Javelin 40" Utility Cutter



The Javelin 40" utility cutter is obsolete. it has been replaced by the 44" Javelin Series 2 Cutter Bar.

Highly accurate cutting of foam core, honeycomb and corrugated plastics, vinyl and plastic film, cardboard, flex plates, and many other materials. Use this cutter where high accuracy is essential, such as for cutting butt joints on sectional panels.

  • Accurate to within 0.008" over the length of the cut
  • Simple, easy to use design
  • Rubber strips on the underside of the cutter bar grip any surface without marking
  • Use on any table, counter, or work surface
  • Patented linear bearings have been test run under load for 1000 miles
  • Cutters can be easily lifted and stored safely out of the way
  • Uses standard utility blades - no expensive special blades to buy
  • Blades change in seconds without tools
  • Cuts foam centered board up to 0.4" thick with standard blades
  • Cuts foam centered board up to 0.5" thick (requires extra long blade)
  • Cuts PVC foamboard up to 0.25" thick
  • Cuts honeycomb and corrugated plastics
  • Cuts vinyl and plastic film
  • Cuts cardboard and corrugated cardboard
  • Cuts flexo plates up to 0.3" thick (unprocessed and processed)
  • 5 year comprehensive warranty
  • 20 year free replacement on all bearings


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Javelin 40" Utility Cutter
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