64" Javelin Series 2 Cutter Bar

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The accuracy of the Javelin Series 2 makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting to within .008" over the full length of the cut. With this precise cutter, you can eliminate gaps and wasted material.

The Javelin Series 2 features a new, high performance cutting head design that relies on strong Graphik blades with a cutting depth up to 13mm. These unique reversible blades cater to both left and right-handed operators and cut materials up to ½". This new head can also accommodate an easy-to-change 45mm textile blade holder, as well as a vertical medium duty blade holder with a cutting depth up to 3⁄8" (10mm).

Lift & Hold Mechanism:Designed to fit the Javelin Series 2 and Max precision cutting bars, the Lift & Hold Mechanism is affixed to the table by screws, ultimately securing the cutter bar in place to prevent shifting while cutting. The device allows operators to easily lift the cutter bar, slide the material in place and clamp down to make precision cuts.

Big Bench Xtra:Another option is to combine the Javelin Series 2 with the Keencut Big Bench Xtra to create a complete cutting table and workstation for your shop.

  • Vertical Graphik blade holder
  • 1 textile blade holder with 45mm cutting wheel
  • 25 Graphik blades
  • Vertical medium-duty blade holder
  • 100 Medium-duty blades
  • High-grade polymer bearing system for lasting accuracy
  • Combine with the Big Bench Xtra for a precision cutting station
  • Accurate to within .008"
  • Includes a box of 100 Medium Duty Utility Blades, 25 Graphik Blades and Textile Cutting Wheel
  • 5 year general warranty
  • 20 year warranty on the bearings
  • 100% Manufactured in the UK

Cut Length: 64"
Capacity: 1/2"
Size: 70 3/4" W x 6" D x 2 1/2" H


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