Titan Coil Spiral Coil Binding Machine

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The Titan Coil has been Discontinued and replaced by the Coil Pro 201i

See our Coil Binding Machine index for a complete list of our current Coil Binding Machine models.

The Titan Coil punches up to 20 sheets of paper and binds it with a built in electric coil inserter.

  • Heavy duty manual punch capacity: up to 20 sheets of paper (20 lb stock)
  • Full 46 disengagement pins allow you to center punch any size paper
  • Electrical coil inserter binds up to 7/8" diameter coil
  • Side margin control lets you center holes quickly and easily for perfect alignment
  • Built-in coil size selector takes the guesswork out of choosing the proper size element
  • Punch margin control provides the strongest binding for all book sizes
  • Open throat and easily punches any book length
  • Hole pattern: 4:1 pitch, 5/32 inch(4 mm) diameter holes


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Titan Coil Spiral Coil Binding Machine
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