Snap-apart Spiral Sign Holder

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The snap-apart spiral holder is a unique, two-part channel that is designed to hold 3/8 inch Plastic Binding Comb bound booklets. The top and bottom sections snap apart easily for use and adhere to nearly any surface with permanent foam tape. Ideal for flip-chart-style price booklets.

  • The stock length is 49”.
  • Available in black or white PVC.
  • 1/2" white, permanent foam tape is applied to the top and bottom sections.
  • Use to support 3/8" comb-bound booklets.
  • Easy inserting of booklets makes frequent price changes easy.
  • Booklets are held open and displayed against walls or on large displays.
  • The bottom channel holds the unbound edge up to 0.17" thick.
  • Sold in packs of 10.


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