9SR-FITTING B - 9U9-X1000

9SR-FITTING B - 9U9-X1000
Duplo USA part numbers 9SR-FITTING B - 9U9-X1000 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 9SR-FITTING B - 9U9-X1000

Part No. Description Image Price  
9SR-NAMEPLATE (ACRYLIC PLATES) Acrylic Panel ""Duplo""/660, 490 N/A $143.64
9TG-2PIN (2 Pins Connector F) 2 Pins Female Connector/DB-250 N/A $30.15
9U3-A2131 (U3-A2131) Drive Roller/DC-SC1 N/A $355.47
9U3-C5011 (U3-C5011) Driving Roller/DC-F1 N/A $397.87
9U3-C9011 (U3-C9011) Plate/DC-F1 N/A $284.73
9U3-S0002 (U3-S0002) Upper Guide Assembly/DC-F1 N/A $791.02
9U3-X1030 (U3-X1030) Stepping Motor/DC-F1 N/A $163.62
9U5-E1130 (U5-E1130) Rubber Sheet/DPA-120 N/A $24.71
9U5-W1230 (U5-W1230) Cable Unit, Scanner/DP-A120/A100 N/A $89.98
9U6-G2070 (U6-G2070) Sliding Plate N/A $24.84
9U7-506 (U7506) Glue Tank Temperature Probe (Heat Stick)/DB-280 N/A $88.16
9U7-M1810 (U7-M1810) Guide/DC-745 N/A $91.58
9U7-M9692 (U7-M9692) Shaft/DC-745 N/A $137.81
9U7-N3070 (U7-N3070) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-745 N/A $60.37
9U7-S0012 (U7-S0012) Slit-Scoring Tool Assembly/DC-745 N/A $1,571.49
9U7-X1060 (U7-X1060) DC Motor/DC-745 N/A $480.75
9U9-X1020 (U9-X1020) Stepping Motor/DP-U950 N/A $660.70
9SR-ORTUBE Oil Reservoir Line Tubing/486,660 N/A $56.58
9TG-4PIN (4 Pins Connector F) 4 Pins Female Connector/DB-250 N/A $30.15
9U3-B1211 (U3-B1211) Carry Roller/DC-SC1 N/A $441.09
9U3-C5061 (U3-C5061) Spring C N/A $7.83
9U3-C9021 (U3-C9021) Cover/DC-F1 N/A $263.97
9U3-V6000 (U3-V6000) Main PCB/DC-ST2 N/A $844.80
9U4-007 (U4007) Sprocket Shaft 2 N/A $27.69
9U5-E2011 (U5-E2011) Motor Bracket/DP-A120 N/A $13.57
9U5-X1010 (U5-X1010) Main Motor/DPA-120 N/A $338.57
9U6-G2080 (U6-G2080) Spring Leaf/DP-M Series N/A $127.06
9U7-615 (U7615) Notching Blade/DB-280 N/A $118.29
9U7-M1922 (U7-M1922) Guide Unit/DC-745 N/A $256.31
9U7-M9741 Gear/DC-745 N/A $241.22
9U7-N3080 (U7-N3080) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-745 N/A $60.37
9U7-S0014 (U7-S0014) SPM Upgrade Kit/DC-745 N/A $704.21
9U7-X1070 (U7-X1070) DC Motor/DC-745 N/A $83.94
9SR-P2X14 (SRP2X14) Pin for 95K-12030/DC-10 N/A $1.89
9TG-SWCABLE (SWITCH CABLE) Switch Cable(Yellow)/DB-250 N/A $17.96
9U3-B1231 (U3-B1231) Flat Belt/DC-SC1 N/A $256.31
9U3-C5101 (U3-C5101) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $276.10
9U3-C9051 (U3-C9051) Plate/DC-F1 N/A $78.00
9U3-V6021 (U3-V6021) Main PCB Unit/DC-ST1/ST2 N/A $929.29
9U4-026 (U4026) Nipping Position Ring N/A $27.69
