HD8000 Twin Loop Wire Closer



The HD800 is obsolete. It has been replaced by the Onyx HD8000.

Deluxe 14" all-purpose wire crimper. Just punch your document with your plastic comb binding machine, insert the correct size wire, and close with an HD8000 wire closer. Can be used with 19 loop wire, 32 loop (3:1) wire, or 21 loop (2:1) wire.

  • Closes wire up to 1-1/2 inch in diameter
  • Crimps wire up to 14 inches long
  • Open ended design allows for crimping wire longer than 14 inches
  • Compatible with all standard punching machines: comb binding, 3:1, and 2:1 pitch
  • Angle back feature
  • Side mounted handle for accurate and even crimping
  • Heavy duty all metal construction
  • One year warranty
  • Optional wire holder for easy insertion of pages


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HD8000 Twin Loop Wire Closer
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