9AE-000 - 9C7-32299

9AE-000 - 9C7-32299
Duplo USA part numbers 9AE-000 - 9C7-32299 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Timing Belt (60S4.5M360) DISCONTINUED
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Assistant Roller
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Timing Belt DC-545
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Timing Belt V-415 (B100S5M435/440)
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All Sizes of 9AE-000 - 9C7-32299

Part No. Description Image Price  
9C5-89110 (C5-89110) Solenoid N/A $70.61
9C7-12380 (C7-12380) Solenoid N/A $299.03
9C7-32200 (C7-32200) Inside Guide R N/A $23.72
9AJ-030 (AJ030) Timing Belt DC-445 N/A $75.98
9AJ-146 (AJ146) Timing Belt DC-545 N/A $48.86
9AJ-209 (AJ209) Timing Belt B (100S3M525)/DC-645 N/A $63.10
9AJ-257 (AJ-257) Timing Belt(100S3M156)/DC-F1 N/A $48.48
9AK-024 (AK024) Roller Chain/ DC-535 N/A $25.95
9AL-040 (AL040) Round Belt/MS-4000 N/A $90.61
9C3-10570 (C3-10570) Chain (RS25) N/A $24.00
9C3-31131 (C3-31131) Shaft N/A $29.63
9C3-40300 (C3-40300) Polymax Belt 3M670 N/A $71.66
9C3-53350 (C3-53350) Dust Cover N/A $42.67
9C3-55340 (C3-55340) Shaft N/A $48.48
9C3-81200 (C3-81200) Light Emitting PCB Unit N/A $114.86
9C5-10590 (C5-10590) Gear Unit N/A $189.59
9C5-22281 (C5-22281) MB Belt (MB 270) N/A $26.93
9C5-28790 (C5-28790) Torsion Spring N/A $22.21
9C5-89140 (C5-89140) Noise Filter N/A $175.85
9C7-12401 (C7-12401) Adapter N/A $71.36
9C7-32211 (C7-32211) R Guide R N/A $33.55
9AE-001 (AE001) Bushing/DC-645 N/A $92.91
9AJ-036 (AJ036) Timing Belt/AF-100 N/A $51.75
9AJ-151 (AJ151) Timing Belt DC-545 N/A $48.86
9AJ-210 (AJ210) Timing Belt (B100S3M282)/DC-645 N/A $83.27
9AJ-258 (AJ-258) Timing Belt(100DS3M372)DC-F1 N/A $102.36
9AK-029 (AK029) Roller Chain/DC-645 N/A $71.91
9AL-041 (AL041) Round Belt/MS-4000 N/A $84.51
9C3-10581 (C3-10581) Chain (JIS25) 109 Frames N/A $47.22
9C3-31140 (C3-31140) Spring C N/A $32.32
9C3-40320 (C3-40320) Sprocket Unit N/A $60.44
9C3-54111 (C3-54111) Screw/DC-535 N/A $16.34
9C3-55351 (C3-55351) Arm N/A $48.06
9C3-81300 (C3-81300) Light Recepting PCB Unit N/A $112.37
9C5-10631 (C5-10631) Clutch Spring N/A $32.60
9C5-22310 (C5-22310) MB Belt (MB 450) N/A $48.01
9C5-50360 (C5-50360) Timing Belt N/A $70.61
9C5-89190 (C5-89190) Micro Switch (K3L) N/A $25.92
9C7-12430 (C7-12430) Pin N/A $22.82
9AE-005 (AE005) Brush N/A $85.29
9AJ-045I02 (AJ045) Feeder Drive Belt DC-535 N/A $38.42
9AJ-152 (AJ152)

DISCONTINUED Timing Belt (60S4.5M360)

N/A $52.93
9AJ-211 (AJ211) Timing Belt (B100S3M291)/DC-645 N/A $54.43
9AJ-259 (AJ-259) Timing Belt(100DS3M453)/DC-F1 N/A $108.62
9AK-038 (AK038) Chain/AF-100 N/A $37.10
9AL-047 (AL047) Belt/V-170 N/A $150.01
9C3-10700 (C3-10700) Spring C N/A $27.68
9C3-31151 (C3-31151) Lid A N/A $20.93
9C3-40611 (C3-40611) Shaft N/A $103.09
9C3-54120 (C3-54120) Boss N/A $10.60
9C3-55360 (C3-55360) Shaft N/A $15.32