9U5-F1041 (U5-F1041) Pulley Assy/DPA-120 N/A $74.03
9U5-X1020 (U5-X1020) Clutch/DPA-120 N/A $182.25
9U6-P4120 (U6-P4120) Document Tray Unit/DP-M310 N/A $90.67
9U7-A4252 (U7-A4252) Side Guide/DC-745 N/A $110.89
9U7-M1951 (U7-M1951) Guide Plate/DC-745 N/A $359.06
9U7-M9760 (U7-M9760) Rotary Cutter Unit/DC-745 N/A $6,900.16
9U7-N4010 (U7-N4011) Aluminized Roller/DC-745 N/A $521.19
9U7-V5102 (U7-V5102) Main PCB/DC-745 N/A $3,297.38
9U9-003 (U9003) Clamp Transmission Gear 1/ modify E9003 N/A $52.85
9SR-FITTING B (""L"" FITTING) ""L"" Fitting Connector for 9SR-660/5B (Inside) N/A $27.00
9SR-P6X32 (SRP-6X32) Pin For Crank-94T-50350/DC-48T/=999-P52 N/A $2.16
9U2-006 (U2006) Glue Meter N/A $74.52
9U3-B2361 Roller/DC-SC1 N/A $53.18
9U3-C5131 (U3-C5131) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $276.10
9U3-C9061 (U3-C9061) Plate/DC-F1 N/A $127.04
9U3-V6104 (U3-V6104) Drive PCB Unit/DC-F1 N/A $2,205.79
9U5-001 (U5001) Clamp Transmission Bearing N/A $65.19
9U5-F1081 (U5-F1081) Shaft/DPA-120 N/A $37.71
9U5-X1030 (U5-X1030) Cutter Unit/DPA-120 N/A $272.59
9U6-S0007 (U6-S0007) Sponge Roller Unit/DPM-310 N/A $119.42
9U7-A5101 (U7-A5101) Spring T/DC-745 N/A $106.84
9U7-M1973 (U7-M1973) Guide R/DC-745 N/A $96.96
9U7-M9872 (U7-M9872) Gear/DC-745 N/A $448.59
9U7-N4031 (U7-N4031) Roller/DC-745 N/A $848.35
9U7-V5201 (U7-V5201) Drive PCB/DC-745 N/A $1,225.45
9U9-004 (U9004) Clamp Chain Drum N/A $60.22
9SR-FITTING (""L"" FITTING) ""L"" Fitting Connector for 9SR-660/5 (Outside) N/A $27.00
9SR-SCREWB13 (SCREW for B13) Bolt for B13 N/A $3.65
9U2-012 (U2012) Glue Accumulator Seat DB-250 N/A $46.33
9U3-B5011 (U3-B5011) Drive Roller/DC-SC1 N/A $366.85
9U3-C5171 (U3-C5171) Gear/DC-F1 N/A $104.57
9U3-C9211 (U3-C9211) Bracket/DC-F1 N/A $84.90
9U3-V6201 (U3-V6201) Relay PCB Unit/DC-F1 N/A $274.14
9U5-004 (U5004) Clamp Left Worm N/A $79.15
9U5-F2100 (U5-F2100) Drum Gear/DPA-120 N/A $66.68
9U5-X1040 (U5-X1040) Stepping Motor/DPA-120 N/A $142.29
9U6-S0015 (U6-S0015) EEPROM PCB Unit/DP-M310 N/A $76.11
9U7-B1312 (U7-B1312) Roller (New)/DC-745 N/A $418.70
9U7-M1983 (U7-M1983) Guide L/DC-745 N/A $96.96
9U7-M9881 (U7-M9881) Gear/DC-745 N/A $126.14
9U7-P1070 (U7-P1071) Guide/DC-745 N/A $172.37
9U7-V5302 (U7-V5302) Feeder Drive PCB/DC-745 N/A $1,206.60
9U9-007 (U9007) Sprocket Gear 3 N/A $58.16
9SR-FUSE20A () Fuse 20 A N/A $17.96
9SR-SCREWB28 (9SR-SCREW/B28) Screw for Support Backgauge B28 (490) N/A $17.89
9U2-013 (U2013) Glue Accumulator DB-250 N/A $26.93
