0.070” Sign Channel

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These sign channels hold material up to .070” thick and mount securely to vertical surfaces with either permanent, peel-and-stick foam tape, high-tack acrylic film tape, or DK rubber-based film tape. Use one channel at the top and another at the bottom to securely mount a sign. Two signs can be mounted, one above the other, with the addition of a center channel.

  • Sold in lengths of 48”. Can easily be cut to length for smaller signs.
  • Sign channels have a 5/8” mounting base and a 3/8” front sign-grip lip.
  • Manufactured in black, clear, or white PVC.
  • Black has black foam tape applied.
  • White has white foam tape applied.
  • Clear is available with white foam tape, TESA high-tack acrylic film tape, or DK rubber-based film tape.
  • Mount signs in the channel and easily slide horizontally for positioning or sign changing.
  • Use the channel at the top and bottom of your sign to keep signs from bowing or dropping out.
  • A fully open “J” channel makes it easy to insert and reposition stock.
  • Sold in packages of 10.


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