9C3-81400 (C3-81400) Clutch Unit N/A $1,182.60
9C5-11030 (C5-11030) Roller Unit N/A $185.57
9C5-22320 (C5-22320) MB Belt (MB 640) N/A $47.14
9C5-53890 (C5-53890) Label/DC-645 N/A $46.64
9C5-89200 (C5-89200) Micro Switch (K3) N/A $23.96
9C7-12691 (C7-12691) Stopper L N/A $28.88
9AE-007 (AE007) Bush/DC-645 N/A $157.01
9AJ-046 (AJ046) Timing Belt V-415 (B100S5M400) N/A $71.06
9AJ-153 (AJ153) Timing Belt DC-545 N/A $45.12
9AJ-212 (AJ212) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $47.79
9AJ-260 (AJ-260) Timing Belt(100DS3M378)DC-F1 N/A $69.75
9AK-042 (AK042) Roller Chain/DC-645 N/A $74.22
9AZ-018 (AZ018) PA6(25.4mm)/DC-SC1 N/A $71.25
9C3-11102 (C3-11102) Burst Roller A N/A $247.02
9C3-31161 (C3-31161) Lid R N/A $28.55
9C3-50270 (C3-50270) Angle/V-415 N/A $30.71
9C3-54220 (C3-54220) Collar N/A $10.60
9C3-55370 (C3-55370) Disk N/A $37.95
9C3-81601 (C3-81601) PCB Unit N/A $1,404.23
9C5-11080 (C5-11080) Bush N/A $20.05
9C5-25320 (C5-25320) Roller N/A $28.22
9C5-60740 (C5-60740) Roller Unit N/A $62.11
9C6-56270 (C6-56270) Bush N/A $6.08
9C7-12701 (C7-12701) Stopper R N/A $28.88
9AJ-001 (AJ001) Belt/V-130 N/A $41.39
9AJ-047 (AJ047) Timing Belt V-415 (B100S5M255) N/A $65.72
9AJ-154 (AJ154) Timing Belt DC-545 N/A $46.68
9AJ-213 (AJ213) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $73.02
9AJ-261 (AJ-261) Timing Belt (100DS3M426)/DC-F1 N/A $64.64
9AK-043 (AK-043) Roller Chain/DC-645 N/A $73.44
9B3-20251 (B3-20251) Washer N/A $5.06
9C3-11131 (C3-11131) Setting Screw N/A $22.82
9C3-31192 (C3-31192) Lid Unit (Left) N/A $58.73
9C3-50350 (C3-50350) S-6 Type Stay N/A $37.57
9C3-54230 (C3-54230) Collar N/A $10.60
9C3-55520 (C3-55520) Supporting Plate (Right) N/A $61.67
9C3-82401 (C3-82401) VR Unit N/A $63.83
9C5-11170 (C5-11170) Roller N/A $106.62
9C5-25511 (C5-25511) Roller N/A $92.02
9C5-60780 (C5-60780) Roller Assembly N/A $48.01
9C6-89020 (C6-89020) Motor N/A $248.97
9C7-12740 (C7-12740) Assistant Roller N/A $59.59
9AJ-005 (AJ005) Timing Belt (B100S5M525)/V-765 N/A $50.67
9AJ-048 (AJ048) Timing Belt V-415 (B100S5M435/440) N/A $69.39
9AJ-167 (AJ167) Timing Belt/EX-2000 N/A $55.85
9AJ-214 (AJ214) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $80.60
9AJ-262 (AJ-262) Timing Belt (100DS3M240)/DC-F1 N/A $47.14
9AK-044 (AK-044) Roller Chain/DC-645 N/A $63.71
9B3-40130 (B3-40130) Bush RS-670 N/A $20.05
9C3-11260 (C3-11260) Rubber Ring Unit N/A $40.07
9C3-31212 (C3-31212) Guide N/A $31.56
9C3-50551 (C3-50551) Lid N/A $91.80
9C3-54261 (C3-54261) Paper Receiving Guide Unit (Right) N/A $49.38
9C3-55530 (C3-55530) Supporting Plate (Left) N/A $64.07
9C3-82501 (C3-82501) MS Unit N/A $44.85
9C5-11320 (C5-11320) Separator Base Unit N/A $43.47
9C5-25610 (C5-25610) Spring T N/A $18.09
9C5-60830 (C5-60830) Spring Case N/A $66.64
9C6-89150 (C6-89150) Photo Interrupter N/A $41.96
9C7-21231 (C7-21231) Motor Plate N/A $25.61
