60954 Evolution 2 Bench for the 144" Evolution E2

List Price: $1,440.00
You Save: $144.00
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The new Keencut Evolution 2 Bench, features a new Aluminum Base Plate that provides quick and easy installation of the Evolution-E2 cutter. The Evolution-E2 mounting brackets can be easily mounted and the cutter can be installed onto the bench without having to install the worktop first. Only one ¾” thick worktop is required to bring the top level to the Evolution-E2 cutter’s base.

Combine the Evolution 2 Bench with the Evolution-E2 cutter to create the ultimate precision cutting table. The strong, modular design of the Evolution 2 Bench turns your precision cutting bar into a cutting system.


Worktop Size: 155" L x 47 1/4" W x 3/4" H


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