Tamerica V2000 Pro Velobind Machine

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The V2000 Pro VeloBind Machine is a welcome addition to Advanced Document System's line of Velo Binding Machines. In the past there was only one maker of the "hot knife" type binding machine. Now, with the introduction of the V2000-Pro there is finally a quality lower cost alternative to the more expensive GBC velobind machine.

The V2000 PRO VeloBind Machine is an and easy to use, reliable and affordable Hot Knife Velobind Machine. The V2000 PRO uses 11 pin hot knife VeloBind strips to create a secure professional bind. The V2000 velo binder can bind up to 2 inch thick documents and can punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lb. paper at one time. It has a 14" punch and binder width for binding legal size paper.

To use the V2000 Pro you just punch the amount of paper with the built in Velobind Punch and insert your 11 Pin Velobind Strips. The machine heats the Velobind Strip locking the paper into place securely and then trims off the excess. Seconds later the ready light indicates your document is ready. Velobind is popular in legal offices and universities because of its secure, professional bind and ease of use.

  • Ready light indicates when binding is complete
  • Compatible with GBC VeloBind 11 pin strips and QuickBind strips, SecureBind strips and UltraBind strips.
  • Binds with 1" and 2" Hot Knife Velobind Strips
  • Easy to use guide for letter and legal documents
  • Punching Capacity: 20 Sheets of 20 lb. paper 1/8" (3mm)
  • Punch and Bind Length: 14"
  • Binding Capacity: 2" (50mm) thickness

Maximum Punch Capacity: 20 20# sheets
Maximum Paper Size: 14 inches
Construction: Metal
Punch Type: Manual
Disengageable Punch Pins: No
Adjustable Hole Depth: No
Binds Books Up To: 2.0 inches
Power: 120V, 60Hz, 4A
Size: 22" W x 15 7/8" D x 8 3/4" H


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