9AJ-006 (AJ006) Timing Belt/B100S5M450 N/A $50.30
9AJ-055 (AJ055) Timing Belt/V-885 N/A $118.07
9AJ-174 (AJ174) Timing Belt/DC-ST!/ST2 N/A $36.81
9AJ-219 (AJ219) Timing Belt N/A $40.35
9AJ-265 (AJ-265) Timing Belt (60S3M168)/DC-F1, DC745 N/A $46.40
9AK-049 (AK049) Roller Chain (RS25-41)/DC615 N/A $49.05
9B3-50310 (B3-50310) Antistatic Bar N/A $44.85
9C3-21151 (C3-21151) Spring T N/A $23.96
9C3-31230 (C3-31230) Lever Unit (Left) N/A $61.71
9C3-50600 (C3-50600) Stay N/A $64.56
9C3-54271 (C3-54271) Paper Receiving Guide Unit (Left) N/A $49.38
9C3-60152 (C3-60152) Width Scale/=C3-60153 N/A $37.33
9C3-82801 (C3-82801) Digital Switch N/A $140.37
9C5-11622 (C5-11622) Guide Plate for RS-670 N/A $183.47
9C5-25681 (C5-25681) Roller N/A $310.53
9C5-61030 (C5-61030) Roller Assembly N/A $88.70
9C6-89200 (C6-89200) Power Cord N/A $51.31
9C7-21290 (C7-21290) Switch Plate N/A $22.82
9AJ-007 (AJ007) Timing Belt/B100S5M475 N/A $50.67
9AJ-056 (AJ056) Timing Belt/V-885 N/A $71.73
9AJ-176 (AJ176) Timing Belt (100S3M360)/DC-745 N/A $60.59
9AJ-230 (AJ230) Timing Belt (60DS3M360)/DC615 N/A $72.81
9AJ-266 (AJ266) Timing Belt (60S3M603)/DC-SC1 N/A $57.92
9AL-001 (AL001) Polymax Belt 5M630 N/A $78.30
9B3-50320 (B3-50320) Static Brush N/A $62.45
9C3-21162 (C3-21162) Knob N/A $24.53
9C3-31370 (C3-31370) Bearing 6902ZZ N/A $59.59
9C3-50640 (C3-50640) Electrostatic Capacitor N/A $58.52
9C3-54310 (C3-54310) Paper Receiving Stopper N/A $80.01
9C3-80200 (C3-80200) Power Switch N/A $59.01
9C5-00321 (C5-00321) Static Eliminator N/A $25.92
9C5-11740 (C5-11740) Ball Bearing (THK LM-10-00) N/A $132.17
9C5-25730 (C5-25730) Roller N/A $25.42
9C5-61070 (C5-61070) Roller Assembly N/A $129.09
9C7-11140 (C7-11140) Roller Assembly 1 N/A $728.81
9C7-31062 (C7-31062) Boss B N/A $51.69
9AJ-008 (AJ008) Timing Belt/B100S5M350 for V-170 N/A $63.60
9AJ-071 (AJ071) Timing Belt/EX-2000 N/A $82.62
9AJ-193 (AJ193) Timing Belt/EX-2000 N/A $75.24
9AJ-231 (AJ231) Timing Belt (150S3M1596UG)/DC615 N/A $131.44
9AJ-281 (AJ281) Timing Belt (150S3M300UG)/DC-745 N/A $83.86
9AL-002 (AL002) Belt MB280/=F2-40620 N/A $30.58
9BA-012 (BA-012) Main Motor/MS-4000 N/A $2,999.65
9C3-22141 (C3-22141) Nut (Right) N/A $82.13
9C3-32192 (C3-32192) Lid Unit (R) N/A $58.73
9C3-50710 (C3-50710) Collar N/A $13.77
9C3-54320 (C3-54320) Magnet/Not by itself/plus price D3-54310 N/A $52.12
9C3-80210 (C3-80210) Breaker N/A $33.17
9C5-00561 (C5-00561) Roller Unit T N/A $81.68
9C5-11840 (C5-11840) Spring N/A $26.93
9C5-25770 (C5-25770) Roller N/A $25.42
9C5-61120 (C5-61120) Roller Assembly N/A $60.35
9C7-11511 (C7-11511) Draw Roller N/A $99.82
9C7-31092 (C7-31092) Gear N/A $82.74
9AJ-009 (AJ009) Timing Belt for S-550, V-555 N/A $50.23
9AJ-081 (AJ081) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $63.41
9AJ-194 (AJ194) Timing Belt/EX-2000 N/A $75.24
9AJ-232 (AJ232) Timing Belt (100S5M425)/DC615 N/A $69.09
9AJ-282 (AJ282) Timing Belt (150S3M387UG)/DC-745 N/A $109.94
