Peach 330R 13" Pouch Laminator



The Peach 330R 13" Pouch Laminator has been discontinued and replaced by the SM-330 13" Pouch Laminator

See our Pouch Laminating Machines index for a complete list of our current machine models.

The Peach 330R features a reverse motor switch and gives the operator the choice of laminating any single document up to 10 mil thick and up to 13 inch wide or several smaller documents at one time. Designed for medium to high volume use, this laminator features a 4-roller heated plate system and does not need carriers.

  • Max. Laminating Width: 13" (330mm)
  • Max. Laminating Speed: 25.2" (640mm) per minute
  • Max. Pouch Thickness: 10 mil / 250 mic (1mm)
  • Max. Laminate Thickness: 0.39" (1mm)
  • Heating Method: Heated Plates
  • Number of Rollers: 4
  • Paper Carrier: Not Required
  • Temperature Control: Yes
  • Operating Temperature: 0-295°F (0-140°C)
  • Speed Control: No
  • Reverse Switch: Yes
  • Pre-Heating Time: 5 minutes
  • Power Requirement: AC 110-240V
  • Power Consumption: 400 watts
  • Machine Dimensions: 19.5" x 8.8" x 4.2"
  • Machine Weight: 12.1 lbs.


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Peach 330R 13" Pouch Laminator
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