder Upper+Lower N/A $1,722.37
9R8-D4031 (R8-D4031) Trapezoidal Screw Assy/DP-U950 N/A $70.14
9R8-F2092 (R8-F2092) Drum Gear/DP-S550,850 N/A $56.95
9R8-K1041 (R8-K1041) Reinforcing Plate B/DP-S N/A $46.17
9R8-P4051 (R8-P4051) Push Lever/DP-S N/A $26.78
9R8-T1250 (R8-T1250) Label:Set Line B N/A $7.55
9R8-V3670 (R8-V3670) EEPROM PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $78.14
9R8-X1050 (R8-X1051) Thermal Head 300-600,A3/DP-S N/A $1,417.47
9S2-A1041 (S2-A1041) Duct/DC-615 N/A $193.16
9S2-J1010 (S2-J1011) Cutter Unit (S2-J1011)/DC615 N/A $1,861.20
9S2-N1022 (S2-N1022) Sponge Roller (New) N/A $168.98
9S2-W1071 (S2-W1071) Bundled Wire Compressor (230v)/DC-445 N/A $137.00
9S2-Y1040 (S2-Y1040) Adjustment Sheet/DC-615 N/A $14.15
9S7-G1151 (S7-G1151) Supplementary Roller/DC-445 N/A $170.90
9S7-Q1181 (S7-Q1181) Under Blade (SLT)/DC-445 N/A $400.91
9S8-B2012 (S8-B2012) Spring T(#00580)/DP-J450 N/A $19.78
9SP-401 (SP401) Spring N/A $12.10
9SR-486I660BGMS (PB-B,PB-F) Back Gauge Movement Switch for 486/660 N/A $61.20
9R8-D6013 (R8-D6013) Label, Push/DP-U Series N/A $190.56
9R8-F3012 (R8-F3012) Drum Gear/DP-S510 N/A $56.95
9R8-K1081 (R8-K1081) Side Cover L/DP-S N/A $109.40
9R8-P4071 (R8-P4071) Switch Bracket N/A $8.30
9R8-T3010 (R8-T3010) Warning Label/DP-S N/A $18.03
9R8-V3720 (R8-V3720) Pane LED PCB Unit N/A $79.80
9R8-X1070 (R8-X1070) Main Motor,TD3281-250/DP-S N/A $541.15
9S2-A1121 (S2-A1121) Angle N/A $115.04
9S2-J2060 (S2-J2060) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-615 N/A $50.73
9S2-N1181 (S2-N1181) Timing Pulley/DC-615 N/A $91.10
9S2-W2021 (S2-W2021) Receive Power Supply Cable Unit/DFD-06 N/A $33.39
9S2-Y1042 (S2-Y1042) Registration Setup Sheet N/A $14.10
9S7-G1221 (S7-G1221) Guide Roller/DC-445 N/A $71.82
9S7-Q1261 (S7-Q1261) Gear/DC-445 N/A $119.70
9S8-D3011 (S8-D3011) Lever N/A $11.65
9SR-433I660IPCBIS () Main PCB for Mark-II/Small Number LCD N/A $3,790.53
9SR-486I660DD (G,EC) Digital Display for 486/660 N/A $828.59
9R8-D6031 (R8-D6031) Press Roller Unit, LG/DP-S N/A $249.34
9R8-G1071 (R8-G1071) Static Eliminating Bar A/DC-ST1/ST2/DC-745 N/A $67.32
9R8-K1301 (R8-K1301) Plate for TAP-08/DP-S N/A $113.12
9R8-P5112 (R8-P5112) Lock Pin Assy N/A $20.97
9R8-T4040 (R8-T4040) Lable/DP-S N/A $5.90
9R8-V6000 (R8-V6000) Panel PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $574.02
