9N5-W1000 - 9P7-K1999

9N5-W1000 - 9P7-K1999
Duplo USA part numbers 9N5-W1000 - 9P7-K1999 listed by part number. Please check your Duplo Machine parts list or operations manual for the correct part number for your machine.

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Doctor Blade 1
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Collar, DC-10 to TR-1B Interface Kit
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All Sizes of 9N5-W1000 - 9P7-K1999

Part No. Description Image Price  
9N5-W1540 (N5-W1540) Cable Unit Encoder N/A $25.11
9N5-X1020 (N5-X1020) Fan Unit N/A $231.44
9NP-0XA00 Collar, DC-10 to TR-1B Interface Kit N/A $34.07
9P2-008 (P2008) Bearing (Front) N/A $68.57
9P2-A1120 (P2-A1120) Upper Cover N/A $80.89
9P2-B1154 (P2-B1154) Sub Frame R N/A $70.44
9P2-F2050 (P2-F2050) Sensor Bracket A N/A $48.15
9P2-G7200 (P2-G7200) Feeder Guide F/S3-ADF N/A $26.93
9P2-V3090 (P2-V3090) CCD PCB Unit (New)/DP-22L/S,24S II N/A $394.82
9P2-Z0110 (P2-Z0110) Guide Rail RF Unit/DP-22L,S N/A $63.50
9P4-008 (P4008) Gear Adjustment Plate N/A $63.79
9P5-011 (P5011) Sleeve N/A $48.03
9P6-203 (P6203) Doctor Blade 1 N/A $66.02
9P6-B3110 (P6-B3110) Rail/DP-460H N/A $85.40
9P6-B7250 (P6-B7250) Pillar/DP-460H N/A $24.57
9P6-B9431 (P6-B9431) Cover B, Spout/DP-460H N/A $48.86
9P6-J3230 (P6-J3230) Sprocket B Unit/DP-460H N/A $92.91
9P6-W1370 (P6-W1370) Power Cord/DP-460H N/A $226.80
9P7-302 (P7302) Gouging Blade N/A $91.56
9N5-W2030 (N5-W2030) Cable Unit, Sideway Sensor N/A $27.84
9N5-X1030 (N5-X1030) Motor w/Pulley N/A $251.37
9NP-GEA00 Bypass Plate for IN3 N/A $85.48
9P2-009 (P2009) Bearing (Back) N/A $59.44
9P2-A2102 (P2-A2102) Cover R N/A $236.41
9P2-B2161 (P2-B2161) Guide Rail L N/A $24.57
9P2-G4144 (P2-G4144) Bracket R/ADF-12 N/A $25.79
9P2-G7210 (P2-G7210) Feeder Guide R/S3-ADF N/A $26.93
9P2-W1040 (P2-W1040) Relay Cable Unit, INV N/A $133.87
9P2-Z0120 (P2-Z0120) Guide Rail RRUnit/DP-22L,S N/A $63.50
9P4-017 (P4017) C a m N/A $86.51
9P5-012 (P5012) Stand off N/A $33.70
9P6-204 (P6204) Doctor Blade 2 N/A $32.67
9P6-B3180 (P6-B3180) Sprocket Assy/DP-460H N/A $66.76
9P6-B7450 (P6-B7450) Under Guide/DP-460H N/A $120.83
9P6-B9670 (P6-B9670) Control wire N/A $102.36
9P6-J3290 (P6-J3290) Spring T/DP-U950 N/A $48.72
9P6-X1000 (P6-X1000) DC Motor/DP-460H N/A $874.08
9P7-303 (P7303) Mill Blade N/A $854.66
9N5-W2074 (N5-W2074) Cable Unit, Drive N/A $478.01
