Money Handling

Money Handling

Advanced Document Systems and Supply promotes a large selection of Money Machines great for department stores, retailers, banks and any businesses that needs to count money on a daily basis. Our money machines are designed to count money, detect counterfeits, organize for processing, and save you time and money! Below you will find the Digital Cash Counter RBC-1000, SB1000 Currency Discriminator Counter, 5510 UV Money Counter, and the 6600 Series Digital Currency Counter.

The Digital Cash Counter RBC 1000 is an amazing machine that will make handling money quick, easy, and accurate. This cash counter will also detect counterfeit currencies while processing/counting your money. The RBC-1000 features include: counting 1000 pieces per minute, 125+ bill hopper capacity, UV protection for counterfeit bills, LED alarm display, retractable handles, precise counting via sensor controls.

The SB1000 Currencty Discriminator Counter is an intelligent money machine, as it uses image processing technology that provides faster and more accurate deposit processing via the removal of common interruptions & rejected bills. The SB1000 comes equipped with five modes for ultimate control of your money counting tasks. Modes included are Mixed mode, Single Mode, Face Mode, Orientation Mode, Count Mode, and Print Mode. Follow the link below to read about each in more detail.

The 5510 UV Digital Currency Counter is an All-In-One money counter built to count money, batches, detect counterfeits, and add totals. This is a great little machine that will handle all of your note counting needs. Some features included are: automatic start, IR infrared sensors, self diagnostic system, UV counterfeit detection, double and half note detection, and self lubricating bearings. Follow the link below to read more about the 5510 UV Digital Currency Counter features.

The 6600 Series Digital Currency Counter is a practical and affordable money counting machine. This machine has an intelligent bill density recognition system. Some features of the 6600 digital currency counter include: Multi Detection, UV ultraviolet markings detection, Intelligent double note detection, MG magnetic ink detection, note size detection, and half note detection. Follow the link below to read more about the 6600 Digital Money Machine.

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