SircleBind CW-4500 Electric Comb and Wire Combo Binding Machine



The SircleBind CW-4500 has been discontinued. We recommend the VersaBind M as a suitable replacement.

The SircleBind CW-4500 plastic comb & 3:1 electric wire binding machine is packed with all of the essential features that makes it the preferred choice of professionals, schools, offices, and copy centers. The CW-4500 binding machines offers dual punch patterns (comb & wire), which means that one machine can now do the job previously done by two machines. For those customers that are using binding machines to generate revenue, our combo machines means that you can now offer your customers more than one binding option.

This multifunction binding machine is ergonomically designed so that the operator can flow through the punch and bind process efficiently. The easy to use, built in guides make aligning the paper, closing the wire loops, or spreading plastic combs simple and seamless. The machine also features a built in wire hanger that allows the operator to align the punched paper through the wire effortlessly. Designed with capacity in mind, the CW-4500 has a punching capacity of 25 sheets for comb and 20 sheets for wire.

  • Punches and binds plastic comb and 3:1 wire.
  • Electric punch and manual bind.
  • Punches 25 sheets of 20 lb paper at a time in comb mode.
  • Punches 20 sheets of 20 lb paper at a time in wire mode.
  • Punch depth control to adjust for the thickness of the book.
  • Punches and binds letter size paper (11 inches) only. No disengageable pins.
  • Binds books up to 2" (51 mm) thick in comb mode.
  • Binds books up to 9/16" (28 mm) in 3:1 wire mode.
  • Margin Guide: Yes
  • The edge guide is adjustable to center the binding on the page.
  • Paper is loaded vertical for ease of punching.


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SircleBind CW-4500 Electric Comb and Wire Combo Binding Machine
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