9UA-000 - 9YF-001

9UA-000 - 9YF-001
Duplo USA part numbers 9UA-000 - 9YF-001 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Switching Power Supply/V-765
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Heater Fuse Assembly/UP-240
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All Sizes of 9UA-000 - 9YF-001

Part No. Description Image Price  
9UA-014 (UA014) Switching Power Supply/V-765 N/A $514.80
9UC-005 (UC005) Buttery Lithium Button N/A $13.90
9UI-019 (UI019) Fuse/V-570 N/A $13.05
9UJ-FUSE HOLDER (F-220-01A2) Fuse Holder (F-220-01A2)/UJ500AS N/A $31.47
9UP-BA30B007 (BA30B007) Heater Fuse Assembly/UP-240 N/A $133.02
9V3-V5050 (V3-V5050) Main PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $2,034.32
9XA-002 (XA002) Bush N/A $1.70
9XC-026 (XC026) Cord Clamp N/A $7.60
9UA-015 (UA-015) Power Supply/MS-4000 N/A $304.69
9UD-028 (UD028) Power Relay (G7L-1A-BUB-24V)/DC-615 N/A $176.16
9UI-025 (UI025) Fuse/DC-445,615,645 N/A $39.42
9UJ-MOTOR (IH9S60N-911) Motor (IH9S60N-911)/UJ500AS N/A $698.25
9UP-BA30C101 (BA30C101) RST_Cam_Assy/UP-240 N/A $261.85
9V3-V5101 (V3-V5101) Drive PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $949.62
9XA-004 (XA004) Hole Plug N/A $3.35
9XC-039 (XC039) Cable Clamp N/A $3.90
9UA-023 (UA023) Main Power Supply DC-535,545 N/A $568.79
9UD-031 (UD031) Contactor/DC-745 N/A $374.17
9UI-027 (UI027) Fuse Holder/DC-615,645,445 N/A $33.39
9UJ-NYLON CLIP (AB-4N) Nylon Clip (AB-4N)/UJ500AS N/A $8.35
9UP-BA40B140B (BA40B140B) Cutter/UP-240 N/A $139.66
9V3-V5201 (V3-V5201) Panel Led PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $185.86
9XA-005 (XA005) Hole Plug N/A $5.70
9XC-056 (XC056) Wire Band L392016 N/A $8.00
9UA-024 (UA024) Power Supply/V-580 N/A $321.39
9UE-001 (UE001) Breaker (2 Amp) N/A $36.15
9UJ-018 (UJ018) Variable Resistor (ENC-330D-14B)/DC-615 N/A $37.94
9UJ-PCB (108-P01-01) Main PCB Unit (108-P01-01)/UJ500AS N/A $83.14
9UP-BA40D102 (BA40D102) Nose Rubber/UP-240 N/A $51.21
9V3-V5301 (V3-V5301) Endmark PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $87.78
9XA-006 (XA006) Bush N/A $3.35
9XC-057 (XC-057) Cord Clamp/DP-S550,850 N/A $1.50
9UA-028 (UA028) Power Supply 220v/V-765 N/A $539.32
9UE-002 (UE002) Breaker N/A $39.24
9UJ-032 (UJ032) Ferrite Core N/A $27.13
9UJ-POLY WASHER (10.5X22X1.6) Polycarbonate Washer (10.5X22X1.6)/UJ500AS N/A $24.47
9UP-BA40E105 (BA40E105) Turn_Chuck_ASM/UP-240 N/A $244.41
9V3-V5401 (V3-V5401) Panel PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $579.55
9XA-013 (XA013) Hole Plug N/A $3.35
9XD-011 (XD011) Bush Straps (100pcs/bag) N/A $74.38
9UA-032 (UA032) Power Supply/DP-21/23L N/A $496.34
9UE-005 (UE005) Braker (1 Amp) for V170 (220V) N/A $34.32
9UJ-120023435 (120-023-435) Auxiliary Guide A3/UJ500AS N/A $349.13
9UJ-ROCKER SWITCH (CW-SB21KKGF) Rocker Switch (CW-SB21KKGF)/UJ500AS N/A $23.31
9UP-CH13002A (CH13002A(AC120V)) Heater (120V)/UP-240 N/A $552.81
9VD-006 (VD006) LCD Cable N/A $24.75
9XA-014 (XA014) Bushing N/A $5.50
9XZ-001 (XZ001) Cap N/A $6.85
9UA-036 (UA036) Power Supply (JWS300-24)/330L/430/460 N/A $907.03
9UE-006 (UE006) Breaker (Drg.#21 #3) N/A $33.46
9UJ-12002700 (120-027-00) Electro Plastic Sleeve/UJ-500AS N/A $65.84
9UJ-RUBBER FOOT (TK-30) Rubber Foot (TK-30)/UJ500AS N/A $20.00
9UP-PT3M51FY16 (PT3M-51F-Y16) Thermistor PSB-S3/UP-240 N/A $415.96
9VD-008 (VD008) LCD Cable/DP-330L,430,460 N/A $21.77
9XA-037 (XA037) Bush/DC-615 N/A $2.35
9XZ-002 (XZ002) Knob N/A $22.60
9UA-038 (UA038) Switching Pwr Supply LEB100F-0524 N/A $600.43
9UE-007 (UE007) Breaker NRF110-3A S-5300 N/A $65.32
9UJ-13000101 (130-001-01) Paper Tray/UJ-500AS N/A $576.08
