Accunumber Air Touch 18" Numbering, Perforating, and Scoring Machine

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The Accunumber Touch is a user friendly high-speed numbering, scoring, and perfing machine. This air fed 18" wide unit is designed to do high-quality numbering and is easily operated by anyone in your shop.

The Accunumber Touch has a sleek design and takes up little space in your shop. It's ideal for shops doing a multitude of jobs and who require automatic feeding of a wide variety stock.

  • Air Feed will feed any type of paper including glossy stock. It will reliably feed 16lb. to 16 point.
  • It will number 10,000 sheets per hour.
  • The touch screen is more reliable than switches and easier to use.
  • Pneumatic driven numbering heads are more reliable than solenoid electric. There are fewer parts to go wrong, and maintenance is simpler.
  • Simple programming allows you to number, perforate, or score individually or simultaneously.
  • Gothic (7) wheel reverse numbering heads offer many repeat sequences: 0,1,2,3,6 and 3 drop zeros.
  • Sheet counter to keep track of your job.
  • Automatic bottom-of-pile air suction feed.
  • Each numbering head can be programmed individually for multiple numbering.
  • Numbers virtually anywhere on a sheet, from the leading edge and within 0.01" of a previous number.
  • Number single sheets or crash number up to a 10 part carbonless form.
  • Patented self inking disposable ink cartridges; no re-inking required.
  • Approximately 25,000 impressions per ink cartridge.
  • Ink available in red or black.
  • Optional compressor available for shops that do not have an air supply.


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Accunumber Air Touch 18" Numbering, Perforating, and Scoring Machine
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