9N5-X1040 (N5-X1040) Cutter Blade Unit N/A $333.75
9NP-GEB01 Cover, TR-1B N/A $129.65
9P2-010 (P2010) Drum N/A $84.89
9P2-A2142 (P2-A2142) Side Cover L N/A $239.44
9P2-B2271 (P2-B2271) Slide Stopper F Unit N/A $22.55
9P2-G4150 (P2-G4150) Plate Spring/ADF-12 N/A $38.84
9P2-G8070 (P2-G8070) Reinforcing Stay N/A $56.58
9P2-W1130 (P2-W1130) Cable Unit, INV N/A $57.83
9P3-001 (P3001) Blade Housing N/A $82.28
9P4-018 (P4018) C a m N/A $57.79
9P5-013A (P5013A) Mount N/A $40.03
9P6-207 (P6207) Plate N/A $58.77
9P6-B3210 (P6-B3210) Angle/DC-645 N/A $34.59
9P6-B8030 (P6-B8030) Driving Roller/DP-460H N/A $160.60
9P6-C2031 (P6-C2031) Tension Angle unit/DP-460H N/A $48.32
9P6-J4142 (P6-J4142) Shaft/DP-460H N/A $197.91
9P6-X1010 (P6-X1010) DC Solenoid/DP-460H N/A $188.95
9P7-501 (P7501) Flexible Wire DB-550 N/A $81.62
9N5-W2121 (N5-W2121) Cable Unit, Paper Feed N/A $115.26
9N5-X1050 (N5-X1050) Ink Pump Motor N/A $234.47
9OR-P0010 (OR-P0010) O Ring N/A $7.09
9P2-011 (P2011) Plate N/A $48.96
9P2-A2250 (P2-A2250) Sheet/DP-Le Series N/A $12.42
9P2-B2281 (P2-B2281) Slide Stopper R Unit N/A $22.55
9P2-G4320 (P2-G4320) Grounding Angle (#00528)/S3-ADF N/A $29.16
9P2-S0003 (P2-S0003) Wire Unit F N/A $107.54
9P2-W1190 (P2-W1190) DC24V Cable Unit (New)/DP-22L/S,24S II N/A $63.38
9P3-002A (P3002A) Cover N/A $144.29
9P4-019A (P4019A) Bracket N/A $79.37
9P5-013B (P5013B) Mount N/A $40.03
9P6-208 (P6208) Heater cover N/A $124.07
9P6-B4010 (P6-B4010) Feeder Guide/DP-460H N/A $83.86
9P6-B8040 (P6-B8040) Roller/DP-460H N/A $148.69
9P6-C2061 (P6-C2061) Clutch Shaft/DP460H N/A $50.37
9P6-J8042 (P6-J8042) Jump Base R/DP-460H N/A $58.93
9P6-X1020 (P6-X1020) DC Solenoid/DP-460H, DC-745 N/A $206.50
9P7-502 (P7502) Decal N/A $24.57
9N5-W2131 (N5-W2131) Cable Unit, Master Feed Sensor N/A $151.04
9N5-X1060 (N5-X1060) DC Motor N/A $234.47
9P0-005 (P0005) Gear N/A $42.30
9P2-012 (P2012) Bracket/DB-550 N/A $50.42
9P2-A2260 (P2-A2260) Rear Cover Assy/DP-Le Series N/A $207.82
9P2-B4120 (P2-B4120) Knob N/A $10.26
9P2-G5020 (P2-G5020) Roller A Unit/S2-ADF N/A $78.58
9P2-S0004 (P2-S0004) Wire Unit R N/A $88.99
9P2-W3021 (P2-W3021) Relay Cable Unit CCD-1 N/A $78.58
9P3-002B (P3002B) Cover N/A $144.29
9P4-019B (P4019B) Bracket N/A $79.37
9P5-014 (P5014) Bracket N/A $57.79
9P6-403 (P6403) Main Board Unit/DB550P N/A $1,113.68
9P6-B4020 (P6-B4020) Bottom Plate F/DP-460H N/A $86.10
