Fujipla Drylam ALM 3220 Fully Automatic Laminator

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The Fully Automatic Fujipla DryLam ALM 3220 Laminator saves you time on large laminating jobs. It will feed, laminate and trim up to 200 sheets. It can laminate up to 12" x 18" size documents with double sided or single sided laminate. Its ease of use and time saving features make the Fujipla DryLam ALM 3220 a must if you are producing large laminating jobs.

  • Film thickness up to 5 ml
  • Sheet sizes up to 12" x 18"
  • Automatically feeds up to 200 sheets
  • Laminates up to 130# stock
  • Comes with cabinet stand
  • Fully Automatic Operation (place sheets in feeder, set margins, press start and walk away)
  • Automatic two side lamination
  • Automatic trimmings disposal into supplied cabinet stand
  • Automatic flush or Sealed edge trim option
  • Ultra quick warm up of less than 5 minutes
  • Small Foot Print - less that 3 sq ft
  • Autostart once running temperature is reached
  • Low Power stand by takes less than a minute to regain working temperature
  • Auto Shut off when documents placed in feed tray are laminated
  • Handles alignment of document and laminate for no fuss perfect alignment
  • Laminating Film replacement is made easy with a adhesive strip on the roll

Max. Laminate Thickness: 5 Mills
Max. Laminate Width: 12" inches
Heat Source: Heat Shoe
Max. Laminating Speed: 48" per minute feet/minute
Slitters: Yes (all four sides)
Temp. Control: Yes (LCD Monitor)
Laminate/Mount Thickness: 16 mil
Speed Control: Yes (LCD Monitor)
Warranty: 1 Year Manufactures
Power: AC 120V (60Hz)
Size: 1' 7" X 1' 10" (foot print)
Shipping Weight: 155 Pounds


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