9R8-X1080 (R8-X1080) Stepping Motor/DP-S N/A $198.84
9S2-A1141 (S2-A1141) Flat Belt/DC615 N/A $49.09
9S2-K1021 (S2-K1021) Lower Blade/Creasing/DC615 N/A $451.05
9S2-P1181 (S2-P1181) Rubber Gum/DC615 N/A $130.58
9S2-W2221 (S2-W2221) Cable Unit PPS/DC-615 N/A $114.04
9S6-15D (S6-15D) Flat Head Allen Screw/DB-550 N/A $1.20
9S7-K1011 (S7-K1011) Upper Blade/DC-445 N/A $475.39
9S7-Q1341 (S7-Q1341) Gear Assy/DC-445 N/A $98.08
9S8-D3041 (S8-D3041) Lever Shaft Unit N/A $60.80
9SR-433ICB (9SR-433/CB) Cutting Blade for 433 N/A $555.43
9SR-486I660MSR () Motor Starting Relay for 486/660 N/A $61.20
9R8-E1191 (R8-E1191) Light Shielding Plate N/A $12.85
9R8-G3011 (R8-G3011) Sponge Roller A N/A $66.16
9R8-K2261 (R8-K2261) Option Cover/DP-S N/A $23.87
9R8-P5241 (R8-P5241) Stopper Angle/DP-S N/A $7.25
9R8-T4060 (R8-T4060) Label:Paper Size(Inch)/DP-S N/A $22.12
9R8-W1071 (R8-W1071) LCD Harness/DP-S N/A $42.96
9R8-X1090 (R8-X1090) Stepping Motor/DP-S N/A $191.52
9S2-A4041 (S2-A4041) Feed Support Plate Unit/DC-615 N/A $282.22
9S2-K1031 (S2-K1031) Upper Blade/Creasing/DC615 N/A $442.63
9S2-P2041 (S2-P2041) Cover/DC-615 N/A $60.73
9S2-W2231 (S2-W2231) Cable Unit Light-Emitting PPS1/DC-615 N/A $19.78
9S6-203 (S6203) Main Glue Wheel Scrapper N/A $51.73
9S7-K1021 (S7-K1021) Crease Under Blade/DC-445 N/A $475.39
9S7-Q1351 (S7-Q1351) Twist Spring/DC-445 N/A $10.00
9S8-G2011 Cover R N/A $30.84
9SR-433ICS (9SR-433/CS) Cutting Sticks for 433 / @10 sticks/box N/A $111.24
9SR-486I660PC (N,A) Photoelectric Cell for 486/660 N/A $279.30
9R8-E1211 (R8-E1211) Reverse Spring N/A $5.30
9R8-G3041 (R8-G3041) Guide Plate B Assy/DPS N/A $77.48
9R8-K3021 (R8-K3021) Cover B/DP-S N/A $303.15
9R8-S0001 (R8-S0001) Drum Assy (A3)/DP-S850 N/A $498.66
9R8-T4120 (R8-T4120) Label, Paper Size (Inch)/S3-ADF N/A $20.16
9R8-W1081 (R8-W1081) Relay Cable Unit, Drum/DP-S N/A $77.48
9R8-X1100 (R8-X1100) Stepping Motor Unit/DP-S N/A $122.02
9S2-A4151 (S2-A4151) Side Guide/DC-615/645 N/A $78.28
9S2-M1201 (S2-M1201) Idler Shaft/DC-615 N/A $59.88
9S2-P5161 (S2-P5161) Shaft N/A $815.57
9S2-W2241 (S2-W2241) Cable Unit Light-Receiving PPS1/DC-615 N/A $33.42
9S6-204 (S6204) Glue Whell Scraper N/A $56.88
9S7-K1381 (S7-K1381) Guide/DC-445 N/A $82.82
9S7-Q1411 (S7-Q1411) Pin/DC-445 N/A $1.60
9S8-S0007 Cutter Assy N/A $301.70
