PH1770A 17.7" Automatic Stack Cutter

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Affordable, safe, and easy to use.

This 17.7" automatic stack cutter cuts up to 1.9 inches (385 sheets). Both blade and clamp are automatic. The back guage easily adjusts with a handy adjuster knob.  An optical cutting line shows where the blade will cut.  In addition to a 2 button cutting operation, the safety infra red beam retracts the clamp and knife from any position if anyone attempts to enter the front cutting zone.


  • Cuts up to 385 sheets or 1 5/8" (41mm) of thickness.
  • Cuts up to 17.7" wide and 17.7" deep.
  • Automatic clamp and cut.
  • Manual back gauge adjust easily with a locking knob.
  • Infra Red Safety Beam Curtain on the front table.
  • Safety beam retracts clamp and knife from any position.
  • Optical cutting line indicates where the blade will cut.
  • Tool kit and safety blade removal carrier included.
  • Removable cutting sticks.

Cut Length: 17.7" inches
Capacity: 1.9"
Type: Electric
Narrow Cut: 1.5"
Depth Behind Knife: 17.7"
Front Table Depth: 7.7"
Power: 110 V, 60 Hz, 750 W
Size: 50H x 29W x 25D
Shipping Weight: 299 Pounds


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