9P6-B8051 (P6-B8051) Flat Belt/DP-460H N/A $72.83
9P6-C2070 (P6-C2070) Pulley Unit N/A $80.34
9P6-J8052 (P6-J8052) Jump Base L/DP-460H N/A $58.93
9P6-X1040 (P6-X1040) DC Fan/DP-460H N/A $479.56
9P7-503 (P7503) Decal N/A $24.57
9N5-W2150 (N5-W2150) Relay Cable Unit CCD-2 N/A $69.59
9N5-X1080 (N5-X1080) Motor/DP430 N/A $258.28
9P1-002A (P1002A) Nipping Clamp Bottom N/A $216.43
9P2-013 (P2013) B a r N/A $16.34
9P2-A3012 (P2-A3012) Glass N/A $232.42
9P2-B4133 (P2-B4133) Lock Lever N/A $59.74
9P2-G7012 (P2-G7012) Jump Base/S2-ADF N/A $43.19
9P2-S0006 (P2-S0006) Scale Plate (Inch) N/A $67.76
9P2-W3030 (P2-W3030) Relay Cable Unit CCD-2 N/A $91.26
9P3-003 (P3003) Studs N/A $50.84
9P4-020A (P4020A) Bracket N/A $72.23
9P5-015A (P5015A) Bracket N/A $57.79
9P6-407 (P6407) ""L"" Bracket N/A $19.64
9P6-B4030 (P6-B4030) Bottom Plate R/DP-460H N/A $86.10
9P6-B8110 (P6-B8110) Pillar/DC-645 N/A $36.67
9P6-C3062 (P6-C3062) Cover N/A $82.32
9P6-J8070 (P6-J8070) Static Eliminating Brush/DP-460H N/A $33.64
9P7-002 (P7002) Dust Bag N/A $76.03
9P7-K1320 (P7-K1320) Dumper/DC-645 N/A $18.16
9N5-W2170 (N5-W2170) Relay Cable Unit, Press Motor N/A $113.48
9N5-X1111 (N5-X1111)


N/A $686.77
9P1-002B (P1002B) Nipping Clamp Top N/A $216.43
9P2-014 (P2014) Bolt N/A $28.03
9P2-A3021 (P2-A3021) Holder Plate F N/A $13.03
9P2-B6180 (P2-B6180) Bracket N/A $66.16
9P2-G7022 (P2-G7022) Glass/S2-ADF N/A $47.43
9P2-S0008 (P2-S0008) Guide Rail F Assy/DP-330L N/A $97.88
9P2-W3040 (P2-W3040) Cable Drive Unit N/A $267.30
9P3-005A (P3005A) Bolts N/A $30.86
9P4-020B (P4020B) Bracket N/A $72.23
9P5-015B (P5015B) Bracket N/A $57.79
9P6-504 (P6504) Bracket N/A $74.83
9P6-B4270 (P6-B4270) Feeder Guide B/DP-460H N/A $120.31
9P6-B8130 (P6-B8130) Shaft/DP-460H N/A $73.95
9P6-C3072 (P6-C3072) Guide Plate C Unit N/A $265.57
9P6-S0001 (P6-S0001) Stopper Unit/DP-460H N/A $347.15
9P7-003 (P7003) Exhaust Hose N/A $24.57
9N5-W2190 (N5-W2190) Panel Cord 1 N/A $57.35
9N5-X1120 (N5-X1120) Stepping Motor/DP-330L/430/460 N/A $147.31
9P1-003 (P1003) Head stops N/A $34.26
9P2-015 (P2015) Bracket N/A $44.60
9P2-A3031 (P2-A3031) Holder Plate R N/A $13.03
9P2-C1024 (P2-C1024) Wire N/A $57.83
9P2-G7042 (P2-G7042) Front Cover/ADF-2 N/A $38.08
9P2-S0009 (P2-S0009) Slide Rail R Assy N/A $65.08
9P2-W3050 (P2-W3050) Bundled Wire Unit/ADF-12 N/A $96.50
9P3-005B (P3005B) Bolt N/A $30.86
9P4-021 (P4021) Bolt N/A $28.03
