99A-50100 - 9AC-999

99A-50100 - 9AC-999
Duplo USA part numbers 99A-50100 - 9AC-999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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All Sizes of 99A-50100 - 9AC-999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9AA-006 (AA006) Bearing 6201ZZ N/A $47.53
9AA-093 (AA093) Collar/DC-645 N/A $100.41
9AA-008 (AA008) Bearing 626ZZ N/A $47.16
9AA-095 (AA095) Ball/DC-645 N/A $73.62
9AA-009 (AA009) Bearing 6900ZZ DC-535 N/A $60.99
9AA-097 (AA097) Collar/DC-745 N/A $32.28
9AA-010 (AA010) Bearing 6901ZZ N/A $55.61
9AA-108 (AA108) Collar/DC-745 N/A $19.04
9AA-011 (AA011) Bearing 6903ZZ N/A $56.21
9AB-001 (AB001) Needle Bearing (Drg #1 #8) N/A $68.62
9A1-23021 (A12-23021) Glass Window N/A $27.20
9AA-013 (AA013) Bearing DC-535 N/A $57.35
9AC-014 (AC014) Bushing for Housing Unit/DC-545 N/A $17.15
9A1-251051 (A12-51051) Bearing N/A $39.37
9AA-015 (AA015) Steel Ball V-130 N/A $3.11
9AC-021 (AC021) Bush/DC-645 N/A $33.64
9A2-002 (A2-002) Glue Wheel Shaft Bush/=U2009 N/A $45.70
9AA-018 (AA018) Bearing (6902ZZ) N/A $59.59
9AC-036 (AC036) Du-Bush/DC-645 N/A $27.84
9A2-009 (A2009 + A2010) EX Glue Wheel Assy w/A2010, DB-280 N/A $199.77
9AA-019 (AA019) Ball Bearing (Perforator) N/A $62.29
9AC-075 (AC075) Bearing/DC745 N/A $20.39
9A2-013 (A2013) Glue Accumulator/DB-280 N/A $29.58
9AA-021 (AA021) Bearing (6000ZZNR) DC-535 N/A $57.92
9AC-077 (AC077) Bush N/A $24.71
9A6-203 (A6-203) Glue Scraper Plate/DB-280 N/A $76.82
9AA-041 (AA041) Collar 6200Z/DC-645 N/A $45.27
9AC-084 (AC084) Bushing/DC-645 N/A $24.30
9A7-211 (A7211-A1) Glue Tank Heater 750w/DB-280 N/A $255.43
9AA-043 (AA043) Bearing DC-535 N/A $63.30
9A9-017 (A9017) Gear M1 N/A $61.26
9AA-057 (AA057) Shaft Support/DC-745 N/A $45.60
9AA-001 (AA001) Bearing DC-535 N/A $46.68
9AA-077 (AA077) Bearing (Collar)/DC-645 N/A $57.55
9AA-003 (AA003) Bearing 6001ZZ N/A $36.86
9AA-078 (AA078) Bearing (Collar)/DC-645 N/A $39.03
9AA-005 (AA005) Bearing DC-535 /608ZZ N/A $41.49
9AA-092 (AA092) Bearing/DC-645 N/A $43.66
99A-80170 Switch N/A $28.26
99J-25260 Shaft N/A $69.05
99J-83121 Flat Cable/DBM-80H N/A $86.91
99T-13310 Spigot/DSF-2000 N/A $48.48
99T-16600 Sensor Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $55.89
99T-18391 Worm Wheel M2-R-2-20-12 N/A $260.79
99T-34340 Lever B/DSF-2000 N/A $74.06
99T-40380 Idler Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $64.64
99T-50172 Sw Bracket N/A $53.87
99T-51612 Connecting Plate/LDR N/A $267.06
99T-80281 RM Unit/DCM-KIT N/A $248.18
99T-83200 SK Wire Harness/BC Kit N/A $52.53
99T-92100 (99T-92101) Guide R/DSF-2000 N/A $225.34
99X-83011 Electromagnetic Micro Clutch N/A $260.40
99A-80220 (99A-80223) Stapler DC-8 Micro N/A $430.88
99J-25280 Shaft N/A $104.46
99J-83130 Flat Cable/DBM-80H N/A $58.16
99T-13411 Bracket N/A $64.19
99T-16670 (99T-16671) Fulcrum Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $70.94
99T-18480 Shaft N/A $88.88
99T-34370 Pin/DSF-2000 N/A $71.79
