Perfmaster Perforator & Scorer



The Perfmaste has been discontinued. It is replaced by the Perfmaster Sprint Perforating and Scoring Machine.

Automate your perforating and scoring operations. This 19" automatic perforating and scoring machine feeds single sheets, multi-part forms, coated stock, even sets with glued edges.

  • 19" wide feed capacity
  • Self-fanning automatic bottom friction feed
  • Set-up and operation is a breeze
  • Perf/Score/Slit Depth control setting
  • Quickly change from perfing to scoring
  • Simple to use one button operation speed control
  • Mount up to maximum of (4) Perf or Score assemblies
  • Micro -lateral adjustments for easy set-up of perforating & scoring
  • Feeds single sheets, multi-part open glued edges
  • Speed: Up to 26,000 sheets per hour
  • Desk top space saver model with optional stand
  • Sheet Size: 4" x 4" to 19" x 20"
  • Equipped standard with: (1) each perforating and scoring assemblies
  • Perforating blade styles available: 5-1: (18 teeth), 9-1 (33 teeth), 12-1: (45 teeth) Micro perf


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Perfmaster Perforator & Scorer
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