9P5-016 (P5016) Stand Off N/A $25.70
9P6-507 (P6507) Clamp Cover N/A $257.93
9P6-B4280 (P6-B4280) Feeder Guide C/DP-460H N/A $125.20
9P6-B8150 (P6-B8150) Gear Unit/DC-645 N/A $70.24
9P6-C3210 (P6-C3210) Reverse Spring F N/A $76.13
9P6-S0003 (P6-S0003) Lever Lock kit N/A $259.94
9P7-006 (P7006) Control Panel Decal N/A $57.79
9N5-W2250 (N5-W2250) A4 Drum Detection Cable Unit N/A $22.07
9N5-X1130 (N5-X1130) Thermal Head/DP-430 N/A $1,681.49
9P1-004 (P1004) Mounting Block N/A $28.03
9P2-016 (P2016) Bracket N/A $33.17
9P2-A4011 (P2-A4011) Sheet N/A $83.20
9P2-C1032 (P2-C1032) Pulley Unit N/A $62.71
9P2-G7052 (P2-G7052) Guide Cover/ADF-2 N/A $83.57
9P2-T1060 (P2-T1060) Shading Sheet N/A $31.19
9P2-X1000 (P2-X1000) Lamp Assembly N/A $234.47
9P3-006 (P3006) Studs N/A $30.86
9P4-022 (P4022) Bolt N/A $42.30
9P5-017 (P5017) Stand off N/A $25.70
9P6-508 (P6508) Clamp Cover N/A $257.93
9P6-B4290 (P6-B4290) Slide Plate/DP-460H N/A $51.03
9P6-B8181 (P6-B8181) Shaft A/DP-460H N/A $63.30
9P6-C3220 (P6-C3220) Reverse Spring R N/A $84.46
9P6-S0005 (P6-S0005) Suction Unit, Envelope/DP-460H N/A $3,102.64
9P7-007 (P7007) Decal N/A $32.67
9N5-W2281 (N5-W2281) Relay Cable Unit, Drum Inner N/A $81.65
9N5-X1180 (N5-X1180) Stepping Motor/DP430 N/A $339.89
9P1-008 (P1008) Bolt N/A $31.94
9P2-017 (P2017) Mounting Stud N/A $30.86
9P2-A4022 (P2-A4022) Cover/DP-22L N/A $91.02
9P2-C1122 (P2-C1122) Idler Pin Unit/DP-U Series N/A $59.74
9P2-G7062 (P2-G7062) Rear Cover/ADF-2 N/A $44.56
9P2-T4010 (P2-T4010) Label, Paper (Inch) N/A $18.83
9P2-X1010 (P2-X1010) Clutch/S3-ADF N/A $88.29
9P3-130 (P-3130) Fluid Tank Assembly N/A $76.79
9P5-004 (P5004) Worm Gear N/A $83.67
9P5-019 (P5019) Sleeve N/A $57.79
9P6-B1021 (P6-B1021) Paper Receiving Tray/DP-460H N/A $430.64
9P6-B4300 (P6-B4300) Support Guide/DP-460H N/A $62.22
9P6-B8300 (P6-B8300) Bracket F/DP-460H N/A $35.15
9P6-C4020 (P6-C4020) Roller B/DP-460H N/A $128.12
9P6-T1070 (P6-T1070) Level Label/DP-460H N/A $25.79
9P7-008 (P7008) Acrylic Cover N/A $428.49
9N5-W2291 (N5-W2291) Relay Cable Unit, Drum N/A $101.09
9N5-X1190 (N5-X1190) DC-Solenoid/DP-e'Series N/A $70.17
9P1-010 (P1010) Spacer N/A $16.34
9P2-018 (P2018) Block N/A $39.46
9P2-A4081 (P2-A4081) Hinge Assy L/DP-22L N/A $138.54
9P2-E1032 (P2-E1032) Pulley Unit N/A $65.04
9P2-G7090 (P2-G7090) Stopper N/A $13.03
9P2-T4020 (P2-T4020) Label, Paper Size Inch N/A $17.35