99T-40390 Spigot N/A $55.20
99T-50212 BR Guide U/DSF-2000 N/A $301.62
99T-61010 Cover F N/A $999.78
99T-80310 SK PWB Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $606.46
99T-83310 Motor (New) N/A $781.20
99T-92130 Paper Feed Guide T/DSF-2000 N/A $99.20
99X-83021 DC Motor/DR-14 N/A $651.20
99C-30222 Timing Pulley S3M-20-08 /DSF-5000, DB-10 N/A $84.17
99J-62400 (99J-62401) Control Panel/DBM-80H N/A $70.35
99J-83150 Printer Connector Cable N/A $258.15
99T-15030 Base Unit N/A $51.84
99T-16680 (99T-16682) Rail/DSF-2000 N/A $158.00
99T-19320 Cover Unit N/A $84.21
99T-35080 (99T-35082) T Mark Sensor Assy N/A $79.11
99T-40450 Shaft N/A $262.14
99T-50230 Fulcrum Bracket N/A $55.89
99T-61040 Cover B N/A $1,125.47
99T-80360 Harness 1/LDR N/A $206.06
99T-83502 DC Bundled Wire Unit 1 N/A $671.23
99T-92930 Plate -1 (P1616) N/A $217.67
99X-90891 Shaft Unit/DB-10C N/A $1,005.10
99C-84111 Cable Unit/DB-10TR N/A $373.52
99J-62410 Panel Cover/DBM-80H N/A $29.86
99K-80060 MC Unit for DC-SE3 N/A $455.27
99T-15100 Tilted Plate N/A $46.45
99T-16711 Slide Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $70.71
99T-22230 Pinion Gear Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $75.20
99T-35140 D Mark Sensor Assy N/A $75.24
99T-40530 B First Roller Shaft/DSF-2000 N/A $251.37
99T-50280 Angle N/A $48.48
99T-63010 Top Cover N/A $173.04
99T-80381 Interface Cable for LDR Unit N/A $267.11
99T-86351 (99T-86356) Main PCB Board (New) N/A $2,220.33
99T-92940 Gear/Pulley M150-50-10 (P1616) N/A $1,649.27
99X-93180 Guide BT Unit/DB-10C N/A $236.25
99A-50140 Pin Base Unit N/A $25.79
99G-72450 Lever Unit DBM-100T N/A $89.78
99J-62420 Window Plate N/A $26.42
99L-40540 Sub Guide/ DC-6000S N/A $124.07
99T-15150 Link/DSF-2000 N/A $76.32
99T-16740 Rear Guide/DSF-2000 N/A $114.91
99T-26010 B Side Fence/DSF-2000 N/A $140.08
99T-40020 Timing Pulley XL16-10/DSF-2000 N/A $228.53
99T-40711 Shaft/DSF-2000 N/A $64.64
99T-50290 Stopper N/A $51.84
99T-63011 Cover, Top N/A $184.03
99T-81010 Electromagnetic Clutch N/A $420.67
99T-88613 Main PCB Board (Old)/=99T-80055/87 N/A $2,220.33
99T-92960 (99T-92967) Motor Replacement kit N/A $4,379.27
99X-93220 Guide BU Unit/DB-10C N/A $227.31
99A-50330 Cover F DC-8 Micro N/A $197.51
99G-72500 Handle DBM-100T N/A $47.14
99J-62451 Dial N/A $15.73
99L-61350 Cover L1, Top-Left DC-6000S N/A $708.43
99T-16022 A Side Fence L/DSF-2000 N/A $144.99
99T-16760 Rail Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $111.35
99T-26250 Shaft Unit N/A $79.69
99T-40030 Spur Gear M15-50-16/DSF-2000 N/A $433.62
99T-40780 A Roller Shaft 1 N/A $251.37
99T-50312 BR Guide T/DSF-2000 N/A $484.29
99T-64010 Bracket/BC Kit N/A $84.83
99T-81021 Compressor N/A $2,179.48
99T-90050 Indication Label N/A $62.61
99T-92990 Plate -2 (P1616) N/A $240.62
99A-50340 Cover R DC-8 Micro N/A $204.69
99J-13312 Hold Plate/DBM-80H N/A $9.99
99J-62480 Button C N/A $7.83
99L-80180 (99L-80181) FC Unit S4 N/A $166.51