9AL-008 (AL008) V Belt (5M462) N/A $127.33
9BA-047 (BA047) AC Motor/EX-2000 N/A $2,999.62
9C3-22151 (C3-22151) Nut (Left) N/A $82.13
9C3-33110 (C3-33110) Knob N/A $26.23
9C3-52130 (C3-52130) Drawing Out Rod N/A $74.79
9C3-55200 (C3-55200) Belt N/A $82.38
9C3-80240 (C3-80240) Micro-Switch N/A $24.03
9C5-00650 (C5-00650) Roller N/A $43.56
9C5-11861 (C5-11861) Wire N/A $35.49
9C5-25812 (C5-25812) Bush N/A $25.42
9C5-61160 (C5-61160) Roller Assembly N/A $79.04
9C7-11610 (C7-11611) Encoder/=11611 N/A $114.24
9C7-31101 (C7-31101) Parallel Key N/A $25.00
9AJ-015 (AJ015) Round Belt/V-885 N/A $101.36
9AJ-082 (AJ082) T-Belt/MS-4000 N/A $422.06
9AJ-202 (AJ202) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $180.71
9AJ-233 (AJ233) Timing Belt (60S3M633)/DC615 N/A $52.77
9AJ-283 (AJ283) Timing Belt (100S3M219UG)/DC-745 N/A $76.86
9AL-010 (AL010) Belt/EX-2000 N/A $98.77
9BB-001 (BB001) DC Gear Motor/DC-745 N/A $1,029.86
9C3-22220 (C3-22220) Sprocket 10 N/A $40.50
9C3-33250 (C3-33250) Center Plate N/A $89.94
9C3-52220 (C3-52220) Caster N/A $37.19
9C3-55210 (C3-55210) Free Roller N/A $67.68
9C3-80250 (C3-80250) Push Button (Red) N/A $63.10
9C5-10110 (C5-10110) Ball Bearing (6900ZZ) N/A $61.03
9C5-12100 (C5-12100) Roller Assembly N/A $54.55
9C5-25821 (C5-25821) Belt N/A $161.38
9C5-61590 (C5-61590) Feed Clutch Assembly N/A $393.17
9C7-12013 (C7-12013) Plate (Dolly) N/A $22.82
9C7-31131 (C7-31131) Shaft N/A $19.91
9AJ-016 (AJ016) Timing Belt (B60S4.5M275) N/A $54.27
9AJ-113 (AJ113) Timing Belt DC-545 N/A $39.93
9AJ-203 (AJ203) Timing Belt (100S3M339)/DC-645 N/A $54.43
9AJ-236 (AJ236) Timing Belt (100S3M267)/DC-745 N/A $60.48
9AJ-284 (AJ284) Timing Belt (150S3M1146UG)/DC-745 N/A $131.52
9AL-011 (AL011) Round Belt/=F2-40710 N/A $77.67
9BZ-008 (BZ008) Stepping Motor Driver/DC-645 N/A $1,054.08
9C3-22260 (C3-22260) Geared Motor N/A $325.36
9C3-33341 (C3-33341) Plate N/A $30.51
9C3-52300 (C3-52300) Vinyl Cover N/A $35.25
9C3-55220 (C3-55220) Shaft N/A $25.85
9C3-80260 (C3-80260) Push-Button (White) N/A $63.10
9C5-10271 (C5-10271) Roller N/A $38.08
9C5-12160 (C5-12160) Roller Assembly N/A $52.08
9C5-26340 (C5-26340) Ball Bearing (608 ZZ) N/A $26.93
9C5-61700 (C5-61700) Roller N/A $60.35
9C7-12140 (C7-12140) Front Arm Assembly (Left) N/A $170.88
9C7-31180 (C7-31180) Rubber Ring N/A $42.67
9AJ-018 (AJ018) Timing Belt (60S3M192)/V-580 N/A $29.20
9AJ-120 (AJ120) Slitter Drive Belt DC-535 N/A $45.12
9AJ-204 (AJ204) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $72.43
9AJ-242 (AJ242) Belt/DC-445 N/A $85.85
9AJ-285 (AJ285) Timing Belt (150S3M213)/DC745 N/A $81.92
9AL-013 (AL013) Belt MB380 N/A $36.53
9BZ-010 (BZ010) Motor Drive/DC-745 N/A $2,666.34
9C3-31010 (C3-31010) Upper Blade Assembly N/A $311.28
9C3-33360 (C3-33360) Spring C N/A $27.14
9C3-53023 (C3-53023) Jam Lever N/A $25.92
9C3-55240 (C3-55240) Holder Bar Unit N/A $146.42