9U3-B5301 Drive Roller/DC-SC1 N/A $418.69
9U3-C5210 (U3-C5210) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $424.18
9U3-C9221 (U3-C9221) Bracket/DC-F1 N/A $84.83
9U3-V6301 (U3-V6301) Main PCB Unit/DC-F1 N/A $1,168.87
9U5-005 (U5005) Clamp Right Worm N/A $79.15
9U5-G1051 (U5-G1051) Lumirror/DPA-120 N/A $15.59
9U5-X1050 (U5-X1050) Ink Pump Motor/DPA-120 N/A $173.26
9U6-S0016 (U6-S0016) EEPROM PCB Unit/DP-M410 N/A $76.11
9U7-B1431 (U7-B1431) Plate/DC-745 N/A $113.13
9U7-M4301 (U7-M4301) Roller/DC-745 N/A $456.39
9U7-N1221 (U7-N1221) Roller/DC-745 N/A $323.26
9U7-P4661 (U7-P4661) Cross Perforation Blade/DC-745 N/A $269.47
9U7-V5401 (U7-V5401) LED PCB/DC-745 N/A $393.19
9U9-010 (U9010) Nipping Gear 2 N/A $69.73
9SR-FUSE25A () Fuse 25 Amp N/A $37.71
9SR-SCREWB29 (9SR-SCREW/B29) Screw Backgauge B29 (490) N/A $37.71
9U2-018 (U2018) Glue Adjustment Block DB-250 N/A $46.33
9U3-C1011 (U3-C1011) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $606.06
9U3-C5220 (U3-C5220) Bracket/DC-F1 N/A $82.28
9U3-C9540 (U3-C9540) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-F1 N/A $70.98
9U3-V6450 (U3-V6451) Lebel Adjust PCB Unit/DC-ST2 N/A $142.02
9U5-013 (U5013) Clamp Drum Support N/A $36.91
9U5-H3121 (U5-H3121) Slide Plate N/A $2.30
9U5-X1060 (U5-X1060) Stepping Motor/DPA-120 N/A $641.78
9U6-S0017 (U6-S0017) Masters Alteration Kit (A4/LG)/DP-M N/A $247.02
9U7-F3081 (U7-F3081) Guide/DC-745 N/A $55.20
9U7-M4331 (U7-M4331) Flat Belt/DC-745 N/A $1,018.08
9U7-N1521 (U7-N1521) Roller N/A $48.72
9U7-Q1261 (U7-Q1261) Lower Blade A/RTM-01 N/A $366.90
9U7-V5601 (U7-V5601) Driver PCB/DC-745 N/A $1,527.09
9U9-011 (U9011) Chain N/A $94.80
9SR-FUSE2A () Fuse 2 A N/A $3.65
9SR-SCREWB36 Hex Screw for B36/Support N/A $48.96
9U2-019 (U2019) Glue Adjustment Guide DB-250 N/A $19.64
9U3-C1041 (U3-C1041) Knife Holder/DC-F1 N/A $121.64
9U3-C5240 (U3-C5240) Pully/DC-CC1 N/A $247.75
9U3-C9550 (U3-C9550) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-F1 N/A $67.91
9U3-V6551 (U3-V6551) Drive PCB Unit/DC-ST2 N/A $812.30
9U5-A6040 (U5-A6040) Stopper/DPA-120 N/A $26.93
9U5-P1121 (U5-P1121) Angle/DP-A120/A100 N/A $24.38
9U5-X1070 (U5-X1070) Thermal Head/DPA-120 N/A $782.39
9U6-V5000 (U6-V5000) Escape Cam(B4) N/A $961.50
9U7-H1671 (U7-H1671) Collar/DC-745 N/A $89.40
9U7-M4513 (U7-M4513) Bracket/DC-745 N/A $81.31
9U7-N1591 (U7-N1591)


N/A $448.55
9U7-Q1271 (U7-Q1271) Lower Blade B/RTM-01 N/A $521.19
9U7-V5802 (U7-V5802) Relay PCB/DC-745 N/A $2,196.37