99T-16110 Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $69.03
99T-16790 Magnet Angle/DSF-2000 N/A $65.45
99T-31072 Door T N/A $254.64
99T-40051 Bracket T/DSF-2000 N/A $60.55
99T-40820 A Roller Shaft 2 N/A $251.28
99T-50332 Guide R N/A $118.50
99T-64070 Bracket/BC Kit N/A $59.89
99T-81050 Power Supply/DCM KIT N/A $968.18
99T-90070 Indication Label/DSF-2000 N/A $62.61
99T-X8260 Bridge Unit for DSF-2000 N/A $3,591.04
99A-50350 Cover Top/DC-8 Micro N/A $90.91
99J-13341 Carrying Shaft/DBM-80H N/A $84.51
99J-69150 Connector Fitting N/A $130.57
99L-80202 Main Unit DC-6000S N/A $1,589.54
99T-16221 Feeder Plate D Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $406.12
99T-16810 Lever N/A $83.94
99T-31080 Reinforcing Base/DSF-2000 N/A $265.73
99T-40060 Shaft 64.5mm/DSF-2000 N/A $55.73
99T-48050 Gear Boss/DSF-2000 N/A $165.19
99T-50411 BR Cover T/DSF-2000 N/A $198.40
99T-64090 Connecting Plate/DSF-2000 N/A $61.80
99T-81061 (I4011341) Discharge Bar N/A $901.41
99T-90220 Warning Label/DSF-2000 N/A $62.33
99X-10070 Guide F Unit/DB-10TR N/A $86.91
99A-50370 Operational Panel Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $88.88
99J-13411 Secondary Drive Shaft/DBM-80H N/A $77.15
99J-69160 Angle N/A $34.26
99L-80240 Panel Unit/DC-6000S N/A $1,244.73
99T-16240 Mylar Sheet for DSF-2000 N/A $14.65
99T-16820 Shaft N/A $36.15
99T-31170 Conveyance Guide T /DSF-2000 N/A $201.10
99T-40061 Shaft 61.2mm (New)/DSF-2000 N/A $61.28
99T-48250 Spur Gear/DSF-2000 N/A $471.33
99T-50440 Bracket Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $66.04
99T-70011 Stack Guide Unit N/A $248.67
99T-82010 (99T-80510) Barcode Scanner Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $3,944.16
99T-90350 Decorative Label/DSF-2000 N/A $62.30
99X-30100 Roller G-12-30/DB-10TR N/A $89.78
99A-50401 Dial N/A $30.38
99J-13540 Wire Unit/DBM-80H N/A $34.26
99J-69180 Rail Mounting Plate/DBM-80H N/A $78.57
99L-90190 Cover R /DC-6000S N/A $934.11
99T-16320 A Reinforcement D/DSF-2000 N/A $193.91
99T-16830 Collar N/A $37.71
99T-31180 Collar/DSF-2000 N/A $24.84
99T-40071 Plate Sensor/DSF-2000 N/A $40.07
99T-50010 Plate/DSF-2000 N/A $48.48
99T-50470 Guide Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $84.83
99T-70050 Plate N/A $47.14
99T-83021 DC Bundled Wire Unit 1/DSF-2000 N/A $454.05
99T-90950 Guide/DSF-2000 N/A $83.07
99X-33224 Roller Unit/DSF-2200 N/A $92.91
99A-50411 Switch A N/A $13.50
99J-13650 Worm Gear/DBM-80H,DBM-120 N/A $69.03
99J-80096 MC Unit/DBM-80/=99J-80351 N/A $1,329.36
99L-90200 Cover L1 / DC-6000S N/A $708.43
99T-16481 Moving Angle T/DSF-2000 N/A $72.94
99T-16840 Collar 04-08-03 N/A $37.71
99T-31240 Angle/DSF-2000 N/A $42.43
99T-40080 Index Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $184.03
99T-50020 Angle/DSF-2000 N/A $45.55
99T-50491 Guide L/DSF-2000 N/A $90.40
99T-70060 Angle N/A $53.87
99T-83030 DC Bundled Wire Unit 2 N/A $51.84
99T-91370 Guide T/DCM-KIT N/A $99.20
99X-60090 Roller G-10-30/DB-10TR N/A $96.96
99A-50421 Switch B N/A $13.50