9P2-Z0030 (P2-Z0030) Guide Rail R Assy N/A $83.20
9P3-B1280 (P3-B1280) Knob/AF-100 N/A $47.06
9P5-005 (P5005) Worm Gear N/A $83.67
9P6-011 (P6011) Cover Stand N/A $80.80
9P6-B1070 (P6-B1070) Side Plate F Unit/DP-460H N/A $139.19
9P6-B5110 (P6-B5110) Rack L/DP-460H N/A $95.96
9P6-B8310 (P6-B8310) Bracket R/DP-460H N/A $35.15
9P6-C4030 (P6-C4030) Roller C/DP-460H N/A $123.23
9P6-V3010 (P6-V3010) Stacker PCB Unit/DP-460H N/A $2,139.83
9P7-010 (PNJ595) Cover Top (L) for DB-550 N/A $1,142.60
9N5-W2312 (N5-W2312) Cable Unit 2 N/A $413.68
9N5-X1200 (N5-X1200) DC Solenoid Assy N/A $76.64
9P1-011 (P1011) Collar N/A $62.49
9P2-019 (P2019) P e g N/A $16.34
9P2-A4112 (P2-A4112) Base Cover/DP-22L N/A $231.44
9P2-E1112 (P2-E1112) Pulley F Unit N/A $62.71
9P2-G7110 (P2-G7110) S2-ADF Hinge Assy L N/A $158.95
9P2-T4030 (P2-T4030) Inch Label N/A $17.01
9P2-Z0040 (P2-Z0040) Guide Rail F Assy N/A $90.88
9P3-T1040 (P3-T1040) Direction Label N/A $27.22
9P5-006 (P5006) Worm Gear N/A $99.55
9P6-013 (P6013) Bracket N/A $16.34
9P6-B1110 (P6-B1110) Reinforcing Plate/DP-460H N/A $69.90
9P6-B6060 (P6-B6060) Shaft/DP-460H N/A $58.73
9P6-B8350 (P6-B8350) Spring N/A $25.79
9P6-C4070 (P6-C4070) Spring A/DP-460H N/A $12.29
9P6-V3110 (P6-V3110) Stacker Panel PCB Unit/DP-460H N/A $203.82
9P7-101 (P7101) Shims N/A $16.34
9N5-W2320 (N5-W2321) Cable Unit, Drive N/A $371.82
9N5-X1210 (N5-X1210) Ink Detection PCB Unit N/A $211.06
9P2-001 (P2001) Glue tank N/A $308.50
9P2-211 (P2211) Operation Dial Assembly N/A $38.84
9P2-A4121 (P2-A4121) Hinge Assy R/DP-22L N/A $132.52
9P2-E1132 (P2-E1132) Pulley R Unit N/A $62.71
9P2-G7121 (P2-G7121) Adf Hinge Assy N/A $131.17
9P2-V3010 (P2-V3010) ADF PCB Unit/S2-ADF N/A $863.22
9P2-Z0050 (P2-Z0050) Slide Rail R Assy N/A $51.48
9P4-004 (P4004) Body N/A $45.08
9P5-007 (P5007) Sleeve N/A $74.25
9P6-014 (P6014) Switch N/A $31.05
9P6-B1170 (P6-B1170) Plate/DP-460H N/A $19.37
9P6-B6070 (P6-B6070) Bracket/DP-460H N/A $117.83
9P6-B9150 (P6-B9150) Collar B/DC-645 N/A $30.38
9P6-C4090 (P6-C4090) Spring C (New) N/A $27.27
9P6-W1041 (P6-W1041) Cable Unit, Stacker - Printer/DP-460H N/A $117.53
9P7-102 (P7102) Teflon N/A $86.66
9N5-W2330 (N5-W2330) Cable Unit, Paper Feed N/A $105.49
9N5-X1250 (N5-X1250) Ink Detection PCB Unit/DP-203 II, DP-205 II N/A $208.79
9P2-004 (P2004) Shaft N/A $63.56
9P2-A1031 (P2-A1031) Side Cover R Unit N/A $139.13
