PC 248 Coil Punch & Electric Coil Inserting Machine



The PC 248 Coil Punch & Electric Coil Inserting Machine has been discontinued. See our Coil Binding Machines index for a complete list of our current products

The PC-248 Punch & Electric coil bind system punches up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper and has an electric coil inserter Air cooled the coil inserter can be ran continuously and .248 pitch x .187 hole size for easy insert and compatibility.

  • Punches up to 20 sheets (20 lb. paper)
  • Exclusive X-Capacity U-view Waste Tray: This unit will never have down time due to out of sight waste tray overflows. Waste is always in view.
  • Exclusive AccuSet Micrometer Paper Stop: Easy paper stop setting.
  • Quick-Set Punch Pin Pulls: Easy and accurate pin disengagement on all standard sizes.
  • Open Throat and Register Pin: Easy setting for punching large format documents.
  • Hole size is .248 pitch X .187: Hole size recommended by nearly every major manufacturer. Provides a larger hole for easier coil insertions. Matches hole patterns used in most major production centers reducing possible hole compatibility problems. However any Coil Die Pattern can be provided.
  • Superior Grip Powered Upper Roller: Using oversized roller provides adequate power for nearly any size coil. Combined with the special superior grip rubber formula the job is easier than before.
  • Built in Book Former: Assist the operator in shaping the document for easier coil insertion.
  • Air Cooled Electric Power: Inserters are designed to run continuously because they are air cooled. Therefore foot pedal operation is not necessary as they can be left on without worry about heat damage. Though not recommend, foot pedal operation can be provided.
  • 1 year factory warranty.


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PC 248 Coil Punch & Electric Coil Inserting Machine
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