9U9-012 (U9012) Clamp Transmission Chain DB-250 N/A $35.15
9SR-FUSE3A () Fuse 3 A N/A $3.65
9SR-SCREWC02 (9SR-SCREW/C02) Bolt for C02 False Clamp/660 N/A $4.46
9U3-004 (U3004) Connecting Rivet DB-250 N/A $25.10
9U3-C1191 (U3-C1191) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $233.87
9U3-C6021 (U3-C6021) Shaft/DC-F1 N/A $250.91
9U3-E3011 (U3-E3011) Driving Roller/DC-ST1/ST-2 N/A $397.80
9U3-V6601 (U3-V6601) Panel PCB Unit/DC-F1 N/A $258.55
9U5-B1071 (U5-B1071) Guide/DP-A120 N/A $70.13
9U5-P1131 (U5-P1131) Frame F N/A $28.22
9U6-202 (U6202) Glue Meter Connector DB-250 N/A $49.14
9U6-V5010 (U6-V5010) Main P.W.B. Unit/DPM-310 N/A $1,819.31
9U7-H1790 (U7-H1790) Deflector Guide/DC-745 N/A $164.73
9U7-M9510 (U7-M9510) Roller/DC-745 N/A $409.25
9U7-N1810 (U7-N1810) Shaft/DC-745 N/A $110.89
9U7-S0004 (U7-S0004) Center Slitter R Assy/DC-745 N/A $2,253.76
9U7-V5900 (U7-V5900) Panel PCB/DC-745 N/A $1,065.20
9U9-013 (U9013) Clamp Transmission Gear 2 N/A $70.09
9SR-FUSE5A () Fuse 5 A N/A $3.65
9SR-ST0I5 (T1) Safety Timer 0.5 sec. N/A $118.53
9U3-006 (U3006) Position Arm Screw (Old)/DB-250 N/A $37.71
9U3-C1291 (U3-C1291) Knife/DC-F1 N/A $307.15
9U3-C6031 (U3-C6031) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $244.31
9U3-E3021 (U3-E3021) Sponge Roller/DC-ST1/ST-2 N/A $269.23
9U3-V6700 (U3-V6700) Panel PCB Unit/DC-F1 N/A $789.86
9U5-B5050 (U5-B5051) Separator Base Unit/DPA-120 N/A $28.31
9U5-P1141 (U5-P1141) Angle/DP-A120/A100 N/A $21.26
9U6-207 (U6207) Glue Adjustment Bracket DB-250 N/A $69.13
9U6-V5021 (U6-V5021) Main PCB Unit/DP-M410 N/A $1,828.74
9U7-J1221 (U7-J1221) Shaft/DC-745 N/A $70.13
9U7-M9531 (U7-M9531) Driving Roll/DC-745 N/A $509.03
9U7-N1870 (U7-N1870) Roller N/A $75.26
9U7-S0005 (U7-S0005) Center Slitter L Assy/DC-745 N/A $2,253.76
9U7-W2561 (U7-W2561) Relay Cable Unit, Paper Ejection/DC-745 N/A $243.32
9U9-B9160 (U9-B9160) Separator Plate/DP-U950 N/A $28.31
9SR-KNIFEBOLT Knife Retaining Bolt N/A $21.60
9SR-TOOLKIT (9SR-TOOL KIT) Tool Kit Accesories for 660 N/A $405.84
9U3-007A (U3007A) Notching Connecting Arm Screw DB-250 N/A $24.85
9U3-C1321 (U3-C1321) Roller/DC-F1 N/A $249.01
9U3-C6041 (U3-C6041) Bush/DC-F1 N/A $19.10
9U3-E3611 (U3-E3611) Bracket/DCK-25 N/A $256.31
9U3-V6901 (U3-V6901) Panel PCB Unit/DC-ST2 N/A $216.27
9U5-C1130 (U5-C1130) Timing Roll/DPA-120 N/A $144.53
9U5-S0004 (U5-S0004) Clamp Assy N/A $99.20
9U6-415 (U6415) Nipping Position Disc DB-250 N/A $31.94