9SR-433ILS1 (9SR-433/LS1) LS-1 Relay for 433 N/A $59.85
9SR-486KCIPBIK (PB-K) Knife Change Switch for 486 N/A $49.91
9R8-E3061 (R8-E3061) Spring T N/A $21.60
9R8-G3071 (R8-G3071) Sponge Roller/DP-S N/A $67.34
9R8-K4011 (R8-K4011) Rear Cover/DP-S N/A $210.02
9R8-S0003 (R8-S0003) Drum LG Assy/DP-S510 N/A $561.51
9R8-V3024 (R8-V3024) Main PCB unit(400dpi)/DP-S N/A $2,126.49
9R8-W1181 (R8-W1181) Cable Unit/DP-S N/A $127.68
9R8-X1110 (R8-X1110) Stepping Motor/DP-S N/A $135.00
9S2-A5121 (S2-A5121) Spring T/DC-615 N/A $29.09
9S2-M1251 (S2-M1251) Mylar Guide/DC-615 N/A $30.84
9S2-S0001 (S2-S0001) Slitter 1/DC-615 N/A $1,002.75
9S2-W2251 (S2-W2251) Cable Unit Light-Emitting PPS2/DC-615 N/A $25.03
9S6-205 (S6205) Glue Meter Plate N/A $66.65
9S7-M1442 (S7-M1442) Compressor Stand N/A $185.86
9S7-S0002 (S7-S0002) Gear Assy/DC-445 N/A $190.56
9S8-V5200 (S8-V5201) CCD PCB Unit/DP-J450 N/A $338.07
9SR-433ILSU (9SR-433/LSU) Upper Micro Switch for 433 N/A $66.50
9SR-486MMIK02 (K02) Main Motor for 486 N/A $1,097.43
9R8-E3071 (R8-E3071) Rubber Roller/DP-S N/A $65.86
9R8-G3100 (R8-G3100) Sheet/DP-S N/A $39.39
9R8-K5052 (R8-K5052) Bracket/DP-S N/A $64.50
9R8-S0004 (R8-S0004) Drum Assy (A4) O.P for DRM-59 N/A $561.51
9R8-V3073 (R8-V3073) Main PCB Unit(600dpi)/DP-S N/A $2,815.36
9R8-W1210 (R8-W1210) Cable Unit N/A $99.76
9R8-X1120 (R8-X1120) Motor, TG-85E-SG-30-F274/DP-S N/A $194.84
9S2-A8161 (S2-A8161) Plate N/A $38.40
9S2-M2331 (S2-M2331) Door Unit/DC-615 N/A $747.13
9S2-S0002 (S2-S0002) Slitter 2/DC-615 N/A $1,002.75
9S2-W2261 (S2-W2261) Cable Unit Light-Receiving PPS2/DC-615 N/A $34.92
9S6-45C (S6-45C) Bolt N/A $18.66
9S7-M3131 (S7-M3131) Pre-Cover/DC-445 N/A $393.07
9S7-S0003 (S7-S0003) Upgrade Parts Kit for Bridge Unit/DC-445 N/A $2,254.31
9S8-V5401 (S8-V5401) Panel PCB Unit/DP-J450 N/A $580.13
9SR-433IPLC (9SR-433/PLC) PLC Board for Main Controller 433 N/A $931.00
9SR-486OPS () Output Shaft for 486-Gear Box N/A $117.04
9R8-E3081 (R8-E3081) Rubber Roller/LG N/A $72.36
9R8-G5023 (R8-G5023) Guide Unit N/A $62.84
9R8-K5156 (R8-K5156) LCD Bracket/DP-S N/A $42.90
9R8-S0007 (R8-S0007) Guide R Assy/DP-S N/A $75.82
9R8-V3121 (R8-V3121) Drive PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $907.73
9R8-W1220 (R8-W1220) Cable Unit SW1 N/A $62.10
9R8-X1130 (R8-X1130) DC Solenoid/DP-S N/A $121.36
