Steel Screw Posts

Steel Screw Posts

Steel screw posts are ideal for binding large/heavy books, carpet samples, and other items that are just too heavy for aluminum screw posts. They are also useful for books that are in constant use or are often mistreated. These posts will stand up to rough treatment that would destroy lesser bindings.

The Technical Details

  • The size given in the table is the thickness of your material that the post will handle.
  • We sell all posts in packages of 100 posts and screws.
  • The post diameter is 1/4 inch (Fits in a 5/16 inch hole.)
  • Screw threads are #10-24 (This is larger than aluminum screw posts.)
  • The screw and post heads are 7/16 inch diameter.
  • The screws have a combo (slot and phillips) head. The post heads are slotted.
  • 1/4 inch posts are threaded all the way through the post for added strength.
  • All posts can be extended using the 1/2 inch extensions below.

Most Popular

1" Steel Screw Posts
1" Steel Screw Posts
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3/4" Steel Screw Posts
3/4" Steel Screw Posts
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1-1/2" Steel Screw Posts
1-1/2" Steel Screw Posts
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1-1/4" Steel Screw Posts
1-1/4" Steel Screw Posts
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All Sizes of Steel Screw Posts

Description Quantity Price 1+ Price 6+ Price 10+  
1/4" Steel Screw Posts N/A $36.31 $31.80 $22.69
3/8" Steel Screw Posts N/A $32.57 $28.50 $20.35
1/2" Steel Screw Posts N/A $33.42 $29.25 $20.90
5/8" Steel Screw Posts N/A $34.28 $29.99 $23.57
3/4" Steel Screw Posts N/A $35.29 $30.89 $24.26
1" Steel Screw Posts N/A $39.06 $34.18 $26.86
1-1/4" Steel Screw Posts N/A $41.97 $36.72 $28.86
1-1/2" Steel Screw Posts N/A $44.57 $39.00 $30.64
2" Steel Screw Posts N/A $54.53 $47.72 $37.49
1/2" Steel Extensions N/A $36.36 $31.81 $24.55

Where to Use Steel Screw Posts

  • Binding very large books
  • Binding very heavy books
  • Carpet samples
  • Leather products that must withstand a lot of strain
  • Very large sample sets
  • Trade show exhibits
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Signs
  • Ledgers
  • Computer printouts
  • Arts and crafts and decorative items

Screw Post Tips and Tricks

Making Holes for Screw Posts:

For most uses, you should make the hole slightly larger than the post. A 5/16 inch hole is recommended for most applications of these steel screw posts. This will allows the pages of the document to spread, making the inside pages of your document easier to read.

Use a paper drill to drill holes in a large number of sheets of paper, or stacks of cover stock, foam core, and similar materials.

For holes in wood, metal, plastics, etc., use a drill press with a bit suited to the material. Your material supplier can probably give you some suggestions on what works best.

Securing Screw Posts:

Steel screw posts should be tightened with a screwdriver to secure the heavy load. Make certain that the screw is tight against the post and not against the material you are binding.Posts that are too short for the material will work loose more easily than posts that are properly sized.

Some people suggest a drop of thread lock or adhesive for more durable applications. Be very certain that you want the connection to be permanent if you do this.

Screw Posts in Leather:

Steel screw posts used to connect leather pieces that need to hold a heavy load. To help them hold better, make the hole 5/16 or 11/32 inch in diameter. Use a good quality leather punch to make the screw post fit properly.

Also, choose the length of the post carefully. It should be long enough to tighten the screw firmly against the post, but not more than the combined thickness of the leather pieces.

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