9U6-W1141 (U6-W1141) Cable Unit N/A $56.58
9U7-J1321 (U7-J1321) Shaft/DC-745 N/A $70.13
9U7-M9541 (U7-M9541) Sponge Roll/DC-745 N/A $629.59
9U7-N2020 (U7-N2020) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-745 N/A $179.98
9U7-S0006 (U7-S0006) Margin Slitter R Assy/DC-745 N/A $2,001.16
9U7-W2631 (U7-W2631) Cable Unit/DC-745 N/A $198.42
9U9-C2021 (U9-C2021) Shaft N/A $59.90
9SR-L1CABLE Wire Unit for Lamp L1 (CL+40) N/A $107.73
9TC-411150156 (411150-156) Cable Assy.SCSI-M/M,13FT N/A $252.63
9U3-009B (U3009B) Notching Base Adjusting Screw DB-250 N/A $46.49
9U3-C2211 (U3-C2211) Guide/DC-F1 N/A $500.43
9U3-C6111 (U3-C6111) Gear/DC-F1 N/A $63.26
9U3-E3621 (U3-E3621) Angle/DCK-25 N/A $83.94
9U3-W2391 (U3-W2391) Cable unit 1 Ground/DC-ST1/ST2 N/A $24.57
9U5-C2220 (U5-C2220) Guide Roller/DPA-120 N/A $68.45
9U5-S0007 (U5-S0007) Air Pump Assy/DP-A120 N/A $239.65
9U6-F1010 (U6-F1010) B4 Drum Gear/DP-M410/DP-23S,21L N/A $87.36
9U6-X1010 (U6-X1010) Thermal Head N/A $970.92
9U7-J2121 (U7-J2121) Shaft/DC-745 N/A $61.28
9U7-M9601 (U7-M9601) Bracket/DC-745 N/A $87.36
9U7-N2431 (U7-N2431) Collar N/A $24.34
9U7-S0007 (U7-S0007) Margin Slitter L Assy/DC-745 N/A $2,001.16
9U7-X1010 (U7-X1010) DC Fan/DC-745 N/A $313.81
9U9-C4011 (U9-C4011) Roller A/DP-U950 N/A $301.62
9SR-LSI1703 (LS-F) Limit Switch 1703 N/A $62.86
9TG-010 (TG010) LCD Panel N/A $87.37
9U3-012 (U3012) Arm Connecting Rivet/DB-280 N/A $29.01
9U3-C2480 (U3-C2480) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-F1 N/A $63.56
9U3-C6131 (U3-C6131) Spring C N/A $19.10
9U3-E3631 (U3-E3631) Angle/DCK-25 N/A $83.94
9U3-W2613 (U3-W2613) Cable Communication Cable Unit 3/DC-F1 N/A $68.49
9U5-D1080 (U5-D1080) Press Roller Unit/DPA-120 N/A $219.94
9U5-S0013 (U5-S0013) EEprom PCB Unit/DP-A120 N/A $63.64
9U6-F1020 (U6-F1020) Drum Gear / A4 N/A $87.36
9U6-X1020 (U6-X1020) Main Motor N/A $535.25
9U7-L2311 (U7-L2311) Guide Shaft/DC-745 N/A $60.48
9U7-M9602 (U7-M9602) Bracket/DC-745 N/A $87.36
9U7-N2481 Roller/DC-745 N/A $772.21
9U7-S0008 (U7-S0008) Cutter Unit Assy A (#00859) N/A $3,703.60
9U7-X1020 (U7-X1020) Stepping Motor/DC-745 N/A $886.09
9U9-K1051 (U9-K1051) Angle/DP-U950 N/A $55.28
9SR-LSI1704 (LS-B) Limit Switch 1704 N/A $62.86
9TG-014 (TG014) LCD Panel (LSUBL6372A)/DP-330L/430/460 N/A $861.56
9U3-013 (U3013) Position Arm Screw (New)/DB-250 N/A $37.71
9U3-C2490 (U3-C2490) Static Eliminating Brush/DC-F1 N/A $37.71
9U3-C6141 (U3-C6141) Spring C N/A $11.21
9U3-F3451 (U3-F3451) Shaft/DC-SC1 N/A $58.00
