WirePro 201 3:1 Wire Punch & Bind Machine

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The WirePro 201 is a heavy duty 3:1 wire binding machine built to last. With its high easy pull handle it punches up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper with ease. The WirePro 201 punches a 3:1 square hole to bind all sizes of 3:1 pitch wire (3/6 to 9/16). The WirePro 201 offers removable punch pins to allow documents with a binding edge length of up to 12 to be bound. It has an open ended punch with a locater pin allowing documents over 12 inches to be punched.

The back gauge is adjustable allowing the punched holes to be deeper or closer to the binding edge. The integrated vertical style wire crimper offers the most user friendly design for a perfect crimp every time. The crimper is easily set with a color coded side dial. Another handy feature of the WirePro 201 is its convenient rear facing wire hanger so the user can insert the pages on the wire as you punch, unlike other models that get in the way of the punch. Lastly the WirePro 201 has an all metal heavy duty construction and comes with a 1 year Warranty.

  • Punches up to 20 sheets of paper (20 lb.)
  • Long handle proved greater leverage for easy punching
  • Punches paper up to 12 inches wide
  • Punch is open ended with a locater pin for punching sheets larger than 12 inches
  • Punch Pins may be individually disengaged to allow binding smaller width books
  • Punches 3:1 Pitch, Square hole (for easy page turning)
  • Adjustable punch depth allows for easy page turning of smaller documents
  • Vertical wire crimper provides for a perfect crimp every time
  • Integrated rear facing wire holder for easy page insertion as you punch
  • Sturdy all metal construction
  • One Year Warranty

Maximum Punch Capacity: 20 20# sheets
Maximum Paper Size: 12 inches
Construction: Metal
Punch Type: Manual
Disengageable Punch Pins: 34
Adjustable Hole Depth: No
Binds Books Up To: 0.5625 inches
Size: 15" W x 19" D x 18" H


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WirePro 201 3:1 Wire Punch & Bind Machine
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