9P2-A5171 (P2-A5171) Spring C N/A $7.63
9P2-E1150 (P2-E1150) Mirror N/A $61.74
9P2-G7150 (P2-G7150) Connecting Bracket/S2-ADF N/A $47.43
9P2-V3032 (P2-V3032) CCD PCB Unit N/A $394.82
9P2-Z0060 (P2-Z0060) Slide Rail F Assy N/A $55.28
9P4-005 (P4005) Bolt N/A $26.80
9P5-008 (P5008) Thread Shaft 1 N/A $120.66
9P6-08ZZ (P608ZZ) Bearing N/A $16.34
9P6-B3010 (P6-B3010) Elevator Shaft/DP-460H N/A $94.58
9P6-B6080 (P6-B6080) Actuator/DP-460H N/A $46.45
9P6-B9341 (P6-B9341) Guide/DP-460H N/A $98.12
9P6-C4100 (P6-C4100) Spring C (New) N/A $12.69
9P6-W1170 (P6-W1170) Relay Cable Unit, Elevator/DP-460H N/A $25.11
9P7-201 (P7201) Knob N/A $16.34
9N5-W2340 (N5-W2340) Relay Cable Unit N/A $17.69
9N5-X1260 (N5-X1260) Main Motor (New) N/A $555.47
9P2-005 (P2005) Shaft N/A $62.65
9P2-A1071 (P2-A1071) Side Cover L/DP-22L N/A $106.95
9P2-A5230 (P2-A5230) Pin N/A $2.30
9P2-F2010 (P2-F2010) Bracket/=P2-B1181 N/A $103.25
9P2-G7160 (P2-G7160) Sub Tray/S3-ADF N/A $89.88
9P2-V3040 (P2-V3042) Drive PCB Unit N/A $870.94
9P2-Z0090 (P2-Z0090) Side Rail R Unit/DP-22L,S N/A $50.27
9P4-006 (P4006) Stopper N/A $30.92
9P5-009 (P5009) Mounting Block 1 N/A $71.46
9P6-103 (P6103) Arrow N/A $16.34
9P6-B3020 (P6-B3020) Sprocket A/DP-460H N/A $69.98
9P6-B7080 (P6-B7080) Reinforcing Plate C/DP-460H N/A $87.43
9P6-B9412 (P6-B9412) Shutter/DP-460H N/A $70.98
9P6-C4140 (P6-C4140) Roller A/DP-460H N/A $225.23
9P6-W1231 (P6-W1231) Cable Unit 4, Sensor/DP-460H N/A $173.37
9P7-202 (P7202) Label N/A $46.01
9N5-X1010 (N5-X1010) Fan Unit N/A $152.71
9NF-013 (NF013) Motor Driver (U7-X1080)/DC-745 N/A $1,696.77
9P2-007 (P2007) Shaft N/A $62.92
9P2-A1110 (P2-A1110) Connector Cover N/A $46.64
9P2-B1024 (P2-B1024) Side Frame AL N/A $35.82
9P2-F2020 (P2-F2020) Cover N/A $102.65
9P2-G7180 (P2-G7180) Cover Unit/S3-ADF N/A $79.77
9P2-V3050 (P2-V3051) Drive PCB Unit (New)/DP-22L/S,24SII,220Le N/A $869.81
9P2-Z0101 (P2-Z0101) Slide Rail F Assy N/A $51.39
9P4-007 (P4007) Mounting Stud N/A $28.03
9P5-010 (P5010) Mounting Block 2 N/A $71.46
9P6-106 (P6106) Slide Ruler N/A $56.78
9P6-B3030 (P6-B3030) Sprocket B/DP-460H N/A $122.99
9P6-B7200 (P6-B7200) Cover Unit/DP-460H N/A $145.67
9P6-B9421 (P6-B9421) Cover N/A $33.83
9P6-J3080 (P6-J3080) Shaft/DP-460H N/A $28.59
9P6-W1302 (P6-W1302) Cable Unit, Transport/DP-460H N/A $95.07
9P7-301 (P7301) Brush for DB-550 N/A $89.78
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