9U3-W4151 (U3-W4151) Communicating Cable Unit 2 Folder/DC-F1 N/A $450.51
9U5-E1051 (U5-E1051) Master Ejection Box/DPA-120 N/A $101.47
9U5-S0018 (U5-S0018) CIS Kit/DP-A120/A100 N/A $867.20
9U6-F1030 (U6-F1030) Escape Cam(B4) N/A $26.70
9U6-X1030 (U6-X1030) Motor N/A $133.70
9U7-M1291 (U7-M1291) Plate/DC-745 N/A $263.95
9U7-M9621 (U7-M9621) Bracket/DC-745 N/A $148.61
9U7-N2491 (U7-N2491) Roller (New)/DC-745 N/A $459.93
9U7-S0009 (U7-S0009) Perforation Tool Assembly/DC-745 N/A $561.68
9U7-X1030 (U7-X1030) DC Motor/DC-745 N/A $1,404.53
9U9-S0002 (U9-S0002) Receiving Tray Assembly/DP-U950 N/A $1,508.22
9SR-LSIAA1501 (LS-U) Limit Switch AA1501 N/A $80.65
9TG-029 (TG029) Touch Panel (Must go w/(1x) 9R8-B1510) N/A $223.99
9U3-A1122 (U3-A1122) Reinforcing Plate D/DC-SC1 N/A $176.88
9U3-C3191 (U3-C3191) Cover/DC-F1 N/A $343.35
9U3-C6261 (U3-C6261) Shaft/DC-F1 N/A $71.28
9U3-F3541 (U3-F3541) Arm/must go w/ 9U3-F3561 N/A $76.25
9U3-X1010 (U3-X1010) Stepping Motor/DC-F1 N/A $660.62
9U5-E1061 (U5-E1061) Rubber Roller/DP-A120 N/A $100.14
9U5-V5000 (U5-V5000) Main PCB Unit/DPA-120 N/A $1,819.31
9U6-G2020 (U6-G2020) Guide/DP-M Series N/A $24.38
9U6-X1040 (U6-X1040) Motor N/A $171.48
9U7-M1301 (U7-M1301) Guide/DC-745 N/A $120.77
9U7-M9641 (U7-M9641) Shaft 1/DC-745 N/A $149.93
9U7-N3040 (U7-N3040) Angle/DC-745 N/A $47.14
9U7-S0010 (U7-S0010) Scoring Tool Assembly/DC-745 N/A $355.41
9U7-X1040 (U7-X1040) Barcode Reader/DC-745 N/A $2,120.93
9U9-V5304 (U9-V5304) HF Drive PCB Unit (New)/DP-U950 #00888 N/A $1,093.46
9SR-M6X65 (M6 X 65mm) Set Screw for Manifold N/A $2.43
9TG-031 (TG031) LCD Panel/DP-S N/A $831.48
9U3-A2031 (U3-A2031) Driving Roller/DC-F1 N/A $355.47
9U3-C3661 (U3-C3661) Shaft/DCK-25 N/A $32.18
9U3-C6410 (U3-C6410) Ring Assy/DC-F1 N/A $218.59
9U3-F3561 (U3-F3561) Rubber Magnet/must go w/ 9U3-F3541 N/A $11.21
9U3-X1020 (U3-X1020) Stepping Motor/DC-F1 N/A $660.62
9U5-E1120 (U5-E1120) Sheet/DPA-120 N/A $11.21
9U5-V5010 (U5-V5010) Main PCB/DP-A120/A100 N/A $1,819.31
9U6-G2061 (U6-G2061) Guide Plate Assy N/A $119.56
9U6-X1050 (U6-X1050) Motor N/A $163.84
9U7-M1681 (U7-M1681) Pin/DC-745 N/A $29.16
9U7-M9673 (U7-M9673) Pulley/DC-745 N/A $412.80
9U7-N3060 (U7-N3060) Static Eliminating Sheet/DC-745 N/A $102.33
9U7-S0011 (U7-S0011) Micro Perf Tool Assembly/DC-745 N/A $534.99
9U7-X1050 (U7-X1050) DC Solenoid/DC-745 N/A $1,102.91
9U9-V5500 (U9-V5500) Main PCB Unit/DP-U950 N/A $3,628.40
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