Plastic Screw Posts

Plastic Screw Posts

Plastic screw posts are a new variation of an old idea. They provide a modern look where screw posts are a good solution but a more modern look is desired. Also, they're quicker to assemble since they just snap together instead of needing to be screwed on.

The Technical Details

  • The size given in the description is the thickness of your material that the post will handle.
  • We sell these posts in packages of 100 posts and screws.
  • The post diameter is 0.24 inch (Fits in a 1/4 or 5/16 inch hole.)
  • Screws are threaded, but you can just push them into the posts without having to thread them in.
  • 1/8 inch screws do not have screwdriver slots. All larger sizes are slotted.
  • The screw and post heads are 3/8 inch diameter.
  • All sizes are available in black, white, and clear.
  • All posts are sold with the appropriate screws.
  • See the Tips and Tricks section below for more detailed information.

Most Popular

3/8" Plastic Screw Posts
3/8" Plastic Screw Posts
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1-1/2" Plastic Screw Posts
1-1/2" Plastic Screw Posts
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1/2" Plastic Screw Posts
1/2" Plastic Screw Posts
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3/16" Plastic Screw Posts
3/16" Plastic Screw Posts
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All Sizes of Plastic Screw Posts

Description Qty. per Pkg. Options Price 1+ Price 6+ Price 10+  
1/8" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$19.80 $17.50 $14.85
3/16" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$18.95 $16.85 $13.95
1/4" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$18.50 $16.50 $13.55
3/8" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$21.42 $18.95 $15.95
1/2" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$22.14 $16.69 $16.57
3/4" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$25.68 $22.56 $17.50
1" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$28.80 $24.95 $19.20
1-1/4" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$18.95 $17.95 $16.95
1-3/8" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$19.95 $18.95 $17.95
1-1/2" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$20.95 $19.95 $18.95
1-3/4" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$21.95 $20.95 $19.95
2" Plastic Screw Posts 100
$22.95 $21.95 $20.95

Where to Use Plastic Screw Posts

  • Binding small books — up to 2 inches thick
  • Menus and wine lists
  • Prospectuses
  • Product catalogs
  • Color swatches
  • Sample sets
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Signs
  • Custom picture frames
  • Arts and crafts

Screw Post Tips and Tricks

Holes for Plastic Screw Posts:

You should make the hole slightly larger than the post to prevent tearing. A 1/4 inch or a 5/16 inch hole is recommended. The posts will be slightly smaller than this hole, which makes inserting the posts easier. Make a test sample if you are using materials other than the standard paper and cover stock to see what hole size works best.

You can punch the holes if you only have a small number to do. Use a single-hole punch for swatches, samples, and similar materials. A three-hole punch makes larger sheets of paper easier to punch.

Use a paper drill if you need to put holes in a large number of sheets of paper, or stacks of cover stock, foam core, and similar materials. A drill is also much less effort to use than a hand-operated punch.

For holes in wood, metal, plastics, etc., use a drill press with a bit suited to the material. Check with the supplier or the manufacturer of the material you are using for the proper type of bit to use.

Binding Small Documents with Plastic Screw Posts:

This is where these posts excel. Plastic screw posts are available in lengths starting at 1/8 inch. These tiny posts are suitable for only a few pages. Remember to select posts long enough that the screw will snap in all the way. Posts that are too short can pull apart in use, so make them too long rather than too short.

Plastic Screw Posts in Signs and Displays:

Screw posts are a quick and easy way to assemble many types of signs, retail displays, and similar items. Use whatever materials you want, then drill or punch the proper size holes for the screw posts. Select the screw post length to be the same or slightly greater than the total thickness of the materials you are assembling. Once you have everything ready, just insert the posts and snap them together. It couldn't be easier.

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