RENZ SRW 360 - Manual Wire Punch and Wire Closing Machine

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The Renz SRW 360 manual wire binding machine and wire closer has many helpful features like 42 punch pins that can be individually disengaged and an adjustable left to right margin control to align your paper. It punches paper as wide as 14" (legal size). It also punches up to 25 sheets in a 3:1 wire pattern and binds wire documents up to 120 sheets.

*all sheets estimates are with 20 lb paper.

  • pitch 3:1 for 3/16" - 9/16" (5.5 - 14.3 mm)
  • punches up to 25 sheets* per cycle
  • binds up to 120 sheets* (12 mm)
  • variable paper sizes up to 14.2" (36 cm)
  • variable margin depth
  • 42 selectable punch pins
  • integrated binding table
  • book thickness gauge
  • wire size gauge
  • wire holder
  • easy-adjust closer
  • heavy-gauge metal construction for outstanding durability.
  • A gear driven punch with a long punching handle for maximum punching power with minimum effort.

Maximum Punch Capacity: 25 20# sheets
Maximum Paper Size: 14 inches
Construction: Metal
Punch Type: Manual
Disengageable Punch Pins: 42 Pins
Adjustable Hole Depth: No
Binds Books Up To: 0.5 inches
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty
Size: 6" H x 22" W x 13" L
Shipping Weight: 42 lbs. Pounds


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RENZ SRW 360 - Manual Wire Punch and Wire Closing Machine
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