84" Javelin Integra (60287)

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Love the .008" accuracy of the Javelin Series 2 and the optional Big Bench and Lift & Hold system add-ons?  With the new Javelin Integra, you'll get this functionality all in one unit.  It is ideal for shops with low to medium output production and includes:

  • A fixed docking port that prevents the unit from moving when applying pressure to thick materials.  (The Javelin Integra is simply fastened to an existing flat bench surface with screws.  The unit can easily be lifted off the base and stored or used as a portable cutter bar.) 
  • A built-in lift mechanism on each end of the unit, allowing for easy material loading.
  • A full-length aluminum cutting track for the blade tip to run along, avoiding cut damage to the underlying table.  (No need to manually saw a slot into your workbench to accommodate the blade.) 

    The accuracy of the Javelin Integra makes it ideal for cutting banner materials, pop-ups and other display materials that require precise and accurate cutting to within .008" over the full length of the cut.  With this precise cutter, you can eliminate gaps and wasted material.

    The Javelin Integra features a new, high-performance cutting head design that uses a vertical medium duty blad holder with a cutting depth up to 3/8" (10mm).  To cut up to 1/2", the optional vertical Graphik blade holder can be added.

    Perfect for cutting up to 3/8": Corrugated Plastic, Foam Board, Paper, Tissue, Banners, & Fabric*


  • Vertical Graphik blade holder
  • Integral base with a lift and hold mechanism
  • 1 textile blade holder with 45mm cutting wheel
  • 25 Graphik blades
  • Vertical medium-duty blade holder
  • 100 Medium-duty blades

Cut Length: 84"
Capacity: 1/2"
Size: 91 3/4" W x 6 1/2" D x 8" H


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