99J-15310 Shaft/DBM-80H N/A $58.77
99J-80241 IFH Unit/DBM-80 N/A $428.14
99T-11180 Plate, Sensor N/A $31.43
99T-16510 Moving Angle T/DSF-2000 N/A $79.80
99T-16850 Collar 04-20-06 N/A $44.09
99T-31281 Limit Lever T/DSF-2000 N/A $83.94
99T-40160 Spigot/DSF-2000 N/A $62.33
99T-50040 Bracket B N/A $63.30
99T-50501 Guide R/DSF-2000 N/A $194.81
99T-70080 Bracket Unit N/A $84.83
99T-83040 DC Bundle Wire Unit 3 N/A $41.58
99T-91690 A Feed Inlet T (P1404) N/A $553.01
99X-60181 Carrying Shaft C/DB-10TR N/A $114.91
99A-80050 MD P.W.B. Unit DC-8 Micro N/A $293.80
99J-17040 Pulley 25S3M/DBM-10TR N/A $114.29
99J-81010 Motor/DBM-80 N/A $428.14
99T-12080 Shutter N/A $307.94
99T-16530 Slide Block T/DSF-2000 N/A $132.87
99T-17014 Feeder Base N/A $1,493.26
99T-31330 SW Cover/DSF-2000 N/A $77.76
99T-40210 Shaft/DSF-2000 N/A $215.46
99T-50050 Bracket F N/A $63.30
99T-50521 BR Conveyance Shaft/DSF-2000 N/A $241.95
99T-70130 Connecting Plate N/A $140.05
99T-83063 Cable Unit 1/DSF-2000 N/A $82.32
99T-91830 Reinforcement Plate N/A $273.73
99X-60440 Spring T/DB-10TR N/A $10.13
99A-80101 MC P.W.B. Unit N/A $420.67
99J-20600 Plate/DBM-80H N/A $11.27
99J-81020 DC-Solenoid/DBM-80H N/A $73.51
99T-13090 Conveyance Shaft N/A $405.34
99T-16550 Movable Fence/DSF-2000 N/A $193.91
99T-17070 Auxilary Paper Tray/DSF-2000 N/A $89.78
99T-34240 Shaft Unit N/A $93.37
99T-40240 Timing Pulley/DSF-2000 N/A $172.37
99T-50091 Shaft N/A $57.92
99T-50650 Paper Feed Guide T N/A $104.14
99T-80150 MK Unit N/A $417.56
99T-83070 DC Bundled Wire Unit 5/DSF-2000 N/A $43.56
99T-91840 Conveyance Guide T N/A $263.97
99X-63442 Connecting Plate T/DB-10TR N/A $70.44
99A-80130 (99A-80131) Stepping Motor N/A $81.65
99J-23540 (TC 20 x 480mm) Flat Belt (Siegling 20x480) N/A $79.15
99J-81030 Counter Unit N/A $61.18
99T-13100 Spur Gear Unit N/A $194.81
99T-16570 Sensor Cover/DSF-2000 N/A $140.08
99T-18150 Key 4-12/DSF-2000 N/A $14.58
99T-34260 Reinforcing Plate T N/A $211.87
99T-40282 (99T-40283) Reversal Shaft/DSF-2000 N/A $650.42
99T-50111 BR Frame B N/A $192.65
99T-50660 (99T-50661) Ejection Guide U Unit N/A $192.56
99T-80210 PR PWB Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $167.91
99T-83172 IF Cable Unit/DSF-2000 N/A $210.06
99T-92070 Guide U N/A $657.88
99X-70150 Reinforcement Plate/DB-10TR N/A $74.52
99A-80160 DC-Solenoid DC-8 Micro N/A $55.20
99J-25130 Driving Shaft/DBM-80H N/A $104.46
99J-81040 Stapler/DBM-80H N/A $1,056.20
99T-13300 Bracket/DSF-2000 N/A $62.33
99T-16590 Shutter/DSF-2000 N/A $61.28
99T-18180 Tension Spring for DSF-2000 N/A $70.98
99T-34330 Lever F/DSF-2000 N/A $74.06
99T-40300 Spur Gear/DSF-2000 N/A $219.05
99T-50121 BR Frame F N/A $169.75
99T-50690 (99T-50691) Ejection Guide T Unit N/A $160.25
99T-80250 (99T-86100) I/F Unit, DCM-KIT/=99T-86100 N/A $547.51
99T-83191 Harness 5 N/A $110.86
99T-92090 BR Guide T (New) N/A $508.50
99X-80074 Main Unit for DB-10 Buffer N/A $2,697.81
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