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Binding Workstation
Binding Workstation [01BWS]

Organize your binding machine, accessories, and supplies in one location.

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Lassco CR-50P Heavy Duty Floor Model Corner Rounder
Lassco CR-50P Heavy Duty Floor Model Corner Rounder [cr50]

The Lassco CR-50P Heavy Duty Floor Model Corner Rounder is a production model corner rounder can corner round stacks up to 1/2" thick.

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3" x 10" Paper Cutter Jogging Block
3" x 10" Paper Cutter Jogging Block []

This Paper Jogging Block measures 3 inches high, 10 inches in length and 4-3/4 inches in depth. It's made of heavy duty KIMOPLASTIC for a reliable build and has rounded corners for a comfortable secure hold.

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Super Pad Pro Padding Press
Super Pad Pro Padding Press [Super Pad]

A heavy duty, extra high capacity padding press with a built-in rolling stand.

  • Pads up to 15,000 sheets at a time (8-1/2" x 11" 20# paper)
  • Pads paper up to 17" x 23"
  • Quick release, heavy duty cast iron clamps
  • Stand keeps the press at working height without taking up valuable counter space
  • Roll it where you need it on the built-in wheels
  • Dual rear doors easily swing out of the way to apply padding compound
  • Tilts back to make jogging paper easier, then back straight for padding
  • One year warranty

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Pad About Padding Press
Pad About Padding Press [Pad About]

Versatile unit maximizes shop space and pad production Convenient rotation table eliminates the need to lift paper stacks

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RENZ TC-20 Thumb Cut Paper Calendar Punch
RENZ TC-20 Thumb Cut Paper Calendar Punch [01RTC20]

This TC 20 Thumb Cut Paper Punch is built strong and is easy to use. It is the perfect choice for small run punch jobs. It punches the 20mm thumb cut used for Calendars.

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Producto Pad Padding Press
Producto Pad Padding Press [Producto]

Table-top version of Pad About Can pad up to 10,000 sheets of 11" wide paper


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High Capacity Padding Press
High Capacity Padding Press [High Capacity]

A heavy duty, high capacity padding press.

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EconoPad Padding Press
EconoPad Padding Press [EconoPad]

An economical yet sturdy press.

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Minipad 4000 Padding Press
Minipad 4000 Padding Press [Minipad]

Holds a stack of paper up to 9" wide and 16" high (4000 sheets of 20#). Features like ballbearing swivel base and tilt back feature make it easier for glue application.


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Super Mini Pad Padding Press
Super Mini Pad Padding Press [Super Mini Pad]

Most economical paper padding press for producing small pads

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FP60 High Capacity Paper DrillSale!
FP60 High Capacity Paper Drill [FP60]

The FP60 high capacity table top paper drill drills up to 2 3/8" of paper

Just press the table release lever and easily slide the paper to the next stop. Unique safety designed motor is only in operation when drill handle is lowered.

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EBM-2.1 Table-Top Paper Drill
EBM-2.1 Table-Top Paper Drill [EBM-2.1]

The Lassco Wizer Spinnit EBM-2 paper drill is extremely durable and easy to use. With a foot print of 12" x 13.5" its compact design makes it perfect for desktop or counter top use

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Handy Jog Paper Jogger
Handy Jog Paper Jogger [Handy Jog]

This economical paper jogger quickly and easily jogs paper up to 3" thick.

With its 11" x 13-1/2" tray, the handy jog can handle sizes up to 11" x 17" paper.

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CheckMate Check Jogger
CheckMate Check Jogger [Checkmate]

Small, compact jogger ideal for office use. It weighs 10 pounds and fits wherever needed. Operation is simple with a convenient start/stop bar located on the front of the unit.

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Rubber Roller/DC-645 [9P9-E3080 (P9-E3080)]

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Ceiling Grid Twist Hangers
Ceiling Grid Twist Hangers []

Ceiling grid twist loops lock onto suspended ceiling grids with a simple twist and creates a heavy-duty hanging point suitable for large banners and posters. They can easily be removed and relocated if needed.

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K-29 Replacement Perforation Blade
K-29 Replacement Perforation Blade [K-29]

Replacement perforating blade for all Carl heavy duty rotary trimmers.

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K-28/2 Replacement Straight Blade (Pack of 2)
K-28/2 Replacement Straight Blade (Pack of 2) [K-28/2]

Replacement cutting blades for all Carl heavy duty rotary trimmers. Pack of 2.

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PF-P3200 Paper Folder
PF-P3200 Paper Folder [PF-P3200]

A fast, fully automated paper folder. Performs up to 240 folds per minute.

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Powerhouse PF17A Auto Paper FolderSale!
Powerhouse PF17A Auto Paper Folder [pf17a]

The PowerHouse PF17A Automatic paper folder is the most easy to use fully automated set up paper folder on the market today. Just press a button and choose from six common fold types and the paper folder will do all the set up for you.

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