9" x 500' 1.5 mil Gloss Laminating Roll Film

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These 9" x 500' 1.5 mil laminating film rolls are high quality glossy and laminate clear with the use of a thermal roll laminating machine. Our roll laminating film works with "heat shoe" or "heated roller" roll laminators. These laminating film rolls come in the option of 1" core or 2 1/4" core for $7.00 more. These laminating film rolls are high melt and it is recommended to run them at a temperature of 250 - 310 degrees F. The temperature will vary according to your machine, document thickness and laminating speed. At the right temperature the roll film will laminate clear and adhere permanently. We sell laminating film roll supplies in quantities of two rolls. Laminating film is also known as standard lamainting film and school laminating film.

  • Laminating Roll Film Width x Length: 9" x 500'
  • 1" core (2-1/4" optional)
  • Laminating Roll Film Thickness: 1.5 Mil
  • Film: Adhesive ratio: 0.5:1.5
  • Run Temperature: 250°- 280° F
  • High Melt Laminating Roll Film
  • Also known as School Laminating Roll Film and Standard Laminating Roll Film
  • Poly in


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