OD4800 Manual Interchangable Die Punch

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Multi-purpose manual punch.

  • Manually punches any standard hole pattern (dies sold separately): comb, wire 3:1 or 2:1 (round or square hole), plastic coil 5:1 or 4:1, VeloBind®, 3 hole loose leaf, offset duplicator press plates, and many more (20 total)
  • Punches up to 12 sheets of 20# bond
  • 11" punch width
  • Disengage any punch pin for smaller width books
  • Die retainer prevents pins falling out when dies are removed
  • Dies are easily and quickly removed without tools
  • Many different dies are available
  • Attach the OD4400 comb spreader to make a comb binding machine
  • Attach the OD4300 coil inserter to make a coil binding machine
  • Attach the OD4200 wire closer to make a wire binding machine
  • An optional binding workstation is also available


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OD4800 Manual Interchangable Die Punch
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