9UJ-TURN KNOB (BP-20-1T) Turn Knob (BP-20-1T)/UJ500AS N/A $23.31
9UP-RV16YN15SB102 (RV16YN-15S-B102) Volume Unit/UP-240 N/A $66.52
9VD-009 (VD009) LCD Cable/DP-330L,430,460 N/A $22.89
9XA-039 (XA-039) Bush/DC-F1 N/A $3.30
9XZ-006 (XZ006) Hex Screw Driver (2.5mm) N/A $29.65
9UA-039 (UA039) Switching Pwr Supply ZWS30-5/J N/A $751.17
9UE-015 (UE015) Circuit Protector/MS-4000 N/A $104.60
9UJ-ADJ RESISTOR (RV24YNME20SB104) Adjustable Resistor (RV24YNME20SB104)/UJ500AS N/A $39.90
9UJ-VC RELAY (BW22141N) Relay Unit (BW22141N)/UJ500AS N/A $137.70
9V3-F2011 (V3-F2011) Drum Gear A3/DP-S Series N/A $56.95
9W0-20610 (W0-20610) Adjustment Washer/V350 N/A $2.55
9XB-002 (XB002) Collar N/A $1.30
9XZ-007 (XZ-007) Knob Screw N/A $13.30
9UA-040 (UA040) Switching Pwr Supply ZWS240PAF-24/J N/A $682.55
9UE-019 (UE019) Breaker N/A $43.05
9UJ-AS10101 (AS-10 (101)) Neutralization Transformer & Discharge Electrode/UJ500AS N/A $1,755.62
9UK-001 (UK001) Noise Filter N/A $196.50
9V3-F2021 (V3-F2021) Drum Gear B4/DP-S Series N/A $56.95
9WB-079 (WB079) Connector DP-4030 N/A $34.13
9XB-003 (XB003) Plastic Support N/A $1.50
9XZ-022 (XZ0022, XZ022) Knob Screw for SLT-09/10 N/A $21.40
9UA-041 (UA041) Power Supply/EX-2000 N/A $834.40
9UE-021 (UE021) Circuit Protector/EX-2000 N/A $61.50
9UL-00A0000142 (00A-000-0142) ASM, Double Blade Scraper/Ultra 145 N/A $402.68
9V3-H2040 (V3-H2040) DC Motor Assy/DP-U Series N/A $118.04
9WE-001 (WE001) Inlet AC-P03CS05/DP-460H N/A $24.75
9XB-004 (XB004) Pillar N/A $4.50
9XZ-024 (XZ024) Screw Driver N/A $35.74
9UA-042 (UA042) Power Supply/DC-645 N/A $1,571.03
9UE-022 (UE022) Circuit Protector/EX-2000 N/A $123.06
9UJ-BLOWER MOTOR (SCM-P620C-L-120) Blower Motor (SCM-P620C-L-120)/UJ500AS N/A $558.60
9UL-00A0000143 (00A-000-0143) ASM, Double Blade Scraper/Ultra 205A N/A $421.30
9V3-J1021 (V3-J1021) Brush/DP-U Series N/A $24.10
9WE-003 (WE003) Inlet AC-P01CF01 N/A $23.25
9XB-005 (XB005) Collar N/A $2.80
9XZ-026 (XZ026) Cap/AF-100 N/A $7.75
9UA-043 (UA043) Switching Power Supply (New)/DC-545 N/A $506.07
9UE-024 (UE024) Circuit Protector/EX-2000 N/A $66.62
9UJ-CLAMP LEVER (6324K68, LEM10X20) Clamp Lever (LEM10X20)/UJ500AS N/A $45.90
9UL-00P0001001 (00P-000-1001) Plate, Inline Intake, Ultra 205A N/A $293.27
9V3-J1051 (V3-J1051) Brush/DP-U Series N/A $24.10
9WE-005 (WE005) Outlet AC-F01FB01/DP-460H N/A $29.12
9XB-006 (XB006) Collar N/A $4.05
9XZ-030 (XZ015/30) Black Knob Screw for V-350/V-580 N/A $5.70
9UA-056 (UA-056) Power Supply (ADA750F-24)/DC-F1 N/A $1,968.48
9UE-026 (UE026) Protector/DC-745 N/A $557.15
9UJ-FH SCREW (M5X12) Flat Head Screw (M5X12)/UJ500AS N/A $8.35
9UL-5739834 (5739834) Plate, Extension, Feed Stand/Ultra 205A N/A $272.34
9V3-J3011 (V3-J3011) Stopper N/A $25.03
9WF-001 (WF001) Terminal Plate N/A $16.90
9XC-003 (XC003) Clamp N/A $3.35
9YF-001 (YF-001, YF001) Magnet=9E1-82260 N/A $28.46
9UA-062 (UA062) Switching Power Supply/DC-745 N/A $1,968.50
9UF-019 (UF019) Inverter/DP-S N/A $114.04
9UJ-FILTER (10X50X90) Filter (10X60X90)/UJ500AS N/A $29.16
9UP-4RK25GNAWJ (4RK25GN-AWJ RoHS) Gear Motor 100-115V/UP-240 N/A $733.20
9V3-K5300 (V3-K5300) Touch Pen/DP-U Series N/A $22.12
9WF-022 (WF022) Terminal Plate/DP-330L,430,460 N/A $51.63
9XC-016 (XC016) CKN Clamp/DP-U950 N/A $13.90
9UC-002 (UC002) Lithium Battery V-570 N/A $89.48
9UI-008 (UI008) Fuse Holder/V-570 N/A $31.89
9UJ-FOOT SWITCH (SFKF-1UL) Foot Switch (SFKF-1UL)/UJ500AS N/A $209.48
9UP-604ZZ (604ZZ) Collar/UP-240 N/A $51.21
9V3-V5000 (V3-V5000) Main PCB Unit/DP-U Series N/A $2,662.14
9XA-001 (XA001) Bush/=9F2-80250 N/A $2.15
9XC-019 Cable Clamp/DC-645/615 N/A $4.15
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