9C3-80270 (C3-80270) Push-Button (Green) N/A $63.10
9C5-10310 (C5-10310) O Ring N/A $7.83
9C5-12200 (C5-12200) Housing Assy RS670 N/A $175.37
9C5-26350 (C5-26350) Ball Bearing (608ZZ) N/A $55.73
9C5-61750 (C5-61750) Roller Assembly A N/A $45.97
9C7-12150 (C7-12150) Front Arm Assembly (Right) N/A $170.88
9C7-31200 (C7-31200) Inside Guide L/=K9-30300 N/A $33.55
9AJ-022 (AJ022) Timing Belt (B60S3M264)/DC-545 N/A $50.42
9AJ-127 (AJ127) Primary Stepper Motor Drive Belt DC-535 N/A $27.84
9AJ-206 (AJ206) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $54.27
9AJ-247 (AJ247) Timing Belt (100S3M234)/DC-745 N/A $63.26
9AJ-286 (AJ286) Timing Belt (100S3M210UG)/DC-745 N/A $74.05
9AL-014 (AL014) Round Belt N/A $57.55
9C1-2 (C12) Clip N/A $16.34
9C3-31021 (C3-31021) Gear N/A $14.85
9C3-33380 (C3-33380) Ring N/A $30.51
9C3-53141 (C3-53141) Knob N/A $13.77
9C3-55270 (C3-55270) Plate N/A $30.48
9C3-80280 (C3-80280) Silicon Stack N/A $68.62
9C5-10320 (C5-10320) Spring T N/A $26.93
9C5-12250 (C5-12250) Belt (DMB.D-360) N/A $49.52
9C5-27110 (C5-27110) Roller Unit N/A $104.81
9C5-61800 (C5-61800) Roller Assembly B N/A $45.97
9C7-12240 (C7-12240) Rear Arm Assembly (Left) N/A $170.88
9C7-31211 (C7-31211) R Guide L N/A $23.72
9AJ-024 (AJ024) Belt (60S4.5M225) N/A $52.93
9AJ-128 (AJ128) Secondary Stepper Motor Drive Belt DC535 N/A $37.71
9AJ-207 (AJ207) Timing Belt/DC-645, 745 N/A $52.93
9AJ-255 (AJ255) Timing Belt(100S3M789)/DC-F1 N/A $79.80
9AK-001 (AK001) Chain N/A $26.93
9AL-015 (AL015) Belt for V-707 N/A $38.18
9C1-5 (C15) Clip N/A $16.34
9C3-31050 (C3-31050) Lower Blade Assembly N/A $304.64
9C3-40141 (C3-40141) Pulley N/A $88.13
9C3-53202 (C3-53202) Lumirror w/ Screw and Nut N/A $24.57
9C3-55280 (C3-55280) Collar N/A $15.32
9C3-80300 (C3-80300) Power Supply Transformer N/A $244.62
9C5-10540 (C5-10540) Pulley Unit N/A $122.72
9C5-22160 (C5-22160) Timing Belt N/A $61.03
9C5-28013 (C3-28013) Gate Lever Unit N/A $24.06
9C5-61850 (C5-61850) Roller Assembly N/A $137.19
9C7-12250 (C7-12250) Rear Arm Assembly (Right) N/A $170.88
9C7-31300 (C7-31300) Stopper/V-700's N/A $15.32
9AJ-029 (AJ029) Timing Belt (100S3M474)/DC-745 N/A $66.83
9AJ-135 (AJ135) Timing Belt (100S3M507)/V-580 N/A $47.47
9AJ-208 (AJ208) Timing Belt/DC-645 N/A $37.80
9AJ-256 (AJ-256) Timing Belt(100S3M150)/DC-F1 N/A $61.28
9AK-011 (AK011) Chain (514)/V-707 N/A $58.52
9AL-025 (AL025) Polymax Belt/V-885 N/A $127.90
9C3-10340 (C3-10340) Encoder N/A $97.31
9C3-31120 (C3-31120) Eccentric Pin N/A $26.23
9C3-40180 (C3-40180) Housing Unit N/A $136.67
9C3-53212 (C3-53212) Plate N/A $50.71
9C3-55320 (C3-55320) Plate Unit N/A $72.47
9C3-80400 (C3-80400) Motor N/A $480.56
9C5-10550 (C5-10550) Bush N/A $28.22
9C5-22270 (C5-22270) MB Belt (MB250) N/A $35.49
9C5-28780 (C5-28780) Torsion Spring N/A $22.21
9C5-89030 (C5-89030) AC Motor N/A $592.89
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