9S2-G1081 (S2-G1081) Block/DC-615 N/A $161.28
9S2-M2380 (S2-M2380) Shaft/DC-615 N/A $40.89
9S2-S0003 (S2-S0003) Slitter 3/DC-615 N/A $1,162.00
9S2-W2271 (S2-W2271) Receive Signal Cable Unit/DFD-06 N/A $27.93
9S6-6E (S6-6E) Set Screws N/A $12.10
9S7-M3161 (S7-M3161) Post-Cover Unit/DC-445 N/A $363.09
9S7-S0007 (S7-S0007) Air suction Unit/DC-445,615 N/A $1,626.35
9S8-V5501 (S8-V5501) Drive Pcb Unit/DP-J450 N/A $705.23
9SR-433PC04 Clamp Motor (5TK0A-AF) N/A $365.89
9SR-486OR (B27) Oil Reservoir for (B27) 486/660/490 N/A $67.04
9R8-E3111 (R8-E3111) Drawing Roller/DP-S510 N/A $108.40
9R8-G5071 (R8-G5071) Collar N/A $19.95
9R8-K8051 (R8-K8051) Pillar/ N/A $45.39
9R8-S0009 (R8-S0009) Solenoid Assy/DP-S N/A $293.84
9R8-V3171 (R8-V3171) End-mark PCB Unit/DP-S N/A $54.88
9R8-W1231 (R8-W1231) Cable Unit SW2 N/A $62.10
9R8-X1140 (R8-X1140) Motor, NS-35SG-30-24S385A1/DP-S N/A $187.54
9S2-G1091 (S2-G1091) Shaft/DC-615 N/A $36.09
9S2-M3011 (S2-M3011) Cover F/DC-615 N/A $314.21
9S2-S0004 (S2-S0004) Slitter 4/DC-615 N/A $1,162.00
9S2-W2332 (S2-W2332) Cable Unit SW/DC615 N/A $59.68
9S6-X1010 (S6-X1010) Main Motor/DC-745 N/A $568.49
9S7-M6071 (S7-M6071) Upper Cover/DC-445 N/A $400.94
9S7-S0009 (S7-S0009) Flexible Press Roller/DC-445 N/A $390.46
9S8-V5600 (S8-V5600) Main P.C.B.Unit/DP-J450 N/A $1,298.76
9SR-480BGMS Backgauge Movement Switch (8 Wires) N/A $62.60
9SR-486RICN16 (D.U) CN16 Relay for 486 N/A $143.64
9R8-E4041 (R8-E4041) Eject Core/DP-S N/A $56.48
9R8-G5141 (R8-G5141) Guide Unit N/A $62.84
9R8-K8061 (R8-K8061) Pillar/DP-S N/A $46.92
9R8-S0011 (R8-S0011) Air Pump Assy/DP-S N/A $111.06
9R8-V3190 (R8-V3190) Manuscript Senser/DP-S N/A $46.17
9R8-W1460 (R8-W1460) Cable Unit, Inlet/=9R7-W1111 N/A $35.40
9RC-7AD6K35 (AD6-K3.5) Optional RC-7 Knife 1/8"" (Inlcude Pads)/RC-7 N/A $484.75
9S2-G1241 (S2-G1241) Sheet/DC-615 N/A $15.80
9S2-M3031 (S2-M3031) Cover R/DC-615 N/A $309.28
9S2-S0005 (S2-S0005) Slitter 5/DC-615 N/A $1,323.00
9S2-W2440 (S2-W2440) Bundled Wire Compressor (120v)/DC-445 N/A $119.72
9S7-A1021 (S7-A1021) Roller N/A $110.06
9S7-M6211 (S7-M6211) Upper Cover/DC-445 N/A $400.91
9S7-T1021 (S7-T1021) Nameplate/DC-445 N/A $75.14
9S9-A1082 (S9-A1082) Pane/V-417 N/A $20.97
9SR-480CB Cutting Blade N/A $325.85
9SR-486TG (K21,K22) Teflon Guide for 486 N/A $67.70
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